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Brush Straightener On Black Hair $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);ery clear, the other will not give up, and will choose to enter at the same time. Wu Chi naturally understand this truth, but no section used to use, can be stained with the cheap, it is also good. What is the prison in the five, what is the clue of Hideyoshi master Shrugged, Wu Chi straightening hair brush ad Xinkou asked. Some things, others do not know, but Yang in the golden world of long tradition, brush straightener on black hair but may not have left some records. I do not know. Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan replied I had ancestors broke into the prison community five, but unfortunately it is straightening hair brush best falling in whic. h did not leave any record. Eyes slightly a condensate, hair straightening brush titanium Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked It is said that Yang inherited a long time, do not break into the prison community five, only the only ancestors of this Hear this, Yang Xiuchuan is can not help but rolled his eyes. What is the five of you This genius in the world countless, may be enough to break into the prison community is already rare, and most talented people, are mostly in the prison community with the help of Dong Fu brush straightener on black hair practice to the peak after the road, they choose to break the world Even the prison community did not dare to break the four, even more than the five prison. They are all broken through the prison community, even if the three amazing, hair straightening brush kingdom cares not the same dangerous The last test, if not Wu Chi to that wonderful way to break, fear may not be able to break in the past. See hair straightening brush harvey norman Yang Xiuchuan expression, Wu Chi can not help but touch the nose, no longer tangled the problem. Did the night brother come I have made a letter, it should also be the two days will be. Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan replied. Then wait for the night after the brother, together with it. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi is no longer shirk, simply agreed down Yang is indeed only one ancestor into the prison community five heavy, and the fall of which, but to say that there is no left any clues but it is impossible. Sneer a cry, Jiang Rui Chen Sheng explained This big family, at the same time, will be in the letter to the news back to prevent their own encounter unexpected, but also for future generations to leave some reference experience. With the four family of people, Jiang Rui naturally understand the rules of the four.

sound, Wu Chi suddenly saw a middle beard with a beard, expression is very gentle, it seems that people have a look like a close feeling. However, he is seen by Wu Chi so many people, the first one does not call the king of Luo Ying. The reason for not calling is simple. because he himself is Jianjun. Wan Jianzong four Jianjun, and the other is clearly one of them. Ding brothers Slightly sub first, Luo Ying faintly open ceremony. Eyes fell to Wu Chi s body, keep the beard of the young and said I heard that you are called Wu Chi Disciples Wu Chi meet predecessors. Honestly bowed salute, Wu Chi heart has guessed the other must be one brush straightener tutorial of the four Jianjun, but still did not show it, but simply to the predecessors commensurate. My name Ding Xiu, like Luo Shidi, you can call me, Xiushui Jianjun. Disciples meet Xiushui Jianjun Wu Chi from good to flow, immediately changed his mouth. Satisfied nodded his head, Ding Xiu turned to Luo Ying said Luo Yidi, I and this child, see it as before, as you brush straightener on black hair will he let me how Brow suddenly pick the pick, even Luo Ying did not think, weekdays has always been indisputable Ding Xiu will also be Wu Chi tempted, and, an opening directly let him want. Ding Xiu in Wanjianzong, very good people, very few people will refute his face. If other things, Luo Ying is bound to sell him a face, but Wu Chi is Luo has long been the default disciples, naturally refused to let. Ding brothers, I remember you already have four disciples, and Young also did not successor This time, please let me let me once. These words out, Ding Xiu naturally not good to say anything, chuckle a bit, Sorry, is the brothers bold Hear the two dialogue, surrounded by other disciples to see the eyes of Wu Chi, has been full of jealousy. Just just getting started, it is bound to be able to directly become the king of the true disciples, this treatment is also a good too much, right Luo Shidi usually not within the door, if anything, you can come to me. Eyes turned to Wu Chi, Ding Xiu said again. Thank you Xiushui Jianjun Wu Chi heart of a move, quickly thanks. Welcome to the ancestors For such a time to speak, a Ruoyouruowu breath, the moment, including Luo Ying and Ding Xiu, including all bow at the same ti.diately went out. Xiushui brothers. Xiushui Jianjun face some not look good, put a waved, signaled the other disciples retreat, this opening Luo Young, division refining the heart of the stars is probably a trouble. Hearing this, Luo Ying can not help but be surprised. Xiushui brothers, what do you mean Jianzu difficult to refining the stars of the heart hair straightening brush wavy hair of this matter, in fact, Luo Ying has long been guessed, but never declared to the mouth. These days, my heart felt, repair for the luck and a step This realized that the division may have been unable to refining the stars of the heart. Deep breath, Xiushui Jianjun Chen Sheng said. Not the last moment, everything is also too early. Silence a moment, Luo Ying replied. This is equal to the already approved Xiushui Jianjun guess. Wry smile, Xiushui Jianjun then said Luo Brother, you probably did not understand what I mean brush straightener on black hair this time, the teacher suddenly so much so that the disciples with his retreat, I am afraid that would like to risk ah what did you say Moment, Luo Ying face suddenly changed Before I do not understand Reasonably, now the division of refining the heart of the stars should have been to the most critical moment, there is no one to disturb any fishes, but why he suddenly let so many really disciples with him closed It s too unusual. Xiushui Jianjun continued Before I did not realize that only think that the master is to wish the door, on the disciples who, into the immortal palace to grasp. Recently, after the cultivation of refined, vaguely Has been able to perceive the hearts of the stars This was shocked, Shizu is from these true disciples, the selection of a person to help him guide the hearts of the stars of the power, forced refining ah Luo Ying s realm itself is not low, before just did not think about it Xiushui Jianjun is brush straightener on black hair now so little, even when the reaction came. Sword Zu with their own strength. simply can not refining the stars of the heart, but if by a disciple forced to guide the hearts of the stars out of the power, like a hole in the same hole on the dam As a breakthrough, there is a certain grasp of the heart can be forced to refining the stars. Just this way, the risk is too big. Once uncontrollable, together with.are of this, the night Shen Xing suddenly vibrant. He was afraid of the horror of the judge only pen, once unable to continue to use the judge pen, to kill the guard is easy. In fact, that guarding the command is also hair straightening brush hqt-906 reviews aware of this, subconsciously give up the pursuit, but returned to the temple of life and death. Wu led a look of surprise and brush straightener on black hair asked The two criminals are obviously not support, as long as the adults bang, must be able to kill them ah Have to say. Wu Chi Zhesi acting very good brush straightener on black hair Guardian command did not realize that the servant in the bumbling, but worried about the explanation No, the power of the pen is too strong, not I can control, I have some exhaustion, simply can not continue to kill. What can I do Wu Chi looked worried and said Otherwise, let s go Nonsense Chen Sheng snapped the sentence, the guard command shook his head and said Grand judge given the judge pen, that is, let us town to kill them, and now hold the judge pen, but also let them back, we have any face to see life and death How to do that Wu Chi bitter again asked. Give you Will judge the pen into the hands of Wu Chi, guarding the command of Chen Sheng told You also feel the road of life and death, the same can temporarily control the judge pen, you keep here, extremely blocked them in the house I will restore power as soon as possible Replace you. Took the judge pen, Wu Chi heart has long been blooming, but the surface is still still put on a hair straightening brush as seen on tv reviews reluctant look, adults that, I can not ah My strength is worse than they are And, I will not use the judge pen at all There is a judge in the hand, with your own strength has a fart relationship, as long as you can urge even a trace of the power of the pen, they will brush straightener on black hair never be your opponent Scolded a sentence, guard again open the road A stick of incense, as long as you hold a stick of incense time, I will be able to recover, that time, they are naturally not opponents. Hear this, Wu Chi this bitter bite the teeth, Well, I listen to adults. Between the words, Wu Chi tightly holding the judge pen, a look like the enemy, standing on the entrance to the hall. Will judge the pen in his hand, Wu Chi immediately felt the power of that powerful, infuriating flow, slowly into the ju.

Brush Straightener On Black Hair hat time, it seems that they have to compete with the Wu Chi qualifications, but now again meet again, the strength of the gap is already a world of difference. Jiang Xiong, one by another years, style still ah. Mouth smile, Wu Chi took the lead in opening Road. This sound Jiang Xiong, but it is suddenly let Jiang Rui some sigh, but the mood is also relaxed down. And not too much courtesy, and soon Jiang Rui explained to Italy. Wu Chi did not shirk, simply accept the identity of Chiang Jiaqingqing, of course, to the strength of Wu Chi now, naturally do not need to be bound by what more, just to this name as a deterrent only. Jiang Rui did not even mention, this guest will give Wu pool what benefits, brush straightener on black hair in fact, Wu Chi also did not ask the meaning. To the extent of this now, even the spiritual marrow, for Wu Chi, in fact, there is no great significance. Jiang Ji to give the benefits do not have to put Wu Chi who, all fell to Su Wan s body, that is, these are tacit things, naturally do not have to mention. Jiang Rui left, the prison community has a lot of people want to see Wu Chi, but almost all refused, just these brush straightener on black hair people who refused, let the night owl burst of scalp. Night owl of the name, it is completely resounded through the dark prison community, I do not know how many people envy die. Su Wan did not return to the prison community early, but here to accompany Wu Chi and so on for more than a year, until Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Zi from the prison community back, this left. And only to this time, Wu Chi will feel, in fact, more women, but also a very troublesome thing. Wu Chi accompanied by Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi stay for more than a year, with black Jiao together in the dark prison community turned a big circle. Compared with other people, only with Zhou Bo words together, Wu Chi is really the most relaxed. As in the year when the first time in the sword at the same time. Wu Chi, you said, if we had not to go to Kunlun, did not leave the shadow sword, what will it be Leaning against the arms of Wu Chi, Zhou Bo words whispered. It is estimated brush straightener on black hair that in a small. place to eat and so die, you know, mixed and so die, has hair straightener brush nasv always been my greatest dream. Chuckle a bit, Wu Chi casually replied so many ye.ange for. Once missed this opportunity, then it is difficult to have such a cheap accountable. Little thief, you die See Wu Chi attack, middle aged face more ugly, hate sound cursed. Oh, a joke just now, we continue to talk about how Just said where Face changed, Wu Chi did not do anything like a look, shamelessly open Road So shameless tone, even if Li Yunpeng and middle age, his face can not help but pumping pumping boom And then do not believe the meaning of Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng brazenly cut the knife again cut down. Supernatural powers, go hand in hand Moment, Wu Chi will suddenly lost the traces of Li Yunpeng, the hearts of suddenly gave birth to a touch of deadly sense brush straightener on black hair of crisis Wu brush straightener on black hair Chi can clearly feel that the other side posted on their side, but no matter how the perception, but they can not determine each other s position, but can not get rid of As if the whole body of the hair are in this moment fried up, it is a real infinite fear of death. Breathe between Wu Chi suddenly closed his eyes. In this case, the eyes have simply can not bring seems to help, and even instead make their own illusion. God s prejudgment Sword field start, although not aware of each other s traces, but Wu Chi is also able to perceive the arrival of the crisis, the kind of mysterious induction, the letter out of the sword, but it is extremely accurate to block each other s shooting. Wu Chi for the God of the predecessor of the master, is still very imperfect, however, with the strength of the c. urrent surge, the state is already completely different. Just a moment, Wu Chi clearly aware of their own understanding of God s prejudgment, the same can become a supernatural powers. What is supernatural power Said the mysterious point is above the power of the road and above, but in fact, in the final analysis, but also for the perception of the road to reach a certain extent, the feeling of a special means only Is the trick, but it is not so far away. In the prison community six heavy, Wu Chi Shen Wu million enlightenment monument, itself for a variety of rules of the road have been a lot of sentiment God s predestined this early grasp of the means, naturally, then homeopathy for the supernatural powers. For Wu Chi, th.

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