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Brush Straightener Groupon efers to the concept o. f the upper bound, in fact, even the control of the Emperor, and only this one star domain only Luo Ying patiently explained These things, you will naturally understand later But for you, these are still too far away, and if you want to leave the sky again, you probably have to go beyond me at least. Today s Wu Chi naturally do not understand, Luo Ying Jianjun how powerful, naturally they can not understand the difficulty of leaving the foot of the stars. However, now Wu Chi but also attend to think brush straightener groupon of these. Because, Wanjianzong has arrived Just to the gate outside the door, Wu Chi felt a majestic sword Italy, even if their perfect way to warrants Road, here also appears to be so small. Just the door of the towering peaks, as many as tens of thousands, and these peaks, each one, seems to be a thorn to the sky of the sword This momentum, still let Wu brush straightener groupon Chi vaguely understand that the meaning of the so called Wan Jianzong. In contrast, whether it is Kunlun or Tianshan, are too far too far away. Took a deep breath, the complex brush straightener groupon mood convergence up, Wu Chi this Luo Ying then really into the million swords were among the door. Chapter 463 The true disciples Disciples meet Jianjun Along the way, countless disciples came to visit, in addition to respectful, it seems faint and a trace of fear. Wu Chi will see all this in the eyes, but did not reveal to the face, but a curious look like a baby, seems to be interested in anything. In front of the Sword Palace, and for a while I will take you to worship the ancestors, even if the official entry. Luo Ying brush straightener verimark openly openly. Worship million swordsong was originally a lot of rituals and transitions to go, and even test, but since the determination of Luoying Wu Chi income under the door, these cumbersome process can naturally be omitted. As for the worship of the ancestors, the original also do not need, but before the Wu Chi out of the movement is too big, the appearance of the sky, no doubt also disturbed the retreat of the sword ancestors. Followed by Luo Ying into the Sword Palace, already have many people waiting for this. Lo Young Just came in, and even did not stand firm, a gentle voice then rang up. Looked along the direction of been chaos into a heart. Although she was angry, but also did not think that the situation will fall to this point, in the depths of Mangshan, whether it is Wu Chi or Li Yunpeng are clearly not much survival of the capital A person to leave, Wu Chi self deprecating like a slight sun, whispered to himself. Originally, there is no relationship between people, why bother trouble Seemingly go free and easy, but in fact, when the cloud sword sword sword that moment, Wu Chi heart and how pain Originally he thought that perhaps the cloud will become his first friend in the Sword, but the fact that he is still too overestimate their own in the hearts of each other s importance. As for brush straightener groupon that, the Luo Yingzhen disciples of this identity planted to Bai Rong this matter, Wu Chi, there is no psychological brush straightener groupon burden. He did not know with Bai Rong, life and death, can take advantage of why not use More importantly, this series of dangers, this is Bai Rong attracted, not to mention, Wu Chi faint heart of a guess, perhaps, all this is simply not a coincidence Before the crisis, can only survive, can not attend to think too much, but now calm down, you can find that there are too many doubt. First of all, Mangshan periphery, simply can not encounter the demon will be this terrible existence, Bai Rong was the other side to catch Mangshan periphery, itself is very strange, not to mention, really so clever, just met himself Moreover, before the mountains, Bai Rong brush straightener groupon desperate fight, is indeed able to hold the demon that, since so, why Baorong not back early, must wait until after entering the depths of Mangshan, only with the straightening hair brush cosmoprof forest to Wu Chi they get out Finally, Mangshan really great, as previously said, Mangshan really powerful demons after all, but also only a few. Just hid in the mountains, a blink of an eye, you can meet the wolf demon this terrible demon, if it really just coincidence, that luck is how bad Wu Chi did not understand Bai Rong, naturally they simply can not talk about any trust, so it can easily jump out of the impact of identity to the most objective point of view to analyze, even with straightening hair brush myer malicious thoughts, to guess people. And then contact this time, this is someone deliberately cited themselves t.

lt. Even if this is a large door, the resources are also limited, to which side more, less, are the need to fight. Four Jianjun identity, naturally can not personally fight, so the focus of competition between each other, is their own disciples under the door of their own. Before the show in the water peak, listen to them, on behalf of Xiushui peak participation in large ratio, in fact, this is the truth. Luo Ying often outside, usually do not tube these things, before the Wu Chi, it is not received pro disciples, for these also do not care about. But now accept the Wu Chi, these naturally have to go for their own Wu Chi. Otherwise, can not always count Luo Ying extra care, right In addition, the door of the top ten, but also get more rewards May even get the ancestors of the opportunity to preach Every time the contention is extremely tragic. Paused, the cloud immediately shake Shook his head and said Of course, this has nothing to do with us This time than big, as long as we are not the core disciples challenge the success is it. Wu Chi is still the pinnacle of stars, and the cloud is also just how long breakthrough, such a strength, in the true disciples is undoubtedly the bottom of the existence of the. top ten really away from the too far away some. Yun He is only casually mention it, but she did not know, Wu Chi is moving the mind. Chapter 505 Jianfeng disciples As the cloud said, a few days later, there will be Jianfeng s disciples came to meet Wu Chi. Luo Ying, although not received pro disciples before, but it does not mean that no one under the door, Jianfeng above the core disciples also a few, the strength is not weaker than others But now no matter what the strength of Wu Chi, Luo Ying alone only by the disciples of this identity, it is destined to Jianfeng disciples is bound to Wuchi headed. Even if it is only a face on the etiquette. For the sword of the disciples, Wu Chi what kind of strength, not the focus, the focus is, Luo Ying Wu Chi what kind of attitude. Obviously, a hundred years ago, Luo Ying back to the time when the move has clearly proved this point, which is brush straightener kmart enough. Brother Wu, this is the Jianfeng to participate in the list, you look. Jianfeng led by a few disciples.f supernatural power, the same will continue to improve. This is the most terrible place ah And even even Yan Beichen this completely detached the rules of heaven and earth magic, brush straightener groupon as long as the Wu Chi touch, it may also be broken by him A sword broken method, that kind of inclusive kendo, is the real core of this supernatural powers Although brush straightener groupon he did not want to admit, but he must also admit, to this point, Wu Chi has already throw them too much, and even let him even with the qualifications of a war are gone. Chapter 429 Palace with prison Entrance to the channel of the moment, Wu Chi suddenly felt a strong suction force, blocking the way to leave their own. And this power of the source, impressively from the body of the prison mark, or from the whole prison community Suddenly, Wu Chi on the reaction over, this unit of power, impressively want to direct their own into the prison community seven heavy. For a time, Wu Chi s mind was suddenly flashed countless ideas. According to the normal situation speculation, just six from the prison community out, is free to choose to enter the next prison community, or temporarily leave, but this time, but simply did not give yourself the opportunity to choose this. Wu Chi is difficult to judge, whether it is only for their own special cir. cumstances, or that, for all six people from the prison community to leave the people are so, after all, in fact, there is no reference. The face of the whole prison force of the suction, even if the strength of Wu Chi now, it is still difficult to resist. Of course, if insisted on resistance, full of the words, it may not necessarily be able to get rid of, which is feeling million enlightenment monument, the achievements of the perfect Kendo s self confidence Just the idea of rotation, Wu Chi is still to give up resistance, homeopathy broke into the prison community among the seven. Han Shan who had said, in the prison community into the deeper, and the dark prison community, the deeper the cause and effect, one of the insider, and so their own into the prison community seven will understand. Now they have indeed from the dark prison community to get enough of the benefits, but if there is a cause and effect, it is bound.will return to the golden world Eyes reveal a touch of cool, Su Wan Shen Sheng said. You want to see Yang Xiuchuan Slightly Yizheng, happy Lord of the Lord to react over, This is not, too dangerous If Wu Chi really what is wrong, you go to see Yang Xiuchuan is simply cast. Do not look like before Yang s people will be very kind, as before the grudges are written off the same, but in fact, we are very clear that these are just relying on Wu Chi on the basis of safe and sound. Once Wu Chi really out of the accident, Yang home for them absolutely will not have the slightest goodwill. Prison community five of what happened in what only Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing know that night Shenxing know the end, only to find Yang Xiuchuan to know what happened. Eyes reveal a touch of color, Su Wan Shen Sheng said I have to figure out what happened. Want to find out what is more than a Su Wan, at the moment to hear the voice of Su Wan speech in the meaning of a few people will not have to persuade. What about this side of the house Zhou Bo said outside the rumors of Wu Chi is dead, I am afraid that will play this one Dongfu idea, not just these people only. If you do not want to give up on it. Thought, Zhou Boyan slowly said If Wu Chi safe and sound, no matter who accounted for this one Dongfu, is bound to let back If we have this place What does Dongfu do It does not have to Shook his head, Yuan purple opening Wu Chi life and death is unknown, hair straightening brush jose eber this time, if we are weak, it is not that we feel good bully, more solid Wu Wu unexpected rumors No matter how others say, I do not believe that bastard will be so easy to die This sentence is no doubt that everyone s heart. Over the years, I do not know how many times the risk, Wu Chi is not still good end, even if the world rumors Wu Chi died, brush straightener groupon as long as they did not see Wu Chi s body, they will not believe. I want to return to the golden world you are afraid there will be dangerous. Hesitated, Su Wan said again. Although the original mouth with Wu Chi said that if Wu Chi what is wrong, she put Zhou Boyan these women all kill light, but in fact, Su Wan is very clear that the status of these women in the heart of Wu Chi, naturally refused to let them In danger. M.

Brush Straightener Groupon millennium. Slightly owe, one of them respectfully replied. Now what a cat and a cat, dare to call the ancestors of the Zen Sneer a cry, Xi Jun should be disdain of ridicule With this idiot, even give him thousands of years, how can become the star Tianjun return, this heart of the stars, naturally Tianjun. Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should take it lightly The heart of the stars, the seat is bound to be sure, but now the strength of this seat damage, inconvenience to appear, that is, you today, do not have to see me again. Trapped in the dark prison for thousands of years, Xi Jun should now be trapped, but in fact, repair is not fully restored, not to mention, the dark star is bound to trace his whereabouts, this time appearance, Is tantamount to suicidal road. What does Tianjun mean Eyes once again. fell to the star door, Wu Chi s body, Xi Jun should indifferent, said The two little guys, is the seat of the selected people, this seat is not the time, you must ensure their safety. Heard Xi Jun should be, a few hair straightening brush for wet hair people only noted that the stars in the Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng two people, can not help but brush straightener shaver shop slightly Yi Zheng. Tian Jun s meaning is arrange them to pay into the swords Why brush straightener groupon should we arrange Slightly shaking his head, Xi Jun should indifferent, said They hair straightener brush infomercial are just soaring on the upper bound to their talent, how to be willing to let the sword and how to let go San Cheng, just less than a stick of incense time, even refining the three into the star power Zheng Chang old, but we picked up the treasure ah Watching the door in the Wu Chi, Wan Jianzong two elders eyes revealed a touch of excitement, just the kind of reluctant to come and swept away the emotions. Wait, wait Another elders rubbed his hand and said As long as he can refinery more than seven percent of the star force, a core disciple s identity can not run Normally, just soaring people, among the stars in the most but only refinery only five of the star power, the rest is bound to be wasted. Fifty Star power, brush straightener groupon this is a threshold As long as more than five percent, will be a large door income door, and once the refining Qicheng star force, is the real genius, even if the worship of the swords of this large door, is bound to beco.after all, was not able to separate a victory or defeat, watching Li Yunpeng away, Wu Chi s mouth can not help but float a hint of a smile. Li Yunpeng no longer Zhou Bo made their shot, it means that the greatest danger for the time being to cope with the hair straightening brush acevivi past. He was so anxious to come back, the biggest factor is the threat of Li Yunpeng. This time the policy, Wu Chi also did not really want to let Li Yunpeng defection, in fact, as long as he can hesitate, the attitude of a little fuzzy, no longer kill the killer, it is enough. This is a Han Shan and Xi Jun should be between the game, although forced into which can be Wu Chi heart is also very clear, as he can not trust Xi Jun should be the same. If you are completely trusted Han Shan, I am afraid that the same death from the far. Want to get out from such a chaos, only step by step, see strokes move. Three months time is not long, he also need to do more preparation Caixing. Chapter 439 takes you down Master respect Into the palace, Li Yunpeng slightly owe, voice slightly hoarse. Sitting at the table, Xi Jun should not even rise, but did not ask the meaning, as if simply did not hear Li Yunpeng general. This time alone back, itself is enough to explain a lot of things. Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng once again said disciples incompetent, although to see Wu Chi, but can not bring him back Xi Jun should be able to ask, but he can not explain. The whole process will be roughly described again, only to conceal brush straightener groupon the discourse of Wu Chuan do not mention those words. Holding the hand of the hand slightly stagnated a bit, Xi Jun should be looked up, staring at Li Yunpeng looked for a while, slowly said You think that if the two women s life force, he will only die What Disciples can not judge, but the matter is important, disciples not bet Slightly nodded, for Li Yunpeng answer Xi Jun should still be very satisfied. Wu Chi s existence for him, it can be said that the key to the difficulties, less than a last resort, he did not want to bet Wu Chi s response. The disciples thought that this time failed, but since he was still in the prison community, he could always think of a solution. After hair straightening brush simply straight all, even if he had a fortune, he brush straightener groupon could not bring it out with othe.

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