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Brush Straightener On Natural Hair rains of the brains, but also enough to hold over. And only experienced the pain of the past, in order to make people feel more precious soul stone. If you can get a few sets of soul stone, break into the prison community of four emboldened naturally will be a lot of the natural. Brain turned these thoughts at the same time, the prison station slowly sink into the ground under the Wu Chi, they are a few hold the last person also fell to the ground. The next moment, Wu Chi, who also found the presence of law enforcement. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi brain between the electro optical flint will guess each other s identity, the spirit suddenly lifted it. If there is no law enforcement presence, the face of Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing, I am afraid no one dare to give birth to the idea of resistance, but now have law enforcement, it makes the situation suddenly changed the different up. Mind tran. sfer, Wu Chi pupil slightly shrink, subconsciously looked around the situation. To survive the prison community test, get the soul of the stone, a total of five people In addition to immortal ancestors and empty monks, there are two people, one is Yang Ye, the other one is before Yang Xiuchuan point to Li Xi. This result, in fact, so that Wu Chi some unexpected. This time I brush straightener on natural hair am afraid that the most stress is Yang Ye, Yang Ye can be chosen even really to the last. So count, Yang Xiuchuan point of the three, even all have made a set of soul stone. On the contrary, the night Shenxing side only brush straightener on natural hair their own and immortal soul ancestral soul stone only. Set the soul stone Wu Chi to see them a few people fall, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time throw off law enforcement officers, flying toward the side. presumptuous Seeing the night Shenxing they not only do not close the hand, but in front of his face to grab the soul of the soul stone, suddenly law enforcement officers furious, pushed the order chain fiercely dumped out, tightly entangled two. Amitabha Empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, loudly said Gentlemen, law enforcement officers appear, I am waiting for the law enforcement officers to help Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing kill only. This moment of time, everyone naturally see out, altho.his guess is very bold, but it seems as if the slightest deduction What is the use of life and death door Moment, Wu Chi brain suddenly remembered, before asking himself to guard the command, the other sa. id the words. Life and death door in hair straightener brush on short hair the deepest point of life and death, it is said that reversible life and death, but in addition to life and death, no one knows what. Reversible life and death The brain once again flashed the four words, Wu Chi heart is suddenly thrown a crazy idea. Although dangerous, if really as their own guess, then wait for their own, perhaps it is a shaking fortune Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly returned to the front of the palace had seen the death of life and death. what are you doing Eyes flashed a hint of anger, life and death judge snapped snapped Road. Wu Chi as hair straightening brush canada if he did not hear the words of life and death in general, self care quickly toward the palace when the flew away, mind carrying 120,000 points carefully, as expected, life and death judge even if the fury is also fundamental Can not understand the door of life and death, but can not catch up to blame themselves. This sudden change is even the Yang Xiuchuan and the night stars are also some ignorant, do not know what Wu Chi want to do. But Wu Chi has a dead spirit in itself is the guard of life and death so come and go freely, those guards will not attack Wu Chi, but they were dragged by these guards tightly. Health To refer to the pen, a huge vitality suddenly emptied from the life and death judges who have just been Wu Chou to judge the pen to kill a few guards by this unit of the traction suddenly died and resurrection. Just a moment after the absence of God, then suddenly joined the Yang Xiuchuan again with the night Shenxing among the murderous. Just at the moment, the eyes of life and death judges can not help but reveal a trace of anxious color. If he may even want to urge these guards immediately turned back to kill Wu Chi, unfortunately, Wu Chi has a pen in hand, not afraid of these guards More important is these guards simply can not leave here From the life and death in front of all the way bolted back Wu Chi into the hall of the moment, and sure enough to see the death judge still sit firmly at.

denly be two kill. Just this time, Wu Chi has long been running did not shadow. Originally, they also want to explore the mouth from the mouth of Wu Chi, at the moment but only to give up. Think of the judge fell to the hands of Wu Chi, the two hearts can not help but slightly afraid of this life and death hall seems more dangerous than imagined, but to this point, but there is no escape at all. Suddenly a bite, the two immediately went to the depths of life and death point to break. And not to mention Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan at the moment of mind, Wu Chi abandoned the guard after the command, even turned to the death of the judge where the palace ran. In fact, Wu Chi is not never thought of the judge will be ignorant down, and then with Yang Xiuchuan together to break through the door of life and death, can think of life and death, Wu Chi is not easy to take risks. Only a judge pen in the hands of the guard, almost forced Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing completely into the wind, if it is not that guard command for a long time to control the judge pen, I m afraid the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan died long ago, But also the root of their own pit he did not get a judge pen So count, that the strength of life and death is almost unpredictable, rashly with the enemy, simply and death is no different Night Shen Xing they are not the election, but brush straightener on natural hair Wu Chi is now life and death hall guard ah, and is seen a life and death sentence, identity has been recognized guard, naturally have the opportunity to inquire about the actual situation. In this case, the brain is definitely more effective than hands to be effective. All the way trot, Wu Chi soon returned to the life and death of the judges where the palace, face panic into the break, big sentence, bad things bad Command adults were killed, the two have entered the temple of life and death Pen is lost, this commanded the humble with a pen back to report a big sentence Even at this time, Wu Chi did not forget to bring the black pot to the guard who pushed, pick their own. Raised his head, life and death in the eyes of a touch of cool, as if to see through the heart of Wu Chi in general, really this Feel the other side of the eyes fell on t.irst First, you understand Do not say that the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi , Even that Yanbei Chen, not the same as me My way is to come out of my own Nobody can me I will always win, no one can stop my footsteps What is it Yang Xiuchuan s mirror said gloomy Do not say anything, just my off, you break in the past Punch hit, Yang Xiuchuan grip hair straightening brush in pakistan the hands of the tiger s mouth has even been shaken. This last mirror is too strong, even if he has done his best, still can not see a little hope brush straightener walgreens of success. How is the first Mirror faint opening That is only that you are temporarily the first In the past, ranked in the top of you who is still little Want to do this first, want to roll all opponents, you have to become stronger Road is wrong, if not change over, you never hope that those who are better than the real genius Do not say Yan North Chen, and even the night stars and Wu Chi, you are also better than Are you going to brush straightener on natural hair keep your mind a first life It s important that you have the courage to face mistakes and correct mistakes Or that you do not have the confidence to break a real way to feel the real avenue Three people, the face of the last mirror when the same do not see the slightest hope of winning. In this blow, the face is the same problem. If the three can see each other, you will find that the other side of the state are so imagined Vanity, it seems that a pair of eyes indifferent look at all this. If someone can jump out, standing on top of the prison community to look down, you will find, in fact, the whole prison area five, there is only one bridge At the moment, three people have come to the edge of the bridge, and even half of the feet have been stepped out toward the darkness of the void Chapter 395 Kim Sum of the heart Blood dripping Wu Chi even can not remember how many wounds themselves, and black mirror now the strength of today, for their own, is simply a rolling, and even no chance of resistance. Every time the confrontation, will make the body more than a wound, although in fact, when the black mirror shot, has been to avoid the Wu Chi s key, can be so many injuries accumulated, also have to Wuchi weak The. Wound pain, some pain in the heart. I said, your way wrong, if not repent.k prison community, I m afraid not only save people, but also let yourself Into a crisis. Although do not want to admit, but Wu Chi also understand that now they have become a Han Shan. and Xi Jun should be in the game, the most important piece. Once their failure to death, Su Wan and Zhou Bo Yan they are bound to be implicated. On the contrary, as long as their own security, then even Jun Jun should find their relationship with Zhou Boyan their relationship, it will not rush under the killer. Took a deep breath, Wu Chi suddenly once again folded Han Shan. Now this situation, it can be said that Hanshan had long been expected, since he wanted to let himself beheaded Jun Jun should be bound to other preparations. Although it seems just a pawn, but at the moment, Wu Chi s existence, no doubt it has a significant role in influencing the chess game At least before he lost his value, whether it is Han Shan, or Xi Jun should not easily give up him. And this, for Wu Chi, brush straightener on natural hair is the only advantage lies. Of course, if to a certain extent, even as a pawn, it may not have the ability to brush straightener on natural hair overturn the board Chapter 435 Deadlock Immediately return to the dark prison community This is impossible Heard Wu Chi, Han Shan did not hesitate to refuse The old lady there are some preparations yet to be completed, this time rushed into the dark prison community, no chance of winning. Dare to ask the Master, how long will it take Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, slowly asked. Three months Han Shan people simply replied This is the fastest speed, and you have to understand that we have to face the people, is Jun Jun Jun should brush straightener on natural hair be, if not completely prepared simply will not have the slightest chance of winning. This is very reasonable, not to mention Wu Chi, and even Han Shan Shangren in front of Jun should be equally vulnerable, brush straightener on natural hair to know, nearly ten thousand years, Han Shan would rather die, but also hair straightener brush buy did not dare Tempted into the dark prison community has been enough to explain everything. During the period, let alone three months, even three years, and even thirty years of preparation time is not enough. However, Wu Chi did not have this time. I can not wait for so long Looked at Hanshan, Wu Chi said earnestly I borrowed from the.

Brush Straightener On Natural Hair ent, to Zhou Yicun s temper, there is no betrayed his may be. However, who can think of this war, Zhou Yiqun even lost in the hands of Wu Chi, and even provided him out. Zhang Fengyang heard the name of the moment, Wu Chi pupil suddenly shrink, heart suddenly thrown a terrorist mur. derous In fact, before again, Wu Chi heart has been faint with speculation, after all, he went to the fairy palace, in fact, did not offend brush straightener on natural hair any people, only festivals, it is only Zhang Fengyang they only Just because of Yang Yan things, Wu Chi too lazy to follow Zhang Fengyang they care about it. But now, even Zhang Fengyang once again calculate him, and even want to set him and death, which brush straightener review will really provoke the murder of Wu Chi. Chapter 542 The darkness of the little people Almost in Zhou Yiqun say his name at the same time, Zhang Fengyang immediately turned down the brush straightener on natural hair crowd fled out. Before he even hold the necessary time, hair straightening brush ulta personally shot beheaded Wu Chi s mind, but now this war, but has completely cut off his thoughts. Just think of that terrible sword, as if there is a fear of terror has always been on his body, it seems that even his breathing are suppressed down. Toward Zhou Yiqun slightly a Baoquan, Wu Chi immediately jumped to the challenge Taiwan. Slightly think about it, Wu Chi Yang Yan finally sent a letter or a letter. Although Wu Chi has been killed from the heart of Zhang Fengyang, but it is not yet from Yang Yan this set of his message to Wu Chi s pride, but also can not do this kind of thing, the letter, but only to remind Yang Yan bite Zhang Fengyang, the best and they separated from Zhang Fengyang. Just Wu Chi, but after all, underestimated the little people this dark psychological. What is this Zhang Fengyang Went to Wu Chi side, Liu Changtong Shen Sheng asked. Not to mention, Wu Chi himself is his friend, alone Zhang Fengyang dare to use three of this, it is enough to make Liu Changtong from the murder. Little people only Put a waved, Wu Chi is also too lazy to mention, as long as people know who is under the hand is, if so let Yang Yan and their parted ways, it would be a good thing. As for that, suspected Yang Yan with them to calculate their own, Wu Chi is simply did not think about it. Seen.lp but burst into curse, Wu Chi suddenly a hand, suddenly hair straightening brush john frieda retreated a few steps, this re stand. I did not expect that you could actually control yourself. Almost at the same time, some of the straightener brush for natural hair weary sounds of the evening stars starred up. Pupil suddenly a shrink, Wu Chi can not help but suddenly turned to the night stars stars. That is, after the Wu Chi, the night stars have finally get rid of the control of the demons, wake up over. Just in the wake of the moment, he saw the Wu Chi want to push Yang Xiuchuan under the bridge, I do not know what mentality, night Shenxing did not speak, but coldly watching hair straightener brush kmart Wu Chi to act. Wu did not react until now, after the withdrawal, this opening said. When did you wake up His face slightly sank, Wu Chi slowly asked. It did not take long, just when you were going to him. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi did not answer. But then you can in the final moment forced to control their own, wake up, has been very great Just not have to crush the demons of it Why would there be a miracle breeding Watching the night stars, Wu Chi could not help but asked. Limited to the origin of the problem, in fact, Wu Chi for the demons know it is limited, even if it has been through the two demons outbreak of the crisis, brush straightener on natural hair but now in fact, for the demons also did not have a clear understanding. Speaking at the same time, Yang Xiuchuan one foot, almost fell into the bridge. Eyelids jumped, Wu Chi stature sl. ightly flash, suddenly reached out again Yang Xiuchuan pulled back. Why save him Looked at Wu Chi, brush straightener on natural hair night Shen Xing did not answer asked. If you push him down will breed demons, then look at his death, I am afraid there is no difference. Take a deep breath, Wu Chi said no gas I do not deny that I did not any good for him, but At least, I do not want him to die before figuring out what the damn demon bridge is going on. Wu Chi from the eyes of the night, the stars can feel the sun, Wu Chi is really nothing to know about the magic Can be made entirely by intuition at the moment to judge, but it is brush straightener on natural hair surprisingly accurate. Silence for a moment, it seems to think of what, night stars once again asked I just woke up when the location is not on the bridge, should you pull me back Rolled his ey.

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