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Brush Straightener Hairhouse Warehouse e, the master is right Ancestors I agree with the master of the argument, and the master is willing to advance and hair straightening brush original retreat Heart of electricity, immortal soul ancestors have clearly glimpse one of the mystery, the first jump out of approval Road. Yes, I do not have any interest in the soul of the soul stone, but also do not have the strength to support the prison station in the test Is willing to advance and retreat with the master. Lu Shaochuan also know the strength of the empty monk, if there is empty monks to pick the head, and then Coupled with the immortal soul and other people together, perhaps indeed have the opportunity to compete with Yang Xiuchuan and night star Star may also be uncertain. Although there is no talk, but Li also to the same side of the empty monk walked a few steps, silently stood to the empty monk that side. This way, the empty monk already has brush straightener groupon four masters there, and that all brush straightener hairhouse warehouse four people are occupied a Dongfu s top master. Amitabha Wu Ju Shi, do you want to be used by the night star Look again to Wu Chi, empty monk Chen Sheng said Pinseng and you are considered to pay, as long as the lay is willing to join hands with the poor monks, poor monks can Set his own oath, after the war and the grudge between the grievances write off. Grudge, that is, cause and effect The knot of the knot is also the cause and effect, the empty monk said this, in fact, is equivalent to the intention to name di. rectly As long as Wu pool together with him to deal with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, he would rather give up good fruit, to resolve and Wu Chi s hatred. The mind flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi simply could not help but immediately agreed. Although it is now a seal of good fruit, can really be resolved, it is hard to say, as long as now promised the empty monk, it is already resolved this big trouble, which is undoubtedly great benefits. Can Wuchi actually mind but also understand that the reason why the empty monk so hard to win over brush straightener hairhouse warehouse their own, not just for their own, but Chiang Zhengyang. The deadline is approaching, Chiang Zhengyang is absolutely not easily involved in this conflict, the empty monk no matter how brush straightener hairhouse warehouse to say no use, can Jiangzheng Yang Wu Chi s attitude, more.maybe it will become more interesting Han Shan Shang, he also provoke come in, perhaps, you are also cocoon tied it. Chapter 416 The strange prison community six heavy When Wu Chi and Su Wan return to the dark prison when the time, Yang Xiuchuan has completed a large cleaning. And Wu Chi s return, but also make night owl greatly excited, swept away before the haze, bustling to celebrate the three days and three nights. In the night owl s station and spent a few years time, and Zhou Bo words they reunited for many days, be considered a calm day. It was only that the calm did not last long. An early morning, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan side by side, and even did not speak, Wu Chi already understand, step into the prison community six time to. Different from the previous, this time, whether it is the night or Star Yang Xiuchuan, there is no trace of the prison on the six crosses. Han Shan Shang may know some, but it is obviously not suitable to ask. Whether it is Wu Chi, hair straightener brush with sprayer or Yang Xiuchuan on the Han Shan Shang are some fear, do not want to have too much involved. Yang Xiuchuan has arranged all the things, and now with Yang Jia maintained a good relationship, Wu Chi naturally do not have to worry about Su Wan and Zhou Boyan their security, into the prison community six, naturally no further risk. It is worth hair straightener brush 2016 mentioning that, on the day of things, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or Wu Chi are not hair straightener brush dual voltage mentioned, as if there is no such thing. And stay a few days time, the state adjusted to the best, three people at the same time to urge the prison sector mark, into the prison community six heavy Looking around, endless stone Even if it is only rough and swept the past, these stone is also afraid of the number of thousands of stone, each stone monument has Zhang Xu high, separated by more than ten feet, layers of stacks. The three most surprised that the three did not feel the slightest risk of breath. It is like this, there is no need to break the prison community six, there is no danger of the same. This anomaly, but rather let the three some at a loss. No prison can not be imprinted, simply can not leave. After a moment of absence, Yang Xiuchuan first came over, Chen Sheng opening Road. Before the fou.

ter 432 Impressions of the prison Snapped Holding the hand of the sword suddenly a hemp, as was burned in general by the flames, even if it is Wuchi Ding Li, and even failed to grip the hands of the sword, abruptly by this blood brush straightener hairhouse warehouse arrows fly out. The original battle with brush straightener hairhouse warehouse Li Yunpeng fairly evenly divided, and even faintly occupy some of the advantages, but all this with the blood arrows were back to the prototype. Li Yunpeng s strength itself is not under the Wu Chi, now get such an opportunity, how will let go Such as the ink of the knife, almost in the hair straightener brush tns twinkling of an eye will fall between the front of the Wu Chi, the horror of the breath of the hardships of Wu Chi can no longer move the opponent. The brush straightener hairhouse warehouse blade hanging in the Wu Chi throat, less than three points of the position, and even have been able to feel that cold blade. Li Yunpeng did not kill the next, not because of Wu Chi what a special impression, but because he or middle aged also need Wu Chi. If so kill the Wu pool, it is not all before in vain You have no chance of rebellion, and if you dare say no word, I promise to cut off your head. Looked at Wu Chi, brush straightener hairhouse warehouse Li Yunpeng Shen Sheng threatened Road. Spread out the hand, Wu Chi bachelor replied You win, I throw in the towel Wu Chi has never been a dead man, playing also beat, then had to recognize counseling. Scattered infuriating, as if to restore the kind of harmless look, Wu Chi s mouth and even hung a trace of a faint smile. Make a fatal statement. Faint glance Wu Chi a middle school slowly said. Trying to lure Wu Chi no fruit, and now he and Wu Chi between, and not the slightest trust at brush straightener hairhouse warehouse all, only to make a statement of his life, as a constraint. Wait Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi casually said I promise you can, but before that kind of lies do not have to say Tell me in the end how the matter, or that I do what is dangerous Otherwise, if left and right Is it a death, why should I promise you Ignoring the knife still hanging in his throat, Wu Chi asked again To this point, Wu Chi naturally do not believe the other party will easily kill themselves, by this opportunity to ask things clearly, but it is a good thing. Of course, if the other party really want to kill, that Wu Chi naturally o.t is to let the ghost completely do not know what is good. Watching Wu pool that do not care about the look, simply let him doubt that these penalties are not lost effect. Hesitated a moment, that ghosts put a waved, indicating that the devil put him down. Little brother, how to call it Wu Chi Hold the Baoquan, Wu Chi Xinkou said Ghost big brother called me small Wu like. Wu Chi shameless, you are really shameless That ghost difference rolled his eyes and said I look out, you really is a man However, the rules of free purgatory, the body of the crime of light does not eliminate , Can not leave So, I have an idea, with another way to let you eliminate the crime, do you want to try Thought, that ghost look at Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. That good mood Ghosts big brother, you have any way, may wish to say that the little brother must listen to you Patted the chest, Wu Chi promised to promise Road. On the surface of a muddy do not care about the way, but in fact, ghosts do not brush straightener hairhouse warehouse know, Wu Chi its center has long been anxious to die. No he, in a second death at the same time, Wu Chi dismay found that death here, but also to the loss of the power of God, so half a day, he has died nearly a hundred times Almost soon will be a set of soul stone strength completely exhausted, this barely support over. If brush straightener hairhouse warehouse this ghost is not any reaction, to continue to torture his words, in this set of soul stone force exhausted, Wu Chi probably could not help but shot against the. Chapter 381 before and after the death of the temple What is it Wu Chi stunned to look at the ghosts, puzzled and asked. brush straightener hairhouse warehouse I can refer you to the guarding the temple of life and death, if you can pass the test, become the guard of the temple of life and death, he said. , The body of the crime will naturally slowly resolve. Test Hear the two words, Wu pool finally had a trace of speculation, perhaps this life and death is the key through the test. It is natural Nodded, ghosts said want to become the guard of life and death hall, it is necessary to pass the test before the house, otherwise, why do you think people can guard the temple of life and death How a test method Wu Chi asked again again curious. Shook his head, that gh. osts said Then I do not kn. $a=str_split($txt1,$txtlenth);

Brush Straightener brush straightener philippines Hairhouse Warehouse lready in front of Wu Chi. Quietly brush straightener hairhouse warehouse watched Wu Chi for a while, Liu Changtong then laughed Haha, a hundred years gone, Wu brothers, you do this on the demolition of my desk really good If it is other people, Liu Changtong naturally do not believe what explanation, about three of the reputation, there is no room for maneuver. Can face Wu Chi, whe. re he can also come from the shelf Do not say that the original in the dark prison community, Wu Chi was saved their lives, just the original three of them together, are Wu Chi eat this to death, even if Wu Chi really mocking a few words, he can issue What is the fire A hundred years, and now once again to see Liu Changtong, Wu Chi heart naturally also happy, but now is not the old time. If not their own and Liu Changtong acquaintance, now fear is already falling into the dead How can this account have to be clear before it is clear. Glanced Liu Changtong one, Wu Chi slowly said Wu Xiong, you are afraid to listen to what I mean I am under the star gambling you lose a good, just just ridicule three people, not me Heard this, Liu Changtong s face has finally changed. He is not a fool after all, on the contrary in the rough appearance, but also hidden a very delicate mind. So three between the two, and finally really reflected over. If this is not Wu Chi deliberately ridicule his words, it means that someone wants to borrow his hand to kill Wu Chi Imagine, if the other is not Wu pool, and now he is already afraid of the already hands and the other side of life and death. For a moment, Wu Chi s eyes immediately fell to the body of Zhou Yiqun. One step, Wu Chi suddenly embarked on a challenge Taiwan, Zhou Shixiong, I just ask, what is your request in advance of the shot Whether it is in the crowd before the boo provoke, or deceive their own betting people, and now can not find it. Now this matter, the only clue is to find Zhou Yiqun, ask him to advance the people. Just find this person, all the problems can naturally be solved. What early shot, I do not understand what you are saying, your things, do not pull to my body. Look some indifferent, Zhou Yicun calmly said. This matter, he received a star stone, according to reason, in fact, the same is not the rul., what is the meaning Asahi grunted and said. Now in this enlightenment Forest of Stone Tablets, there is a trapped with me as nearly as thousands of years of metamorphosis, this person named Li Fernan, mind vicious, strength and even still above me, cruel mad Now fear is already in Torture you another friend. Hear this, Yang Xiuchuan and Wu digital hair straightener brush Chi at the same time pale They are similar to the strength of the night stars, the two together is not Zhou Xu s opponent, so that the fraud, it was lucky to stop each other, the night Shen Xing alone, how can stand the other side of the attack brush straightener hairhouse warehouse Speaking of which, in fact, Wu Chi mind has been the words of Zhou Xu. Heart of the electric transfer, Wu Chi immediately said Xuye, said open, we actually have nothing to resolve the hatred Otherwise, you play a fatal statement, to ensure that we absolutely no longer start, we between the grudges This expose Paused, Wu Chi continued Do not tell you that I have just mentioned the supernatural powers, very interested in You stay here for nearly ten thousand years, and that what can be considered our predecessors, with your guidance, we But also can not adapt quickly This is the condition. Hear this, Zhou Xu heart is can not help but suddenly a loose. Now, he is not afraid of Wu Chi Ti conditions, more harsh conditions can talk about But if Wu Chi is not unreasonable, a direct sword cut him, would not death is unclear Of course, after their death, Li Fannan will naturally be alert, Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan also live. but what is the point Give him revenge As long as you live, everything will have a chance. Moreover, even if they do not shot how Nearly ten thousand years of getting along, Zhou Xu is very clear Li Fu Nan s temper, absolutely will not tolerate Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan such genius exists As long as the news spread to Li Fernan ear, regardless of what they agreed hair straightening brush headkandy to the conditions are hair straightener brush tesco okay. The dead do not have any meaning. A thought so far, Zhou Xu which still have the slightest hesitation, immediately played his own vows. Oh, this is right Asahi, from now on, we are good friends Well. Smiling openings, Wu Chi is still still no plan to receive the sword. Since it is a friend, you do not let me up Zhou Xu h.

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