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Brush Straightener Ad aid it is likely to be beheaded on the spot. Above the pen that touch Zhu color, as if the world s most terrible power, forbidden life and death. A hit succeeded, guarding the spirit of the command suddenly vigorous. ly, step by step out of the life and death hall, holding the judge pen again toward the two hook. Life and death of the power of the diffuse, this judge pen, it seems that even the night of the life and death of the North Road, the domain has lost the effect, abruptly forced again and again, not to judge the pen brush straightener ad stained. boom Yang Xiuchuan body of the black coat into a dark cloud toward the guard led the pressure, but that terrible clouds, in the judge before the pen, just a moment of contact on the crashing collapse Suddenly let Yang Xiuchuan frightened, if not the night Shenxing reaction fast, death scythe then cut off, forced the guard to return home defense, I m afraid that would have to fall into the body of Yang Xiuchuan. That pen is weird The body of the black coat contaminated with a little red pen marks, has been completely broken broken, Yang Xiuchuan immediately abandoned the coat, Chen Sheng said. The two criminals, not the hand to hair straightener brush flipkart capture this is a great sentence of life and death, proclaimed the judge pen, pen off life and death Where is your little people can resist Far away, Wu Chi sneer openly ridiculed. Pupil slightly shrink, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing heart can not help but at the same time a cold. Wu Chi this sarcastic words, for them, in fact, is equivalent to a reminder, referring to life and death, the two hearts can not help but some cold. Just just a pen in the hand, it has been so horrible, if the life and death judge personally shot, where there is the slightest way to live At this moment, the two even hard to suppress the birth of a trace of retreat, and some doubt strong Chuang Sheng Temple action is not wrong. However, at this time, the night Shen Xing s eyes can not help but suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang Under the threat of the judge pen, they are unhappy, but the same, to guard the strength of the command, simply can not control the sentence for a long time, at the moment face has been some white, obviously some difficult to sustain. Aw.he lack of a bit of the atmosphere, which, to learn from your brother to learn. This remark, said Ji Yifeng cold sweat dripping. Although he was wrong before the mouth, but in fact did not feel that they have any wrong, until now, only really aware of the reasons Lingling Jianjun annoying. I want to fight with the position of Luo Ying, they have to let go of scruples, fight directly with him Similarly, if you want to suppress Wu Chi, it should be bright and clear rolling, Wu Chi, of course, genius, but you So many years of practice, but also to repair the dog who did not Eyes reveal a trace of cold. Ling Tian Jianjun words whispered so heavy, so that the face of a quarter of the season, a bit more white. Put away those of your little mind, a hundred years after the monks big ratio, go to me hard to step on his feet, understand Yes Bend a prayer, Ji Yifeng quickly agreed Road Jian Qi never Really to the day jail prison, Wu Chi was found to their own strength now, even if there is no Jianqi outbreak, I am afraid brush straightener ad that may not support the past. Regret nature is too late, and now the only thing that can be done. Fortunately, in order to enter the day jail prison, Luo Ying hair straightening brush relaxed hair from the cold star sword that came to the condensate star Dan. Almost in the moment to feel the outbreak of Jianqi moment, Wu Chi will not hesitate to take a condensate star Dan. boom Moment, Wu Chi immediately felt that their whole people seem to have exploded in general. Horror of the star force suddenly burst in the body, as if in a moment more out of a hair straightening brush price in uae majestic star force, pushed himself to the peak of the stars in general, in order to force the battle against the outbreak of Jian Qi. Originally Wu pool that condensate star Dan is to help their own stable atmosphere, but do not want to instantly let themselves into a greater pain. Just an instant, the body will be more out of countless wounds, clothes hair straightener brush teal almost blood Qin Zhen, that look is simply miserable. However, no matter how bad it looks, but always have a soft power to protect the body of life stars. It is the most brush straightener ad precious place of condensate star Dan, no matter how led electric hair straightening brush many injuries, by what kind of impact, can protect the life of stars, as long as the life of unharmed, there.

mmunity so far. Eyes reveal a trace of complex color, night Shen Xing slowly said. In fact, at this moment, the night Shenxing even almost decided to die in the Wu pool. The birth of such a crazy idea, in the night Shenxing view, Wu Chi is already into the demons of the magic, and once he can not suppress the demons, really leap magic bridge, is Wu Chi died time The But since the magic has been breeding, he will be clear that he can not stop Wu Chi Although the situation owed Wu Chi, but he can not really die with Wu Chi. In this brush straightener ad way, promised to the situation still in Wu Chi those friends who have been the only thing he can do. Chapter 399 Select With the night Shenxing and Yang Xiuchuan s departure, the surrounding seems to be completely quiet down. Sit and sit, Wu Chi took out a altar of wine to shoot open, happy to drink a mouthful. These days of fatigue and hesitation, seems to have scattered with the wine a lot. Looking at the bridge outside a dark void, Wu Chi mind that feeling is more and more intense, this moment, Wu Chi difficult to judge the birth of this idea, is not the birth of the demons, like the original demons misleading Give up their own Kendo. Can Wu Chi is very clear, if not make a change, continue to follow them with Yang Xiuchuan, most of them die. Strength is somewhat poor, but it is precisely because of hair straightener brush olx this, only to Wu Chi looked more calm, thinking more. Like Wu Chi before asking them, the heart of the bridge is what kind of existence Step by step went to the prison community among the five, Wu Chi heart is clear, prison community will not appear real death, every test has its own intention. Wu Chi has more than once. face the demons, but also from the night Shenxing s mouth, to understand what is the real demons. In this way, come back to rethink the meaning of the existence of the magic bridge, you can come to another very different ideas. If only purely hardened heart to bear the test of the demons, then all encountered before it is already enough. From the insistence on Kendo, so that the heart of the moment, in fact, in this heart magic bridge, the demons caused by the threat, it has been much smaller. These days, three really face the danger, in fact, is simply.$k = 0;Kendo As early as Wu Chi is still very weak when the condensate of the Soul Calibur, terrible Soul Calibur also helped Wu Chi through the crisis again and again, until the soul of blood erosion, in the Ghost Valley in the complete understanding, realize the soul kendo. And the soul blending, such a Kendo, seems to have become part of the life of Wu Chi, and now want to dismantle out, it is tantamount to the destruction of the sword soul This makes Wu Chi how to dismantle In addition, life and death Kendo, also blocked the Wu Chi Through brush straightener ad life and death, and then in charge of life and death Life and death, in fact, to some extent, has also been free from the constraints of heaven and earth rules, such a road, repair is not easy, and brush straightener ad now want to dismantle, naturally more difficult. Wu Chi has made every effort to enlightenment, but the same effect is very little. Do not look at the distance from the ten thousand stone has only tens of seats only, but these two difficulties is not broken, is another thousand years, I am afraid it can not break the limit, breaking the ten thousand stone level So that enlightenment, is not any external force can help on the busy, even if those around the stone can not give Wu pool to bring a little help, only he really enlightened, in order to continue to enlightenment. Such a stop, it is a hundred years time And this hundred years, Wu Chi is even more than a stone can not see Wu. Sure enough, it has reached the limit Li Fernan looked at Wu Chi, looked a little complicated to say. To this time, he did not even know that in the end is the hope that Wu pool break good, or not break good. Breakthrough, means that he witnessed a legend enough to compare the legend of Yan Beichen born Do not break, you can make his mind a little balance, after all, Yan Beichen legend, in their hearts has long been beyond the existence of the witness to such a legend, for him the same obscure difficult to distinguish. A hundred years time, no inch into, which undoubtedly shows that Wu Chi has once again reached the limit. brush straightener ad Even if the difference between the dozens of stone sentiment, can hair straightening brush black natural hair be perceived, but almost can be said to be worlds apart. However, even if it is impossible to break thro.

Brush Straightener Ad followed by Hanshan or the dark star of the Lord, are absolutely more than hair straightening brush travel case a road with the Xi Jun should go to the black good, unless it is really a last resort, otherwise, Wu Chi how could down to Xi Jun should. Swear it, we at least in this dark prison within the community, temporarily together, never the first shot to each other. Silence for a moment, Wu pool finally spoke. A word, brush straightener for curly hair three people can not help but breathe a brush straightener ad sigh of relief As long as Wu Chi Ken talk, things are much easier to do. Before the time did not seem worthy of Wu Chi, so just want to force the use of Wu Chi, and now this war, Wu Chi has shown that terrible strength and effort, the status of both sides will naturally return to the equal position. Without any hesitation, including Ma Shijie and Wu brush straightener ad Chi, four people have issued a vengeful oath, Wu Chi this suddenly pushed Ma Shijie, if nothing had come to the side, that look innocent look, just like just what Have not done in general. Hastened to send the wounded, Chen fog has a look of concern to Ma Shijie s side. Ma Shijie s eyes some complex, silent a bit, but after all, or accept the Chen fog are immortality. This is what, but it is so excited Chen fog, he chased Ma Shijie for a long time, Ma Shijie has never said any, before I do not know how many things to send, but they have been rejected. Although now only accept some of the usual immortality, but for him, but it is already a small encouragement. Cold looked at the reaction of three, Wu Chi face quietly, but in fact, for the relationship between the three, but a little more understanding. Serving immortality, Ma Shijie did not stay too much, from the opening time is running out, go with it. Wounds of the blood brush straightener ad has long been stopped, brush straightener ad although it looks a little embarrassed, but in reality it is only some skin trauma only, and no effect. Ma Shijie look a little light, obviously this account in mind, this time even no chance, and in the future is always looking. for opportunities to retaliate back. It is no exaggeration to say that for so many years, Ma Shijie is the first time to eat such a big loss. Just that moment, was Wu pool to the cold blade against the neck, is her first time, now clearly feel the death of the a.ty in the perception of each person Broken void, and is directly from the prison in the triple soaring, which is far more difficult than in the outside, the hard too much. Had already returned to the prison community on the triple road Wu Chi, heart suddenly Yi Chan, stature suddenly accelerated into a Jianguang, tearing around the space, quickly toward the prison community rushed to the three. In fact, when the March period arrived, Wu Chi already know that Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing is bound to come, and settled Zhou Bo Yan them, they will return to the prison triple. Just, Wu Chi also did not think, Li Yunpeng s reaction will be so fast, directly in the first time to lock the two breath and location, cut off from. Until now at night, Shen Xing forced to break through, it is true for the Wu Chi pointed out the direction puff Emitting a blood, Yang Xiuchuan grip hand, and even have been a trace of trembling, but still die in the night before the stars in the stars, never step back The earliest, he and the night Shenxing although it can be considered hostile relationship, with the passage of time, this relationship has long been silent has changed. Moreover, as the night Shen Xing owed Wu Chi, he also is not owed Wu Chi Now even with the fight, it is best hair brush straightener for thick hair bound to support Wu pool came At the moment the tragedy brush straightener ad has fallen, only to help the night Shen Xing Li Yunpeng to stop the attack, in order to Shen Shen or Wu Chi for some time. Just before he and the night Shenxing two together, even the enemy, but Li Yunpeng, now only one of his people, even more difficult. This is only a stick of incense time, Yang Xiuchuan almost already brush straightener ad exhausted the full strength, it seems that at any time may fall. As for the prison in the triple of the other people, although a. lso see this scene, but it is not even the qualifications to intervene. His face is still cold, but in fact, Li Yunpeng s mind is also full of struggle. To his strength, if really desperate shot, with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strength, how can support such a long time The reason why the delay no less than the killer, because before, Wu Chi said to him, always echoed in my mind, lingering He can guess Yang Xiuchuan their two co.

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