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Brush Hair Straightener On Tv oubt. Almost Wu Chi launched the moment of the moment, middle aged face can not help but suddenly changed, determined to block, but the body was locked in brush hair straightener on tv the dark chain, and where to and He thought a lot of Wu Chi s resistance, but did not even think brush hair straightener on tv of the existence of the day Not his miscalculation, but because, open days of this kind of thing, simply should not appear in brush hair straightener on tv the lower bound, how he counted to Wait until he reacts when the Wu Chi has long been bound by the day wrapped in the prison community seven heavy boom Moment, the prison world seven heavy world can not help but burst of violent trembling, middle aged body of the murderous, almost make Li Yunpeng are difficult to stand Damn I ll kill him Angry roar, almost spread throughout the prison community seven heavy. Fortune who damn, who is in the calculation of this seat The eyes of the murderous Dasheng, middle aged nature is also very clear that he must be calculated, or by Wu Chi himself, but it is impossi. ble to have Open day. Master respect, perhaps the situation has not yet to the irreversible point. The eyes flashed a trace of different colors, Li Yunpeng Chen Sheng said. what did you say Eyes reveal a touch of fine Mang, middle aged Chen Sheng asked. Wu Chi is not alone Li Yunpeng slowly said brush hair straightener on tv This time, he is not with two people together He has a day, that two people can not Just grab them, must be able to ask Out of straightening hair brush iron the news of more Wu Chi, as long as he is in this dark prison within the community, there are worried, not afraid of his running to heaven. These words suddenly let middle age calm a bit. Yes, you go to those two people caught, at all costs, give me the question of Wu Chi Yes Bend a worship, Li Yunpeng suddenly flew out, went straight to Li Fannan and Zhou Xu away Between the count, Wu Chi was bound by the day wrapped, back to the Hanshan. Opened the eyes of the moment, Wu Chi will still be sitting on the table side of the Hanshan Master, still holding the teapot in hand, stood two brush hair straightener on tv cups, mouth with a touch of bright smile, seems to have already guessed Wu Chi The return of the general, slowly on the tea, the quilt pushed to the front of Wu Chi. Have you ever known the dark prison community Eyes reveal a trace.ld, naturally also by these Han Shan disciples Keep in mind. Over the years, Han Shan has always been above all the family and martial art above, can be chosen on the recent days, but there have been two successive into the Hanshan into the. Yang Xiuchuan before, is now Wu Chi. The face of Yang Xiuchuan, they feel is like a mountain like pressure, and now face Wu Chi, despite Wu Qi mouth hanging a faint smile, but also the same reveals a touch of palpitations of power. Please come later, so I ll go to the Hanshan. With the example of Yang Xiuchuan first, these Han Shan disciples who have been destroyed a lot of arrogance, at the moment to face. the abruptly into the Hanshan Wu Chi, but also not too presumptuous. The news has not spread to the Hanshan ear, they first disturb the song Lu Fei. Moment, Song Lufei almost gas to crush, apart from anything else, carrying a sword suddenly broke down from the mountains. Do you still dare to come to me Anger carrying a sword broke over, far from the voice of Song Lufei will be passed out. Brow slightly a pick, do not even need to explain Su Wan, Wu Chi can guess each other s identity. The eyes revealed a chill chill, and even did not speak, there is a terrorist sword Italy, suddenly toward the Song Lufei pressure in the past. Click And even have not close to Wu Chi within ten meters, Song Lufei suddenly felt a suffocating pressure, the hands of the sword brazenly cut out, this break open that invisible sword Italy, but at the foot of the pace but after all, or was abruptly Pressed back. The eyes brush hair straightener on tv reveal a touch of bloody, Song Lufei hate cursed Wu Chi My son and you no injustice no hatred, but was used by Yang Xiuchuan only, you actually Henla will be killed, blood debt, today also want to live Out of the cold mountain Song brothers Seeing Song Lufei has runaway, suddenly Han Shan disciples approached tightly grabbed Song Lufei They can understand the song Lu Fei Wu Chi hatred, hatred and can not be able to enhance the strength of half points. The face of hard to break open ice mist into the Han Shan Wu Chi, Song Lufei simply do not have the slightest chance of brush hair straightener on tv winning, rushed up, can only be sent to death only. If the average person, in the face of such.

ay, the night Shenxing commitment, but will let Yang Xiuchuan fear of three points. This kind of containment, for their own, perhaps hair straightening brush canada more favorable. Wrist gently flip, life and death in front of the seal was suddenly eliminated, Wu Chi stall said I have brush hair straightener on tv some things to deal with, you self help. Put aside Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing things, Wu Chi now also need to study this seamless purgatory. Red robe into the moment of life and death, Wu Chi seems to have felt that he and the whole free purgatory established a very close contact, and somewhere there is a feeling that these for their own, perhaps not nothing meaningful. Cause and effect, itself is a very mysterious thing. The empty monk to stay in the Wu pool of fruit to resolve, but also to Wu Chi touch a trace of the cause of the road It is also a trace of cause and effect, so he seems to understand that from the moment to wear a judge red robe, he seems to have been here with some causal links. This cause and effect, and not simply to their own and cut off. And Wu Chi reached an agreement, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan but not anxious to go In fact, even now to the present, they are also some difficult to understand, the same into the free purgatory, Wu Chi hair straightening brush wilkinsons why can first become a guardian of life and death hall, and then favored by life and death judges, given the judge pen Even to the end, replaced, became a new life and death sentence. This strong contrast, it is simply to doubt that the four test of the prison is fair. Wu Chi and in the free purgatory stay in a full month of time This month, Wu Chi re opened the door of life and death, so that the souls of the purgatory in the past there is a way to life Those who are constantly punished, the body of the crime of light, but also normal cut, and then do not want to be as easy as tens of thousands of years, never In addition, Wu Chi has re collected a number of life and death hall guard. Have the identity of life and death, these are no longer any problems. Finish all this, back to the temple of life and hair straightening brush verimark death, Wu Chi again with the robbery gowns enlightenment life and death, really make their own out of life and death Kendo All this process, he did not hide from the night sta.mpossible to let go of their own, want to live, it can only desperately. As for what the last words, would not it be a joke Repair to this and so on, how can we not even have this courage Even if unknown, he did not want to so easily give up. Wrist doubled, a green bamboo sword suddenly start, stature suddenly flash, the first to Yang Xiuchuan attack in the past. A sword stabbed out, it is like in the moment between the growth of a bamboo, Yang Xiuchuan enveloped in the bamboo forest, surrounded by every bamboo are turned into the most terrible sword toward Yang Xiuchuan kill. call Moment, Yang Xiuchuan body coat suddenly turned into a dark cloud, abruptly toward the bamboo pressure. At the same time, Yang Xiukuan single handedly grasp, rifle suddenly start, like a dragon out of the clouds, in that a dark cloud, crashing toward the bamboo forest to kill the past. Cuikulaxiu Shot in the hand, Yang Xiuchuan will be able to completely ignore all obstacles, just between the number of data, then abruptly pierced the bamboo, blatantly killed in front of bamboo Yaoyang. horrible Although it has long been known that Yang Xiuchuan terrible, but also did not think of bamboo Yiuyang, even their own will be so fast, bamboo sword field, and even the number of time did not survive, they were broken That gun hit the moment, then hard so that he felt a trace of death suffocation. Click Gun sword attack, just between the twinkling of an eye, bamboo Zhaoyang hands green bamboo sword will be broken broken, into the sky debris However, this shot castration diminished, still from the point to the heart of bamboo This moment, bamboo Y. aoyang almost completely desperate The gap is too big, even with the peak of the road, but he even even Yang Xiuchuan shot are not close. Avoid the inevitable, this shot is a fatal blow. lock In the bamboo Yaoyang that he has been dead when the void suddenly flew out of a black chain, almost between the fat between the lock in the hands of Yang Xiuchuan gun Suddenly, the night Shenxing eyes reveal a touch of terror murderous machine, the hands of death sickle suddenly toward the black chain that cut However, almost the same time at night at the same time, the void is a few chains at t.wipe the machine, Yang Xiuchuan sneered Your. great tone, like in front of me called the Lord, I am afraid you have to ask Yang in the hands of the gun. Stature flash, Yang Xiuchuan gun suddenly stabbed, but it is the first shot. Zhou Xu is obviously ill, this kind of people have nothing to say, only the first hit a game, after the outcome of each other to do care. Moreover, there are now Wu Chi in the next, Yang Xiuchuan heart naturally more emboldened. Gun out like a dragon Suddenly, such as mountain like pressure suddenly gush, brazenly toward Zhou Xu rolling away. Before Zhou Xu still exist a bit contemptuous meaning, but Yang Xiuchuan shot moment, but also let him feel a trace of the threat, and those who are not the same as the peak of brush hair straightener on tv the robbery, Yang Xiuchuan is really not the genius, if not to further improve Own avenue, at any time can be soaring up. Such a person, even if it is still not underestimated Zhou Xu. Mind flashing between, Zhou Xu finally dare too much care, backhand out of the Bingbing. Dark mace looks more than Zhou Xu s people even higher, at brush hair straightener on tv first glance looks very harmonious, but when that a mace when the start, Zhou Xu whole people s momentum can not help but suddenly change. Terror of the fierce gas from the body gushing, Zhou Xu whole person is like from the hell to break out of the evil spirits in general. boom The head of a stick, mahjong front to meet the Yangshou Chuan s guns, under the impact of terror, abruptly Yang Xiuchuan shot in the hands of the gun smashed back, and even forced Yang Xiuchuan suddenly quit a few steps, this to resolve the great momentum. Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Yang Xiuchuan heart of the war was Zhou Xu completely excited out. From the prison community triple start, Yang Xiuchuan is almost invincible, even the night star is only a tie with him only, never suffer. Now only a blow, he even slightly eat some small loss, really let him some accidents. This week the strength of Zhou Xu, I am afraid that Yang Xiuchuan life is rare. Wrist slightly overturned, shook a gun, Yang Xiuchuan retreat, once again to Zhou Xu killed in the past. Moment between the two were entangled to death together, playing hard to understand. Zhou Xu, althoug.

Brush Hair Straightener On Tv nd Bai Rong between, but only small things, but Luo Ying and Ling Tian Jianjun trouble up, the movement may be too big. So the relative confrontation, and finally alerted the sword ancestors. When do you have a big deal Stature slowly appeared in front of everyone, Jianzu faint asked. This question, but it is suddenly let the four Jianjun are some embarrassing up, the face of the sword of ridicule, no one dare to take the first step. Talk about it, what s going on Glanced at the Luo Ying, Jianzu immediately turned to Xiushui Jianjun. This time, asked Luo Ying or Ling Tianjian Jun no meaning, but is Xiushui Jianjun can be truly fair to explain. Jianzu was Luo Ying they alerted, before the things, in fact, it is not known. Slightly tacit, Xiushui Jianjun three words between the two, they will probably explain the matter again. Xiushui Jianjun s words are very fair, not the slightest biased, which is his door, the best reason for popularity. Slightly nodded, Jianzu Daoshi slightly Yaran, eyes slowly fell to the Wu Chi s body, it seems that this little guy trouble things out ah. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi did not say any explanation. Things Xiushui Jianjun has explained very clearly, and does not need him to defend himself To ga. ther the stars cut off the broken stars, killing quite heavy ah, but also a bit of your style Well. Glanced at Luo Ying, Jianzu casually said, from this, it is difficult to hear his Tendency. Luo Ying did not wait to answer, Jianzu indifferent said But the things between the disciples, when you turn in this fight you die I live Bai Rong hair straightening brush singapore and Wu Chi s battle, who is wrong, in fact, not important. For the sword of ancestors, this is only a small matter after all, but Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian torn face, the nature may not the same. That is, just caused by the Wu Chi, but in fact, in the final analysis, or palm to teach this position downtown. This point, Jian Zu also aware of the same. Disciples know Hear this, Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian at the same time bend the wrong. Come on, you re coming with me. Glanced at the crowd, Jianzu lightly told Road. And did not immediately deal with this matter, because in the eyes of the sword, this is not a big deal, no matter how trouble, as l.ure that some people will kill Han Shan, vowed to only make every effort to kill it. If Xi Jun should really forced Wu Chi they guarantee to kill brush straightener nz Han Shan Shang, I m afraid Wu Chi Ning can turn over with Xi Jun should desperately will not agree. Chapter 455 to kill Things smashed, and Han Shan is no courage to return to the upper bound. Pondered, Ma Shijie said Do not say that the dark star of the accountability, even if we will not let him three. Before the Han Shan want to attack the three together, itself is some adventure, if the success of the natural may, can fail, it must bear the consequences of the three core disciples, who is not qualified to move. It is no exaggeration to say that before the Hanshan Master can be said that in the desperate gamble Of course, brush hair straightener on tv this also femjolie hair straightener brush reviews means that the Han Shan s self esteem, in fact, if not Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing accidental intrusion, Hanshan Master has been successful. Unfortunately, if only if Golden world Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Now the night Shen and Wu Chi have been crossing the hair straightener brush effects robbery, can not return to the best electric straightening hair brushes small world, as long as he can escape the golden world, temporarily safe. To determine the whereabouts of the Han Shan, things become more simple. Back to the golden world of the channel is only one, as long as rushed to the channel before blocking Hanshan on the line. Xi Jun should not be able to tell him, but to Xi Jun should now control the dark prison community, delay the speed of his escape is easy, so, it is not difficult to catch up with him The Look some tired, Hanshan people looking at the front not far from the golden light back to the world of the channel, the hearts of the restless. but not the slightest reduction, but there is a unspeakable sense of crisis. Through brush hair straightener on tv the entire dark prison brush hair straightener on tv community to put pressure on their own, abruptly slow down their own three percent, all this clearly told him, straightening hair brush does it work Xi Jun should have broken the seal. Now even though it can not completely break the shackles of the dark prison community, but it is already just a matter of time. At that time the vertical and horizontal world of heaven Jun Jun should be surprised to have come back As he is familiar with Xi Jun should be the same, Xi.

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