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2 In 1 Hair Brush Straightener the subject, but also received a bit ahead of the wind Chapter 527 Pirates of the game A blink of an eye, the day will be black down. Yang Yan s letter as scheduled, Wu Chi this lazy from the other hospital came out. An appointment is in the back door of the auction, it is good to find. Such as Wu Chi to the door has been to the seven or eight people, and all are the strength of broken stars, and each bearing extraordinary, obviously I am afraid are also directed at the core of the palace of the examination of the genius of the disciples. Slightly looked at one, Wu Chi can not help but Ya. ng Yan gave birth to a bit admire meaning. Wu Gongzi, sent you See Wu Chi, Yang Yan suddenly greeted up, and then went to the crowd in front of Wu Chi, Yang Yan said people to the Qi, I am not much nonsense, and that This underground auction, although the participation Of the people less, but things are absolutely fine, all the auction, all the requirements are knot, not arrears Who is casually outcry, bad rules, villain can not pocket. Said Yang Yan arch toward the hair straightening brush reviews india crowd arch hand Road. Well, do not dawdle Who is so bad that the star stone is not Yang Yan from a recent middle aged impatient snapped Road. Come, please come with the villain. Slightly Baoquan, Yang Yan immediately lead the way from the back door, toward the auction to go. Turn a few bends, and soon went to a small auction room, but it is already already waiting for this. Know everything, for an hour of time, you lust a little, do not give me what the tail. The auction room in a steward Chen Sheng opening Road. From the clothing to see, obviously it is the stalls of the auction, the use of their duties, to Yang Yan opened a back door, by auction place, open auction. Yang Yan is clearly cooked way, and easily put a storage bag stuffed in the hands of the steward, Do not worry, we are not the first deal, and I do not worry you do It s a lot of things, that s the way, I m gone. Here turned around at the same time, there are a few people from the outside came in, very strong atmosphere, obviously are master, responsible for maintaining order. So a get, but let everyone more and more assured a bit. Between the moment, immediately someone came out fro.nodded. In the Wanjianzong true disciples of the status of a very high, especially as a killer Jianjun really disciples, but also the only disciples, get such treatment is not surprising. Even, even if the disciples were chosen, often willingly, not only will not have the slightest dissatisfaction, but also be regarded as luck. One, in return, every month will be a substantial increase in the month Moreover, to take care of the true disciples of the living, which means that the same can live to the true disciples of the top grade Dongfu practice, the benefits of natural self evident. Then, the true disciples of the strength and vision, not even in the door under some elders, for the practice of the problem, naturally can also be pointing. And even get some precious inheritance may also be. Moreover, with the true disciples day and night 2 in 1 hair brush straightener to get along, may not be possible to have feelings, if the homeopathic are all the way, naturally ca. n be soaring. However, there can be such a treatment, are generally really strong really true disciples. And Wu Chi but only just worship the door only, let alone pointing to others, maybe to serve his disciples can point to his practice it Of course, if only so, look to the long run, I am afraid it was still willing to. However, the wonderful wonderful in this one pick the word Normally, this selection is based on the principle of voluntariness. However, it is not absolute, especially killing Jianjun I do not know intentionally or unintentionally, the words themselves are very vague Those core disciples, the real best of the people, not only the pursuit of many people, and talent and strength are straightening hair brush amazon strong, there is the 2 in 1 hair brush straightener impact of their own true disciples may pass, this way, how could it be willing to do this kind of thing Mind a turn, Ji Yifeng heart has been care about. Pass my words, that is the meaning of killing Jianjun, so that Yun Huo Shimei to serve his living. what Heard quarter of a peak of this, Xu Zi an immediately some dumbfounded. Even in all the core disciples, the strength of cloud load, I am afraid can be discharged into the top ten. Moreover, in addition, the cloud itself is the door of one of the most beautiful female disciples, has always been k.

but also pretending to be high It is a bitch. Severely punched on the table, Ji Yifeng could not help but vicious cursed Road. Made a pass of temper, Ji Yifeng eyes revealed a touch of coldness, Mori said Ye Hao, since she wanted to die, I will be her complete She died more than one, perhaps but also a good thing. Clouds in the door of the famous 2 in 1 hair brush straightener fame, if also died in Mangshan, but will be scattered part of the people of Wu Chi s attention. Quarter brothers, you see, now we want to do Pondered for a long while, Ji Yifeng take it lightly I am inconvenient to go hand in hand, but I went to find someone to deal with I believe that some people will be very happy for my shot. Yun hair straightener roller brush He s intervene, so that things are more complicated, but for Ji Yifeng, there is no big deal, nothing more than spend some thought only. In order to ensure that this time will be able to solve the problem of Wu Chi, this time a quarter has been ready, so that the true disciples personally shot. And candidates also has long been in his heart emerged out. In fact, if not scruples Luo Ying, 2 in 1 hair brush straightener Ji Yifeng even want to personally shot to ensure foolproof. But his identity is too sensitive, once involved, how much is a flaw, if it is really Luo Ying check out, there will be dangerous, in his position, naturally will not let themselves easily into the danger of the. Chapter 477 In the early morning, the genius was bright and the disciples of Mangshan had begun to gather. Standing among the crowd, Li Yunpeng s presence suddenly aroused the attention of others, could not help but pointing, and even did not complete the refining of the disciples, even went to Mangshan Li Yunpeng s face 2 in 1 hair brush straightener is cold, it seems that nothing to care about, eyebrows of the handsome, it is giving birth to a very uncoordinated feeling. What is this Seeing people have come almost, one of them went to the leader of the disciples in front of dissatisfaction with the ope. ning and said We have to go to the people of this little, but also with such a drag oil bottle, which also how the magic People are arranged above, you ask me, I ask who Intolerance waved, known as the brother of Chen who swept the crowd, frowned how few people This time will be a good number of 11 peo.han token, Jiang Zhengyang pupil suddenly shrink, heart suddenly made up his mind. Han Shan all year round blockade, no token simply can not enter, as long as you can get this token, he will be able to enter the Hanshan, to the time with his strength and identity, naturally can find the opportunity to see Han Shan. Although even to see the Hanshan Master, it may not be able to 2 in 1 hair brush straightener move each other, at least one chance is not Now Chiang s situation is worse, Jiang Zhengyang more than anyone else, in order to such an opportunity, it is worth paying any price. Moreover, Wu Chi is dead, with Su Wan and Su, also has not been Jiang Zhengyang look in the eyes. Although doing so, it seems a bit worthy of Wu Chi. But reality so, but also blame who As he repeatedly told Jiang Rui said the same, private feelings, never overturned with the interests of the family Now, Chiang has been to the occasion of life and death, what can not be sacrificed Zhengyang brother Even Song Yuchen also did not expect, Jiang Zhengyang actually promised so close to the conditions of the play. Put a waved, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng said I can see, the day Que this child is really like Su Wan, since the children so much like, we do elders, naturally he will be. Su family of things, I come to do, will make the day to earn the wish. Slightly Yizheng, Song Yu Chen naturally understand the purpose of Chiang Zhengyang, can not help but gently sighed a cry, Zhengyang brother, Su Ji, although not the four major families, but 2 in 1 hair brush straightener we all daydays are also good we do not be too reluctant. Song brother assured, I understand how to. do. Nodded his head, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhengyang grandfather, that day Que can count on you all. A look of excitement looked Jiang Zhengyang, Song Tian Que quickly said Zhengyang grandfather, you rest assured, as long as let Su Wan married me, I promise you I must swear. Identity, after all, in this, Jiang Zhengyang how may in front of Song Yu Chen s face so that the song from the life of the vow, shook his head, Jiang Zhengyang softly said rest assured, Zhengyang grandfather believe you are a good boy, this thing, must help you Do it. Chapter 406 Forced to marry Waner, you and that Song Que in the end is.its of the peak of the road In other words, everyone was forced into the desperate Hanshan really want to desperately. No one dare to look down on the cold mountain people such a strong, if not limited to the rules of the lower bound, was suppressed repair, these people are not added together Han Shan Shang a hand to kill. Such a strong, who did not sure, what exactly did he have cards Moment, all the momentum can not help but a slight lag, seems to have some hesitation up. Really want to let the Hanshan mortal death is Xi Jun should, other people do not seem to really desperately necessary with Han Shan. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi softly said Why do you have deliberately pretentious If there is no wrong guess, now the man has to the end of the crossbow I said, I promise that today you can not escape. Seems to have not seen at the moment Han Shan Shang who skyrocketing breath, Wu Chi calmly open Road. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Han Shan on the whole body was trembling, Wu Chi, do you think you can really leave the old lady hair straightener brush walgreens not OK and not, always try to know. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly open Road. At this moment, Hanshan Master was completely enraged by Wu Chi, and now the situation, he has also seen clearly, Wu Chi actual The old man today, even if the loss of origin, but also bound to be beheaded you Is the real threat to him the most people. As long as the Thunder can be used to kill the Wu Chi, other people naturally no longer desperate heart, that time he can get out of trouble. On the contrary, if Wu Chi is not dead, in the case of Wu Chi lead, these people even if some hesitation, fear will follow the whole force to kill him. The most critical is that at the moment he did some bluff The card is not no, but this card 2 in 1 hair brush straightener also want him to pay a huge price, and endless trouble, if not a last resort, he simply do not want to use. But now, he has no choice. The eyes of Hanmans fleeting, H. anshan who suddenly burst a burst of white brush straightener cost light, it seems that the moment the room is solidified up. For this touch of white light, all of them are no stranger, because in the near future, they have witnessed Xi Jun should be cast once Willing to Any who did not think, Han Shan Shang who even ha.

2 In 1 Hair Brush Straightener mental outcome is divided. This is nothing in itself, nothing more than deliberately weak, want to continue to challenge Bale. Can really let Wu Chi surprised that he was able to feel from the woman s body a vague sense of hair straightener brush white familiarity, as if seen where hair straightening brush for thick hair the same, but Wu Chi no matter how memories, but also can not remember, where in what met This woman. If for other people, is bound to think that they are wrong. Can Wu Chi is very trust in their own judgments, simply 2 in 1 hair brush straightener do not appear wrong people wrong This is not a subjective judgment, but the perception of the soul, you know, Wu Chi s spirit itself is very strong, far from the realm of people can be compared. For a time, the hearts can not help but give birth to a trace of vigilant meaning. So a moment of time, that middle aged Han constantly under the fast break, finally exposed the flaws, a careless by the other side to seize the opportunity to make a foot Qiaoqie, gently Qiaoqiao was stumbled the ring. Commitment Slightly bowed to salute, the woman said softly, it seems very embarrassed look. Oh shit Fell down the middle aged Han could not help but curse the sentence, raised his hand to a slap in the face, his face is extremely ugly. Just a negligence, even lost ten thousand star stone, which also lost too easy. The most critical is that he lost is not convinced Now come down to Taiwan, he suddenly realized that he just want to see that woman, could not help but want to stay, there is no real strength to play out. This woman, it is some scary ah Chapter 531 will be counted Is that big brother willing to bet with the little girl Eyes slowly swept from the crowd, the woman said softly, the sound reveals a sub Mei Mei, listen to people heart itch. But this bet is also too much of a point, just one hundred thousand star stone, and now another doubled, impressively will be two hundred thousand star stone, and a woman only, even if how beautiful heart, to take two hundred thousand star stone Out gambling, too exaggerated. For a long time no one to fight, that wom. an turned slightly turn, immediately fell to the body of Wu Chi, the son, you are willing to try it So that even when there are a lot of people will fall to the eyes of Wu Chi s body. Do n.ed to mention. But Luo Ying is not after, Wu Chi in the fairy palace, had apparently not so comfortable, there are always some trouble will come to digital hair straightener brush the door, and Wu Chi is clearly not what can be honest and practicing do not stir up trouble. This is the fear of Luo Ying did not expect, otherwise, maybe hair straightener brush vs flat iron leave before they have to set aside the ban on Wu Chi Guan in the other hospital Standing on the Jianfeng above, Xi Jun should be lost in the back of his hands, the whole person revealed a misty atmosphere, even if only a far glance, but also people can not help but from the bottom of my heart to produce a want to worship the impulse. Refining the heart of the stars, and now hair straightener brush thick hair Xi Jun should have been completely control the sky stars, become the stars of the sky, this step is a world of difference. To this step, Xi Jun should have been completely afraid of their whereabouts leaked. Even if it is dark star, and now absolutely dare not rush to the sky stars to find his trouble. Only Xi Jun should not be any soft hearted people, so a month s time, the strength of the sky on the stars, almost all have been cleaned him again. Yunpeng, do you 2 in 1 hair brush straightener want to go to the fairy house Suddenly, Xi Jun should be softly asked. Standing behind Xi Jun should be, Li Yunpeng can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Xi Jun should be refining the heart after the stars, it is natural to find a reason, put Li Yunpeng to the side, do not know people think Li Yunpeng talent outstanding, and took the Grand Canal, just get Xi Jun should be the favor In fact, this is simply not the slightest relationship with luck, because Li Yunpeng. has always been Xi Jun should be the disciples, this was before Xiushui Jianjun Li Yunpeng only to a registered disciple 2 in 1 hair brush straightener identity, but did not personally teach the real reason. Xi Jun should be the disciples, but also less than he to teach. Li Yunpeng did not answer, Xi Jun should be continued to go on, soaring before the upper bound, you and Wu Chi is not much difference, and now only a short span of more than a thousand years, you 2 in 1 hair brush straightener was opened by him no small gap Do not you want to compete with him Heard Xi Jun should 2 in 1 hair brush straightener be, Li Yunpeng can not help but suddenly raised his head. Although these years, he and Wu.

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