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Brush Straightener Babyliss night Shen Xing Yang Xiuchuan said, are hard to believe, but from the mouth of Wu Chi said, but more credible. After all, just in, Wu Chi, respectively, saved Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing two lives. This love, the pride of the two will naturally remember in mind. it is good Silence for a moment, Yang Xiuchuan Shen sound replied No matter what the results, at brush straightener babyliss least in the prison within the five, we watch help. With you, I said, I owe you twice. Raised his head, night Shenxing indifferent said, can be considered the default Wu Chi s words. After all, no one knows, in the future will not encounter any accident again into the demons, if the next time there is no perception to the heart of the bridge, hair straightening brush bed bath beyond someone can reach out to help, naturally will be more of a life. As for the credibility of this statement. Here is the heart of the bridge, as long as promised down, they do not go back to the room, otherwise it will inevitably lead to demons, the results may not be much better than my life vow How much do you know about the five in prison Reached a temporary cooperation, three people carefully continue to move forward, Wu Chi could not help but asked. You can break into the prison community five people themselves is very small, how can there be so many records left Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan replied The only thing I can know is the prison area five extremely dangerous, through the chance Is slim. These words can not help but let the hearts of Wu Chi suddenly a move. Though it was very dangerous, but it did not seem to be so terrible to the point of despair brush straightener does it work After entering the prison area after five, demons burst out, indeed the three will be dragged into a great danger, can break the prison community itself is one of the most dangerous thing To be terrible, now I am afraid that may not be even more than the prison world terrible, right Three are the mind of the generation, when it comes to this, but it can not help but at the same time. Yes, but now dangerous, but still within the scope of acceptable, as long as the heart can not afford distractions, three watch help, walk through the heart of the bridge should be a great grasp of the right. That so. many talented into the prison community five.or later encountered and no difference. Once again set foot on the Jianfeng, Wu Chi quickly saw his first opponent. See the other side, Wu Chi can not help but smile up, I do not know is that their luck is good, or bad. The other name is Han Shuang, is a woman and still very beautiful woman, whether it is appearance or reputation, are absolutely not lost with the cloud, can play with such beauty, naturally is a feast for the eyes. However, Wu Chi has been learned through the cloud, the woman s strength is strong, although perhaps not as good as Jianjun pro disciples, but in other pro disciples are definitely the top people. Far to see the Han Shuang, Wu Chi from the other side of the body feel a trace of cold, people as its name, frosty Qiao Lian comple. tely do not see any smile, it seems that the whole body are clearly engraved with four characters Do not near life Han Sister Slightly bowed, Wu Chi led the first ritual. Eyes fell on the body of Wu Chi, Han Shuang even did not answer, but a little faint point, be a return ceremony. Clever is a rejection of thousands of miles away from the posture. Touched the nose, see the other did not Dali own meaning, Wu Chi is also good to go to touch the mold, the more honest on the fighting sword Taiwan. Eight groups of the test is separate, at the same time, so although this is the first, many disciples still need to choose from a field of view. Lucky or unfortunately, the choice to see this a test of people, turned out to be the most one. Which there is Wu Chi inside yesterday, a war of four amazing, can be more disciples, in fact, or look at the ice cream beauty of the ice cream. Just to Han Shuang s temper, and will not care about them is it. Do not look Wuchi yesterday to win the beautiful, but in fact, or how many people think Wu Chi can win. A big realm of the gap, it is insurmountable, and the strength of the Han cream itself is extremely strong, how to see, it seems that Wu Chi has no hair straightener brush bed bath and beyond chance to win the slightest. The test has not yet begun, it is almost one side to the cry of the cry to Han cream, so that Wu Chi is more and more embarrassed a bit. Secretly turned his eyes, someone disdain in the hearts of despise superficial, you these superfic.

ly time, Bai Rong is the most worship of the clouds of the brothers, in the door of those disciples of the mouth, Bai Rong is always the most perfect brothers, no matter what trouble, only to the white dragon head, He seems to have never refused. Even now, obviously Wu Chi Hang into the danger, had hair straightening brush on 4c hair to ask for help, not the same regardless of the safety of looking for Wu Chi In contrast, it seems that brush straightener babyliss people should be the most admirable it Seems to have not perceived the eyes of the cloud load, but also did not put the words of Chen He heart, Bai Rong helplessly shook his head, Well, do not say that these useless, and we continue to find, the strength of Wu Yidi Too weak, even deliberately avoided, sooner or later will always be we catch up As Bai Rong said, the strength of the gap placed in that, even if the Wu Chi has exhausted all the way, after more than a day in the hide, after all, they are still catch up with Bai Rong. What time do you want to hide Far to see Wu Chi, Bai Rong will be some angry, could brush straightener babyliss not help but snapped snapped Road. Footsteps slightly delayed, Wu Chi had to stop the footsteps, to this point, he naturally clear, avoid is not open. Heart flashed brush straightener babyliss countless thoughts, a moment, Wu Chi heart has been a decision, until the time to come back, his face has brought a trace brush straightener babyliss of stubborn color. What is where I go to my own thing and what do you have to do with you Nonsense Eyes are even more angry, Bai Rong cold snapped You are the disciples, is Luo Shishu only disciple, is my white wing of the Young, how can we have nothing to brush straightener babyliss do with us Obviously Wu Ch. i was asked this sentence, but still still stubborn do not face to face, and did not speak. Bai Rong s face to ease a bit, went on to say Whether it is me, or with the cloud of the Shimei, are very worried about you, do not nonsense, even to be angry, at least have to return to the door, safe down to say. The eyes of the light sweep a cloud load, Wu Chi still did not speak. Brother Wu, before I was too impulsive, sorry See Wu Chi Wang to their own, Yun He said softly. Yes ah, Wu brothers, that up, our lives, before you are still you save it You and the cloud of the Sister also just a little misunderstanding only, why so pique Big.e matter, with what you are what Dare to block me Om Do not hesitate to talk with him nonsense, the moment, dozens of Feijian at the same time flying, breathing, already cloth under the sword array, panic sword Wei rolling down, almost suffocating. Old lady who has not died, who would bully my granddaughter Almost at the same time, a touch of purple suddenly out of the sky, the peak of the road under the breath of rolling down, from the block to the front of Lin Qiuyu. Purple magic master The crowd is surprised Compared to Mo Yan, Zihua devil s fame is even more, almost has been regarded as the prison community among the three well known master, and even rumors that if the Purple Magic is willing to have the qualifications for the Do. ng Fu. Amitabha Purple magic master fell at the same time, mysterious brush straightener cost master also has arrived. The old monk had been Wuju brush straightener babyliss Shi Fu, today reason to come, Lin Shizhu want to hands, need to be better than the old monk Caixing Brow can not help but burst of jumping, Lin Qiuyu also did not expect the mysterious master and purple magic master even at the same time come forward. Su Wan itself is not the weak, and now coupled with these people, even if he has not won the grasp. The idea of a move, Lin Qiuyu suddenly said You, but they just want to take the opportunity to compete for this one Dongfu Let us join hands, just by their few people, the same can not stop us. Coveted this one Dongfu bestope hair straightener brush people, may be a few, now gathered here people, who do not want to share a cup of soup Lin autumn rain to take the lead, indeed hair straightener brush thick hair wins great Even if there are purple magic master they block, it may not have a war of power, so that a lot of people suddenly move. How much more is it than we are A burst of condemning then sounded, but also more than ten individuals strode to the Dong brush straightener babyliss Fu before. What are you, and dare to bully the head Magic man Had to follow Wu Chi to the black prison community itself is the magic of the most outstanding genius, these people are one by one from the body of the blood of the sea to break out, which one is not afraid of people Experienced with the immortal soul that war, Wu Chi in the small world of prestige has reached its peak, with these people into the dar.through the prison for five strong, many people do not have a too clear concept, just because Yang Xiuchuan strong, only played Wu Chi powerful Can Han Shan people to different Han Shan can be said to always overtook all the family and the forces above, detached things outside, Han Shan Shang is the hearts of all invincible presence, Wu Chi dare to boast to find Han Shan Shang to discuss a fair, it is incredible. Of course, in fact, they do not know, Wu Chi this goods actually do not know what people Hanshan Shangren Wu Chi From the kind of shock in the breath of breath, Jiang Zhengyang staring at Wu Chi said I admit that this is my fault, but has nothing to do with the Chiang family See in the past feelings, I beg you only kill me One person, let Jiang home Things have been so far, Jiang Zhengyang naturally understand what the return of Wu Chi, holding the last trace of fantasy opening Road. If you remember the slightest past feelings, will let others compete for Su Wan their Dongfu it If you remember the slightest past the past Sentiment, will know my relationship with Su Wan, but also forced him to marry with others Have you just said anything, do not you have forgotten Yang Xiuchuan arrived at that time, once blocked once, in the face of Yang Xiuchuan s answer, what is Chiang Zhengyang said Yes, the old lady and Wu Chi did have a bit of friendship, but it is only the prison community among the three special circumstances, mutual use only And I have nothing to do with Chiang, Keqing word, but also talk about on. Every word, seems to have vividly, how can people forget For cocoon At this moment, Jiang Zhengyang really understand what is called cocoon. puff Bleeding, Jiang Zhengyang un. der the anger, the deadline is approaching, and now the body s life is completely collapsed, and instantly fell to the ground. Looked coldly looked at Chiang Zhengyang, Su Wan Shen Sheng said Jiang Zhengyang, you remember what I told you When I was in the Soviet Union, I had told you that you had a lifetime of regret for what you had done. I said Today, if I die, is bound to let you out of Chiang Wu pool may not be hard to heart, but I was just a little woman, and women, are vengeful This word will be the same.

Brush Straightener Babyliss rt suddenly Yi Chan, can not help but suddenly closed his eyes. Just now, he was even ready to move out of the quarter, but Qiu Mei s death, but let him completely absolutely the idea. Hatred three is not alone, he is also no pull no hanging The other party can kill Qiu Mei, how can not kill him around the people This is a dead end, from brush straightener for natural hair his greedy because of the moment, it has been doomed to this outcome. puff Spit out, Chen Yang is suddenly blew the life of the star, between the twinkling of an eye, it has been absolutely gas Chapter 493 Luoying Guizong Chen Yang s death some people caught off guard, even Wu Chi and Choujun youngest did not think, Chen Yang will choose so decisive way to end all this. For a brush straightener babyliss moment, the field was silent. Made such a big movement, and even the three Jianjun all alerted, is bound to someone to pay the price, and Chen Yang is the use of his life as a price, cut off all disputes. People are dead, but also how to check down Sighed a cry, Xiushui Jianjun softly said Bale, this matter is my last thought, will Wu pool back to Dongfu it. Xiushui Jianjun although not clear, but the meaning is already very clear. In the war prison so much trouble to come, and even almost so that Wu Chi died in it, is not he let hair straightener brush for kids Wu Chi people jail s intention, and that s the case, then this jail do not stay worth mentioning, taking advantage of today s t. hing, Free of charge of Wu Chi jail prison is also a penalty. Slow Brow a slight pick, cold star Jianjun faint said Xiushui brothers, Wu Chi into the jailbreak this is punished, but now there are accidents, but it can not be waste, otherwise, let other disciples how convinced Cold face cold heart, cold star sword Jun in charge of punishment, temper is so, even the face of Xiushui Jianjun also will not change their attitude. Slightly a lag, Xiushui brush straightener babyliss Jianjun turned around, calmly said Cold Star Young think how Since the set of Wu Chi hundred years jail prison, then the implementation of the end, Chen Yang is dead, Wu Chi naturally back to the jail prison continue to be punished. Cold Star Jianjun calmly. Said As for today s things, I will naturally continue to check down, no matter what people involved, all strict. Hear this, Wu Chi brush straightener babyliss mouth c.ase based, homeopathic with their spirit also detonated together to become a real soul burst, to complete the jiangjun should be lore This is the Han Shan Master s all plans. Click Chill erosion, just to freeze everything up, but with the passage of time, chill finally began to subside. After all, there is only an incarnation of Han Shan Shang, he has to fight only just detonated Wu Chi soul time only, now Wu Chi has been ordered in an instant, chill control will naturally weaken a lot. However, that is, by this opportunity, Li Yunpeng finally found a shot of the opportunity. In this brush straightener babyliss case, only he is not affected by the people, and now is the only possible to stop the people on the mountain. Such as ink knife, brazenly toward the Hanshan Master killed in the past. Eyes reveal a trace of indifferent color, Hanshan disdain said With you a person, do you think you are eligible to threaten me Even if only an incarnation, Han Shan Shang s strength, it is not comparable to Li Yunpeng, perhaps may not kill Li Yunpeng, but brush straightener babyliss Li Yunpeng want to cut off this incarnation, there is no doubt that the slightest possible. Moreover, Han Shan people do not have to kill him, as long as the fall to Wu Chi fall, causing the soul burst is enough. Li Yunpeng alone, in any case can not stop him. Today, Han Shan is almost full of win in the grip, up to the time of interest, but all this will end, that time, he is the only winner. However, in this moment, the two breath suddenly came out from the outside. A strong life and death rhyme pavement and hair straightening brush at walgreens to This sudden change, suddenly stunned all the people, no one thought, this time, even someone will break into. A death sickle, brazenly open all. obstacles, black and white two gas flow, abruptly broke into them, appeared in the sight of all. Night star The next moment, followed by the stars in the evening after the stars, Yang Xiuchuan figure also appeared in the crowd within the line of sight. Eyes flow, a moment, the night Shenxing s eyes will fall to the Wu Chi s body. Aware of the exception of Wu Chi, night Shenxing stature slightly flash, even when it fell to the Wu Chi s side, wrist doubled, a strong vitality will then be injected into the Wu Chi s body. stop Eyes reve.

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