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Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Target ally to the peak of the peak when the stars, in order to understand the difficulties of broken stars. To know, within the door, the entry of three thousand years to enter the broken star, apalus brush hair straightener target can be a true disciple. The most difficult key, i. n fact, is stepping into the last step in the broken star. Wu Chi, although conceited, but also understand that the hardships of which is not made a ruthless can solve. Ten years of time, really too short some. Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying explained That is because you do not understand, follow the sword ancestors closed down what it means. Ok Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, asked curiously. Sword ancestors closed the door, stood the heart of the stars Looked at Wu Chi, Luo Ying said softly For you, this time with the sword of the retreat of the decade, or even that is enough to determine the key to your future, and even may be your life, the biggest chance. Looked at his three disciples, Ling Tian Jianjun slowly said. Master is the opportunity to say into the fairy house Ji Yifeng some puzzled hair straightening brush harvey norman and asked. He has apalus brush hair straightener target heard from the Ling day Jianjun Sin Temple thing, naturally know that this time there are only two places of the total number of swords. More than that. Ling Tian Jianjun eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Chen Sheng said more importantly, the heart of the stars Jianzu refining the process of stars, for you is a big chance Even from the heart of the stars even get a little bit of the benefits, but also enough for you to use infinity. Looked at these disciples, Ling Tian Jian Jun in fact the hearts of some doubts. Just these doubts he is not good to say it. The meaning of the heart of the stars, he is very clear that it is related to the sword ancestors can become the key to the Lord. But he did not quite understand why, why apalus brush hair straightener target the ancestors will agree to let these disciples to follow him with the closed door, to feel the hearts of stars, it is simply unreasonable. The relationship between this thing is too big, I am afraid not only to cultivate the potential of the disciples so simple. Or that sword ancestors would also like to bet on the Sin Temple above Then that is to say, is the sword of the stars for the refining of the heart, in fact, simply did not., how could he be forced to such a point Although it now seems that this may not be a bad thing, but it really makes Zhou Xu think of a burst of embarrassment. However, these words Zhou Xu naturally will not talk with Li Fernan. happy Satisfied nodded his head, Li Fernan Chen Sheng said I want you to make a statement of my life, the future to leave if the ability to leave the prison community six, take us to leave With such a commitment, as long as you promised, since then , Is my friend Li Fernan. Dare to ask the bones of the devil, how can we leave Brow picked pick, Wu Chi asked. Thousands of enlightenment monument Without the slightest hesitation, Li Fernan Chen Sheng replied As long as you can enlighten three thousand Enlightenment monument above, we can by virtue of the supernatural powers open space barrier Three thousand, accurate to the above figures, but also to Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng. apalus brush hair straightener target Zhou Xu had not mentioned this before. In fact, although before the Wu Chi also speculation, but the heart is not the end, and now hear the figure of three thousand stone, but the hearts of a lot easier. Now he has realized that more than six hundred seats, as long as continue, three thousand should not be too difficult, and even can be said, far better than Wu Chi expected. And there is no hesitation, Wu Chi readily made his own vows. This kind of thing is bound to Li Fannan and Zhou Xu mind the biggest obsession, there is no room for any discussion. Wu Chi can be sure, as long as their dare to refuse, Li Fumin is bound to immediately turn, it really is a dead end. And so on, it would be better to simply thank the promise down. Wu Chi of this happy, not to mention Li Furan did not think, even Zhou Xu and Yang Xiuchuan they also did not think of the same. At this moment, Zhou Xu simply have to doubt the front of the Wu Chi, and before they encountered that despicable villain, is not the same person. Even, Zhou Xu have some doubts, Wu Chi is not any way to resolve the fate of the vow of the constraints. Wu Chi this attitude, no doubt quite satisfied, in fact, he can see, among the three undoubtedly the best understanding of Wu Chi, grasp is the largest one, Wu Chi promised down, then this matter It is a.

t arrow Arrows are almost wiping Wu Chi s cheek flying, only less than a finger distance, you can shoot Wu Chi s face, but the slightest deviation, but also after all, or deviation, did not hair straightening brush on weave cause any threat. This series. of reactions, has been called exquisite, however, for Wu Chi, the danger is already not the end. In the air, it is nowhere to take advantage of the time, all the changes seem to have come to an end. However, is stuck in this difficult to change the moment, Ma Shijie s ribbon as scheduled. Just Chen fog and Liu Changtong shot when Ma Shijie is not not at the same time hands, deliberately wait a moment, and so is the time to push the limit of Wu Chi. White ribbon like a snake from the general winding, even a moment, they will be in the air, nowhere to avoid the Wu pool tied up. Perfect match apalus brush hair straightener target This moment, the three people out of the tacit understanding is simply perfect, even before the face of Li Yunpeng, are not how to pay attention to. No matter how to see, Wu Chi seems to have been defeated. See Ma Shijie s ribbon trapped Wu Chi s moment, three hearts can not help but dare, mouth even exposed a trace of ridicule of color. Perfect kendo But so Ma Shijie ribbon how tough, three are well aware, once the entangled, unless it is Jun Jun Jun Jun should be such a strength far more than Ma Shijie too strong, otherwise it simply can not break free. Whether it is Chen fog or Liu Changtong, are absolutely not let the ribbon wrapped around their own, otherwise the kind of soft under the big day is also do not want to show out. Wrist flick, ribbon homeopathic rewind, Wu Chi body in the air was ribbon roll, like a gyro like continuous rotation, simply unable to struggle. The ribbon rewind best hair straightener straightening brush at the same time, Ma Shijie homeopathic shot, it is necessary to seal the cultivation of Wu Chi. However, in this palm is about to fall in the moment, so the sudden change. A touch of golden Jianmang suddenly burst from the tip of Wu Chi, that terrorist sword from the body of Wu Chi revealed, Jianmang cracked silk, Ma Shijie hands in the ribbon even a trace of the impact did not cause, and instantly Jianmang shredded The Jin Ling swordsman The body was curled up, Wu Chi naturally impossible to sword, for h.ords, Wu Chi may not be able to grasp down once again. Three are bounds Tianjiao, that the strength of terror, but not really joking. If not before Xi Jun should be shot, Li Yunpeng fear is already dead in the other side of the murder under the. Xi Jun should be saved Li Yunpeng, you can never save yourself. Once they fall into this desperate, do not think, it must be really dead. These thoughts in the Wu Chi s brain turned, immediately let him made up his mind, how can not easily let go of the hostage of this hand. Let go of the poem sister, we swear advanced is it. Chen fog once again open the road. The three are on the bound world Tianjiao, honorable, how can I not believe you This is not a vow to the words, the two advanced it wants to, and I guarantee to ensure that the fairy s safety. A mouth is a pile Of the beautiful words, said the flowers, but in fact, it is half a step not to make it clear that did not put the meaning of the root. Wu Chi You do not have insatiable Chen fog gas mad, hate voice threatened. Do not you, this person is very timid, you can not scare me, or I shook hands, which responsibility you can afford it Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi did not care about the other side of the thr. eat, but simply Playing the rogue. Anyway, no matter what you say, I am using the hostages to threaten you, how Have to say that this way is very effective, at least Chen fog is the madness of the gas, there is no way to think, can only be anxious to jump feet. Unfortunately, now Wu Chi to face is not just Chen fog one person. You may not know our identity. Looked at Wu Chi, Liu Changtong slowly said The three of us were from the days of Kam, the clouds were, and Luo Tianzong, although this time together to the dark prison community, On, but not too close relationship. Step by step, Liu Changtong body revealed a wipe, continue to say You want to kill her next, I can not stop, but I apalus brush hair straightener target promise, will help her revenge Do not say that you may not be able to leave today, even if the smooth into the upper bound, will also be my three other efforts to kill, which one of the gains and losses, your own trade off Clenched fist, Liu Changtong again I finally ask you again, this person, you actually put is not put.natural powers, who naturally emit the atmosphere of the road, it is enough to make Zhou Xu and Li Fernan palpitations. However, all this, before this stone, seems to have become somewhat insignificant. Eight thousand stone, looks like ten thousand is not too far away, but in fact, the gap is undoubtedly a world of difference. Once beyond the eight thousand, even if it is necessary to see more than a stone, apalus brush hair straightener target the difficulty is great, that is, Wu Chi s talent, but also feel a burst of fatigue. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you give Wuchi two hundred years, I am afraid he apalus brush hair straightener target may not be able to see through a hundred or two apalus brush hair straightener target stone. Like Yang Xiuchuan and the potential of the night star is the limit of four thousand, Wu Chi can feel that their own limit, that is, eight thousand or so, if it took hundreds of years, and brush straightener for short hair even thousands of years of time, perhaps Increase the number of hundreds, but, but in any case can not be more. This is almost the limit of their own. Do not know Yan hair straightening brush ion Beichen things before, Wu Chi heart or some proud, but now look at the stone in front of the share of joy has long been a blow to the clean. What is the fight against you Shook his head, Zhou Xu smile Yan North Chen has long been soaring on the upper bound, and you are not an era of people. Moreover, no matter who with Yan Beichen nothing Comparable, as early as the original, it is almost all the Tianjiao reached a consensus. Absolute crushing Can make those days even arrogant and can not be born with Yan Beichen comparison of the idea, that is how terrible amazing Do not say that even more than the people are not close. It is precisely because of this, will create the legend of Yan North Chen, and even affect the years after this And did not take Zhou Xu s words, Wu Chi slowly went to the stone before the soul fell on top of the stone, subconsciously began to see this one Yanbei Chen left a monument to the monument. And other stone, Yan Beichen left the stone, the same contains Yan Beichen for the perception of the road, and that type of supernatural magic changes and the rhyme. Even through the stone, Wu Chi can also feel the Yanbei Chen cast this type of supernatural magic when the monstrous For Yanbei Chen, the.

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Target the core disciples, but his gap with the cloud is too big, and usually do not say anything, even if it is difficult to see. Pidianpidian lead the way, but Xuanfu but some doubts to the identity of the cloud, how will suddenly come to hair straightening brush gisala Li Yunpeng Originally left not long, a moment, Xuan Fu, with the cloud again to Li Yunpeng s residence. According to the core of the disciples, should also be assigned to a product of the Dong Fu, but the time is still short, but not to come and arranged, but fortunately Li Yunpeng also was Xi. ushui Jianjun collection for the disciples, you can temporarily live in Xiushui peak The Lee Young, when did you know with the cloud of fairies Went to Li Yunpeng s side, Xuan Fu down the voice apalus brush hair straightener target asked a sentence. Just Li Yunpeng himself is also very surprised, naturally they can not answer him. Li Shidi, this is the cloud of fairy, not see the ceremony To see Li Yunpeng did not respond, Xuan Fu and make up one sentence. See the cloud of fairy. Li Yunpeng slightly owe. Call me my sister is it. Pendulum waved, Yun said softly. I do not know Yun Xie Sister to find what I have Li Yunpeng did not mind with the cloud around the circle, although the cloud is very beautiful, and the strength is far above him. I am a friend of Wu Chi with a word, that is something to find you, please you to his Dongfu a Syria. Yun He also do not know how Wu apalus hair straightening brush price Chi and Li Yunpeng how the relationship, it will no longer nonsense, then said. Wu Chi Brow slightly a pick, Li Yunpeng heart of a turn, they guessed what the Wu Chi want to find him. Only Xi Jun should be more than nothing with Wu Chi did not contact, he also did not have any special place. Li Yunpeng also do not know what Xi Jun should want to do, even met Wu Chi, no use. Slightly pondered a moment, Li Yunpeng then shook his head and said I would like to ask the gentleman told Wu Chi, said I am all good, no need to miss. Li Yunpeng s tone is very light, even on the cloud, there is also a rejection of thousands of miles away from the sense of alienation. Slightly Yi Zheng, Yun He also did not think Li Yunpeng will refuse, but she is indeed to bring a word only, naturally did not continue to struggle with the meaning. So, Yun He leave. See Yuno to.on community six can best hair brush straightener for black hair not sleep him. In the final analysis, the key is on top of these monuments. But even more confident, Wu Chi is also very clear that he can not have any breakthrough in a short time, and now for him, the biggest problem is that perhaps not so much time. According to Zhou Xu said, there is still a strength still in the Zhou Xu on the master To gather together, and Zhou Xu can live with nothing here in recent years, I am afraid it will not be any good people. As a result, as long as Zhou Xu message leaked out, I m afraid the other side will not easily let go of their own. Perhaps, it is precisely because of this, Zhou Xu from the fate of the apalus brush hair straightener target oath will be so happy. Wu Chi itself is very love to dig the slut, Zhou Xu that little thought naturally hide but he went. The problem is that there is a little bit of Zhou Xu right. If they now kill him, is bound to cause each other s attention, to the time, to each other s heart, but also will not let go of their own. So, even if Wu Chi would like to kill this nausea of metamorphosis, but also understand that now is not the right time. Now they need time to come to see the stone, but for their own to win this time, I am afraid that only the front of this guy. puff His face showing a touch of bright smile, Wu Chi hand sword is suddenly thorn out, deep into the chest of Zhou Xu, blood again spilled, pain Zhou Xu could not help but trampled up. You are so clear that I have avoided your heart. Listening to Wu Chi this hair straightening brush australia understatement of the tone, Zhou Xu s heart is can not help but suddenly filled with a chill, it is difficult to suppress the birth of a trace of fear of the heart. Wu Chi, I have done exactly what you say, what exactly do you want Slowly pull out the sword, in the clothes on the Zhou Xu wipe the blood, Wu Chi this smile and said Xuye, your heart what the idea, we know very well. Dayton, you do not know, I am the most timid, afraid of fear and fear of pain and, of course, One can not solve the trouble, some irritability. Between the words, Wu Chi apalus brush hair straightener target hand again handed out the sword, apalus brush hair straightener target suddenly and Zhou Xu in the body opened a hole. Do you want to drive, or do you help me think of a way Wu Chi s face hair straightening brush at target still hung a touch of smile, can b.

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