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Brush Straightener Kmart with before, have a certain degree of decline, which for them, it should also be a blow, right From this ranking, should also be able to see out, as their own prediction, if not in this test to make a breakthrough, then only after more and more difficult, and even, it is likely to die As the ranking this thing important Perhaps a lot of people are brush straightener kmart very concerned about this, but for Wu Chi, this broken position is fart with no Wu Chi is a typical slut, for slut, get the benefits of hand is the most important, as the reputation let it die Chapter 376 evil read back bite, empty madness Wu Chi, which lasted six months and three days, died 1,118 times, ranking 1909 Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly said The last is how much to come, as if only a dozen down the way However, think about it will be relieved, the prison community under the difficulty of four, dare to break into the people who would have been less, to break through the test of the flames, maybe only only a thousand people only, anyway Has been bottom, and naturally look no difference look. Wu Chi and carefully looked at, or did not see the empty monk s ranking, apparently empty monk still failed to break into the hundred. However, the empty monk has a soul in the hand of the stone, died in the flames of the possibility of the same minimal, but do not know where to break it now. Along the high platform forward look, into the eye, a glacier, and even continue to have hail and ice picks from the air fall, apparently in dealing with the arctic at the same time also face these blows, straightening hair brush for short hair compared to the previous flames more difficult. For those who want to break through the prison community of four people, this is naturally a bad news, for Wu Chi, but it is clearly does not matter. Nothing more than that is more than a few times, but this cargo has been numb, and no big deal. After a brief break, Wu Chi once again jumped high platform, began another process of self torture. This process naturally goes without saying. In the twinkling of an eye is more than two years time in the past, that. is, after the glacier, Wu Chi, respectively, through the thunder, the Dead Sea, the desert and other terrorist torture, count down, but hair straightener brush on tv it is full of, this time Wu Chi is simply too lazy to answer. Of course, in fact, this is already a kind of answer. Silence for a moment, night Shenxing slowly said So to say, I owe you once again. Do not wait Wu Chi answer, night stars continue to say want to walk through the magic bridge, then you at least first understand, what is the demons These words had the original night Shen Star is not necessary to tell Wu Chi, as he said, it seems that he has owed Wu Chi two lives, then even if it is to make up, and should not hide the Wu Chi. On the weekdays, only some special things happen, it may induce the demons But in the heart of the bridge, any small bit of psychological fluctuations, are extremely small, but also in the heart of the heart, It is possible to induce demons. Slightly finishing a bit of thought, the night Shenxing continued Before you do not have to say, take the present situation If you push him down the bridge, of course, can make him beyond redemption, the same, and therefore Produce evil thoughts, so that demons broke out If you feel like sitting in his death will feel guilty and uneasy, then this uneasy and guilty of the heart, also into the demons of the outbreak. So that, Wu Chi suddenly understand the over. No wonder just to see Yang Xiuchuan fell down when the heart of the bridge, his heart will give birth to a trace of uneasy, subconsciously saved him down again, it is because his mind really think of watching him die, and push him down no difference. Heart of a move, Wu Chi once again asked If I think he died with me nothing to do with it Calmly looked at Wu Chi, night Shenxing indifferently explained If your heart without any waves, that brush straightener kmart he i. s a matter of course to see things, then naturally will not induce demons Even if you can do, that Pushing him down is also a matter of course, then you push him down also will not produce demons. I said, the magic from the heart My heart is the heart, that is, your heart, if you can always be the heart of water, everything brush straightener on wet hair is not heart, then naturally do not breed any demons. Slowly toward the middle brush straightener kmart of the bridge A few steps, the night Shenxing indifferent said. Eyelids picked the pick, Wu Chi immediately understand the night Shenxing b.

ht Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan s brush straightener kmart overbearing almost desperate, and at the moment, the emergence of law enforcement, but finally let his heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope. Faced with such a strong law enforcement, everyone thought that Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also had to give in when the time, Yang Xiuchuan has made a move that all people are unexpected The hands of the rifle suddenly flick, like a stone break in general, abruptly locked the rifle chain broken broken a length, one hand suddenly throw, rifle out, like a black lightning, brazenly through the bamboo Yaoyang Heart, will only just from the danger of bamboo Yaoyang hard life and death in the ground. To death, bamboo Yaoyou eyes are still staring round, it seems how can not believe, in such circumstances, Yang Xiuchuan even dare to kill. Did not care about the meaning of bamboo Yaoyang, Yang Xiuchuan s mouth revealed a touch of sneer, order Dark prison community where there have been order Carrying a few broken chain, you really want to be the leader of the prison community is not brush straightener kmart a master I Yang Xiuchuan want to kill people, you can not save it overbearing It is difficult to use words to describe the overbearing, the moment suddenly the field once again into a dead among them. And even even law enforcement who did not expect, Yang Xiuchuan even so bold. presumptuous Mouth hair straightening brush original issued a burst drink, seven chains at the same time moved up, just by Yang Xiuchuan broken broken a length of the chain is also restored between the twinkling of an eye, like seven black snakes in general, crazy toward Yang Xiuchuan hit. It s you Dressed in white, night Shenxing step by step, in the hands of brush straightener kmart death sickle play, while floating around the black two color, into a surprise to take law enforcement away Whether it is the night or star Yang Xiuchuan, which one is good to take the pinch Law Enforters may be able to scare others, but in their eyes it is nothing to be great. Want to stop them, you must come up with enough strength to come. Obviously, by law enforcement officers now show the strength, but also far enough to make two fear. Life brush straightener kmart and death domain. to start, night Shen Xing full shot under the death straightening brush for black hair of the sickle revealed a touch of to take the initiative more. A person s time, always more fearless, but once turned into two people, will be more scruples. Two people s lives, this is more than a person heavier, this reason is so simple. Yunhuo Shimei, with me but just just did not know how long it was, White Brother would not think I really love her at first sight, even at the expense of their own life, right Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi disdain said. Is not love at first sight I do not know, but if you really do not care about her life and death, fear is already already crushed when these demon heart Bai Rong s eyes are also very calm, light opening Road. This sentence, and finally let Wu Chi whom color change. As Bai Rong before the small look at him, and now, he is not a small look at the white dragon According to Wu Chi s temper, this situation, he simply will not stay for their own hidden dangers, even if the bet, it is bound to be with a white dragon gambling. After all, there are contraction to the size of the supernatural brush straightener 2.0 powers, coupled with those demon goal are now Bairong, really desperate to pinch the devil desperately hard, he and Bai Rong live the opportunity, almost the same. In this case, Wu Chi will never fear with Bai Rong gambling. Just once really to this point, the cloud is absolutely absolutely. dead. For a time, suddenly quiet down around, and even be able to hear the brush straightener kmart sound of the rapid breathing of brush straightener kmart the sound of clouds. Before coming, Yunhe how would not brush straightener kmart have thought, she would rather become a drag of Wu Chi. Took a deep breath, the eyes of the cloud suddenly revealed a touch of color. Zheng Soon as Jianming, Yun He decided to pull out the hands of the sword, pointing to Bai Rong away. You two said so much, but did not even ask me the meaning of slowly opening, Yun He whispered so many brothers are so dead you can compromise, but they do Will they die I do not have so much of your mind, but there are hair straightener brush set also my insistence. Janus slightly on the pick, Yun Fu must openly said Unless I die, otherwise, we must for these brothers brothers, to discuss a fair These words finished, whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, can not help but at the same time discoloration. Now the situation is very subtle, whether it is W.Wu Chi s face, Luo Ying has almost determined, is bound to this genius, income under their own door. Chapter 462 Sky image Star power together, whether it is spirit or body, have been unknowingly, completed a wash, this transformation is no doubt that the leap. The body of the infuriating into the star power, Wu Chi mouth could not help but uttered a clear Xiao. boom Accompanied by this swearing, horror of the star force suddenly broke hair straightener brush amazon out. Ten percent For a moment, the crowd around once again issued a burst of exclaimed voice, simply can not believe his eyes. Star power perfect refining, there is no trace of the existence of defects, it is simply legendary things. To know, just soared from the lower bound, the body is full of impurities, and Xing Li s refining, is to eliminate these impurities in the process. Road to the peak of this state, itself is the lower bound of the argument, in fact, after the collapse of the void, the first step is to do the refining star, only the real infuriating completely into the star force, be considered to complete the refining star. For most people, this process is even long for decades. At the moment, Wu Chi did, but it is perfect refining, in other words, just through the star door this short period of time, he completed the others need to complete the refining of several decades. This itself has been enough shock, however, soon everyone will be horrified to find, more evildoer is still behind Accompanied by that swearing, completely complete the star hair straightening brush walmart canada force of wa. shing at the same time, Wu Chi s body suddenly revealed a strong sword Italy, between the moment, a Qinglian suddenly bloom Perfect Kendo Many people have not even react, what happened, the void suddenly appeared in a bright star, as if this moment through the world, India and Wu Chi s body, or more accurately that is printed And that a lotus on the lotus. Trance, Wu Chi head suddenly appeared a star together out of the star sword Sky This moment, even if it is Luo Ying can not help but suddenly discoloration If you say, before the ten stars of the perfect refinery, but also in his expected words, then the stars at the moment of the cohesion, but it is really so that he was incredible. Rumors, only.

Brush Straightener Kmart Ying directly to discuss, apparently has already made a good idea. If other times, the cold star Jianjun naturally reluctant to give, but the jail prison thing, this is his reason to lose first, so that Wu Chi back jail prison penalty, then he said it, let him how to refuse Condensate star Dan a total of 100, able to support in the days of jail prison for how long, they have to see his own. Silence a bit, cold star finally agreed to come down. Shook his head, Ling Tianjian opened his mouth and said I can not have any special things can be given, so be it, since the Wu Shi nephew into the day jail prison practice, weekdays that point is not enough stone stone, I will send Wu Shi It s a good thing. A million stone for Wu Chi such a disciple is a lot, they can their identity, may be worth mentioning. Ling Tian Jianjun only to such a star stone, it does seem a bit stingy. Brow slightly a pick, Luo Ying eyes reveal a touch of exquisite, watching Ling Tianjian Jun, did not speak. Young people, blindly spoiled for the practice but no good. A hundred years later is the door of the big ratio, if Wu Shi nephew can be discharged into the top ten, I send a gift, how This is beautiful, but in fact it is purely Chedan. Wu Chi is now only the beginning of the stars only, there are less than a hundred years is the ca. se than the door, and that time, can not step into the broken star are hard to say, let alone into the larger than the top ten. Ling Tianjian Jun say so, in fact, there is a bit did not give Luo Ying face taste. Slightly narrowed his eyes, Luo Ying heart burst of sneer, according to Lingtian brothers said it. When it comes to this point, the words have been said clearly, gossip a few words, they will be dispersed. Wu Chi Lehe received something, but also already have a brush straightener kmart general mind to judge. Xiushui Jianjun has always been good for their own, nothing to say, cold star Jianjun although a cold face, but it is not deliberately for their own meaning, the only pair of their own is not so friendly, is the Ling day sword The king. Combined with Luo Ying said, the task assigned to the door is Ling Tian Jianjun that pulse of the disciples responsible, the hearts have been generally understood. On their ow.the heart of the disciples to guide the heart of the disciples, both at the same time will be the heart of the stars back bite, souls are off. Even if it is really brush straightener kmart lucky success, and that is responsible for guiding the stars of the disciples, it is absolutely dead. The power of the stars of the heart, where the disciples can control, violent power, I m afraid enough to support the Xinghai in an instant, destroy the innate star. According to my speculation, I am afraid that most likely to be selected by the division, that is, Wu Chi Watching Luo Ying, Xiushui Jianjun softly said by Wu pool break broken stars to open Xinghai colleagues, to guide the power of the stars of the heart, the impact of Xinghai If Wu Chi can support half an hour of time, it is possible to let the division Respect for refining the stars of the heart. Just so, Wu Chi Sheng also hope, I m afraid not enough In this case, Wu Chi only life, is to open up the Xinghai large enough to be able to force the sword to support the sword of the heart of the stars. In this way, nature is happy. Jianzu refining the stars of the heart, a breakthrough for the Lord, and Wu Chi will also take this opportunity to open up more than ordinary ordinary people, ten times is a hundred times the large Xinghai, unlimited potential. Can such a chance can be ignored In the heart of the stars that terror under the impact of stars, support half an hour, or even longer time, this is simply fantasy. The greatest possible, that is, Wu Chi and sword at the same time by the stars of the heart of bite and die. Wu Chi s talent, if it can really support some of the longer, that is, Jianzu successful breakthrough, and he has become a stepping stone Jianzu breakthrough stone. If the teacher is really successful also fills, sacrifice a disciple, hair straightening brush round is worth it But, afraid or failed ah, that time, not only those disciples I am afraid that all have to be buried is my big sword of the robbery ah Moment, Luo Ying face big change, the horror of the sword suddenly spread out from the body, almost the whole Jianfeng are trembling position. Luo Shidi, brush straightener kmart for the present, on. ly we together to break the palace to prevent the respect of the Master Now Master has been blinded by t.

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