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Brush Straightener On Relaxed Hair than a year ago that war, in fact, already able to see Of the clear. As long as Wu Chi stood on the empty monk side, it is likely to make Chiang Zhengyang come forward to Jiang Zhengyang strength and identity, once the position, is bound to let more people stand on the side of the empty monk. In this way, even if strong as Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, it may not be able to do so threatened him. In this prison three, there is no eternal enemy, only the eternal interests Before the interests of the empty monk can please the night to kill the lake to kill Wu Chi, now also for the benefit, he can also draw the same Wu pool to deal with the night stars. It seems from what point of view, Wu Chi also did not refuse the reason. And even Jiang Zhengyang will also fell to the eyes of Wu Chi s body, seems to ask Wu Chi s decision. And Su Wan is gently holding the hands of Wu Chi, although did not speak, but it is obviously very moving, after all, as long as Wu Chi can solve the problem of good fruit, you can not rush adventure The prison community is four. For security sake, it seems that the empty monk is also the best choice. Chapter 363 broke the knife Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi s face suddenly showing a touch of bright smile, the empty master, before we have no resentment, and now with the common hatred, that is a matter of course I have been admiring the master of the people, to join hands with the master, it is Do not. Smiling openings, but then said half, Wu Chi is the subject suddenly a turn, just, the empty master ah I was a little comfortable, ah, you look at, is not good fruit out of any problem You give me the trouble to lift the good fruit I promise. as long as the solution to this hidden danger, and the master must be concentric The empty monk mind slightly angry, patience explained Wu Ju Shi, to resolve the good fruit is not hair straightener brush procabello an easy thing, and now the current foreign enemies, it is inconvenient Pinseng can make a vow, After the pain must be settled to solve the good fruit. Oh His face showing a trace of exaggerated look, Wu Chi Yaotouhuangnao sighed Master of the words, I naturally believe that, do not have any instincts But I suddenly some uncomfortable, it seems that good fruit att.nded Li Dongsheng ruthless, Wu Chi naturally naive to that as long as the cloud to the face of this, grudge and resentment can be exposed on this. Since anyway, no matter how much trouble, then, why should concessions Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi leisurely said I just want to get brush straightener on relaxed hair started, where to know so many things. Hear this, Yunhe s brow can not help but slightly wrinkled. She asked myself enough to Wu C. hi face, but do not want to Wu pool is still no steps, does this, this guy, really ill with their own Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi has been self care of the said Moreover, and regardless of this Li Shidi so a downtown, if I immediately promised concessions, would not let people think I was afraid of his threat Even to this point, Wu Chi did not forget to find some trouble. Well, as long as the Li Shidi respectfully give me knock three head, saying that he was wrong I agreed to Yunhuo Shimei, even if the division monsters blame the crime, the responsibility, I also bear is. This is a hypocritical words, but it is almost crazy to Li Dongsheng. Kneel down kowtow What a joke If he really kneel today, what other brush straightener on relaxed hair faces in the future based on the door What is the face of the pursuit of cloud load Wu Chi, what is your business Dare to be so humiliated with me Ravens, Li Dongsheng snapped and cursed Yun He Shimei give you face, you do not, let me do this wicked I kowtow to admit it can be, as long as you can win the hands of my sword, like how to be from you Yunxie Shimei just can do a witness, courage, you come out with me a war Dare to ask Li Shidi, thanks to the entry many years Did not care about Li Dongsheng s curse, Wu Chi casually asked. This sentence, so that Li Dongsheng can not help but a slight lag, brush straightener on relaxed hair but after all, can not avoid. Dongsheng not only, thanks to the door more than a thousand years Gee, I thought it was only a hundred years, the original full of thousands of years, ah, even the only core disciples, Dongsheng Young, you really do not just ah Moment, Li Dongsheng s face immediately black. This bastard is also a bit too talkative, how can people tolerate But for a time, but he was simply not find the words to refute. I am a true disciple, do a good brother is not good to bully.

$txt1=preg_replace(\"/\\s{2,}/i\",\" \",$txt1);rains of the brains, but also enough to hold over. And only experienced the pain of the past, in order to make people feel more precious soul stone. If you can get a few sets of soul stone, break into the prison community of four emboldened naturally will be a lot of the natural. Brain turned these thoughts at the same time, the prison station slowly sink into the ground under the Wu Chi, they are a few hold the last person also fell brush straightener on relaxed hair to the ground. The next moment, Wu Chi, who also found the presence of law enforcement. Slightly Yi Zheng, Wu Chi brain between the electro optical flint will guess each other s identity, the spirit suddenly lifted it. If there is no law enforcement presence, the face of Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing, I am afraid no one dare to give birth to the idea of resistance, but now have law enforcement, it makes the hair straightener brush compared situation suddenly changed the different up. Mind tran. sfer, Wu Chi pupil slightly shrink, subconsciously looked around the situation. To survive the prison community test, get the soul of the stone, a total of five people In addition to immortal ancestors and empty monks, there are two people, one is Yang Ye, the other one is before Yang Xiuchuan point to Li Xi. This result, in fact, so that Wu Chi some unexpected. This time I am afraid that the most stress is Yang Ye, Yang Ye can be chosen even really to the last. So count, Yang Xiuchuan point of the three, brush straightener on relaxed hair even all have made a set of soul stone. On the contrary, the night Shenxing side only their own and immortal soul ancestral soul stone only. Set the soul stone Wu Chi to see them a few people fall, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time throw off law enforcement officers, flying toward the side. presumptuous Seeing the night Shenxing they not only do brush straightener on relaxed hair not close the hand, but in front of his face to grab the soul of the soul stone, suddenly law enforcement officers furious, pushed the order chain fiercely dumped out, tightly entangled two. Amitabha Empty monk eyes flashed a trace of Jingmang, loudly said Gentlemen, law enforcement officers appear, I am waiting for the law enforcement officers to help Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing kill only. This moment of time, everyone naturally see out, altho.s Song Tianque is do not care, but now look at Su Wan, but can not help but raise the fake drama really do the idea, ranging from Yang Xiuchuan opening, brush straightener on relaxed hair then the first track from the opening Hideaki master, However, today is the younger brother of the day, what words, let s say how to say Speaking at the same time, Song Tian Que will meet the eyes of Yang Xiuchuan, eyes constantly wink, trying to let Yang Xiuchuan with apalus brush hair straightener dubai him. Glimpse of Song Tianqi eyes, Yang Xiuchuan eyes can not help but reveal a trace of ridicule of the color. Jiang Zhengyang, you and I can also be regarded as the old Wu Chi, and now his bones are not cold, you move to keep the Su girl married to others, afraid of how can not call a good word Words such as knives, and not the slightest point to the meaning of Jiang Zhengyang face, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent opening. This sentence, but it is suddenly hair straightening brush magnifeko made the audience an uproar. Prison community triple things, in fact, really know the people, still only a few, of which the details of the natural no knowledge, and now suddenly was Yang Xiuchuan point break, suddenly let Jiang Zhengyang burst of embarrassment. Su girl and Wu Chi, although there are old, but it did not get married Tian Que this child on the Su girl at first sight, as elders, the old man naturally for their master is, not to mention, the matter has promised the Soviet Union, what improper Jiang Zhengyang brow a challenge, strong defense it touches Yang Xiuchuan you disturb the wedding, what reason Stir up trouble Slightly smile, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said not to mention the stir, just do not think you are so despicable acts only, I remember, Wu pool or your housekeeper Jiang it Yes, the old lady and Wu Chi did have a bit of friendship, but it is only the pri. son community among the three special circumstances, mutual use only And I have nothing to do with Chiang, Keqing word, but also talk about on. Jiang Zhengyang said this is not to say anything, after all, Chiang Jiaqing guest is not a few, if sit in this matter, would not it make those sentinel chilling Anyway, Wu Chi has been dead, how exactly, not by his final say A good use of each other Mouth spill a sarcastic smile, Yang Xiuchuan look to Jiang Zhengyan.

Brush Straightener On Relaxed Hair u Chi put it easy, but how she would not understand the hardships, Wu Chi said hair straightener brush london drugs so, but just want to her heart only. To this time, and even scruples to her ideas, let brush straightener on relaxed hair her how not to move. I am sorry This is not the first time I am sorry to say that the cloud, although this is also no use, but in addition, she did not know what should be said. His hands clasped, pillow in the back of the head, Wu Chi lazily said You mean to jail it In the cloud Dutch view, if not their own point broken, asked Xiushui Jianjun to a fair, perhaps Wu Chi simply will not be punished, so count up. Naturally she was harmed Wu Chi. Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi said softly For me, this may really be a good thing Penalty. for a hundred years Slowly repeated again, Ji Yifeng s face is suddenly exposed a trace of anger, damn, what is the punishment Xiushui Jianjun this is clear to protect him ah Outsiders may not see clearly, but the real understanding of the reasons for those who, it is easy to see through the essence of which. Had cited Wu Chi to Mangshan, itself is deliberately calculated. In Mangshan, regardless of Wu Chi and Bai Rong who said the truth, but this must have been forged a hatred. Luo Ying is not, Wu Chi in the door of the door, in fact, nothing to rely on. Wu Chi can be calculated once, naturally can calculate the second time With this lesson, the next shot, only more vicious, more Henla, at that time, Wu Chi may not be able to hide in the past. Can be punished into the jail prison, it may be fixed, and within a hundred years, Wu Chi can only be punished in the jail prison. Although the jail prison bitter, but absolutely no one can easily reach out to the jail prison. This way, the jail prison for Wu Chi, but it became the safest place. As for a hundred years later with Bai Rong that war, even more of a problem. Even after a hundred years, Wu Chi is still far less than Bai Rong, but do not forget, a hundred years later, killing Jianjun can come back. There are Luo Ying apalus brush hair straightener ulta in, that is, by Bai Rong ten courage, he dare to brush straightener on relaxed hair kill best hair straightening brush on the market Wu Chi it Such punishment, is simply disguised asylum. But the season is a peak but how do not want to understand, so end, Xiushui Jianjun how to so asylum Wu Chi, is on their own discip.an with the brush straightener on relaxed hair straightening hair brush india skin of the pro, which is no doubt Just think of brush straightener on relaxed hair this, Zhang Fengyang hate some crazy Yang Yan can not say that he naturally did not break the law, but the hatred of the hatred in the bottom of my heart, looked at the other one, Zhang Fengyang this closely followed up Lying in bed, Wu Chi can not help but some daze. Memories of these three days to things, the mouth did not feel a smile of the color of a smile. Now it seems that he really is a bastard ah, so good end did not even control, provoke a woman, it seems shameless hat is really pick off the hat. Shook his head, these messy thoughts expelled from the mind, Wu Chi this once again mind to come back. Absurd these three days, and now Wu Chi has no time to toss the mind, the mind will be re put on the practice. No matter brush straightener on relaxed hair what time, their own strength, is all the guarantee. Moreover, the days known as the entrance of the so called entrance examination how hard, even to the present, Wu Chi is also not 100 grasp. Chapter 536 Three enemies Since the practice, it is necessary to pick the best place. Anyway, Wu brush straightener on relaxed hair Chi is now very rich, do not save the flowers, simply rent a best quiet room, began to retreat. Just this one of the static room spending, every month is a full lance stone. Of course, in such an expensive behind, but also the same value for money, the speed of refining the room between the stars of the speed, more straightening hairbrush israel than ten times faster than the outside, and as long as you have enough Lingshi, do not have to hair straightener brush de novo worry about Anybody bothers you. Sin Temple elders personally sits, is a big hatred, no one dare to break through the static room. From the development of Xinghai, Wu Chi in fact, how not seriously practice, and now in the quiet room began to retreat, Wu Chi was finally stunned to find out, out of the three thousand of the Xinghai, not just can be loaded only, the larger Trouble is still behind. Xinghai than ordinary people a few times, it means that Wu Chi want to enhance the repair, the required star power, is also several times the number of others. Even now it is the best quiet room, and can be around the star power, i. s still not enough Wu Chi consumption, under the last resort, he even had to take out the star stone t.

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