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Brush Straightener Sephora up at brush straightener sephora the brush straightener sephora night Shenxing a glance. Unfortunately, the brush straightener tesco night Shen Xing is still a pair of indifferent look, it seems that nothing has nothing to do with him. Thought, Wu Chi took Su Wan slowly toward the location of Chiang Zhengyang. Zhengyang ancestors. Slightly over hand, Wu Chi quietly open Road. You also see it Down the voice, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Now fear is also only the foreplay, until the prison after the end of the prison, is the real most dangerous time. Nodded his head Wu Chi Chen Sheng said. Nine make Fu, which means that nine top of the master, these people whether or not to get the soul of the soul, I m afraid are not safe. how do you want to do it Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang slowly asked. Silence for a moment, Wu Chi chuckle a bit, shook his head and said My things, naturally by my own solution, however, Su Wan will take care of his ancestors. Once on the prison community, may be scruples less than the other, when the situation is changing, who do not know what will happen And Su Wan is undoubtedly Wu Chi now most worried about. Nodded, Jiang Zhengyang promised This is what you can rest assured, as long as I am the old bones s. till, they will not let anyone hurt Su girl. Thank you Once again thanks, Wu Chi then brush straightener sephora staggered a few steps, turned to Su Wan whispered. Once you have opened the prison, you will leave hair straightener brush ionic the prison community at once. So that Su Wan can brush straightener sephora not help but some stunned, just Wu Chi is not also let Jiang Zhengyang help take care of her How do you let her first leave the prison community triple Chiang Ching yang this old fox, it may not be reliable. Wu Chi softly explained I always feel that he has things without me, only you leave, I can let go with their hands and feet. You said Jiang Zhengyang also collusion with Yang Xiuchuan Su Wan incredible asked. There is brush straightener sephora no connection with Yang Xiuchuan, but he will not protect you, this old fox promised too happy. Mouth overflow a trace of sneer, Wu Chi explained Yang Xiuchuan once started cleaning other people, even if he has reached the limit May not let him continue to stay in the prison community triple This time, he Chiang self care, where there is spare capacity to take care of you You mean Chiang Zheng. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/((\\n)\\s*\\n){1,}/\', \'\', $txt2);

their own directly to the disciples, but. gradually let Wu Chi clear the idea. Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, middle aged silent for a moment, can not help but laugh, interesting It touches the seat look down on you. Wu Chi did not answer, still standing in place. Under the seat of this seat, the seat can pass your top practice of the door, you can pass your most powerful supernatural powers, even into the upper bound, you are enough to become the top genius. Look at Wu Chi, Middle age proudly said to this point, you should understand that soaring is not the end, or even the opposite, into the upper bound, but only just the beginning. These may not be false, as long as their promised, Wu Chi did not doubt that the other party can complete all this commitment. Can the problem be this world for no reason love it Or that sentence, dare to ask the Lord of the prison, I need to pay what Wu Chi asked again. Dark prison world of the test, no doubt cited countless talent to come, to step by step now, standing in front of the prison community, experienced numerous tests So, what about the purpose of these trials Is it really just to pick a suitable descendant No matter than the letter does not believe, at least Wu Chi is unbelieving. If this is true, Han Shan Shangren why the black prison community cause and effect involved very deep, repeatedly remind yourself, do not fly in the dark prison community on the upper bound. If this is true, anxious should be their own, rather than the main prison community Why should he be anxious to hair straightener brush for short hair get himself into the jail seven, even let people directly lead to their own I only need you to promise me one thing. Pointing Li Yunpeng, prison the main body slowly said I want you in this prison seven of the soaring, and take him into the upper bound. Brow can not help but suddenly jumped, Wu Chi mind is more and more doubts up. Han Shan people let themselves in the golden world soaring, and bring him back to the upper bound. Now the king of the prison and let himself in the prison community seven of the soaring, and to bring his disciples together. It all seems too coincidental. Wu Chi some reason is not clear which one of the clue, mind electric transfer, slightly Baoquan sa.und, Han Shan Shang s strength was suppressed, Xi Jun should be banned the results. If into the upper bound, and then involved in the case with the dark star of the matter, it really is looking for death. Do you think that you can hide it Xi Jun should be smiling and asked. Wu Chi does not answer, but that expression has already explained his mind. Now he is about to go through the vanity soaring, as long as Xi Jun should no longer participate, so a little man, want to come and how will not let the hair straightener brush cordless dark star master attention to it. Eyes reveal a trace of joking meaning, Xi Jun should be faint asked judge red robe, but also fun it This sentence is like a thunder like, severely hit the hearts of Wu Chi, Wu Chi shock the whole people are some ignorant. Life and death judge this identity, even Wu Chi himself did not figure out what is going on, but now Xi Jun should be a broken, so that Wu Chi has a fear of being completely seen through their own, as if in front of each other, the fundamental There is no secret at all. You are in the dark prison community was the identity of the judge, do you think this seat really do not know what Xi Jun should be faint, said Han Shan steal the seat of a wish, if not your judge red robe body, He is really willing to anti bite death is not a Dark prison world, although now is the control of this seat, but in fact, it is created by the dark star Including your life and death judge s identity, in the final analysis, are also stolen to, once into the upper bound, you Will the Dark Lord see it Xi Jun should take it lightly and then step back and say that the Han Shan even if there is no, but also by the dark star of the Lord s life to kill the base You kill him, but also idiot that, as long as the upper bound to nothing Do you still think that you are like the three little guys, behind a strong teacher can support you Some words that punish the heart, but it is no doubt playing in the Wu Chi above the key. Willing to bite this rhetoric, coaxed Liu Changtong them, but can not hide from the dark star Han Shan straightening hair brush target Shangsheng death, Xi Jun should be trapped, this responsibility is always someone to bear. Their own at this time into the upper bound, I m afraid really have been.nd said I Yang had before and Wu Chi had a conflict, so right Conflict Sneer a cry, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent opening You are also the hearts of the original things do not let you think, now you are still qualified to hate him Old slave not dare Suddenly heard Yang Xiuchuan these words, Wu was suddenly scared out of a cold sweat, immediately kneel down. Glanced at the old Wu, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said told go down, first of all that forest autumn of the first took, and sent to the Wu Chi Dong Fu Before all dare to reach the Wu Chi people, all washed me again ,understand Wu Chi s reviews for hair straightener brush death when the original is he spread out, and now the purpose has been reached, and these aftermath of the things that naturally should be handled by him, so be considered a break. As to become Yang Jiaqing this kind of thing, Yang Xiuchuan not worried about Wu Chi will refuse. Chiang has been removed, and now with Yang to maintain a good relationship, Wu Chi, the same is not brush straightener sephora a bad thing. Moreover, this one guest Qing also just just name, for Wu Chi, only the benefits, not the slightest burden, this sent a good thing to Wu Chi s temper, is not rejected. Watching Wu old back down, Yang Xiuchuan this slowly removed from the arms of a dark blue road character Impressively and Wu Chi hand in the hands of the same day. If you do not guess the wrong words, brush straightener sephora at the moment, your hands are the same as an open day, right Han Shan Shangren s depth, Yang Xiuchuan also did not understand the white, if you have to do an evaluation, it can only be said to be unfathomable. Such an enemy, Yang Xiuchuan do not want to provoke, but also do not want to deep pay. Even with Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan face Han Shan Shang, even without the opportunity to refuse. Otherwise, once angered the Hanshan Master, he may be soaring the upper bound, so that Han Shan Shangren could not, but what kind of Yang to bear the cold mountain people s anger Although it has never been revealed, but in fact, brush straightener sephora Yang Xiuchuan in the next day when the pass, the hearts hair straightener brush braun of faintly on the Hanshan was born a hint of murderous. If not completely unaware of the words, perhaps, he was in the cold mountain when the time has been shot. However, now Wu Chi was also rolled in, then.

Brush Straightener Sephora own. For a moment, the horrific power suddenly shrouded down, before still sneer night owl is the face of sudden change, it is difficult to suppress the birth of a touch of fear, sweating, almost to control their own body to kneel down The Wu Xiong, some people visit, do you not see it Far, the voice of the young people will pass out. resounded throughout the station. A Wu Xiong, but it is so that the night brush straightener sephora owl suddenly flashed a terrible name, sweat almost thoroughly through the clothes. The next moment, Wu Chi s voice will be followed up rang. Hideyoshi young master, so much bursts of battle, you can be enough of this spectrum of pendulum. Mouth with a bit of joking meaning, brush straightener sephora the next moment, Wu Chi s figure will appear in front of the station. Moment, Yang Xiuchuan body suddenly read the pressure of the people around, but those who are involuntarily thumped down to sit down on the ground, it seems that instantly lost all the strength. Yang Jia, Xiuchuan Until the moment, the night owl brain finally finally emerge out of each other s name. From the night owl walked by, Yang Xiuchuan deliberately stay for a moment, lightly laughed I really heard your name In the same way, before the mouth from the Yang Xiuchuan said, the night owl that is the pendulum, is his contempt, but now say it again, then suddenly become a glory. To some extent, Yang Jiaxiu the name, in fact, more terrible than the Wu Chi. Yang Xiuchuan figure until the complete disappearance of the night owl this wry smile fell to the ground, that posture, with other people no different. Whisper this, really is that Next simply straight brush to a few people have a lingering fear from the ground to get up, could not help but asked. Yes ah, that is a Yang, Xiuchuan Wu Xiong can be prepared Sat down in the room, Yang Xiuchuan softly asked. I want to say no preparation, you will go first Shrugged, Wu Chi was no fuss said. No Yang Xiuchuan answered the same neat, If Wu Xiong is not ready, I can continue. If I want to wait for eight hundred years Pielepiezui, Wu Chi casually said. I was no opinion, do not know the night brother will not wait too much anxious. Sergeant smile, Yang Xiuchuan shook his head. Although the original did not say, but in fact, three are v.hi this words can be described as the word punish heart, If you dare to live and die I have avenged, so many days have passed, how can you not see me in the cold mountain I am to the Han brush straightener sephora Shan, but pretend to be such a tough fear of death to look like you are sure in this Han Shan, Han Shan Shang sure Will not you watch you die Moment, Song Lufei was scared out of a cold sweat This is the words, can be described as every word that his heart Before continue to provoke, excited other Han Shan disciples with his shot, it is not really think it will be able to Nai Wu Wu, but want to let Wu pool killer. If the injury here Han Shan disciples, even for the face, Han Shan Shang is bound to Wu Chi shot, when he was hope to take brush straightener sephora the hands of Han Shan people revenge. The most bad, in this Han Shan can have any danger Do not mention what disciples return, then from the Wu Chi into the cold mountain that moment, Han Shan Shangren is bound to have been disturbed If Wu Chi dare to kill the next, Han Shan Master will be shot to stop It is this disciple, so he dare to come up with such a desperate posture to. After all, the murder of hair straightener brush in india revenge is the fact that no matter how he trouble, but also said in the past, and will not provoke Han Shan. I did not expect that this mind, even by Wu Chi word point broken. Nonsense, dog thief You off to best hair brush for straightening hair slander me, I do not wear with you well Nodded slightl. y, Wu Chi calmly open the Road, Since the days do not wear days, then I will send you father and son reunion Indulge in Song Tianque, you will be blamed. For a moment, kill the machine now Song Lufei did not expect more than just Wu pool to see through his mind this point To now this state, Wu Chi is not necessary to say what the threat of empty words, say the words, each word is absolutely count. Even in the cold mountain and how Even if it is Han Shan Master is likely to stop shot how Since you want to die, I will send you to die To refer to the sword, Wu Chi stature slightly flash, fingertips from the Song Road fly toward the eyebrows point to go. This shot, but it is really the song Lu Fei scared the soul of wits Do not look at him brush straightener sephora before jumping Huan, it seems a pair of defended not afraid of death look, but in fact, he.

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