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Brush Straightener 4c Hair let the three set up a vengeance, otherwise, until the other really realized the supernatural powers, where he and Zhou Xu can control, to the time, I m afraid backhand Directly to kill himself. Think of this, Li Fernan finally shot, abruptly three people from the stone for the awakening of consciousness. The body appeared under a bones of the throne, sitting on it, Li Fernan looked at the cold three people, not to speak, but that horrible coercion has been the first volume out. Bony throne This is Li Fernan had the feeling of supernatural powers, around a few thousand meters, seems to have been completely bones, the kind of horrible atmosphere, almost breathless. Now a shot, the direct use of the power of supernatural powers, is to deter. Sitting on the bones of the throne, Li Fernan looked at the cold for a while, this slowly opening First introduce myself, my name Li Fuannan, was known as the bones of the devil. Eyes fell on the bones of the throne, then turned to Zhou Xu, although did not speak, however, Wu Chi was able to guess a bit. I admit that your three talents are rare in my life, as long as you give enough time, you can realize the supernatural powers, and even break the space barrier, leaving the prison community six heavy. But I must remind you at least, now your life and death are brush straightener ceramic still in my hands. I want you to use a promise, in exchange for your life, and continue to see the opportunity to see the next Chapter 423 break through two thousand As early as the time appeared in Li Fannan, Wu Chi guessed that there will be brush straightener 4c hair such a day. Although this enlightenment stone in fact with Li Fernan nothing to do, at this time, fist big is the truth, whether it hair straightening brush qvc is Wu Chi or Yang Xiuchuan have no room to refuse. As for Zhou Xu, Wu was forced to be forced to compromise, this time, naturally can not come out to help them speak. No problem These hair straightener brush men years can be peace of mind practice, thanks to the bones of the devil, what is required, despite the mention, as long as they can do, I must not say anything. Arch over hand, Wu Chi first promised Road. Wu Chi looked at that an excellent attitude to speak, Zhou Xu heart can not help but burst of tw. itching. At first, but not by Wu Chi this side cheated.ace of mockery of the color, Wu Chi leisurely said This can be how to do, demons attracted too early som. e, at least have to wait for half a day Okay. Paused, Wu Chi looked to the eyes of Bai Rong, has been full of ridicule of the color, brush straightener 4c hair White Brother, you say right This moment, even if the reaction and then slow people, but also aware of the exception. Yun He looked at the eyes of Wu Chi is full of horror, obviously do not understand how Wu Chi suddenly so crazy. Wu Yidi, what do you want to do Pincouring demon heart, so that the Yaoqi scattered, once attracted to the demon, we who can best electric straightening hair brush not live. Face abnormal abnormal ugly, Bai Rong Shen sound asked. Yes, ah, yes, white brothers said, there are half of the elders of the door there is a long time, It s time for me to live for a long time. His face full of mockery of the color, Wu Chi s hand but impressively holding the flirt with the heart of the bag, as long as a little hard, you will be able to crush all these witch Before the broken a demon heart, but also not tight, but if it is dozens of demon heart all broken, that horrible Yaoqi, it is bound to shock the demon will be. Eyes tightly staring at the hands of Wu Chi, Bai Rong Chen Sheng asked Wu Shidi, you do not nonsense Wu brothers, what do you want to do in the end Yun pay nervously looked at Wu Chi asked. I am sorry, I may be naughty, but it will not be nonsense. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi indifferent said trouble, just to fight a line of vitality White Brother, you say Angry and extremely laughing, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said Wu Yidi, what am I really sorry for your place, so you have such hair straightening brush wish a big hostility to me Put a waved, stop the cloud and Chen He, Bai Rong continued We are between what is the contradiction, it should return to the door to say that you are now regardless of the occasion of the nonsense, is it in use Are we all joking about our lives I said before, I admire the brush straightener men white brothers you, now it seems, I still look down on white brothers ah Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi said White Brother, to this point, you want to continue What is it Remark, everyone can not help but at the same time. White Brother, I would also like to ask you a sentence, what is the place where I Wu.

$txtNum = count($txtArray);t else is there to say Silence for a moment, Wu Chi slightly owe, this slowly said The disciples had heard a gentleman said something, deep thought. We Wan Jianzong, to the legislation of the legislature So, we Wanzhizong disciples, the hands of the. sword, is the truth. So called justice, but only in the sword Disciples no evidence, but also beat the white brothers, so now naturally nothing to say. This is the words, whether it is clouds or Xiushui Jianjun can brush straightener 4c hair not help but slightly moved. Sigh a cry, Xiushui Jianjun whispered Your temper with Luo brush straightener 4c hair Master really like, people like the heart of the heart, only three feet Qingfeng This is the words of Luo said Bai Rong, do you think how The subject of a turn, once again point to Bai Rong, Xiushui Jianjun indifferent asked. Wu Yidi good Disciples have no evidence, so to Wu Shidi into the broken world when the disciples are willing to hand sword, and brush straightener 4c hair then to Wu Shidi brush straightener 4c hair to discuss a fair Face is a positive, Bai Rong awe The Since this is the case, you are both killed with the door of the suspect, the king will punish you into the jailbreak hundred years A hundred years later, when the door than when, then you win by the two, you two can convinced Chapter 487 Swordsman Penalty for a hundred years This punishment came out, Wu Chi and Bai Rong did not say that the cloud is a sudden change, some frightened and said Jianjun, Wu brothers just just stars, with such a strength penalty such as jail prison, to him and unfair. Wu Chi is not clear where the jail is, but the kerashine hair straightener brush review cloud is understood. Wan Jianzong disciples made a mistake, they will be sentenced to jipper by Jianqi pet body of the pain, if the will is not firm enough, and even lead to the collapse of the sword, a repair for the waste, even worse, and may even Died in jailbreak. In addition, the jail was set up among the prohibition, weekdays practice anyway, but can not urge the stars out loud In this way, when the resistance of the swordsman gas, it is more difficult times several times. Do not say Wu Chi just just into the stars of the environment, even the peak of stars, and even broken disciples of the stars, but also in brush straightener 4c hair the jail in the prison. What is fair Brow to stir up, Xiushui Jianjun looked at t.

Brush Straightener brush straightener 4c hair 4c Hair n star of the strong, hard hit is certainly a dead end, but in this skillfully deflected Qi Qiao Qi, and constantly leveraging dodge, it can almost guarantee their own safety, at least with the other entanglement. Now the face of Bai Rong, Wu Chi simply no straightening hair brush south africa other ideas, more dragging moment is a moment, until it is really unable to drag the time, or the other side forced to make the supernatural powers, simply throw in the towel also. Anyway, no meaning, brush straightener 4c hair can not commit now with Bai Rong dead S. i knock. Can drag a long time, naturally it looks a little better. Of course, it is not easy to do this, whether it is for the strength or the timing of the need to achieve a perfect point to the job. Fortunately, in the days of jailbreak prison hundred years, Wu Chi most of the time simply can not bear the brush straightener 4c hair power of Jianqi outbreak, only to clever clever to resolve, in this experience, coupled with God s pre sentence with, but also also capability. Just a moment of grips, Bai Rong has been aware of the progress of Wu Chi. Compared to a hundred years, and now the progress of Wu Chi is too great. Wu Chi and others before the fight against, but also also fills, really with Wu Chi move hands, in order to feel the potential of Wu Chi who Before Han Shuang said, if Wu Chi has the strength of broken stars, she may not be opponents. In fact, if Wuchi really broken star strength, Bai Rong is not an opponent at all. Wu Chi in the Kendo s accomplishments, no doubt enough to make anyone scared. For a moment, Bai Rong heart can not help but secretly sneer a cry. No matter how genius, but also always have the opportunity to grow up is. Almost always white kill the moment of the murder, the original sword in the sword will be staring at the test of the elders suddenly spit out a brush straightener 4c hair blood, the whole person staggered out several steps to go. This sudden change, really stunned everyone. Feeling Liu Chang old body that disorder of breath, and violent star power fluctuations, the moment, there are disciples came to the reaction, Liu Changguo even at this time out of trouble, obsessed. Liu long old Moment, there are many disciples came forward to hold the old Liu, to help him stable atmosphere. Then, in this moment, Bai Rong s b.his talent and strength, was not qualified to refining the hearts of stars. But he had long been to join the Temple, and got a great man in the Temple of the support, this was the opportunity. The temple can not let him indefinitely the refining down. Fifty thousand years, the blink straightening hair brush target of an eye is approaching, if he can not refining, the stars will return to the hearts of stars This life he will not have such a chance. Although it is said that you want to refining the stars of the heart, as the star brush straightener 4c hair itself is the most difficult thing, the success rate of this is very low. Can come to this point, who can be willing to give up For the life star, Wu Chi is actually a good understanding. To some extent, this is somewhat similar to the original Avenue lotus For him, now have to do the first step, is the first star of the body condensed into stars And then, for their own feelings for the Road, as well as the soul into the full of which, once successful, it is lit a life star. According to Luo Ying s argument, once lit the life star, then as long as the life of the stars do not break, it will not really sense of death. Mention this, Wu pool can not help but think of those who had the upper hand into the dark prison when the situation. By reas. on, these people should have life only, but in fact, but still numerous casualties. But then I thought, Wu Chi also react to the over. In the lower bound, brush straightener 4c hair simply do not feel the stars force, the power of life stars, naturally they can not play out Which in itself is the most horrible repression. If not so, I am afraid that anyone can kill their own casually. Of course, want to light the star, is definitely not an easy thing. Normally, after the completion of refining stars after the disciples, at least have to spend nearly hair straightener brush london drugs a hundred years to be successful. Think of this, Wu Chi s face is some black. People have to spend nearly a hundred years time, but the teacher actually actually give yourself a month s time, this request is too abnormal, right Seems to see through the mind of Wu Chi, Luo Ying said lightly Ordinary disciples need nearly a hundred years time, because, for them, the biggest difficulty is for the road of perception, not enough to lit the star. You.

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