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Artifact Hair Straightening Brush deal, dare in this case profit, not only need strength, but also apalus hair straightening brush need courage. There is no doubt that to keep their own that set the soul stone, Wu Chi is undoubtedly in addition to the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan outside the biggest winner. As long as he can get through these people s revenge, since then, the prison community triple is bound to his world. Even a hundred years later, broke into the prison community is not necessarily impossible. As for that, can not support the past now prison world among the master has been killed a lot, the remaining threat, but also that a few people only If Wu Chi himself, may not be able to support the. live, but if coupled with Chiang, it hair straightening brush uspicy dafni is absolutely no problem. However, want to let Chiang shot, Wu Chi probably have to pay some more price Caixing. The mind artifact hair straightening brush turned countless thoughts, Jiang Zhengyang is already in the calculation, to mention what kind of conditions. This war, Wu Chi has other people offended, want to hold on, we must rely on Chiang, this way, he is safe to sit Diaoyutai. So count down, perhaps not involved in the Chiang family, but will become the biggest beneficiaries of this time. And do not say how to calculate the hearts of Chiang Zhengyang, Wu Chi is already in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye itself is Yang s people, although the hearts of the soul of the soul is also some of the same sad, but this matter is related to Yang Xiuchuan break into the prison community of four safety, even if there is selfishness must also be put down for the time being. In the big family, or some of the benefits at the same time, it means that, at some point, must sacrifice their own interests to ensure the interests of the family. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, Yang Ye did not say anything, will be directly to the soul of the stone to the hands of Wu Chi. Mouth showing a trace of a smile, Wu Chi slightly Baoquan, Although we have some resentment in the past, but I think today, should also be enough to resolve it Yang Ye naturally understand the meaning of Wu Chi. Now Wu Chi has offended too many people, naturally there will be with the Yang family to resolve the idea, after all, even Yang Xiuchuan left the prison community triple, Yang here is still stil.Even if you have a higher talent, and now can not break through. This is simply not a bottleneck, but because you choose the road is wrong In this way you go, you can never prove, naturally can not be my opponent. Between the words, black mirror again shot, and that the artifact hair straightening brush strength of terror rolling out, so that Wu Chi has a difficult to resist the sense of oppression. Dark road At this moment, Wu Chi clear feeling, the other party is the display of the dark road. Wu Chi himself has been sentenced to the dark kendo, for this direction of the sentiment, naturally very sensitive in the other side of the moment of change suddenly react over. What is the sword It is only the hair straightening brush ratings warships The road is the origin, you cut the end, want to know what Kendo, it is not a joke Black mirror disdain said You live in the power of the five elements, Road, the dark way, and even the way of life and death Whichever one of these, you can easily break, soaring on the upper bound without any difficulty. Do you want to go to the end of this, it is hard to thank these broken roads into your ridiculous Kendo, is it not upside down, ridiculous Wu Chi from the original beginning of the first sword, he was practicing Kendo, so many years in the past, practicing kendo almost already engraved into the bone of Wu Chi. However, at this time, the black mirror suddenly said that the sword, but only Bingbing it, Kendo is simply a trail, bent on studying Kendo, from the root is already a mistake. Road is wrong, this is simply from the root of the subversion of Wu Chi s understanding. If this is the words from other people say, Wu Chi must be scoffed, can say that these words, but it is their own mirror And, as the mirror said, at this moment seems to have no longer have an inch into the. For a moment, even if the mind firmly into the Wu Chi, this moment the hearts can not help but appear a trace of wavering. boom For a moment, the black mirror hair straightening brush extreme one hand and one grasp, the sword once again start, t. he pressure of terror with the sword crashing down, fool, still enlightenment You at the moment there is a chance to repentance, may be obsessed today Is your death With the black mirror voice falling, Wu Chi really from each other s body, fe.

grasp is great, it is Su girl you need to be careful. Although the time has been a month, but as long as the day that the war, Jiang Zhengyang heart will always give birth to a dream like a feeling. Su Wan worry Wu pool, in fact, how he does not straightening hair brush target care The deadline is approaching, he will also want to gamble in the Wu Chi s body, as long as Wu Chi can break through the prison community four, Chiang will benefit from, even if he died, do not worry about Jiang Rui and others The. Unfortunately, the prison community four of what happened, outsiders are simply impossible to know, can only be patient to wait for the end of artifact hair straightening brush everything. It s like a gambler dice in a dice cup, and nobody knows what s going on before unlocking the lid. Silence for a moment, Su Wan slightly owe, turned away from the Chiang Kai shek s Dong Fu. Had left the prison after the triple, only separated by half a day, Su Wan once again returned to the prison community among the triple, and even attend to the possible failure if the Wu Chi may encounter the danger. As she said to Wu Chi, if Wu Chi encounter unexpected, she is bound to live alone. Fortunately, after returning to the prison community, she immediately saw Jiang Zhengyang, also know what happened after the That scene, despite the non see, also let her feel a thrilling. Wu Chi seems to play all the pe. ople, but in fact, one of the dangers, but also to see the lively people can understand This month s time, for her, it is undoubtedly a kind of suffering, this could not help but once again to Jiang Zhengyang Dong Fu asked what, but unfortunately did not amazon hair straightening brush get the results. However, with the conversation with Chiang Ching yang, Su Wan s hair straightener brush dryer heart but also slowly calm down artifact hair straightening brush after all. As Jiang Zhengyang said, now Wu Chi how the outsiders can not know, so the danger is instead of her. A short period of time, perhaps due to Wu Chi the day of the means, no one dare to fight her Dongfu idea, can be a long time, but always someone could not help but a temptation of Dongfu. Jiang Zhengyang, of course, promised to help, you can Su Wan s temper, but also how can their own safety on the Chiang family At the moment, she still remember the original Wu Chi artifact hair straightening brush said. Only her strong enough to dete.ts field practice, or in the alchemy Court to buy immortality, from the possession of the Court to obtain the practice of magic or supernatural powers, the need to spend is even more astronomical The In the case of Wanjianzong, Wu Chi also feel that they are quite rich, can be this, Wu Chi was found, if not Luo Ying, who was the point of Star Stone, simply stay in the past few years may not have. But also because of this, it is more people want to worship into the fairy palace, you know, even if only the fairy palace ordinary disciples, can be almost free to enjoy the majority of treatment. Sitting on the restaurant, Wu Chi can not help but burst of sadness. Do not say anything, just his point of these food and wine, to spend nearly a hundred stars of stone, but if the fairy disciples, only a few pieces of stone can enjoy the same treatment. The son, you are ready to participate in the fairy palace assessment, right Wu Chi drink at the same time, suddenly someone grinning scrape together over, overturned asked. Oh How do you know Turned around and looked at the coming, Wu Chi casually asked. I just saw, the son is not a fairy palace disciples, such as the son of such tolerance, since it is not a fairy disciples, it is necessary to come to participate in the fairy palace assessment. The man arched his hand and said with a smile. straightening hair brush pyt No, Wu Chi stretched out his finger on the location of their own opposite, sit it. Xie Gongzi Chuckle a bit, the man immediately sat down across the Wu Chi, but only just sat half a butt, but also did not go to the table on the food and wine. Well, looking for me what Self care down a glass of wine, Wu Chi casually asked. Dare to ask the son how to call The man asked again. Wu Chi. Faint answer, Wu Chi leisurely drink the hands of the wine. Wu Gongzi Once again hand over, the man whispered If not wrong, then the son should be running the core of the palace to the palace, right What is it No how Wu Chi lazy asked. The man shook his head and said Do not hide the son said, villain here also spent thousands of years, and asked this pair of. eyes, not surprised to see people If the son ran the core disciples, villains will have some Things, want to say with the son If not, vi.

Artifact Hair Straightening Brush to God. Who is so gentle beauty of such a so, but also slow to God ah. Faced with such a woman, even if it is a decent gentleman, fear is also heart, not to mention, this goods never with the gentleman are not on what side. Just think of Zhou Boyan them, but had to put these thoughts away. Now, Zhou Bo words how they are, do not know, how can they convince themselves, and then what other women from the mind Shook his head, Wu Chi immediately went to Xiushui peak. So many years did not see, do not know how Li Yunpeng, but, with Li Yunpeng s talent, how can not change for him to worry about it. Just do not know how much this guy has raised these years. Of course, in fact, this is not the focus, really let Wu pool care is that this century, Xi Jun should have appeared in the past. Cost so much artifact hair straightening brush thought, to bring themselves from the dark prison community here, if Xi Jun should be so easy to let go, Wu Chi is nothing hair straightener brush philips to say anything. Do not know why, as long as the thought of Jun Jun, Wu Chi s mind is always some uneasy, only to get some of the exact message to be assured a bit. Although now the artifact hair straightening brush strength to enhance a artifact hair straightening brush lot, and even such a Master Luo Ying, Wu Chi heart is very clear, and now their own, still still did not have the qualifications with the judge should be wrist. On the contrary, the stronger the strength, the more able to feel Xi Jun should be strong. As far as the front of the Zongmen big ratio, but rather how not how Wu was on the heart. Chapter 501 I Zuozhuang, you dare gambling what Xiushui Feng, Zhong Shan Lingxiu Even in the million swords, the scenery is also the best Xiushui Feng, which although there is a natural factor, but also with Xiushui Jianjun heaven and earth to aura, wit. h water Aura enveloped the mountains. Into the Xiushui peak, let people have a very comfortable feeling, alone to give people the feelings of the show, I am afraid that the water peak must be the best place in the swords. Entry for centuries, but in fact, this is still the first time Wu Chi set on hair straightening brush kmart the show water peak. The Young, I would like to ask Li Yunpeng Li Shidi where Stopped a disciple, Wu Chi asked casually. Although Wu Chi in the million sword has been very famous, but basically are spent in.r than you think, this place is called the sky stars And my million sword cases, it is the first stars of the sky stars Dayton paused, Luo Ying continued I was the first four thousand sword king of Jianjun, killing Jianjun Luo Ying If for the other people, Luo Ying will not explain so much, even if it is able to pay the core of the disciples of the swords, are not allowed to let Luo Ying said half a word. Can Wu pool but no doubt have this qualification Eyes swept the crowd, it is no exaggeration to say that so many people around, there is no one person is the depth of Wu Chi can see through, so many people can be present in the Luo Ying, but did not any People dare to intervene, let alone deny the words of Luo Ying. Wu Chi itself is the artifact hair straightening brush mind of the generation, where there is still do not understand. Once again bend a prayer, Wu Chi respectfully replied disciples Wu Chi, artifact hair straightening brush see Jianjun This disciple, it is tantamount to the identity of the disciples from the million. Heard Wu Chi artifact hair straightening brush this one reply, the hearts of others can not help but slightly sigh, although some are not reconciled, but Luo Ying pro, Wu Chi has also agreed, and this will no longer transfer room. For a time, everyone can not help but again to Luo Ying Road, Congratulations Jianjun, for the million swords received this good Luo Ying s sexual ability is very cold, but at the moment but also can not help but reveal a little smile. boom Almost in a few artifact hair straightening brush people at the same time, Li Yunpeng also completed the star force to wash Until the moment all the people found that Li Yunpeng s star power refining is almost perfect, only a little can reach the point of ten percent. This genius, the original has been enough amazing, but now it has long been covered by the light of Wu Chi. That Jianjun, Yunpeng is my friend, we soared, let him also pay the million swords Wu Chi scratching his head, some embarrassed to see Luo Ying said. Yun Peng, you are called Yunpeng it artifact hair straightening brush Luo Ying nodded slightly, softly asked. Younger generation of Li. Yunpeng, meet Jianjun Li Yunpeng also did not skip some of God, however, Wu Chi, then he is quite clear, and quickly followed the ceremony. Li Yunpeng, you may wish to worship me million swords Luo Ying opened again, alth.

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