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Brush Straightener Black Hair ance, you will never win me. Cold eyes looked at Wu Chi, black mirror again ridiculed Road. It s always so threatening that you do not bother me, or you can kill me, he said. What is the meaning of my existence, is to guid. e you on the right path, break the self, rather than kill you, so simple reason, do not you now do not understand it Black mirror slowly said If I am determined Kill you, do you think that by your strength, really live to the present This is the truth, not to mention the beginning of the direct display of such terrible strength, even now is, if you want, the other can also kill themselves at any time. Want to avoid the key, but also hurt themselves so many times, which is more difficult than to kill themselves more. I am your mirror, in other words, I am you, are you afraid that you will harm yourself This is also very reasonable. Good end, naturally no one will hurt themselves, so in the process of challenging the mirror, although seemingly dangerous, but in fact it is often troubled. Looked at the black mirror, Wu Chi silent for a long time, but after all, could not help but laugh out loud. You re justified, and I m almost alone. Almost What is the difference Black mirror looked puzzled Wu pool, so he explained. Where is this place This is the prison community five ah, full of death crisis, why, you will tell me, in fact, face the challenges of the mirror, in fact, no danger Wu Chi shrugged, softly Said. In fact, just before, Wu Chi heart even had a trace of shaking. Instead, it is in the black mirror to ask yourself, do they will harm their own time, suddenly touched the mind of Wu Chi, but also let him suddenly straightening hair brush paris glam woke up over. There is no safe test of the five in the prison world, then the black mirror looks like this does not seem to cause any threat to the attitude, it must be false, hair straightening brush facebook and even means that he is in a more dangerous Situation. Once the mind cut into this angle, then everything becomes much simpler. At least, you have no peace of mind you are me, this is true, but you may not not harm me, he said, , Because you are not a hair straightening brush japan mirror, but my demons This sentence exports of the moment, Wu Chi s mind a Qingming, has been completely awake over. Demons Yes, before leav.o nothing. Three people fighting each other, is an internal thing, now face him this outsider, the position is surprisingly consistent. Who did not take care hair straightener brush gold of Wu Chi, silent, Ma Shi Jie s ribbon, Liu Changtong fist, also locked the Wu Chi s air machine, made sure to be three to one. Chapter 449 Limit Counter Perfect Kendo is terrible, but the three are also the same Tianjiao, if it is easy to be scared off is not a joke. Although repair is suppressed, the face of Wu Chi, and brush straightener black hair no advantage, but under the three together, but also have enough to grasp the suppression of Wu Chi. As for the Wu Chi want to singled out, it is naturally do not even think about it. If in the upper bound, perhaps they do not mind with Wu Chi singled out, but in this repair is suppressed, the single to single hair straightening brush reviews challenge to the perfect Kendo opponents, it is not their own death Wind Chen fog are the first out of the arrow, opened the prelude to this war. When the truth is not clear when the fist is the truth. Like just when the face of Li Yunpeng, the three together, there is enough confidence to win the victory. Arrow off the string, fast if thunder. Even if it is the strength of Wu Chi, this moment also clearly felt a trace brush straightener black hair of a sense of crisis. boom Almost at straightening hair brush duel voltage the same time Liu Changtong fist has also smashed over, vaguely and that arrows echo the trend, sealed Wu Chi all dodge the line. Breathe between the sword field suddenly started. The face of the three upper bound Tianjiao siege, Wu brush straightener black hair Chi also did not dare to have the slightest effect, just a hands, they directly use the supernatural powers. God s prejudgment In this case, if the brutal hard to each other s attack, is bound to be dragged, Wu Chi is clear that the upper bound of heavenly background, even if they are the perfect Kendo Road, nor qualified to despise each other. Om Breathing between the shadow of the sword light out of the point, very accurate stabbed to Liu Changtong fist on top. Just this sword, but not to fight with each other s fist, but to Qiaojin leveraging. Jianfeng point to Liu Changtong fist, slightly a song, Wu Chi the whole person as a bird like homeopathic inverted fly out, although only a tiny action, but it happens to avoid the Chen fog tha.

is itself is brush straightener in south africa the original accumulation, so in order to be so understatement. But fell to Li Yunpeng and middle brush straightener black hair aged eyes, the hearts of it is early horror speechless. Just stepped out of the prison community six heavy, can understand the supernatural powers are only one only Before, Wu Chi broke the illusion of the time, the sword broken method of supernatural powers, it has been cast out, able to break open middle aged sword illusion, such a means called terror This Wu Chi, it has been very shocking. At this moment, Wu Chi seems to be a moment, to realize the second supernatural powers, how can people be not terrible Li Yunpeng had also claimed that genius, but was middle school cheated after the door, but also spent a total of more than ten years time, only to control the second supernatural powers, which is also the result of the direct transfer of middle aged. If by his own understanding, want to truly brush straightener black hair realize the supernatural powers, do not know how long it takes to spend it. However, Wu Chi Ming Ming just six from the prison community to leave, how long before this time, even again insight, realize the second supernatural powers, how is this possible Although do not want to believe, best hair straightening brush ceramic but in fact on the front, if not supernatural powers, how could it hold the terrible figure The most frightening is that this has just been realized by Wu Chuan supernatural powers, even so terrible Even enough to suppress the shadow of the top of the supernatural powers. evildoer This moment, even middle aged, the heart can not help trembling Such a Wu Chi, but also let his heart more crazy a bit, as long as it can make Wu pool with him, he divorced from this dark prison bound to grasp a little more. However, the most important now, or. first win Wu Chi If you say, before let Li Yunpeng won Wu Chi, he is also full of confidence, then, now, this confidence has undoubtedly gone. Really so lay down, I am afraid the outcome is hard to say. Eyes reveal a touch of Li color, middle aged suddenly bite the tongue, a blood spray out. This blood, and instantly into a blood arrows, as if completely ignored the space barrier, did not wait Wu pool reaction over, it has fallen on the wrist of Wu Chi sword on the wrist. Chap.the power of Luo Ying. When Wu Chi really encounter a fatal threat, the power of the token will be excited out. Mangshan, Wu Chi are not forced to this step, but now in the jail prison, but it brush straightener black hair has inspired the power of the sword. Torn world Even this jail prison ban, but also could not brush straightener black hair stop this horrible sword. Kill Jianjun Luo Ying, as the four swords of the first sword of the king, specifically for the Wu Chi left the power of the sword, and even enough to beheaded demon king However, the more terrible, but not the sword, but the sword behind the will. Once the real disciples of the token in the sword was inspired, is to tell ev. eryone, this is his kill Jianjun Luo Ying s disciples, even if the other side can block the sword, it must be thinking about, if the continued to Wu Chi Shot, can withstand the monstrous anger of Luo Ying. For a moment, three figure at the same time in the jailbreak In the door of the door, to stimulate the Luo Ying this horrible sword, so that they can not be aware of how In fact, in this sword to stimulate the moment, Chen Changde s face has completely lost the bloody, the whole people are ignorant, and my heart full of panic and fear. Just a glance, Xiushui Jianjun s eyes will reveal the terror of the murderous machine. However, the first person to attack, but still not Xiushui Jianjun, but cold star Jianjun. Jail prison itself is his control, and now in the jail prison, made such a scene, but it is to make his face already cold as frost. Chen Yang, give me an explanation Cold face cold heart, for all Wanjianzong disciples, the most afraid of the people must be the cold star Jianjun. Suddenly, the beans sweat suddenly from Chen Chang s forehead above the low, to this point, even if it is useless, he must die to go. Instantly kneel down, Chen Changbao bite the bullet and replied Wu Chi was sentenced to jail prison, but I do not know the reflection, but with people After I scolded, not only not afraid, but relied on the identity of the disciples, Prison disciples, regardless of blocking the forced out of the jailbreak Chen Yang is responsible for guarding jail prison, where the responsibility, had to stop. Cold star Jianjun brow slightly jump, suddenly looked to Wu.same with the accomplice, and now can rely on, and only the identity of this one Su Wan elders. But who knows this evil is what mind ah, this worship also worship his heart tremble. Couple to worship Turned around, Wu Chi and Su Wan as a smile, bend and then worship This three worship, is really set the name of the couple Is also clear to tell the young people in the world of small, Su Wan has really become Wu Chi s wife. Li finished the moment, Wu Chi s face suddenly a smile, cold eyes fell to the first song of the body. Just a glance, to brush straightener black hair scare the Song Tian Que pale, hastened to withdraw from the two steps, I do not matter, Wu Wu Gongzi, and I really do not matter, ah, I was Yang Xiuchuan instructed. Life and death under the threat of Song Tianque did not want to directly put Yang Xiuchuan to sell. All kinds of slightly dengkou brush straightener black hair soon, Yang Xiuchuan simply can not wait for a kick to death this fool. Oh Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi slowly fell to the eyes of the body of Yang Xiuchuan. Heart cursed a sentence. Yang Xiuchuan set the spirit, this opening said fool, I let you pretend to be fascinated by Su girl, when you really married with the Su girl This sentence opening, the impact caused by the same sensational. Before all that Song Tian Que Su Yu is a love at first sight, this came up with such a wedding, but who can wait to wait, all this is even Yang Xiuchuan inspiration Moment, Jiang Zhengyang finally react thoroughly, the eyes flashed a touch of horror of the color, lost voice Yang Xiuchuan, is you count me The eyes reveal a touch of indifferent color, Yang Xiuchuan coldly said Yes, I calculate how you do I can not always put the knife in your neck, forced you to force the Soviet Union I did not let you suppress the Soviet Union girl , Forced her to marry someone else This time so that Chiang Zhengyang suddenly lost his voice, yes, Yang Xiuchuan is calculated his, but it is only released a misleading news only, really make the decision, still still him, this is an indisputable fact. You are you are far to do, you already know Wu Chi is not dead right Jiang Zhengyang pale pale question asked. I am just not sure Wu Chi is not dead In fact, I did not think Wu Chi will appear in today, otherw.

Brush Straightener Black Hair ly ten thousand times. This nearly ten thousand times of death, but also to Wu Chi vaguely have a sense of life through the sense of life and death, it seems that only a layer of diaphragm, is enough to really feel the life brush straightener black hair and death Kendo, but still almost all the light. In the test of the sea in the test decline, it seems that Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing aware of what, in the next test, the two even out of the top 100 ranking, according to Wu pool speculation, both are deliberately Which apalus hair straightening brush natural hair spent some time to feel, this led to fall out of the top 100. Just Wu Chi in every place to stay too long, naturally do not know how long the two stay in the various places. However, for Wu Chi, this does not seem to focus on the. Because, at the moment in front of the high platform, Wu Chi once again saw the empty monk. Breath some disorder, empty monk eyes revealed a trace of bloodshot, standing on top of the high platform, but never dare to go on. Empty master, do not come unharmed ah Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi s face immediately exposed a smile, from the opening greeting Road. Why, why do not you die Eyes blush, empty monk in the eyes of a touch of fierce light, tightly staring at the Wu Chi, that look like anxious to eat Wu Chi in general. Luck, luck Wu pool smiled and said Master, you know, I set the soul of stone, after all, or certainly not support now. Wu Chi a mouth is a lie, simply do not even blink with the eyes. Yes, set the soul stone Set the soul of stone, the soul of stone to pay out Looked at Wu Chi, empty monk suddenly open Road. So a few words of effort, Wu Chi has been aware of today s empty monk has been about to collapse, and the original deliberately created out of that kind of good eyes and good eyes have been completely torn off. Perhaps it is his original face at the moment The hearts of countless thoughts, Wu Chi face showing a look of regret, said What a pity ah, I actually want to help the master, but the soul of the soul has been all I spent ah Master you want Ah, even you can only come here, if I do not consume the soul of straightening brush the soul stone, how could come to ah Oh, yeah, it s not the end What can I do Glanced at the distance, Wu Chi looked frightened again said. I do not.the time being aside Kill Xi Jun should be the focus. Slightly calm the mood, Ma Shijie once again said. Everyone with the skill is Let s three, who can kill, and who is the ability, but I said in front of the ugly, who do not secretly under the trip Otherwise, as long as I die, you who do not want to Ansheng A glimpse of the cold eyes, Liu Changtong simply break the point. Three are Tianjiao, this brush straightener black hair time into the dark prison community, because the commander of the dark and the promise, in fact, the identity of the three different, who have life saving means. Want to kill each other, no doubt almost impossible. Under such a premise, if who under the trip, resulting in Xi Jun should be out of the storm, as long as the news spread out, no other people afterwards, the darkness of the anger no one can afford. it is good For a moment, Ma Shijie and Chen fog at brush straightener black hair the same time promised Road. Almost in the three to discuss a good at the same time, the air that an arctic nuclear finally broken Had been frozen before the pair of big hands, once again recovered, blink of an eye, then suddenly once again think of Han Shan Master arrested. Tianjun, tens of thousands of years gone, it is still a little longer, to your current state, want to kill me, I m afraid not so easy. Stature slightly flash, Han Shan Master single handedly caught, the void suddenly appeared in a light blue ice sword, sword shot, then between the hair can not be made, block the pair of big hands. Fighting Arctic star brush straightener black hair collapse, Han Shan Master naturally can no longer delay, and now, is the real battle of the beginning. Here Han Shan Shang hands at the same time, Liu Changtong three people face a change, immediately suddenly toward the imprisonment of Xi Jun should be the prison flew. They can be different from those before the cannon fodder, for this time the situation is very clear. Once the arctic nuclear collapse, Han Shan and Xi Jun should start hands, which means that this action, to the most critical time. Do not look at the Han Shan Shang a win in the look, but in fact, it is because Xi Jun should be locked in the dark chain, but also a lot of spiritual separation of the dark prison break the seal. But even s. o Han Shan Shang but al.

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