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Brush Straightener In Target then plug Wu Chi is not to give you Ling days Shishu apology Bend a prayer, Wu Chi said Xiushui Shishu, I just follow the meaning of Ling Tian Jianjun only, no other meaning. Apologize to you You fell on the black and white, and now I apologize Pooh An opening, Wu Chi Xiu Shui Jianjun as Shishu, and Ling Tianjian Jun did not change the mouth, which means that the meaning has been very obvious. Lingtian Young, Wu Chi, although some nonsense, but it is also somewhat reasonable. Xiushui Jianjun softly open Road. Xiushui Jianjun this jack, it is equivalent to the matter set the sex, who is not good at this point and then refuted. Even if Bai Rong first wrong, Bai Rong has been admitted to lose the fight sword sword, Wu Chi still chase out the next killer, what reason Speaking of this, before the block to prevent Wu Chi several lounges suddenly said. Yes, this child heart vicious, how can the half point comparison with the meaning Before the sword intended to stop the elders followed Even Bai Rong and then wrong, it should be handled by the door, your sword through the heart, Cut his flesh is also, and dare to wait for me to stop under, still pain killer, broken Xinghai, destroyed the life star This point, Wu Chi also did not refute The original situation, the same countless disciples to see in the eyes, if Wu Chi in that several elders under the stop, at least Bai Rong will not fall nowadays so a gods all off the end. Three Jianjun Ming Kam, when I was afraid of Wu Ch. ihuai killer, even at the sword of resistance But Wu Chi is relied on the identity of the disciples hair straightening brush ratings regardless of regardless of care, just under the killer, forced the next, forced me to shake the sword , So rampant, if not heavy penalties, why the public service When he was no longer angry, but also not under the killer, but now it does not affect his fiercely Wu Chi a shape. Wu Chi, what else do you say Cold eyes looked at Wu Chi, Ling Tianjian again asked to drink. With the door Sneer a cry, Wu Chi calmly said The old Mangshan, Bai Rong will be deliberately want to set me to death, beheaded a public with the door off Now in the sword stage, again I am under the killer, dare to ask Jianjun, he may have the slightest bit as me with.n. Smiled and shook his head, Bai Rong pointed meaning to say holiday time, the door of the first genius, I am afraid that non Wu Master is none other A month lit star, and even learned to shrink into the inch Top supernatural powers, Wu Shidi is the real Jingyan Yan Yan, called Tianjiao ah. That would have to live to the future Caixing. Sigh a cry, Wu Chi shook his head and said. Wu Shidi do not have to worry about, as long as the survived the robbery, we will not have any danger. Bai Rong softly comfort Road. I m afraid it is not easy Looked worried and looked at Bai Rong and Chen He, Wu Chi said softly Mangshan among the demons rampant, and not to mention those demon, that is, some of the shape of the demons, fear is not we can resist. What kind of ordinary demon demon count There are white brothers, as long as the demon will not be found, we are very safe. Chen did not hesitate to say. That is white brother, I can not do it. Shaking his head, from the hands of the space ring, took out a small bag, Wu Chi leisurely said Do not hide Chen Shidi, I have also killed some demons before, but they are only some demons only, you see, Hit and killed, but also to get such a little demon heart only. Open the mouth of the bag, dozens of red demon heart suddenly appeared in front of a few people. Moment, including Bai Rong and Yunhe, including, everyone can not help but at the same time. Is it all red Chen He some incredible look at these Yao Xin, heart full of horror, Wu brothers, how do you do Mangshan, able to unite the red demon heart demon, it has been with the stars of the peak of the strength of a warrior, although they are not difficult to kill them, you can want to kill so much, it is definitely not an easy thing The But what about it Only to just lit the stars best hair straightening brush dafni only ah, how can we have this strength Click Between the words, Wu Chi fingers suddenly force, holding a witch in the hands of a sudden crushed Demon heart is a demon a repair where the essence, which contains a strong Yaoqi, on the hands of it, and now suddenly was crushed, demon suddenly flee out, cover all cover For a moment, everyone changed at the same time, Wu Yidi, what are you doing Oh, accidentally slippery it Mouth revealed a tr.

g, and even can say that he had to do before the plan and prepared to be destroyed. He himself knows more than anyone else, he now only has only a few years of life only, and Jiang Rui although great progress, brush straightener in target but want to really grow up, at least have to be several decades. However, in Yang Xiuchuan such a strong return under the general trend, Chiang really do support it for brush straightener in target decades Moreover, even after a few decades, how can Jiang Rui and has been from the prison area of the return of Yang Xiuchuan compared He had all the chips are pressed to the Wu Chi s body, is to expect Wu Chi to suppress Yang brush straightener jml reviews Xiuchuan, t. o Chiang to win a breathing space, but now, he waited, but turned out to be Wu Chi s death Hideaki Masters Bowed a worship, Wu old face showing a touch of excitement, Chen ancestors have just sent a letter, said willing to surrender with my Yang, Xiuchuan young master you return this time, enough to suppress everything ah. Brow slightly pick pick, Yang Xiuchuan still back against the old Wu, and did not turn to the meaning, even even Chen surrender of the news, did not seem to let him have a trace of joy. What is Chiang s reaction Reebok master, then, Jiang has now been a mess, there are rumors that Chiang Kai shek will return in the near future. Perceived Yang Xiuchuan exception, Wu Lao also calm a bit, Chen Sheng replied. Slightly nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan still noncommittal. Chiang s things, the first pressure of a pressure, you can give Jiang pressure, but do not have any radical move. Turned around, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent command said At least, not allowed to war on Chiang Yes Although not understand the meaning of Yang Xiuchuan, but Wu is still still bend the old road should be. Seems to think of what, Wu Lao immediately asked Yes, Hideaki Masters, our people came the news asked, prison community triple, is not also a move Mention the prison community triple, Yang Xiuchuan eyes is suddenly revealed a touch of sharp meaning, suddenly openly said I do not care hair straightener brush with heat insulation tips what they think, you give me remember, within a hundred years, I had agreed with Wu Chi Is still effective No one on the people around Wu Chi hands, against those who cut This one cut the word that murderous, even if t.n. Jianqi aspect, all over the Qinglian Originally in the days of jail prison, Wu Chi day and night by the sword of gas erosion, itself Qinglian Jianqi also continue to improve, when the stars in the time, the strength is not enough to reflect the effect, but now Wu Chi entered After the broken stars, the power gradually become reflected. Of course, if for other people, I am afraid it may not be so unscrupulous squandering force and Jian Qi, but Wu Chi is completely different Three thousand Zhang Xinghai, gave him a very deep background, but also have enough capital to enjoy swaying. Starting from the shot, Jian Qi is endless Such a repression, simply do not speak any reason, brush straightener in target unless the other party can instantly break the absolute strength of Jianqi, brush straightener in target otherwise it can only be passive to continue to withstand the constant battle of Jian Qi. Between the twinkling of an eye, the whole challenge on the stage, seems to have been completely covered everywhere Qinglian covered. This scene, I do not know how many people stunned In fact, even if it is Zhou Yiqun this moment can not help but some scalp tingling, brush straightener in target this play is too abnormal, right At the beginning, Zhou Yiqun also some disdain to the early strength of the broken star, so high intensity attacks, simply can not support how long. With the passage of time, Zhou Yiqun heart has long been followed by a burst of stormy waves. Endless Wu Chi as if simply do not need a moment to rest, and even he has been extremely difficult to support, but that Qinglian Jian Qi but still did not mean the slightest attenuation. He can not understand how Wu Chi can support the consumption of this horror, but intuition told him that absolutely can not be so dragged down, otherwise, I am afraid it is possible to really be. so directly consumed. If it is so no brain attack beat, I am afraid he will really be angry blood vomiting. Zheng Suddenly, a burst of metal tear sound suddenly sounded, challenge the entire space on the stage seems to have been cut off Cracked sword Almost shot the moment, the audience was no one exclaimed out loud Supernatural powers Zhou Yiqun although proud of some, but it is indeed proud of the capital, by virtue of this type of supernatural powe.that this hook hook nose, although some ugly, but under the hands really is a few times, or will not gather so many disciples to take Li Yunpeng places. Sword Italy flutter, such as Jingtao shore, driving Xiushui the spirit of the spirit of the water, fiercely toward Li Yunpeng shot down. In contrast, Li Yunpeng s stature is in a bit too small. This sword for the hook hook nose middle age, but also the pinnacle of the work, with this hand, but also considered a minor celebrity, no matter how to see, Li Yunpeng also did not have the opportunity to block the sword was right. brush straightener in target Everyone seems to have been able to foresee Li Yunpeng was hit the scene. However, Li Yunpeng s face from beginning to end are not the slightest change. In this sword cut over the moment, Li Yunpeng figure suddenly disappeared. Supernatural powers Formerly in the dark prison community, in the face of these upper bounds Tianjiao, Li Yunpeng can rely on this type of supernatural powers to avoid the edge, let alone. the hook hook nose this opponent. No matter how low key these years, Li Yunpeng also after that Li Yunpeng. Had been abruptly forced on the bounds of heaven and earth together to repel, and Wu Chi counterattack does not fall much of that Li Yunpeng, it is Tianjun Xi Jun should be admitted as disciples of the peerless genius. Perhaps not Wu pool so bright, but it is definitely not who can be slow to exist. Cross border challenges, for brush straightener in target him, simply no matter what great things. Moment, Li Yunpeng has been turned into a shadow, easy to avoid the hook hook nose attack. And other lcd hair straightener hair brush disciples, Li Yunpeng, but really did not know how many times the battle hair straightening brush best seller of life and death, fighting experience is simply better than the hook hook nose can be compared. By the hook hook nose of the sword to the old, and even have not been able to react to the empty when the sharp counterattack has followed Sword out of the sheath of the moment, it is like a record thunder, severely thundered hack This sword swiftly, whether it is the timing of the shot, you can control the power almost to achieve perfection, blatantly empty break off. puff The reaction is only a slow beat, that hook hook nose brush straightener in target suddenly eat a big loss, a blood spray, the whole perso.

Brush Straightener In Target he cloud and asked You want to die for those who die in vain to discuss a fair, the king will you also a fair Since he has both suspects, and can not prove their own Innocence, with the jail prison penalty, is the princess to those disciples of justice Zhang Zhang mouth, cloud Dutch but found that he could not find any rebuttal to the words. Xiushui Jianjun just glanced at her, they will once again fell to the eyes of Wu Chi and Bai Rong s body. Just to ask the clouds. but in fact, but also explained to the Wu Chi and Bai Rong to listen to. Disciples are willing to be punished For a time, Wu Chi and Bai Rong at the same time bend replied Three days later, Wu Chi brush straightener in target once again returned to the door. Xiushui Jianjun did not immediately let Wu Chi their jail prison, but generous to the two seven days to rest. After seven days, you two go to the jail prison penalty This time to eat some bitterness, but if you can stop, but it may not be a bad thing. Yes Respectful salute, Bai Rong and Wu Chi as a glance, but after all, did not say anything, turned away from the left. Back to Dong Fu, Li Dongsheng still keep in the Dong Fu outside. These days, Li Dongsheng s mood is a lot of smooth, eat this time loss, for him, it is not entirely no good, but the hearts of Wu Chi is still a deep sense of jealousy, but did not show it. Looked brush straightener in target at the complex look at Li Dongsheng one, Yun Hui followed Wu Chi into the Dongfu into. This way, the cloud is also a lot of money holding a lot of words want to say, just due to Xiushui Road Jun, can not speak only. Free lying in bed lying on a big word, philips hair straightener brush review Wu Chi long out of breath, or comfortable ah, Yun Huo Shimei, do you want to come up for a lie What time is it, you have mind nonsense. The gas stamped the stomp, the clouds can not help but angry complain. What time is the day near dusk, it is a good time to sleep ah. Mouth with a smile, Wu Chi lazily replied. Do you know where the jail is, a mistake, and maybe it may die. Cut, who am I Pointing to his nose, Wu Chi is stupid and said I was killing Jianjun Luo brush straightener apalus Ying s true disciples, how could the district prison hair straightener brush nume jail threatened me brush straightener in target Looked at Wu Chi this piece of view, the cloud is still can not help but silence again down. Although W.t a fool, to this point, how could refuse, immediately kneel respectful kowtow, disciples Wu Chi, see the teacher Apprentice Luo Ying Crushed the hands of the letter, Xi Jun should be a little pondered a moment, his mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, faint words It seems you are still very confident of the heart of refining stars ah Unfortunately, this The stars of the heart is not destined to belong to you, even if you have the support of the Temple, also not The hands of a Zhanzhizhi, Xi Jun should figure suddenly disappeared again. The other layout, but only dark chess only, really the most critical or his own repair Only really restored the strength of the peak period, this time to seek the hearts of the stars may be successful, otherwise. , after all, are empty talk. Now even Xi Jun should not easily fall on the sky stars, is trying to refining the stars of the heart, Wan Jianzong Jianzu for the sky stars strong sense of the strong, to Xi Jun should be repaired, rush to appear, is There is a great possibility of being noticed. Although the strength of the sword with the ancestors, but also the same may not have him, but it is bound to brush straightener in target affect his plan. This is a star of the heart, a major relationship, in any case, he must not be missed. Chapter 464 straightening hair brush nz Life Star This time I will stay in the door for a month, so this month, you temporarily live here After I left, let the disciples to give you assigned Dongfu practice. Will Wu pool back to their main peak, Luo Ying said opening. Luo Ying speak at the same time, there have been brush straightener in target servants for Wu Chi to clean up the home. Wu Chi Baoying subglottic, is the true disciples, in the entire million Jianzong identity are extremely distinguished, natural diet are responsible for people, whether he is left in the Luo Ying, or return to their own Dongfu, are the same. Of course, in fact, these are nothing but chores only, Luo Ying just casually told a bit, really important, or practice. Reprimanded the other disciples, Luo Ying this continued through the star when the door, you have the perfect refining of the star power, and even to promote the sky, which means that the process of refining the stars, for you It has ended. Refining the stars Wu Chi s.

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