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Brush Straightener On Wet brush straightener on wet hair Hair red consciousness. Suddenly, Wu Chi s body revealed a terrorist atmosphere, star power surging, shaking heaven and earth. Starlight mapping, in the Wu pool head to form a bright star of the sea of the shadow The sky Three thousand stars brush straightener on wet hair Xinghai perfect broken star, and instantly once again moved the sky. For a time, everyone can not help but suck a cold air Perfect Breaking Star Rumors, only beyond the thousands of stars of the sea of heavenly arrogance, when entering the broken star, will move the sky. If you just guess before the words, then when the day as the formation of the moment, no doubt has been confirmed, Wu Chi opened up the Xinghai has exceeded a thousand feet Moreover, from the extent of today s day of view, I am afraid that more than a thousand feet Suddenly opened his eyes, almost in an instant, Wu Chi to see the Xi Jun should be In fact, in that one into the body of the moment, Wu Chi to feel the breath of Xi Jun should be, and now wake up, in front of this scene, it is to Wuchi pupil suddenly shrink As before as expected, Xi Jun should be simply to the heart of the stars. Although Wu Chi is not clear, before what happened in the end, but now Xi Jun should stand in the void, and the heart of the stars have also fallen into the hands of Xi Jun should be enough. Wu Chi, the king Jun Jun should, now Wanjianzong already destroyed, the king and ask you, you may wish to worship the king as a teacher Star heart to start the moment, Xi Jun should have begun on the stars of the refining of the heart. Now barely separated from the subconscious opening to attract Wu Chi, has been enough to explain his attention to the Wu Chi. For a time, the whole mountain is still quiet Wu Chi s talent and potential, has been revealed before the fear of the perfect broken star caused astronomical, such a Tianjiao, indeed worthy of the king should be tempted. I think before the words of Mr. Wang Ying Ying said, everyone can not help but burst of a smile. Xi Jun should be in the last minute, shot to save Wu Chi, Luo Ying is not concerned about the attitude, but gave birth to love the heart, want to Wu Chi for his disciples. Now Xi Jun should be refining the heart of the stars almost a foregone conclusion.grasp Listening to the interpretation of the hearts of the use of stars, Wu Chi heart can not help but suddenly jump And even did not care about what Luo Ying actually said. This moment, Wu Chi heart suddenly flashed a terrible idea. Before, he always do not understand why Xi Jun should be thrown into their own million swords, and always no longer contact. Until now, from the mouth of Luo Ying heard the heart of the stars, so that Wuchi suddenly shocked. The. hearts of stars There is no doubt that Xi Jun should be the goal of the stars of the heart. A chill suddenly raised from the heart of Wu Chi. At this moment, he even had an impulse to tell Luo Ying about Xi Jun should be things. Just hair straightener brush dischem this idea, in the brain flash, they abruptly he was pressed down. Will Xi Jun should be out of things, Wu Chi himself do not know what kind of consequences will lead to, it is not only related to their own one person, and may even affect the life and death of Luo Ying. Luo Ying, although strong, comparable to Xi Jun should be, I am afraid still not enough to see. The most important thing is, even if it comes out, I m afraid it may not be able to affect the plan should be Jun, should even make things worse Chapter 518 Star Hearts The mountain is towering. This is the highest of all the swords in a mountain, is also a real forbidden. Not to mention the unusual disciples and elders, and even the four Jianjun also prohibited into the peak half step. Peak built a hall, clouds filled with particularly beautiful. In fact, in addition to beautiful, these clouds also contain the fear of Jian Qi, is not an exaggeration to say, even if the four Jianjun is absolutely unable brush straightener on wet hair to break into them. The most critical is that the hall, but also lived a person, look at the whole sky stars, are the most terrible presence. Just outside the hall, Wu Chi and other disciples brush straightener on wet hair will be difficult to suppress the heart gave birth to a sense of horror. Here is the ancestors of the retreat of the land, but also the next ten years they have to close the place. Will Wu Chi they sent to the four brush straightener on wet hair Jianjun also rushed down at the same time. Jianzu closed the hall, Wu Chi they can go in, but they are not get in. And there is no exchange, everyone c.

the time being aside Kill Xi Jun should be the focus. Slightly calm the mood, Ma Shijie once again said. Everyone with the skill is Let s three, who can kill, and who is the ability, but I said in front of the ugly, who do not secretly under the trip Otherwise, as long as I die, you who do not want to Ansheng A glimpse of the cold eyes, Liu Changtong simply break the point. Three are Tianjiao, this time into the dark prison community, because the commander of the dark and the promise, in fact, the identity of the three different, who have life saving means. Want to kill each other, no doubt almost impossible. Under such a premise, if who under the trip, resulting in Xi Jun should be out of the storm, as long as the news spread out, no other people afterwards, the darkness of the anger no one can afford. it is good For a moment, Ma Shijie and Chen fog at the same time promised Road. Almost in the three to discuss a good at the same time, the air that an arctic nuclear finally broken Had been frozen before the pair of big hands, once again recovered, blink of an eye, then suddenly once again think of Han Shan Master arrested. Tianjun, tens of thousands of years gone, brush straightener on wet hair it is still a little longer, to your current state, want to kill me, I m afraid not so easy. Stature slightly flash, Han Shan Master single handedly caught, the void suddenly appeared in a light blue ice sword, sword shot, then between the hair can not be made, block the pair of big hands. Fighting Arctic star collapse, Han Shan Master naturally can no longer delay, and now, is the real battle of the beginning. Here Han Shan Shang hands at the same time, Liu Changtong three people face a change, immediately suddenly toward the imprisonment of Xi Jun should be the prison flew. They can be different from those before the cannon fodder, for this time the situation is very clear. Once the arctic nuclear collapse, Han Shan and Xi Jun should start hands, which means that this action, to the most critical time. Do not look at the Han Shan Shang a win in the look, but in fact, it is because Xi Jun should be locked hair straightener brush in the dark chain, but also a lot of spiritual separation of the dark prison break the seal. But even s. o Han Shan Shang but al.tself is the crowd of the brothers, and now angry up, their own dignity, so that the two can not help but one of the lag. Ding brothers, not I want to hands, it is he Luo Ying deception too Eyes reveal a chill chill, Ling Tianjian hate said. Xiushui Jianjun, whose name Ding Xiu, just hair straightening brush walmart canada weekdays, everyone is also in the name of Xiushui commensurate with today s Ling day Jianjun this Ding brothers export, it is almost iron heart, do not sell this face. Ling days, this matter is how the matter, when you really can not guess it Sneer a cry, Luo Ying cold channel With Bai Rong District, a disciple, if not you behind, where the chaos Empty character This sentence, directly point broken, but it is so that everyone can not help but pour a cold air. If that, before things, but also only in Bai Rong Wu Chi two people between the words, then, Luo Ying words, then suddenly let the whole things have some deterioration. The two Jianjun, turned out to really want to completely tear the face. Pupil m. icro can not see a sudden shrink, Ling Tian Jianjun surface is still not the slightest reaction, chaos character though rare, may not only I only get it Luo Ying, you say this, there may be evidence Some things, guessing is not important, it is important to be evidence. Chaos itself is that he gave quarter a peak, that his handwriting is not wrong, but this thing is absolutely can not be exposed. Anyway, Bai Rong is dead, no death Luo Ying can not need evidence directly beheaded Liu elders, but it is impossible hair straightener brush for wet hair in the absence of evidence to the case of Ling Tianjian Jun. This is the identity of the different. It is evidence that it is only right and wrong on brush straightener on wet hair the sword Lengheng a cry, Luo Ying disdain to replied. Can not tell the truth, playing it wants, and this is the reason Luo Ying. Perhaps some arrogant, maybe it sounds like some are not so reliable, but it is undeniable that this do send gas When are you going to be nonsense In the Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian Jun and ready to hands when a cold hum sounded, majestic sound suddenly sounded from the air. For a moment, everyone changed for a while. Including Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian Jun, including all bow at the same time salute. Welcome to the ancestors Wu Chi Walking from the back hall out of the random sitting in the middle of the main hall of the chair, the old man was slowly waved his hand, all up. Carefully looked up, Jian Zu who does not seem to breathe the slightest breath, far from looking, just like an ordinary hair straightening brush asda old man. However, no matter what people, it seems that as long as you see each other, could not help but give birth to a visit to brush straightener on wet hair the impulse. Moment, Wu Chi suddenly felt a vision fell to his body. Gas traction, brush straightener on wet hair the body of the sword free to control th. e release out, however, even so, Wu Chi also felt a terrorist pressure, as if even the gas are breathless. The most frightening is that Wu Chi can clearly feel, even at the moment, the other body who did not breathe the slightest breath, it seems that only just a look only. terror If you say before the Wu Chi also what some of the sword Zou some disapproval of the words, then at the moment, Wu Chi really realized that the strength of the sword ancestors, I am afraid not under the Jun Jun should be at least not today s Xi Jun should be under. Flash read between, Wu Chi will guess, now Xi Jun should suddenly disappear, I m afraid just like the sword ancestors. I do not know, dafni hair straightening brush uk to lead to their own swords, is not Xi Jun should be deliberately guide. It was a good seed. Slightly nodded, Jianzu satisfied with the recovery of the eyes, able to keep his eyes in the gaze does not kneel, it means that Wu Chi s strength and mind brush straightener on wet hair is also on the choice. No matter from which side, Wu Chi is undoubtedly a near perfect disciple. Master respect, disciples deliberately Wu Chi received a true disciple. Slightly bowed, Luo Ying stepped forward, from the opening Road. Eyes fell on the Luo Ying s body, revealed a trace of thinking the color, pondered for a long while, Jianzu slowly opening You usually kill too heavy, and now if you can set the heart to preach, it is also a Good thing. In fact, as Xi Jun should be expected to see the same after Wu Chi, even the sword is also tempted, but Luo Ying spoke too fast, he always good with his disciples fight. Get the approval of the sword ancestors, Luo Ying mind a hi, then turned to Wu Chi said Wu Chi, you may wish to worship the king as a teacher Wu Chi is no.

Brush Straightener On Wet Hair understand how, Wu Chi why can control the willingness His greatest card, but has become the source of his complete destruction. If he did not want to obliterate Wu Chi, but simply their own hands, Wu Chi has long been dead. Can be biased, he wanted to wipe the spirit of Wu Chi, just touched the judge red robe. Everything in the dark prison community is not false, but real existence. It is precisely because of this, when hair straightener brush citraco Wu Chi in the prison community four seized the judge red robe, become a judge of life and death will make the test of the disappearance of the purgatory, Wu Chi s name, forever engraved on a stone above. It is not recorded Wu Chi has passed a. test, but confirmed that Wu Chi has been the identity of the life and death judges. Wu Chi did not understand, all this means what, but did not expect to have the ability to use life and death judges the opportunity. Until the moment, at the moment of life and death, the judge appeared on the red robe, with the release of the willingness of Han Shan predecessors beheaded Han Shan. Willing to At this moment, Wu Chi was faintly understood, in the prison community that once won the identity of life and death judge, will give him how big the future benefits. Unfortunately, for today s Wu Chi, willing to distance him, really too far away. So that he simply can not figure out how to use it all Surrounded by willingness with the cold mountain man s death quickly dissipated, the body of the magistrate red robe also faded again, as if everything did not happen in general The only way to prove that all this is not false, perhaps only on the ground that Han Shan s body Chapter 459 Chen fog all insisted Willing to white light dissipated, all subconsciously pushed away for some distance, vigilant waiting for the Hanshan out. However, no one who did not expect, from which people will come out of Wu Chi At this moment, even though there is a trace of fantasy on the Wu Chi Yang Xiuchuan and night stars are also shocked to speak, and even some doubt their own eyes is not a problem. Do not you intend to continue to kill me Hand to wipe the mouth of the blood, from the body took out a few Dan drug swallowed down, Wu Chi shrugged and said. Hanshan Liu Changt.ndifferent opening. Almost the death of the sentence of life and death of the moment, those guards immediately shot again, fiercely toward the two attack. Standing brush straightener on wet hair next to the heart of Wu Chi can not help but burst of tremor, and constantly calculate how to deal with the judge of life and death. However, Wu Chi surprised that a full half a day, life and death judge seems to have never dafni hair straightening brush uk thought of him, neither to recover the meaning of the pen, but did not punish his meaning. This makes Wuchi more and more puzzled mind. Thought, Wu Chi but hair straightening brush deals carefully walked toward the death of the judge. Under the worship of life and death Eyes fell on the hands of the judge Wu Chi above the sentence, life and death judge slowly said holding the judge pen in hand, is it to let you here to watch the fun Heart flashed countless brush straightener on wet hair ideas, Wu Chi tentative opening The adults, that will not use the judge pen ah Between the words, brush straightener on wet hair Wu Chi and even backhand will be sentenced to judge, also called the big shot personally shot You come, the official pass you judge the use of pen, be sure to stop him into the door of life and death. His words, Wu Chi s heart suddenly thrown a monstrous waves In the same way, before the hall, the life and death judge said once, but also to his body into a trace of judge, said that you can use the power of three judges pen. At the same time, life and death judge a pointing out, Wu Chi suddenly felt, but also a ray of breath into their own body. Do not speed shot Completed all this, life and death judge suddenly cold snapped Road. This moment, Wu Chi s heart suddenly flashed hair straightener brush work a frightening idea. Whether it is looks or the atmosphere, in front of the life and death judge and their former experience of life and death judges are exactly the same, naturally can not be two different people. Unfortunately, life and death in front of the life and death judge seems to simply do not remember what happened before, like the first time to see their own. Moreover, even in this case, life and death judges would rather give yourself a ray of judge, let yourself urge the judge pen to kill two people, and not personally shot. So, does it mean that life and death judge actually, simply can not be hands with people T.

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