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Brush Straightener Hair efore that hole will not be safe, ah, Su Wan s strength is still too weak point ah Wu Chi said with a look of worry. As long as the Su girl is still in the prison community triple, I promise no one dares to grab her Dong Fu. Oh, it sounds embarrassed, that, I was really tight on hand You know, I just entered the hair straightener brush youtube road did not take long, and can not return to the Dongfu Every year, ten thousand Need for the marrow, as long as Wu Xiong has not soared on the community, I will continue to provide Yang Eyes are not blinked, Yang Xiuchuan promised to be neat. This, although we are good friends, but the mouth that no ah You know, I remember this person is not good, if not remember can not clear it. Blinked, Wu Chi Said embarrassed. I, Yang Xiuchuan swear by life, just promised Wu Xiong things, will be done, or the spirit of all off Oath vows Without the hair straightening brush for kinky hair slightest hesitation, Yang Xiuchuan immediately played a fatal statement. Which in itself is the price must be paid, promised, he brush straightener hair did not think go back. Of course, the venerate oath can not be agreed after the Wu Chi shot, which he clearly, Wu Chi psychological also clear. In this free purgatory among the Wu Chi won, but after how, may not yet. Prison world four, but also far from the end. With Yang Xiuchuan reached an agreement, this goods suddenly looked forward to look forward to the night Shen Xing. Although not speak, but it has been very brush straightener hair obvious meaning. He can kill Yang Xiuchuan, naturally they can kill the night stars. Yang Xiuchuan has paid such a big price, the night Shenxing naturally will not be plain off. I owe you a life If you die, you will be saved. Raised his head, looked at Wu Chi, night Shen Xing slowly opening Road. Shen Xing said this night is very serious, even if not even from the fate of the oath, but Wu Chi is still still choose to believe that the night stars Xing words. In fact, different from Yang Xiuchuan, night Shenxing alone, but also do not get too much to move Wu Chi, with its extortion some mess of things, it is better to ask him a promise. Moreover, Yang Xiuchuan not enough for the letter, once left. this free purgatory, he was no better than Yang Xiuchuan strength At any time need to prepare Yang Xiuchuan fall, this w.he beginning of the killer. Just, with the Han Shan Shang s shot, Wu Chi is idle down, this situation, he simply can not get started, do not want to intervene Space barrier has been broken, he could have been soaring, but now the entrance has been extremely arctic nuclear, dark chain, and Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands sealed, Wu Chi is ten lives, what. Holding the other two jade box, the original Wu Chi would like to open to see, but now see the arctic nuclear after, but brush straightener hair it is to let Wuchi suddenly dispelled this year. God knows that the two jade box filled with what terrible stuff, rush to open, I m afraid to say that the first pit into their own. This thing can be far more than imagined in the terrible, so that Wu Chi instinctively felt a trace of a sense of crisis. brush straightener hair It is no exaggeration to say that Wu Chi at the moment, simply can not hate this break things to throw away to go Alpine star nucleus what Hey, Han Shan, you really fear that the seat is not dead ah Among the prison, Xi Jun should hair straightener brush white be full o. f ridicule his face. If Wu Chi here, you will find, Xi Jun should not be the slightest anxious and panic of the emotions, but also did not just show him so angry. Han Shan Master in preparation for this day, Xi Jun should not it He may not really think of Han Shan s identity, but to say, did not respond to the preparation, it is a joke. Blood once again along the fingertips out, penetrate the body of a few dark chains seem to have been infected with a layer of bloody, revealing a Yao Yi different atmosphere boom About a time of a stick of incense, a dark light impressively along the cracks in the space came in, just a few breathing between, there are more than ten figure from which appeared out. Whether it is arctic nuclear chill, or brush straightener hair Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands, are simply unable to penetrate that layer of dark light protection, hurt these people. Come In such a short period of time, the upper bound of the master, forced into the dark prison community, apparently this is the dark star of the handwriting. At the expense of an arctic star nucleus, the time it takes for Han Shan to win, it determines how many experts can enter the dark prison through this space channel. And more t.

up at the night Shenxing a glance. Unfortunately, the night Shen Xing is still a pair of indifferent look, it seems that nothing has nothing to do with him. Thought, Wu Chi took Su Wan slowly toward the location of Chiang Zhengyang. Zhengyang ancestors. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi quietly open Road. You also see it Down the voice, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Now fear is also only the foreplay, until the prison after the end of the prison, is the real most dangerous time. Nodded his head Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Nine make Fu, which means that nine top of the master, these people whether or not to get the soul of the soul, I m afraid are not safe. how do you want to do it Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi chuckle a bit, shook his head and said My things, naturally by my own solution, however, Su Wan will take care of his ancestors. Once on the prison community, may be scruples less than the other, when the situation is changing, who do not know what will happen And Su Wan is undoubtedly Wu Chi now most worried about. Nodded, Jiang Zhengyang promised This is what you can rest assured, as long as I am the old bones s. till, they will not let anyone hurt Su brush straightener hair girl. Thank you Once again thanks, Wu Chi then staggered a few steps, turned to Su Wan whispered. Once you have opened the prison, you will leave the prison community at once. So that Su Wan can not help but some stunned, just Wu Chi is not also let Jiang Zhengyang help take care of her How do you let her first leave the prison community triple Chiang Ching yang this old fox, it may not be reliable. Wu Chi softly explained I always feel that he has things without me, only you leave, I can let go with their hands and feet. You said Jiang Zhengyang also collusion with Yang Xiuchuan Su Wan incredible asked. There is no connection with Yang Xiuchuan, but he will not protect you, this old fox promised too happy. Mouth overflow a trace of sneer, Wu Chi explained Yang Xiuchuan once started cleaning other people, even if he has reached the limit May not let him continue to stay in the prison community triple This time, he Chiang self care, where there is spare capacity to take care of you You mean Chiang Zheng.n not think of it, it is only the tenth test only, Zhou Yiqun even brush straightener hair personally come forward You know, although Zhou Yiqun is not the core disciples, but it has also been this time to participate in the fairy palace assessment opportunities, is definitely an absolute genius. Even just that disciple, all the way winning streak, irresistible, but when he met Zhou Yiqun, the outcome is already destined Eyes fell to the body of Zhou Yiqun, Liu Changtong s pupil can not help but a slight shrink So opponents, even if he shot, I am afraid to have the full, in order to win, for these young ladies, there is no chance to win the slightest. In accordance with established practice, Zhou Yiqun such a person, at least to someone to win thirty games, will appear So early appeared, obviously already can prove that now is someone in the three, want to fight the reputation of three. Think of this, Liu Changtong s eyes can not help but reveal a hair straightening brush at walgreens touch of chill Things to now, and then stop the teacher too late to test, and now can only wait and see, change the other side to jump out. This is the time for such a time, Zhou Yiqun has been shot. Although Zhou Yiqun did not even make every effort to test the same but also no suspense at all Who Young, only to support less than ten strokes, they were from the challenge stage to fly down. Almost in the fall of the stage of the moment, the audience suddenly came a burst of laughter, what shit three, good big name, but so Do not say that the fairy house, and I looked at, even if Is the third rate faction is much stronger than his three. Hidden in the crowd, deliberately hide their opening ridicule, for a time, no one can tell who is ridiculed again Yes, the district three, in front of my son, count fart ah My son, as long as a finger, you can roll three genius After a series of ridicule constantly sounded, but it is completely let Liu Changtong these three of his disciples face hanging frost. Stature slightly flash, Liu Changtong s body suddenly revealed a terrorist murderous, Mori said Which is a friend, look down on my three people. , please also see yourself Liu Changtong this burst of hot drink, immediately around to one of the static Just listen to some people laugh at.e other homes, naturally is absolutely not hair straightening brush efmall allowed to have this change, but Luo Ying is the palace of the elders, this one place, itself is entirely belong to the Luo Ying, naturally by how he changed. If not so, Luo Ying will not be assured of the Wu Chi to stay here. Chapter 534 bastard, you lie to me stop Seeing a few others there are plans to continue to attack the ban, Zhang Fengyang s face scared white. Just that it has let him from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a sense of fear, that terrorist s. word will undoubtedly have the power to kill them, just that look back, it can be said that only a warning only. If they really dare to continue to attack the ban, is bound to be the most terrible counterattack, that time, I am afraid no one can survive. Zhang brother, small research is still inside ah Zhang Fengyang heard the words, a few people suddenly anxious, although they also feel the power of the prohibition of counterattack, but still have a glimmer of hope, reluctant to give up. Mouth bitter, Zhang Fengyang silent for straightening hair brush men a moment, this opening replied useless, this should be the immortal elders of the brush straightener hair other homes even if we all died here, it is impossible to break the ban Zhang Fengyang heard the words, the rest of the few people immediately dumbfounded, Zhang brother, you said it is the immortal elders of the other homes How could this, that little liar, how could enter the immortal hall of the other homes For Wu Chi, a few people actually did not look how worth it. This time, are also eager to prepare a good lesson to Wu Chi, but now the results, so how can they accept Mouth full of bitter, Zhang Fengyang heart that ominous feeling is also more and more intense, and now the only hope that Yang Yan was able to control the Wu Chi Yu Mei. But his mind has a hunch, this may have been minimal Almost at the same time, the small body of the last line of defense has also been a fall, pink shirt also pulled down by Wu Chi, jade body crossed, revealing a kind of exciting glamorous. Palm into the smooth legs between the legs, wanton thin, brush straightener hair Wu pool once again kissed the small study of the lips. Do not ask me to let me go. Body burst of soft, in the Wu Chi under the thin, small research has bec.

Brush Straightener Hair ab the soul of the stone, and now is to help Yang Xiuchuan they grab the soul of stone, no doubt has been determined by law enforcement officers to disrupt the order of th. e people. Although the relationship between brush straightener hair Yang Xiuchuan and the night stars, and can not separate too much energy to him, but once the opportunity, but also the attack on the Wu brush straightener hair Chi. Order chain for Yang Xiuchuan they are a brush straightener hair trouble, fell to Wu Chi this is enough to fatal, even if not law enforcement who have no intention to kill, just want to brush straightener ebay lock the chain of Wu Chi, to stop him to continue to grab the soul of stone, Wu Chi fear is simply not the opportunity to respond will not have. Om The hands of the shadow sword suddenly point out, Jianfeng point in the chain above the order, Wu Chi the whole person by the power of recoil back out, while shouting stop this broken chain, or I die, you also Can not get the soul stone. Compared to law enforcement, Wu Chi s strength is still too weak, even if only one order chain, once more entangled for a while, he is also likely to be killed Ding Death of a sickle turn, and a flight to the Wu Chi s order chain was abruptly stopped by the night stars. Wu Chi has three hands in the hands of the soul of the stone, and this time if the law enforcement to seize or kill, once the souls of stone into the hands of law enforcement officers, they are afraid it is difficult to recapture. Tonight, Shen Xing and Yang Xiu chuan were dragged by law enforcement officers, simply do not come to the hand, only by Wu Chi hand these souls to recover the soul As long as the set of soul stone hand, they get rid of law enforcement is not a difficult thing. Seeing the success of the night, how can the sun to allow law enforcement officers at this time to catch Wu Chi. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan at the same time full shot, a moment between the law enforcement officers forced to withdraw the attack on the order of Wu Chi chain. In this way, Wu Chi was finally relieved. Then this straightening hair brush au moment of time, already fell to the immortal soul of the side. Ancestors, the potential than people strong, set the soul of stone you still hand over it. Stretched out his hand, Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. Pooh Little beast, with the door in the vicinity, no matter who, since encountered, naturally have to rescue. Followed by fighting sound away, see each other s moments, the spirit of several people can not help but lifted White Brothers A sword beheaded to chase the demons, Bai Rong this set to God, finally find you, how are you Bai Rong s gown in the ongoing fighting has become very messy, obviously this time, it is not better, hair straightener brush on black hair but after the meeting, an opening to ask their situation, but it can not help but let a few people are the hearts of a warm The We re all right, white detangling hair straightener brush reviews brother, are you hurt Bai Rong left arm to see a little faint blood, clouds pay care to ask. Put a waved, Bai Rong softly said a little hurt, no harm. Paused, Bai Rong s eyes in a few people who swept it again, his face can not help but a slight change, Wu Young Other people may never remember the white Rong, but Wu Chi s identity. on that, but it is impossible to ignore. Wu brothers and his Yesterday, we encountered wolf demon, Wu brothers in order to save everyone, come up with a true disciples token, lie white brother you kill the sword of the disciples, this led the wolf demon Speaking of this, Chen turned back and looked at the cloud at a glance, which continued Yunxie Sister for this with the Wu brothers from the conflict, a word, Wu brothers angrily, left alone Heard Chen s words, Bai Rong face slightly changed, then revealed a trace of anger, nonsense Under the crisis, Wu Shidi is a lie to deceive the demons, and playing what tight This thing because of my sky, It s time for me to let you go to you. This is the case, Bai Rong cursed the extreme For a time, Yunhe eyes can not help but some red, I m sorry, white brother, I was too impulsive. Now that what is the use of these Frowned, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said find, Wu Shidi a person not far away At all costs, you must find as soon as possible Wu. White brothers, those demons are looking for you, this is too dangerous Yunhe again open Road. Dangerous Lengheng a cry, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said Is it more dangerous than Wu Shidi now Wu Shidi only a few months before the door, barely just stars, now alone, If there is any slip, how can I explain to Luo brush straightener hair Shishu Feel the tone of their own s.

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