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Best Electric Hair Straightening Brush Cheng Li or he, will make Wu Chi become a joke of others, really disciples of the identity of the natural unsustainable, but if they lost to the two of the joint, that is a matter of course, of course, will also provoke ridicule The amount of force. Can really tell the disciples of the identity is always able to keep. The summer insects best electric hair straightening brush can not language ice Eyes reveal a trace of contempt for the color, a walk away Wu Chi suddenly will be the disciples of the token to the stage of the elders, indifferent, said Please let the elders to be a witness, if I even his second People can not win, this really disciples do not worth mentioning. Be shocked This is the words to say, is simply completely blocked all the escape route, publicly say such a thing, then no room for no regrets, even if Luo Ying back, want to hard care Wu Chi is impossible. This decisive enough to let anyone move Even if Cheng and Yao Long, this moment can not help but some reaction, however, so do not leave the way to fight back, but also really too decided. If Wu Chi is not a fool, it means that now Wu Chi for their own has a very strong self confidence. Even if hair brush straightener at walmart they no longer despise Wu Chi, it is impossible to hair straightener brush travel really think that Wu Chi is a fool. For a moment. both can not help but silence down. Things developed to this point, the two have also no retreat, best electric hair straightening brush and this case, if also refused, that ridiculed, may have to become their. The hearts of a horizontal, Yao Long, after all, do not believe Wu Chi can be strong, Chen Sheng said Since Wu brothers insisted so, I was blessed in best electric hair straightening brush the end Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi has Meng Meng jumped into the sword on the stage. The hands of the sword slightly pendulum, a moment, a terrible sword suddenly broke out from the body out, fiercely toward the two rolling away There is no superfluous nonsense, flying under the moment, Wu Chi has launched an offensive. And even have not shot, alone, the sword will let the two feel a strong pressure. For a moment, the surrounding suddenly for one of the static Even if the reaction and then slow people, at the moment can feel Wu Chi s extraordinary, do not say can be compared with other true disciples, at least strength is not really under any of the c.disciples are willing to enter the word Jian prison penalty Chapter 488 Jian Qi erosion To a certain extent, the jailbreak is almost the same with the prison. Into best electric hair straightening brush the words of the word jail prison, Wu Chi was found around the separation of many independent small house, each about only a few meters in size, barely able to shelter, these small hole is clearly the place of detention. Was the custody of the disciples here into one of the small hole into the house, lost the token of the shelter, Wu Chi suddenly felt a horrible Jian Qi, but only between the count, the body actually broke open Many small wounds. The pain hit, even if the strength of Wu Chi can not help but grunted a cry. People say that the swords of the swords, and now this sword under the gas, I am afraid I am still afraid of the swords on the swords on the body, if the Wu Chi had a dark prison in the experience, I am afraid that a moment will hurt halo past. Eight, nine, ten Haha, hatred of the youngest, which may have been ten, the new people, but the propped, and this bet, I won it Wu Chi from the prison into the beginning, near the small hole of the people, they noticed, and even take Wu Chi bet. His mother, really evil Just now just stars, the little guy could withstand the sword of gas erosion, not only did not halo, even hum did not hum out loud, great ah Qiu old three lost, but it is not angry, but excitedly looked up from. the Wu Chi. Although the two heard the words, but Wu pool is now no energy to manage these. Jian Qi continue to erode from, not only hurt the body, and even damage the meridians, if so let go, I m afraid there is really the risk of waste. Mind electric transfer, the next moment Qinglian suddenly bloom. Between the twinkling of an eye, Qinglian under the care, Wu Chi will stabilize the stature, although some difficult, but after all, still survive the most dangerous one off. Wu Chi himself did not feel anything, but a few people around it is already looking to stay. Jian Qi hair straightening brush philips out loud gymnastics, hatred of the old three, I did not look wrong This little guy, even let the jianqi extra put Jian Qi out of their own no big deal, but in the jail prison, may be quite great. First of all, the ban on the star power.

arts are not demons, the demons are slowly breed. If you have the magic, in the heart of the magic bridge on the moment, it will be triggered, naturally do not have to mention. Wu Chi can be in fact this is not what the demons of the people, want to let him suffer distress, it must guide him a little bit of praise. Whether it was before those who have died in the hands of Wu Chi, or now the emergence of Liu Yu, in fact, are to guide him to breed demons only. Some things, this is not what you think best electric hair straightening brush you are right, you can not be affected in the slightest. Magic from the heart The heart is itself the most complicated thing. Wu Chi Ming Ming Liu Yu is known to be false, knowing that their choice is not wrong, but when Liu Yu down in his sword when the heart is still involuntary will be affected. This is the breeding of demons, even if your mind and then firm, will be strong, and ultimately can not completely avoid the breeding of demons. Because, heart magic is born from the heart Liu Yu behind, there has been a familiar face, there hair straightener brush kmart australia are brothers and siege of the iron sword door, who also teach their own kindergarten from the teacher s own best electric hair straightening brush respect There is grace in the Kunlun Wei Changtian, there are live in Changchun, there are Mo Yan, there are all their familiar people In this heart magic bridge, these people have become a hindrance to the front line. Even if the heart is like a stone, when the hands of the sword constantly cut off the time, but also will make people feel free to control the slightest meaning of pain. True and false, and the heart seems to always have only one line separated When Zhou Bo Yan finally appeared in the heart of the bridge, Wu Chi sword hand, and finally appeared again a trace of trembling. Wu Chi, for you, the practice is really higher than all, even even me, blocking in front of you, you will still do not hesitate to swing the sword cut it Looked at Wu Chi, Zhou Bo Yan softly open Road. Dressed in white, as originally in the sword when the beginning of the same time, even the. eyes and demeanor are so real. Heart slightly Yi Chan, Wu Chi eyes reveal a trace of complex color, softly said My mind never changed, we have agreed, died together, You ask me, is not even th.k prison community, to some extent, Wu Chi in their hearts has been with the original The devil is no different. This more than ten years, in addition to Mo Yan, there are some magic genius also broke into the prison community triple Although the usual few with Su Wan they contact, but the heart is always the magic of the people themselves Now Wu Chi this little of life and death, some people dare to bury the head, how can we tolerate Or even do not need any person to pass, after receiving the message, they immediately consciously interrelated, together over. This is not, those who still have accumulated in the prison community, but also has a lot of brush straightener ireland people received the news, the direct adventure into the prison community triple, on the way to the. More than ten years time in the past, the growth of these people can not be underestimated, as early as unknowingly, the formation of a very powerful forces. Weekdays may also not see, but when the real encounter when the danger will b. e able to come together immediately. This is a small house to leave a few girls, who would move claws, I would dare to cut These magic were sons and sighs stood Zigua devil behind them, murderous than best electric hair straightening brush Mo Yan they are more Sheng. Chapter 403 quietly return Shocked Although in fact only just a dozen people only, not much exaggeration, but at the moment these people show the momentum, but no doubt in the face of others pumping a slap in the face. Before these people gathered here, because Wu Chi died the news spread, Chiang family also gave up their sanctuary of Su Wan, this way, it seems that this was simply no one dared to touch the Dong Fu, immediately become The soft persimmon, who want to come to point cheap. But now, in this moment, so many people stand out, but it is clear to tell everyone, here is not only hair straightening brush in sri lanka not soft persimmon, and abnormal hand, no matter who, as long as the hand, it is bound to be bar Full of blood From the Dongfu out of, Su Wan Mei best electric hair straightening brush can not help but jumped slightly jumping. This scene, even if she did not think, even in fact, with these people and no friendship, at the moment the hearts can not help but give birth to a trace of moving. In this most dangerous moment, even the Chiang family have ch.meaning of Yao Long, a little thought for a moment, then openly agreed Well, I know. It is not Wu Chi on their own strength no confidence, but the other side of a good intentions, if refused, would not give people face to see Moreover, the so called ridicule, Wu Chi where will care. This time the door is bigger, he has long been made up his mind to fight for a ranking, there is a battle with Bai Rong in that, by contrast, the core disciples of the challenge itself is just a small matter The Heard Wu Chi promised down, Yao Long can not help but suddenly relieved In fact, even if he had just said this, the heart is really not the end. After all, Wu Chi s identity in that, a best electric hair straightening brush lot of time, face is more important than anything, if Wu Chi insisted, he has no way. Fortunately, Wu Chi is better than the imagination of best electric hair straightening brushes the exchange, the body is not the kind of true disciples of the haughty, although it seems a best electric hair straightening brush little less spirit, but for him or Jianfeng all disciples, this is the best result. The words have been said, Yao Long naturally did not mean to stay, polite to leave. Until Yao Long they left Dong Fu, Wu Chi this some funny shook his head. It seems that everyone is still not optimistic about you. Chuckle a little, cloud from the back came out, a look of jokingly said. Before the sword of the disciples to see Wu Chi, she naturally bad socket, and now people go, the face of Wu Chi, but very casual. Moreover, she for the strength of Wu Chi, or a hair straightener brush infomercial little bit of understanding, naturally do not have to talk so much scruples. Wu Chi and Li Dongsheng alone that war, Wu Chi how not to avoid the war. Chapter 506 Others optimistic about not optimistic, what best electric hair straightening brush is the relationship Shrugged, Wu Chi muddy do not care to answer. Only their own lack of confidence, only the urgent need to recognize others to add confidence, can Wu Chi simply do not exist such a problem, naturally do not care about these. This is very simple, but let Yunhe slightly Yi Zheng, some lost. God. In the door so many years, in the disciples, she is also known, but even to the extent of today, she is also very concerned about the eyes of others. This seems to have been the most natural response. But now looked at Wu Chi, she found that Wu Chi.

Best Electric Hair Straightening Brush er even though the atmosphere did not reveal the cents, but it has made her feel a great pressure. This kind of Han Shan Shang, far more than the rumors more terrible. This kind of open days Fu, Yang Xiuchuan received it Silence for a moment, Wu Chi suddenly asked. Yang Xiuchuan has been before, then it is bound to Han Shan Shang also seen Wu Chi Yang Xiuchuan on the same extremely understanding to the strength of Yang Xiuchuan, Han Shan Shang best electric hair straightening brush is bound to be missed. Han Shan people such a person, I am afraid it will not be completely pinned to a person s body. What kind of choice did he do for you, is it important And did not answer the words of Wu Chi, Han Shan Shangren asked. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi s mouth then exposed a touch of bright smile, Yes, he received no income, and I do not have the slightest relationship Between the words, Wu Chi has reached out and grabbed the opening day character. Thank you, this matter, Wu Chi should be in the future If there is enough strength, it is bound to bring people together to return to the upper bound. Paused, Wu Chi slowly got up, Chen Sheng said This Is my promise of Wu Chi Wu Chi said very seriously, such a commitment, it is also very satisfied to Han Shan. Before Wu Chiqiang kill Song Lufei, is because of a commitment, so now so solemnly promised down, naturally make him more satisfied. With a commitment to the people who deal with. , will naturally be more assured. Chapter 415 Cleaning Han Shan said is true From the Han Shan to leave, Su Wan finally could not help but asked out. What is true Wu Chi deliberately foolishly asked. Black prison community causal entanglement deep. Pulled Wu Chi, Su Wan again asked. Helpless shrugged, Wu Chi replied He said is not true, which I will know This answer is very reasonable, but Su Wan is clearly not accept the answer. Did not say anything, Su Wan so quietly watching Wu Chi. Silence a full time of a tea, Wu Chi finally compromise, should be true, there is nothing in this world do not need to pay the price, in the dark prison community got so much, naturally can not afford to pay. You know, also intend to continue to break down Su Wan staring at Wu Chi, asked earnestly. This is what she really want to sayi to the day jail prison, so that Wu Chi himself hair straightening brush magnifeko can not support the death of which, but absolutely no courage to personally kill Wu Chi. Kill the sword of the true missionary disciples, and is the only one disciples, so good to kill it No matter how good he is, once dare to make such things, but also absolutely die. As Wu Chi said before, Wu Chi even made a big mistake, is not he qualified to punish or even kill. Ji Yifeng then want to kill Wu Chi, can only dare not secretly calculated, not personally shot it Face livid, Chen Chang old want to once again invigorate Jian Qi, Wu Chi can be seen in the hands of the disciples, but after all, had to bear down. It s too much to see this scene. If you really let Wu Chi in this kill people, Wu Chi can not run, best electric hair straightening brush but he ignored the disciples of the crime of responsibility and how to run out The most critical is that he really did not dare to kill Wu Chi, even Wu Chi grid killed jail prison disciples, he also did not dare to kill Wu Chi. Now, after all, no dead, he can put things down, but once the real death of people, it is bound to disturb the cold star Jianjun. You are not a man, in the end what happened, clear, and we want to find a solution Otherwise, even if you pit dead me, it may not be able to solve the problem. Glanced at the old hatched one, Wu Chi snappily curse. Zhang Zhang mouth, hatred of the old but after all, did not speak out Honestly, things have come to this step, and he has not thought of it anyway. He only know that Wu Chi strong talent, and may be framed was imprisoned in jail, but how could not think of Wu Chi even so bold, after being wronged, dare so unscrupulous shot attack This thing has been too much trouble, and big to his ignorant, but the fundamental reaction to the. Eyes swept away, Wu Chi suddenly noticed the hatred of the old man in the arms of the scarf and letter. Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi hand on the robbed over. Brow suddenly jump, Chen long heart of a cross, take care of many, suddenly probe toward the Wu Chi caught over. That letter and scarf, decided not to let Wu pool to see, or to let other pe. ople find that even take some risks, he is bound to stop Wu Chi. If brush straightener in target on the outside, with his strength, Wu Chi nat.

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