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Brush Straightener Asda the first to the crime. But this is brush straightener headkandy no way things, Wu Chi identity, after all, in the ratio of performance, related to the distribution of resources Jianfeng. Of course, to Luo Ying Wu Chi s attitude, even if the Wu Chi in the big fool, will not be deprived of the identity of the disciples, but if Wu Chi really lost in the core disciples of the challenge, is bound to affect the sword peak Acquired resource allocation. For Jianfeng s disciples, this is the most vital interests. Wu Chi is no annoying, after all, only from the brush straightener asda words to see, I brush straightener asda am afraid it is difficult to have any people will be optimistic about his strength. Just heard Yao Long words, Wu Chi is some puzzled Is not it true that the disciples can not refuse the challenge of each other This is the words of the cloud said, Wu Chi naturally remember. Challenge naturally can not be rejected, but it can be postponed. Nodded his head, Yao Long immediately explained If someone to challenge Wu brothers, Wu brothers can ask him to me first, if win, naturally can Continue brush straightener asda to challenge, if lost, they will naturally lose the qualification of the challenge. Hear this, Wu Chi finally understand this come over. If the other side is defeated, is it that you challenge me Wu Chi is not stupid, a little thought to understand the reason, that is to let himself push to him, but also is polite look, in fact, no matter how their own decision, Yao Long can take things over. The reason is that he is also the same to challenge themselves. This way, it is equivalent to Yao Long will be all the trouble to pick up the past. From this sentence, Wu Chi is also able to feel the arrogance of Yao Long who is almost equal to that in the core disciples, he is better tha. n everyone else ah. Wu brothers assured, to do so, just to block those misconduct outsiders only, hair straightener brush dryer after I win, naturally not with the hands of Wu brothers. Yao Long once again explained. Help Wu pool to block all the challenges, and then in the face of Wu Chi, and then throw in the towel, which is naturally the best way. However, this way, will naturally fall the population is real, ridicule Wu Chi even the core disciples are afraid to accept the challenge. A turn to read, Wu Chi will understand the.interrupt the Wu Chi s shrink into the inch. This time the test, he did not want to beat Wu Chi, but to take the opportunity to beheaded Wu Chi. This way, we must be careful Wu pool to shrink into the inch into the sword sword down, this is the biggest problem lies. Seems to see the mind of Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng calmly said shrink into the inch is strong, but it is not without solution, not to mention, he is still only a little fur, it is not difficult. Between the words, Ji Yifeng removed from the sleeves of something, into the front of Bai Rong. Tomorrow morning, that is, you and Wu Chi s test, do not need any temptation this time, only success, not allowed to fail Eyes fell on a season out of the things, Bai Rong pupil suddenly a shrink, followed by heavy nodded his head. If you say that before he only four or five points to grasp the words, then now have this thing, almost already have a full grasp Do not you Followed by back to the Dong Fu, the cloud softly asked. Today, Wu Chi three war three defeated news, she naturally very clear, although already guessed the results, but after all, or some sad. Especially see Wu Chi now mood seems not high, it is some worry. Wu Chi such a genius, the failure is a very strong confidence, once the psychological problems, the impact may be too big. Raised his head, Wu Chi looked at the cloud shook his head and said Nothing, but some overestimate their own. In the Wu Chi next to sit down, cloud softly comforted You only started a hundred years only, this time lost to them nothing, Han Sister is not also said Mody, if you have the strength of broken stars, she is not you opponent. The problem is, I do not have the strength of broken stars. Spread out the hand, Wu brush straightener asda Chi said with a chuckle. See Wu Chi also mind joke, cloud rest assured when a lot, as long as Wu Chi confidence did not receive the impact of a moment of gains and losses is nothing. You win today Let go of the mind, Wu Chi can not help but asked. Today, he is. always thinking about the way to deal with the strong stars, but did not pay attention to the results of other people. Okay, I also played three games, two wins and one defeat. Yunhe casually said. Gee, powerful ah, if so play down, very prom.

ds of the sword win, you just talk about reason Hey Jianzong disciples, the hands of the sword, is the truth. Xu Ziyan readily pulled out the hands of the sword, coldly pointed to Wu Chi, I ask again, this Dong Fu, Wu brothers, for not change The hands of the sword is the truth, this is very like Wu brush straightener asda Chi, so naturally that these words are very reasonable. Xu Shidi, is not just hit you, you have to do hair straightening brush professional what I have to do A look of angrily waiting Xu Zi an, Wu Chi angrily brush straightener asda said Today you let me with you for the House, let me tomorrow Give you guarding Dong Fu, do not I have to do it femjolie hair straightening brush review Haha, the original martial arts is to want to give you to the senior management of the teacher This is how to start However, if Wu brothers adhere to the words, Young is not a good reason to quit. Originally made up his mind to humiliate Wu Chi, and now see Wu Chi seems more than imagined also pedantic bullying, naturally is unscrupulous. So to say, as long as you can win, how to say it makes sense Lengheng a cry, Xu Zi an has no interest with Wu Chi around the bend, Wu brothers if not satisfied, do not kill the sword after the king came back to complain just fine. This way, Wu Chi no matter where to go, he does not care. Wu Chi is a true disciple, in the enjoyment of these treatment at the same time, naturally have the appropriate strength, if lost to the core disciples, wherever they go, are also straight up hair straightening brush Wu Chi this disciples lost face. I did not have to. Mouth floating a trace of a bright smile, Wu Chi nodded slightly I said, I am the most brush straightener asda reasonable reason Xu Shidi said, the hands of the sword is the truth, I like this Well, let s talk about it. Between the words, wrist slightly doubled, Cheng Jian sword suddenly start, a moment, a horror of the sword suddenly burst from the Wu Chi s body, thinking Xu Zi an rolling away. Just to Wanjianzong, Wu Chi was originally a low key for some time, but since the cheap Master respect, digging, these people inexplicable jump out of their own when the soft persimmon pinch, it would be embarrassed. Since you take the initiative to face all over, do not play more embarrassed. Qinglian bloom, that horror of the sword, and instantly Xu Zi an also shocked. Bef. ore coming, he guessed, from, it was found, as if nothing wanted to ask. Before a stomach problem, apalus brush hair straightener but can not find Luo Ying s people, separated by so many days, Wu Chi mind also calm down early, and then no special want to ask the. Thought, Wu Chi this shook his head, my disciples did not want to ask. Hear this answer, Luo Ying can not help but brush straightener asda slightly surprised. There was a smile and said, Yeah, since you have nothing to ask, then I ll ask you. Days of jail prison, there may be harvest An opening to mention days jail prison, no doubt also proved that Luo Ying s attention. Nodded slightly, Wu Chi replied lucky understanding of the supernatural powers which, superstar Shishu said that a supernatural powers, it seems that the million swords owned Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, although the vaguely had a trace of speculation before, but now hear Wu Chi confirmed, Luo Ying or some surprise. Well, that s it, it s a lot bigger. Wanjian a strong, Luo Ying than anyone else is clear, although in fact, even Luo Ying himself will not this supernatural powers. Wry smile, Wu Chi shook his head to the strength of the brush straightener asda disciples now, I am afraid it can not display this supernatural powers to. Had the battle with Bai Rong dead time, in fact, Wu Chi had moved the idea, want to display this trick, unfortunately, after all, still not sure, this gave up. Wu Chi to understand this type of supernatural powers can be but also vaguely feel, let alone now, even into the broken star, I am afraid it may not be able to display out. In this way, it touches on the taste of some of the taste of the plum. Put a waved, Luo Ying said That is not important You have heard before, this time to follow the ancestors closed the door, is related to you can not get into the immortal palace of the qualifications Although ten years shorter time, but , I am very confident of you.When you wait into the fairy house, this type of supernatural powers, will really become your killer. Compared to the test when the immortal palace, Zongmen than simply like a child play, simply not worth mentioning. Master respect, you are too confident, right Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly Ten years, I have nothing to grasp. This is not too self deprecating, in fact, only re.mental outcome is divided. This is nothing in itself, nothing more than deliberately weak, want to continue to challenge Bale. Can really let Wu Chi surprised that he was able hair straightening brush from walmart to feel from the woman s body a vague brush straightener asda sense of familiarity, as if seen where the same, but Wu Chi no matter how memories, but also can not remember, where in what met This woman. If for other people, is bound to think that they are wrong. Can Wu Chi is very trust in their own judgments, simply do not appear wrong people wrong This is not a subjective judgment, but the perception of the soul, you know, Wu Chi s spirit itself is very strong, far from the realm of people can be compared. For a time, the hearts can not help but give birth to a trace of vigilant meaning. So a moment of time, that middle aged Han constantly under the fast break, finally exposed the flaws, a careless by the other side to seize the opportunity to make a foot Qiaoqie, gently Qiaoqiao was stumbled the ring. Commitment Slightly bowed to salute, the woman said softly, it seems very embarrassed look. Oh shit Fell down the middle aged Han could not help but curse the sentence, raised his hand to a slap in the face, his face is extremely ugly. Just a negligence, even lost ten thousand star stone, which also lost too easy. brush straightener asda The most critical is that he lost is not convinced Now come down to Taiwan, he suddenly realized that he just want to see that woman, could not help but want to stay, there is no real strength to play out. This woman, it is some scary ah Chapter 531 will be counted Is that big brother willing to bet with the little girl Eyes slowly swept from the crowd, the woman said softly, the sound reveals a sub Mei Mei, listen to people heart itch. But this bet is also too much of a point, just one hundred thousand star stone, and now another doubled, impressively will be two hundred thousand star stone, and a woman only, even if how beautiful heart, to take two hundred thousand star stone Out gambling, too exaggerated. For a long time no one to fight, that wom. an turned slightly turn, immediately fell to the body hair straightening brush citra of Wu Chi, the son, you are willing to try it So that even when there are a lot of people will fall to the eyes of Wu Chi s body. Do n.

Brush Straightener Asda e moment have been dead. When the other disciples escaped, the whole person almost almost collapsed, although in fact only a moment o. f time, but for them, but it is undoubtedly has been in the ghost apalus brush hair straightener india of the door before the turn of the circle. They are almost witnessed all this, the hearts of the kind of impact, it is difficult to use words to describe. After the rest of his life, it is almost the only way to barely describe the words. Compared to other people, Luo Ying s heart is tightened up, Xi Jun should, this is our thing, let go of my disciples. Now Wu Chi is still next to Jun Jun, and even guide the brush straightener asda hearts of the stars of the power, and constantly open Xinghai. Before the sword Zu let Wu Chi guide the power of the stars after the re refining, is forced, for Xi Jun should be forced to interrupt the hearts of stars and Wu Chi s link is not difficult. Things to this step, as long as he forced to take away the hearts of stars refining, it has been considered a victory. For Xi Jun should be, so Wu Chi more support for a while, although he refining the stars of the heart also have some help, but it is not a must. Wu Chi can be, even if the multi support interest, are likely to be fatal threat. Sword ancestors fled into the stars, Xiushui Jianjun defection, the three major doors of the military pressure, and now the million sword cases can be said that the trend has gone, there is no hope of the comeback. For Luo Ying, even if they do not want to go down, you can also get out of this opportunity, in the Jun Jun should not be shot to stop the case, the other people simply stopped him. But even so, Luo Ying still did not leave, but still concerned about the life and death of Wu Chi. Compared to the sword of others to ignore the lives of others, cold escape, Luo Ying for disciples such feelings, enough to make any person moved. Brow slightly on the pick, Xi Jun should be the hearts of a move, a faint opening to guide the power of the stars of the heart, so long, it is also called Tianjiao, he is your disciples Tianjun, this child named Wu Chi, Luo Ying is the only true disciples. Ranging from Luo Ying open, Xiushui Jianjun will be the first to answer. Nodded slightly, Xi Jun should take it of the fun of the song, then explained After a hundred years, is the case, especially for the true disciples, the big ranking is extremely important. You just started to be known as Tianjiao , It is killing the sword army for the pro disciples, will naturally lead to jealousy. Paused, Yun He continued Moreover, there are rumors that the sword Zou intends to choose among the four Jianjun one of the palm to teach Jianjun among the kill Jianjun this is the strongest and now Received you so a disciple Having said that, Yunhe did not go on to say, but the meaning is already clearly expressed it. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi this finally understand the over. Feelings, or their own this cheap teacher to provoke the trouble ah. Just a turn between the mind, Wu Chi thought, Luo Ying left, Xu himself a hundred years of freedom, the hearts can not help but a warm. No matter how outsiders guess Luo Ying s intentions, but Wu Chi is very clear, Luo Ying himself as a disciple, and compete for palm education, should not have anything to do. Chapter 476 Mangshan Murder It seems to have given you a short time. Silence for a moment, Wu brush straightener commercial Chi face showing a touch of smile, shrugged and said leisurely. You really want to go Clouds staring at. Wu Chi, once again said They are for you, you go, maybe not only can not help others, but will put himself into death. You have said so exaggerated. Do not care shook his head, Wu Chi casually said You do not brush straightener asda say, Mangshan demon king and the devil have been beheaded beheaded it Now even if some of the remaining , But also a small role only. Little role Snappily grunted, Yun He ridiculed You know, every year the number of disciples died in the Mang Mountain Just the core disciples, died every year there are hundreds of Mangshan, which one And even no lack of strength is still my talent on top of the brothers I finally easy to convince myself, so you frighten me, really good Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly. Do not be afraid to know. Wu Chi put a waved, casually said Besides, I want to really die in Mangshan, would not be right for your mind Well. I do not want to really die, Hearing this, the cloud can not help but some annoying, What are you nonsense How often do I miss y.

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