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Brush Straightener Myer ab the soul of the stone, and now is to help Yang Xiuchuan they grab the soul of stone, no doubt has been determined by law enforcement officers to disrupt the order of th. e people. Although the relationship between Yang Xiuchuan and the night stars, and can not separate too much energy to him, but once the opportunity, but also the attack on the Wu Chi. Order chain for Yang Xiuchuan they are a trouble, fell to Wu Chi this is enough to fatal, even if not law enforcement who have no intention to kill, just want to lock the chain of Wu Chi, to stop him to continue to grab the soul of stone, Wu Chi fear is brush straightener malaysia simply not the opportunity to respond will not have. Om The hands of the shadow sword suddenly point out, Jianfeng point in the chain above the order, Wu Chi the whole person by the power of recoil back out, while shouting stop this broken chain, or I die, you also Can not get the soul stone. Compared to law enforcement, Wu Chi s strength is still too weak, even if only one order chain, once more entangled for a while, he is also likely to be killed Ding Death of a sickle turn, and a flight to the Wu Chi s order chain was abruptly stopped by the night stars. Wu Chi has three hands in the hands of the soul of the stone, and this time if the law enforcement to seize or kill, once the souls of brush straightener myer stone into the hands of law enforcement officers, they are afraid it is difficult to recapture. Tonight, Shen Xing and Yang Xiu chuan were dragged by law brush straightener myer enforcement officers, simply do not come to the hand, only by Wu Chi hand these souls to recover the soul As long as the set of soul stone hand, they get rid of law enforcement is not a difficult thing. Seeing the success of the night, how can the sun to allow law enforcement officers at this time to catch Wu Chi. Night Shen Xing and hair straightening brush qatar Yang Xiuchuan at the same time brush straightener myer full shot, a moment between the law enforcement officers forced to withdraw the attack on the order of Wu Chi chain. In this way, Wu Chi was finally relieved. Then this moment of time, already fell to the immortal soul of the side. Ancestors, the potential than people strong, set the soul of stone you still hand over it. Stretched out his hand, Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. Pooh brush straightener myer Little beast,, but not long before, Wu Chi will really be familiar with these people up. These are no one of the core disciples of the leader, whether it is talent or strength, are far from unusual disciples comparable, if not so, it will not trouble things, was imprisoned in prison. Compared with them, Wu Chi Daoshi that he was off this hundred years, is simply nothing. I heard that jail prison though tough, but if it can support down, for the same practice will have a great advantage Wu Chi asked curiously. The point is also good. Nodded his mouth, said Chou old three, when the time came in, not to the peak of stars, if step by step practice, I m afraid there is no chance to become a true disciple.However, Was here for five hundred years, but now it is already breaking. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but slightly moved. How long is the hatred of prisoners That is the past ten years. Chou old three does not matter, said As long as out, you should be able to step into the broken stars. So to say, Johnson brothers should now be able to break through it Wu Chi some puzzled and asked. To be so confident that after the break at any time can be a breakthrough, apparently has broken the bottleneck, enough to break the brush straightener myer right fishes. This is what I want to say to you. Chou old three seriously said Do not break in the jaws of broken stars Once the strength of broken stars, they will be transferred to the day jail prison Do not Look at me now seems brush straightener tips to be too concerned about Jian Qi erosion, and really want to be locked into the day jail prison, brush straightener myer I m afraid it may not be alive out. Mention days jail prison, hatched old three obviously some fear, said very serious. However, hear this, Wu Chi heart is can not help but suddenly jumped, You mean, broken disciples of the stars if the jail into the prison, it will certainly be assigned to the day jion prison That is natural. Nodded his head, hatred of the old three said For the master of the broken stars, where the sword of gas erosion is no threat, you can easily hold in. Kill this is to punish the wrong disciples Once they come in, nature will surely be assigned to the sword. Get the old three confirmed, Wu Chi heart is can not help but suddenly sneer up. Bai Rong the tr.

own life and death, all in the Chiang Zhengyang a read between. Play to play a big, left and right are adventure, why should a small stingy Carefully recalled from the prison community after all the happen, Wu Chi all the actions are used to confuse each other, as is by Yang Xiuchuan and the night of the stars of the potential to cheat the soul of stone, and then broke into the prison community in one fell swoop Among them. If it is not empty monk and Yang Xiuchuan has long been agreed, Zhesi is going to put the five set of soul stone together to get the hand to stop. And the results are no doubt proved, Wu Chi s acting is absolutely first class Abruptly deceived everyone in the past. At the moment, when Wu Chi broke into the prison community four, other people back to think, naturally can understand it all, can understand that Gui understand, but also have to admire Wu Chi s boldness and means If you say before, but also feel that Wu Chi is a bold, daring talent, then this idea has been completely rewritten This product is simply the real evildoer Genius in genius And the kind of shameless bones to the bastard. Even think that more understanding of Wu brush straightener myer Chi s Chiang Zheng Yang, at the moment can not help but some absence Such a person, where is he can be used, which is Jiang can restrain And then think of the departure of Su Wan, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but sigh again. If Su Wan is the only weakness of Wu Chi, then when Su Wan left the prison community triple that moment, it means that Wu Chi completely let go of the hands and feet Now even if there is a big anger Wu Chi, but also no catharsis. Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Yang Xiuchuan glanced at the law enforcement one, suddenly followed to the prison community to break into the four. Even at this moment has only a set of soul stone, and can Yang Xiuchuan pride, how can fear To know that this. time the prison community test, to be able to appear five times the soul of the soul itself is an accident, but also nearly a thousand years, the prison community hair straightener brush for black women countless results accumulated. Missed this time, at least brush straightener myer a few hundred years, is no hope to come up with so many souls to the stone. Yang Xiuchuan where there are patience and so wait fo.ed, in addition to still stay in the prison community triple these Chiang disciples, the other people have been killed clean. News back to the prison community triple, Chiang s forces here are also disintegrated. In addition to Chiang s descendants of the children, the other people have fled, cut off all ties with the Chiang family. Even even this one Dong Fu, also have the same could not hold. Jiang Zhengyang fall, Chiang family destroyed, alone, he and Jiang Wenfeng two people, how to live in this place to protect the house Eyes full of bloody, kneeling here, Jiang Rui but do not even know who should hate Hate it But if not Chiang Zhengyang forced to marry others, how will lead to this tragedy Private feelings can never override the interests of the family above Jiang Rui still remember Jiang Zhengyang had said the words Even at first, he thought it was reality. But now this brutal result, but it is in the bloody example to tell him that this idea is simply wrong. If not Chiang Kai shek is almost cruel to hear the death of Wu Chi, choose to give up private feelings, cut off all the links, how can fall to this point A heaven, a hell Unfortunately, no one has the opportunity to regret Heavily brush straightener myer toward the Dongfu knocked three ring head, Jiang Rui kept tears and stood up, decided to leave this one Dong Fu, impressively toward the prison community away Although there is no soul stone, although knowing that this prison can be said to be four dead life, but he was still hesitate to enter the prison community four Not only because, only step into the prison community four, he can avoid the next Yang to kill, but also because only into the prison community four, he had the opportunity to narrow the gap between Yang Xiuchuan, only Opportunity to return to the golden world, the Chiang lost things to recapture. Jiang family died a lot of people, but he has not died so, Jiang has not yet destroyed The The Chapter 411 Han Shan Chiang Zheng yang, but has been in self deception. Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said really able to set foot on the Hanshan, but why need a piece of Han Shan token Instead, even to his Han Shan token, and. even let him see the Han Shan Shangren how Less than ten days time, Chi.ou See Yuno changed his face, Wu Chi slightly hesitated, then had no choice but to smile Pei Pei, is the wrong thing I do not work Yun Ho Shimei, you rest assured, I was hard life, not so Easy to die. Although Wu Chi is a very relaxed look, but in fact, Yun He is very clear, want to make such a decision is not easy. She is not clear Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng what kind of relationship, but only by Wu Chi now this attitude is enough to make her mind on the Wu Chi how much better. Although it seems a bit silly, but this kind of friendship, but how can people be assured of many. Yes, where are I going to visit the door Mangshan demons Looked at Wu Chi, the task brush straightener myer of dispatching disciples brush straightener myer can not help but some doubts, the Young, you sure you want to go to Mangshan Yeah, what s the matter Wu Chi replied innocently. Do not be joking, the young brother just to light up the star soon Is no longer lack of stone can not be sent to death ah. The disciples shook his head, kindly persuaded If you really miss the stone, then I There are a lot of simple internal tasks, you hair straightener brush african american hair can look at some of the. For this kindly disciple, Wu Chi gave birth to a little bit of goodwill, but this discouragement, he naturally can not listen to the. Thank you reminded, but I still want to go to Mangshan. Mouth overflow a trace of a smile, Wu Chi wrist doubled, has been the real disciples of the token to take out, trouble you help me check, Xiushui Feng Li Yunpeng is divided in which group, when. starting To see the true disciples token, hair straightening brush professional that disciple was obviously shocked, I m sorry, I m sorry I do not know is Wu brothers Put a waved, Wu Chi shook his head No, I should thank you for your reminder But I really want to go to Mangshan look. Really disciples of identity on that, even if the strength of Wu Chi and then poor, no one has reason to block. The disciples immediately in accordance with the instructions of the Wu Chi Wu pool for a good answer to the Mangshan task, Wu brothers, starting best ceramic hair straightener brush tomorrow morning, if you really want to go, please also early to prepare. Thank you. Nodded his head, Wu Chi to recover the true disciples token, then turned away. Tomorrow morning to start You really can not wait to want me to die. Secretly sneer a.

Brush Straightener Myer ial stuff, waiting to see, Xiao Ye will put your iceberg beauty to fight kneeling for mercy. Zheng Almost in someone s mind. kinky. How to fight the Han Shuai knelt for mercy when the Han cream is already a sword. Test is a test, do not need any extra nonsense to Han Shuang s temper, but also no interest with Wu Chi said what kind of courtesy, and even may even see Wu Chi a little interest. Sword cold, people colder Sword out, suddenly brought a layer of frost, blue sword feathers pressing, raising his hand, as if even the surrounding air were frozen up. This is not familiar with the ice sword Wu Chi is not strange. The original Han Shan is used in the ice Kendo, that extreme cold and cold terror, so far Wu pool is still fresh in my memory. If not the original Han Shan Shang s strength was suppressed too much, I m afraid to lift a lift fingers, are enough to die Wu Chi. Now face this similar Frost Sword, Wu apalus brush hair straightener boots Chi s reaction is extremely fast. Qinglian Jianqi instantly released out to the ever changing Had to fight with the white when the time, just a escape, simply not really play against, and now is the first time Wu Chou and the master of the first fight with the stars, Wu Chi is actually not quickly out of the outcome the meaning of. For him, more contact, test the gap between each other how much is the focus. Wu Chi in accordance with the conjecture, had been in his days jail prison among the Qinglian Jianqi still able to support the face of the master of the stars, it should not have much problem fishes. Unfortunately, only a contact, Wu Chi suddenly found that his guess is simply wrong outrageous. Just a moment of contact, Qinglian Jian Qi even had a sign of collapse. If really hard touch, fear is even the number of data are unable to support. Frost contained in the star force, full of explosive power, as if in a moment, will be able to hit the general Wu Chi. Suddenly, Wu Chi stature back, the speed will be promoted to the extreme. But Rao is so, it brush straightener reviews was still frost swept a little, his face on the hair instantly changed the cage on a layer of white frost, and even the body of the stars of the luck are a bit slower. This is still Wu Chi to hide fast, or really be swept by the sword, I m afra.r normal circumstances that is even, but in this fog enveloped, but it has become a natural moat. Wind Li Yunpeng into a deadlock, but Chen did not stop the fog, he made the fog, for his natural will not have any effect, so his arrows, can still be accurate to Li Yunpeng key. But between the number of data, Li Yunpeng was forced to have to show their influence again, from the fog out of the back. The weakest is the strongest For Chen fog are, most afraid of being close, but before you really close to the body, but it is his strongest moment. That a fog under the shrouded, he was outrageous arrows, is the most horrible shot strokes. And even even if Ma Shi Jie and Liu Changtong not dare to fall into the fog. However, in Li Yunpeng from the fog out of the moment, Liu Changtong fist is already on schedule. puff Has just cast a metaphor supernatural powers, and now Li Yunpeng simply can not come again to shadow, can barely sideways to hand knife parry. Just this r. ush under the parry, and how to block Liu Changtong ready brush straightener myer to go fist. Just a punch, Li Yunpeng will be flying out of the bomb, spit out a blood, his face instantly pale up. However, this is still not the end. Li Yunpeng in the air, change to the most difficult time, Ma Shijie s ribbon at the same time wrapped around, as the python wrapped around the general, crazy tight, almost to Li Yunpeng suffocated. Just so short a moment of time, under the three together, they abruptly Li Yunpeng into the desperate. Wind Chen fog all the arrows again after the first, as lightning hit Li Yunpeng throat. This arrow, is the real lore Although the three have a battle between each other, but this is not the first time, hair straightening brush best reviews and shot a very understanding, abruptly cut off the vitality of Li Yunpeng. brush straightener myer It is no exaggeration to say that if this arrow is real, Li Yunpeng is bound to instantly die. However, in the life and death that is, a sudden burst of terror and pressure down. Even if the strength of the three, this moment, and even can not control the body, from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a trace of chestnut feeling. Breathe between the void out of a finger, suddenly press Moment, hit Li Yunpeng throat that arrow, suddenly broken broken, wrapped aroun.

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