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Best Hair Straightening Brush Dafni is account ancestors to remember you After today, will let you pay the price. Can not help but shouted abuse, do not destroy the souls of the souls of the body burning blood, eyes full of hatred. Do not bother, Wu Chi shrugged and said I can not force you, if you do not want to give, I turned away heard Wu Chi these words, immortal soul ancestors is almost no one spit to Wu Chi face. What do not want to go, tu. rn left Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan eyes have never been removed, this time if he dare to refuse, I m afraid the next night night Shen Xing s death sickle or Yang Xiuchuan s guns will be killed. Once the mess of the two played a kill heart, even if the law enforcement do not even want to stop. Roll, fake tiger s dog stuff Cursed one, do not destroy the soul but after all, still can not refuse, with anger will set the soul stone thrown over. Wu Chi is now the root of the dog legs, looks imposing, but in fact it is entirely relying on the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan power and influence only. At this moment looks beautiful, but this behavior is no doubt offend too many people, once this thing, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan broke into the prison community four, this account will be counted to his body. Of course, in order to set a soul stone, this price is not worth it. In fact, if there are opportunities, including the immortal soul, including other people are equally willing to do so, but they did not Wu Chi so fast response, in the first time to seize the initiative. And then their strength has also reached the peak of the road, not enough to set the soul best hair straightening brush dafni of the stone may not be able to break the prison community four, but if you get a number of souls of the soul, may not break the prison world The. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan best hair straightening brush for short hair simply will not trust them. Bluntly, Wu Chi, but is relied on the strength of poor, sensitive to seize the opportunity to speculation only. Of course, since it is speculative, naturally there is danger. After the end of the matter to be faced with the danger that Wu Chi must pay the price. Watching Wu Chi figure, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but slightly some sigh. In all fairness, Wu Chi and other reactions and decisions is undoubtedly a great.rains of the brains, but also enough to hold over. And only experienced the pain of the past, in order to make people feel more precious soul stone. If you can get a few sets of soul stone, break into the prison community of four emboldened naturally will be a lot of the natural. Brain turned these thoughts at the same time, the prison station slowly sink into the ground under the Wu Chi, they are a few hold the last person also fell to the ground. The next moment, Wu Chi, who also found the presence of law enforcement. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi brain between the electro optical flint will guess each other s identity, the spirit suddenly lifted it. If there is no law enforcement presence, the face of Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing, I am afraid no one dare to give birth to the idea of resistance, but now have law enforcement, it makes the situation suddenly changed the different up. Mind tran. sfer, Wu Chi pupil slightly shrink, subconsciously looked around the situation. To survive the prison community test, get the soul of the stone, a total of five people In addition to immortal ancestors and empty monks, there are two people, one is Yang Ye, the other one is before Yang Xiuchuan point to Li Xi. This result, in fact, so that Wu Chi some unexpected. This time I am afraid that the most stress is Yang Ye, Yang Ye can be chosen even really to the last. So count, Yang Xiuchuan point of the three, even all have made a set of soul stone. On the contrary, the night Shenxing side only their own and immortal soul ancestral soul stone only. Set the soul stone Wu Chi to see them a few people fall, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time throw off law enforcement officers, flying toward the side. presumptuous Seeing the night Shenxing they not only do not close the hand, but in front of his face to grab the soul of the soul stone, suddenly law enforcement officers furious, pushed the order chain fiercely dumped out, tightly entangled two. Amitabha Empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, loudly said Gentlemen, law enforcement officers appear, I am waiting for the law enforcement officers to help Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing kill only. This moment of time, everyone naturally see out, altho.

me the core disciples. Normally, thousands of years, it may not be able to meet such a genius. But now, only a short time just a stick of incense, Wu Chi refining the star power, brush straightener instyler it has reached three percent, which in the refining speed is too horrible. For thousands of years, they seem to have never brush hair straightener met this genius. According to the speed of refining now, refining Qicheng star force, there is no problem at all. Able to bring back such a genius disciples, they return to the door is bound to get great benefits, worthy of the door of the errand, immediately can be removed. Wait, you see, another that is a very fast pace of refining, and now almost to best hair straightening brush dafni three into. Soon, who Zheng old eyes from the Wu Chi s body after the move, suddenly found that another person s refining speed even the same slow how much, obviously also have the opportunity to refining more than seven percent of the star power. Once found two can become the core disciples of genius, this luck is also too Guards. In fact, at the moment found Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng potential, bu. t also not only the two swords of the two elders, but in the stars above, a swordsman a big Such a genius, the other door simply did not fight the qualifications. In particular, when they found that the speed of the straightening hair brush babyliss two refining the stars, I am afraid that more than Qi Cheng, almost broken the idea of recruiting. Fifty percent, Liu Cheng Qi Cheng Half an hour of time, Wu pool refining the star power has been broke through the Qicheng breath, even more frightening is that even so, that kind of refining speed even have not yet the slightest signs of weakening For a moment, the crowd suddenly boiling up. evildoer Such a character, there is no doubt that the real top evil demon class genius, and even may become Tianjiao Bacheng And refining is still going on, this moment, even the two swords of the elders, did not dare to deal with alone, hastened to remove the letter, the message back to the door Bacheng Slightly shaking his head, stealth in the void, Xi Jun should whisper to himself to perfect Kendo Road, has not yet entered the upper bound to realize the two supernatural powers This is to trigger the sky, such a genius, even if it is What do you call best hair straightening brush dafni the swor.ays be an opportunity to see. Moreover, now best hair straightening brush dafni Yang Xiuchuan although avoided, but it is the etiquette to do the full, which inferred, the situation at least still did not imagine so bad Zhengyang ancestors At the same time, Jiang Zhengyang has also returned to Chiang. Now this situation, Jiang Zhengyang s return, for the people in panic, it is undoubtedly of great significance, at least before Jiang straightening hair brush for black hair Zhengyang died, the people will not be as lax as before. Slightly nodded, sitting down in the hall, waved his denounced under the people, leaving only a few old Jiang family. What about it Zhengyang ancestors, Yang people deceive too much, threatened to wait for me to return to Yang, since the Yang s vassal, if not from, they have to step Jiang home. Heard Jiang Zhengyang, a few family old Suddenly angrily scolded out loud. Yang s vassal Lengheng a cry, Jiang Zhengyang said Yang Xiuchuan this is simply do not want to talk to us about ah. Yes ah Now Chen has been shirk of the Chiang family, but it is only the name of the homing Yang can be opened to the conditions we are more harsh, it is necessary to we Jiang home name completely erased, how is this Make Song how to best hair straightening brush dafni say Silence for a moment, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Wry smile a bit, Jiang family of the old saying Zhengyang ancestors, you know, Song and Han Shan have a relationship, backed by Han Shan, Yang is not afraid to mention any excessive conditions. Among the four families, led by Yang, followed by Chiang, followed by Song Chen two. If purely strength theory, the Song may be the weakest, can be chosen Song people had someone else into the Hanshan, the usual best hair straightening brush dafni Han Shan naturally will not intervene in these things, but once the real Song to the survival of the time, it is difficult to say what will be Han Shan attitude. In this golden world, only the cold mountain is really above and above all No, only because of the cold mountains from the upper bound to return to the strong. Although the usual never show up, do not intervene in anything, as long as the man in the Han Shan position, you can not waver. Song has disciples worship Han Shan, is also a chance, other people is no longer envy and no way. Rumors Yang Xiuchuan came back, have been to.afraid it may not be sure to be able to pass. Rumbling Not. so Suyong they answered, the sound of a distant roar came, the three subconsciously looked back, but only found that a touch of brilliant Jianguang wrapped around the two easy to break the stone rolling, Jumped on the high platform. Little words, purple See the two moments, Su Wan can not help but lost, simply can not believe his eyes. If you see Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi is only lost, then the next moment, when the line of sight fell to Wu Chi, Suhun mind suddenly hum heard, almost has lost the ability to think In the high platform on a little stay above, Wu Chi will be the situation with Su Wan they explained again, they immediately ready to leave to go down. Compared with the prison community and the prison of the five heavy, the most precious is undoubtedly the world s most precious six prisoners Time is limited, Wu Chi did not want them to waste time to other places, direct breath into the prison best hair straightening brush dafni community six is the best choice. From the Wu Chi to understand the situation today, Mo Yan also did not choose to give up, but continue to prepare to break down. However, he refused to Wu Chi stay with him to break the way. Wu Chi understand his mind, the same did not force, nodded slightly after the line, with four people broke the prison area of four empty space, continue to break down. In the heart of the bridge, Wu Chi once again saw the purple Chinese devil them, but this time, Wu Chi did not disturb them, quietly with Zhou Boyan they entered the prison community six heavy. Everyone has everyone s way, Zhou Boyan they are willing to die with their own students, so forced to break into the prison community six enhance the strength But others have their own choice with the road, inconvenience to interfere with. Wu Chi Ming Wu trace of causal road, naturally understand that their intervention will lead to more cause and effect, for them, may not be any good thing. However, they can see the purple magic master they are still safe to live, hair straightener brush deal but also really let Wu pool some joy. From the prison community began to triple, and now really entered the prison community six heavy, they will be brought to the front of the monument, in fact, also.

Best Hair Straightening Brush Dafni f everyone s mind. In the trend has gone, other people go all the way down, Luo Ying still proudly standing, heroic style hair. People in that, is one of the most sharp sword People like a sword, but not bend This is the Luo Ying, that is the Megatron sky stars kill Jianjun, even in the desperate, still can be proud to choose to fight This kind of Luo Ying, so many people ashamed. Even if it is Ling Tian Jianjun and cold star Jianjun, this best hair straightening brush dafni moment, also shame is difficult to rise. No matter how many sounding reasons, drop is down, rebellion is rebellion The ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of the grace, and more than. Luo Ying one You can not do such a loyalty, but not qualified to ridicule such a Luo Ying. Even with your door disciples, die together, do not regret it Eyes fell on the body of Luo Ying, Xi Jun should be faint asked. In the face of Xi Jun should once again questioned, Luo Ying did not answer, but slowly raised the hands of the sword. This is Luo Ying s answer Watching Luo Ying, even if Xi Jun should, heart can not best hair straightening brush dafni help but move. He despise the sword ancestors, so, for the entire Sword, also never see it. Whether it is Ling day Jianjun, or cold star Jianjun, in fact, have not been Xi Jun should be on the eyes of these people go down or not, simply did not have Xi Jun should be on the heart. At the moment, watching Luo Ying, Xi Jun should have to admit, after all, he still looked down at the Sword, look down on the Luo Ying Wu Chi can have such a division, perhaps, it may best hair straightening brush dafni not be a bad thing. Moment, Xi Jun should be the heart, but it can not help but once again raised a fun idea. Luo Ying hair straightening brush watson In fact, do not know, the presence of so many people, most concerned about hair straightener brush uk Wu Chi life and death, I am afraid it is still the king Jun Jun should be. From the dark prison community, watching Wu pool step by step rise, Xi Jun Wu Chi s expectations, far more than anyone else imagined. Arrangement Wu Chi into the swords, in fact, he is the calculation of the ancestors of the sword, in the sword ancestors can not rely on their own refining the stars of the heart, see Wu Chi s talent, it will inevitably can not help but temptation The idea of playing Wu Chi body. All this, from the moment wit.of the. Wu brothers, I was down Yunfeng people, things a lot, it is not off the body ah. See Wu Chi s eyes best hair straightening brush dafni turned to their own body, blue wave suddenly scared out a cold sweat, hastened to argue The Is that really a pity A look of regret shook his head, Wu Chi look I was looking for you as the way added Blue Master assured that the location here at any time for you to keep, when you if you change your mind, and can come at any time. Blue even if the sil. ly also heard the brush straightener for natural hair threat of the hair straightening brush gisala meaning of the. Today, this matter of the black pot, Xu Zi an these people back, but we all know, must have a relationship with him. This time so forget, but if there is the next time, I am afraid he can only go to this guarding Dong Fu. If the Wu Chi before that, blue wave is bound to look contemptuous, but now, but it best hair straightening brush dafni is no longer emboldened. Really disciples have the status and power of great, really want to really up, he really may not be able to stay in the clouds. Wu did not care about the past because Wu Chi did not best hair straightening brush dafni think that the strength, but to bear a fictional name only. From today s things point of view, whether it is strength, or means, mind, Wu Chi are with their impression before the very different At least definitely not his little people can provoke from the start. And even attend to look at the coma of Xu Zian a blue wave head did not return to the mountain to go. Cold eyes sweep Xu Zi an one, Wu Chi has no reason to deal with their interest, wrist slightly doubled, urging the star force immediately opened the ban, self serving into the Dongfu into. A door, a ban, to facilitate the fall of a few people will be blocked in the outer door. Can be biased, and now no one would dare to run. For a time, that few people suddenly rush to the immortality into the mouth of Xu Zian treatment up Dong Fu great, because the distribution of time, that is, according to the highest specifications of the distribution, so even inside the decoration, it is extremely luxurious. Random looked a bit, Wu Chi will sit down at the stone table, slightly frowned. Just that war, seemingly win easy, and put a few people forced to stay guarding Dong Fu, and really gas. In fact, Wu Chi mind is very clear that these people just.

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