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Alayna Hair Straightening Brush its of the peak of the road In other words, everyone was forced into the desperate Hanshan really want to desperately. No one dare to look down on the cold mountain hair straightener hair brush people such a strong, if not limited to the rules of the lower bound, was suppressed repair, these people are not added together Han Shan Shang a hand to kill. Such a strong, who did not sure, what exactly did he have cards Moment, all the momentum can not help but a slight lag, seems to have some hesitation up. Really want to let the brush straightener sephora Hanshan mortal death is Xi Jun alayna hair straightening brush should, other people do not seem to really desperately necessary with Han Shan. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi softly said Why do you have deliberately pretentious If there is no wrong guess, now the man has to the end of the crossbow I said, I promise that today you can not escape. Seems to have not seen at the moment Han Shan Shang who skyrocketing breath, Wu Chi calmly open Road. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Han Shan on the whole body was trembling, Wu Chi, do you think you can really leave the old lady not OK and not, always try to know. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly open Road. At this moment, Hanshan Master was completely enraged by Wu Chi, and now the situation, he has also seen clearly, Wu Chi actual The old man today, even alayna hair straightening brush if the loss of origin, but also bound to be beheaded you Is the real threat to him the most people. As long as the Thunder can be used to kill the Wu Chi, other people naturally no longer desperate heart, that time he can get out of trouble. On the contrary, if Wu Chi is not dead, in the case of Wu Chi lead, these people even if some hesitation, fear will follow the whole force to kill him. The most critical is that at the moment he did some bluff The card is not no, but this card also want him to pay a huge price, and endless trouble, if not a last resort, he simply do not want to use. But now, he has no choice. The eyes of Hanmans fleeting, H. anshan who suddenly burst a burst of white light, it seems that the moment the room is solidified up. For this touch of white light, all of them are no stranger, because in the near future, they have witnessed Xi Jun should be cast once Willing to Any alayna hair straightening brush who did not think, Han Shan Shang who even ha.from the mind. Leave my life, for you, definitely more valuable than to kill me. Seems to see through the mind of Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan whispered From the moment we meet to the present, although there have been conflicts, but in fact , The loss of people, has been my Sprinkle a smile, Yang Xiuchuan continued So, between us, in fact, there is no way to die, is not it Watching Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi still did not speak. I am not just a person, behind the whole Yang. Yang Xiuchuan slowly said I remember the first time I saw you, once said, I am not Yang Xiuchuan, but Yang, show Yang Xiuchuan and Yang, Xiuchuan, there is a difference Have And it is a very big difference, one means that the individual, one that means a big family. Are you threatening me Eyes murder more Sheng, Wu Chi suddenly open Road. Why must it be a threat Yang Xiuchuan shook his head a huge family, can bring the benefits and benefits, is also huge I said, what conditions, you casually open. Not Yang Xiuchuan do not want to threaten, but this moment he is really from the eyes of Wu Chi saw the cold murderous. Yang Xiuchuan see people are accurate, these words, more clearly, the threat may play a counter truth. Dead, is not qualified to threaten others Have to say, Yang Xiuchuan s judgment is extremely accurate If not he will Su Wan their threat to Wu Chi s words swallow, I am afraid he is now dead. Quiet For a moment, as if everything was quiet down. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi suddenly laughed again, very bright. Oh, do not be brush straightener for black hair so serious Hideaki Master, in fact, we have been good friends Well, I just opened a joke only, do not be so serious. This slut is definitely faster than turning the book faster, just like a threat to people with him is not the same as a person. That, Hideaki Masters, you know, I actually have a lot of friends in the previous few prison community Wu. brother hair straightening brush men s friend, is my friend Yang, Yang s friends, no one would bully. Yang Xiuchuan neat replied. So many times to deal with down, he naturally has to understand Wu Chi Zhesi is what the goods, where the Wu will really be the so called friend of the matter seriously. Put it bluntly, and now he is in the interests of their own life back. You said, I left, b.

rceive each other s breath, but no matter how he tempted, are still not aware of the other side of the atmosphere, as if really is not a repair of ordinary People in general. A few days ago, Yang Xiuchuan should come, right Although Yang Xiuchuan did not mention, the outside world has been rumored that Yang Xiuchuan was Han Shan who shut out, but this is Wu Chi is absolutely unbelieving. When I saw Yang Xiaoyou, I thought that now the generation of genius, when he led, but do not want to, this is not how long, See you again. alayna hair straightening brush Where is the smile, Wu Chi immediately asked Since Yang Xiuchuan has been, presumably for Yang Xiuchuan calculated Jiang and Song things, the hair straightening brush on 4c hair Master should know it Hanshan alayna hair straightening brush natural understanding of Wu Chi want to say anything, shook his head and said I seclusion and Han Shan, never intervene in any disputes, this world thing, and I do In fact, I have been curious to Song Lufei this qualification, how would be favored by the people Put the cup and drink a mouthful, Wu Chi asked this. Meet that is destined to be able to mistakenly hit into the Hanshan into, and just met me, is destined As for his qualifications, and even how the heart, in fact, not alayna hair straightening brush important. Han Shan Shang calm Replied. In fact, some mysterious words, a so called edge of the word is the most complex, can not tell Road unknown. If others, naturally difficult to understand, but Wu Chi heard this, the heart can not help but give birth to a trace of meaning. But what is the cause of the work Eyes reveal a trace of alayna hair straightening brush the unexpected color, Han Shan Master s eyes again in the Wu Chi hair straightening brush less than 25 who stay for a while, this opening I did not expect, even friends also know the cause and effect. Is also a chance coincidence, slightly touched a trace of fur only. Wu Chi Xinkou explained. In fact, this trace of fur, is the source and the empty monk s good fruit only, and Wu Chi s own sentiment, can not even the slightest relationship. Cause and effect difficult to repair, can not speak Today can meet with friends, is destined, I have a word, presented to friends. Slightly nodded, Hanshan said softly. Please speak Dark prison community causal entanglement deep, little friends must not be from the black prison community and soaring the up.rous it, involved in this kind of thing, is definitely not a good thing Originally Wu Chi want to first fool the past, as long as a leave, immediately looking for opportunities to fly on the upper bound After all, accompanied by the release of the seal should be sealed, the space barrier is no longer affected, as long as the soaring on the community, Xi Jun should be the dark star to kill, how could dare to find their own accounts Unfortunately, obviously Xi Jun should not be so fooled, and directly put Wu Chi stopped down. Han Shan master strength is far from hair straightening brush kingdom cares what we can match, Tian Jun can not let us swear to kill him Spread the Tanshou, Wu Chi said If that is true, Tian Jun, or simply kill us , At least fall a happy. How many of these words are shameless. Wu Chi also see through the Xi Jun should be on the Han Shan s hatred, decided not to let go of the chance to kill the Han Shan, this is the room for bargaining. Han Shan strength, although strong, but finally did not take that step, repair in the lower bound to be suppressed, to several of your strength, if full shot, at least seventy percent can grasp him. Xi Jun should be faint said Of course there will be some danger, but you did not choose Eyes reveal a touch of faint murderous, Xi Jun should once again said This seat asked the last time, you, go or not Did not make sense. Today s Jun Jun should be simply in the absolute strength to force Wu Chi for their lives for hi. m. To kill the Hanshan Master, there is a line of vitality, if refused, I m afraid to be immediately beheaded than Xi Jun. Unreasonable, that is, Jun Jun should be the truth. Go alayna hair straightening brush Sure to go Feel Xi Jun should be the decisive meaning, Wu Chi immediately recognized counseling. This goods has never been a dead man who does not yield, once the situation is wrong, see the ability to rudder than anyone else handy Moment, both Ma Shijie them, or Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing could not help but rolled his eyes, this cargo just a rather rather unyielding posture, a blink of an eye on the first recognized counseling This shameless degree, it is even a bad heart is not even bad. Wu Chi began, everyone was neatly followed to set his own vows. Of course, it is impossible to ens.up at the night Shenxing a glance. Unfortunately, the night Shen Xing is still a pair of indifferent look, it seems that nothing has nothing to do with him. Thought, Wu Chi took Su Wan slowly toward the location of Chiang Zhengyang. Zhengyang ancestors. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi quietly open Road. You also see it Down the voice, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Now fear is also only the foreplay, until the prison after the end of the prison, is the real most dangerous time. Nodded his head Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Nine make Fu, which means that nine top of the master, these people whether or not to get the soul of the soul, I m afraid are not safe. how do you want to do it Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi chuckle a bit, shook his head and said My things, naturally by my own solution, however, Su hair straightening brush revlon Wan will take care of his ancestors. Once on the prison community, may be scruples less than the other, when the situation is changing, who do not know what will happen And Su alayna hair straightening brush Wan is undoubtedly Wu Chi now most worried alayna hair straightening brush about. Nodded, Jiang Zhengyang promised This is what you can rest assured, as long as I am the old bones s. till, they will not let anyone hurt Su girl. Thank you Once again thanks, Wu Chi then staggered a few steps, turned to Su Wan alayna hair straightening brush whispered. Once you have opened the prison, you will leave the prison community at once. So that Su Wan can not help but some stunned, just Wu Chi is not also let Jiang Zhengyang help take care of her How do you let her first leave the prison alayna hair straightening brush community triple Chiang Ching yang this old fox, it may not be reliable. Wu Chi softly explained I always feel that he has things without me, only you leave, I can let go with their hands and feet. You said Jiang Zhengyang also collusion with Yang Xiuchuan Su Wan incredible asked. There is no connection with Yang Xiuchuan, but he will not protect you, this old fox promised too happy. Mouth overflow a trace of sneer, Wu Chi explained Yang Xiuchuan once started cleaning other people, even if he has reached the limit May not let him continue to stay in the prison community triple This time, he Chiang self care, where there is spare capacity to take care of you You mean Chiang Zheng.

Alayna Hair Straightening Brush ay not be able to make you be bite back Fortunately, now in alayna hair straightening brush this, not only Only one of him. His words, Ma Shijie and Liu Changtong their face can not help but suddenly changed. They are not a fool, immediately on the reaction over, Hanshan Master, it is even to kill them together. Han Shan adults, I came to help, but not your subordinates, you dare to sacrifice us, not afraid of three of the accountability And Wu Chi different, the three of them may have a brush straightener reviews background, emboldened naturally more foot. naive Ranging from Han Shan Master answer, Xi Jun should be the first to ridicule. Smiled, Hanshan gentleman said Tianjun is what identity, want to kill him, do not pay some price, how could you Before you, is not already dead a lot of upper bound genius As long as you can kill Tianjun, your sacrifice is valuable. Three forces of course strong, but also have reason to attack ah Three people once all died here, what happened, who else knows At that time, all the guilt is naturally Jun Jun should, anyway, Jun Jun should also have been dead, who hair straightener brush as seen on tv reviews can say At that time, the layout of beheaded Xi Jun should be the Han Shan Shang is bound to be the dark star of the reward, even if there are so. me doubts, as long as there is no conclusive evidence, how can the Han Shan predators launched an attack All this, already already Han Shan Master plan good, called drip does not leak, there is no flaws to follow. At this moment, a few people s eyes full of hatred, if not blocked by the blood of the chain, simply unable to shot, I m afraid you must first with Han Shan desperately is. Tian Jun I am willing to help you out of trouble Also please release the bloody chain, let me beheaded this liao Slightly shaking his head, Hanshan innocent and said Do you think that the dark chain is what Even with the strength of Tianjun, can only barely suspend the rule only once, once the law is invalid, the dark chain will immediately fight back If the king can not break the seal, fear is immediately fall The most important thing is that now I come here, but also just an incarnation Tianjun even willing to desperately, but also cut off my incarnation, but also how This is undoubtedly some despair, interlocking, there is no flaws to. ?>

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