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Brush Straightener Simply Straight mes, how can we prove Eyes reveal a touch of compassion of colo. r, empty monk voice once again rang up. Pinseng is willing to body for the lotus, where the guarding years, to eliminate the world hostility to forgive Body, but the skin, the Buddha does not go out, life is more than If you can eliminate the crime industry, the future may be with the layman also reunited. Voice down the moment, the empty monk s body slowly into a golden lotus, floating and the oil pan, through the bursts of Buddha light, Mingxin Cheng Cheng smuggling hostility and grievances. Even in the side, Wu Chi can feel that lotus on the release of the Buddha s breath If someone sat in the lotus, they can resolve the pain and the hearts of the hostility, add a little chance to survive here. The empty empty, the empty Wu Chi at the moment some vaguely understand the meaning of the empty monk before brush straightener simply straight the words. From the moment of the enlightenment, the empty monk has actually done a ride of the plan. Do not take the soul stone because he has been reluctant to leave Through the good fruit into the power of their own body, Wu Chi vaguely understand some of the causal way, naturally can understand the empty monk so called causal ridden, the deep meaning of the crime. Think of this, Wu Chi can not help but lament a green cry. Prior to this, Wu Chi probably how can not think of themselves and the empty monk cause and effect, even brush straightener simply straight in such a way as the end. A read into a magic, a thought into a Buddha This end, for the empty monk, I do not know whether it is good or bad. Buddha will Nirvana reborn, empty monk today s epiphany, a thought Buddha, perhaps also another Nirvana I do not know, after the elimination of the crime, he really can Nirvana rebirth, the future will really have reunited the day Put away the soul of the stone, Wu Chi can not help but bend the front of the lotus bend a prayer The next moment, Wu Chi s feet will be born again blossoming Qinglian, leisurely toward the next high Taiwan away. Chapter 379 Ranking, 2nd Oil pan, stone, Wu Chi, although still take the opportunity to practice, but already have a feeling in a bottleneck. Over the past few years, he has died too many times, the will is hardened by the extremel.fe and death judge asked slowly opening. Yes Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan can not help half of the meaning of Wu Chi cover Eyes reveal a trace of the color of surprise, life and death judge looked at Yang Xiuchuan one, you have hatred It seems to think of what, Yang Xiuchuan continued His purpose is like us, are for the door to life and death Come on, you can not get away. Silence, life and death judge suddenly said. Almost at the same time talking, his body bright red roses completely faded, that kind of intangible coercion also will be dissipated, and even the body also followed by nothing. what Moment, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time change. This sudden change also let the two some off guard, rush between, but also simply can not understand what happened, but with the instinct to know perhaps with the Wu Chi Rumbling The next moment, a horror of the sky into the sky, enveloped the entire life and death hall, and even quickly toward the whole endless purgatory away. Moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two big change, too late to think, then suddenly toward the door of life and death. seal In the two men are about to enter the door of life and brush straightener simply straight death, a bright red word suddenly appeared in front of life and death, abruptly stopped brush straightener simply straight the two people down. Breathing, a familiar figure will appear in front of the two. Red robe plus body, life and de. ath big sentence Moment of life and death in front of all the guards suddenly bowed to worship. Wu Chi figure to see the moment, the two pupils can not help but suddenly shrink, incredibly tightly staring at the Wu Chi. Life and death Who can think of, brush straightener simply straight for such a moment of effort, Wu Chi has become a big sentence of life and death, it is too strange. Night Boy, Hideaki Masters, we meet again. Mouth brought back a touch of light smile, Wu Chi softly open Road. What do you want Staring at Wu Chi, brush straightener simply straight night Shen Xing coldly asked. We are old friends Well, I can think about how Shook his head, Wu Chi said with a smile However, cooked cooked, the total fee to pay some of the way Although the mouth is joking, but in fact, Wu Chi s heart has really gave birth to a hint of murderous. Once left here, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night sta.

be with the door in the vicinity, no matter who, since encountered, naturally have to rescue. Followed by fighting sound away, see each other s moments, the spirit of several people can not help but lifted White Brothers A sword beheaded to chase the demons, Bai Rong this set to God, finally find hair straightener brush with sprayer you, how are you Bai Rong s gown in the ongoing fighting has become very messy, obviously this time, it is not better, but after the meeting, an opening to ask their situation, but it can not help but let a few people are the hearts of a warm The We re all right, white brother, are you hurt Bai Rong left arm to see a little faint blood, clouds pay care apalus brush hair straightener walmart to ask. Put a waved, Bai Rong softly said a little hurt, no harm. Paused, Bai Rong s eyes in a few people who swept it again, his face can not help but a slight change, Wu Young Other people may never remember the white Rong, but brush straightener simply straight Wu Chi s identity. on that, but it is hair straightening brush made in usa impossible to ignore. Wu brothers and his Yesterday, we encountered wolf demon, Wu brothers in order to save everyone, come up with a true disciples token, lie white brother you kill the sword of the disciples, this led the wolf demon Speaking of this, Chen turned back and looked at the cloud at a glance, which continued Yunxie Sister for this with the Wu brothers from the conflict, a word, Wu brothers angrily, left alone Heard Chen s words, Bai Rong face slightly changed, then revealed a trace of anger, nonsense Under the crisis, Wu Shidi hair straightening brush kohls is a lie to deceive the demons, and playing what tight This thing because of my sky, It s time for me to let you go to you. This is the case, Bai Rong cursed the extreme For a time, Yunhe eyes can not help but some brush straightener simply straight red, I m sorry, white brother, I was too impulsive. Now that what is the use of these Frowned, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said find, Wu Shidi a person not far away At all costs, you must find as soon as possible Wu. White brothers, those demons are looking for you, this is too dangerous Yunhe again open Road. Dangerous Lengheng a cry, Bai Rong Chen Sheng said Is it more dangerous than Wu Shidi now Wu Shidi only a few months before the door, barely just stars, now alone, If there is any slip, how can I explain to Luo Shishu Feel the tone of their own s.the next door when the big ratio, will be able to shine it. Looked up, Li hair straightening brush damage Yunpeng is still a tepid expression, faint said From half a month ago, we have a small peak in the show to compete for more than the quota, if the brothers really have confidence, why should fight my places These words some play face, can be described as a word to expose each other s mind. This reason, we all know is well aware, it is necessary to point broken, that is torn face. Moment of the moment, that hook hook nose middle aged face on the gloomy down, Yunpeng Young, you are not to do the face of a senior ah. The face is to each other, the brothers did not give me face, I naturally can not give you the face of your brother. Li Yunpeng faintly said Brothers just said, I can only participate in the big show we shine shame, How about it, let s have a vengeful oath to ensure that you can win at least one big ratio, and I ll hand over the place. Aggressive Listening to Li Yunpeng s words, Wu Chi mouth can not help but evoke a touch of bright smile. A hundred years no, Li Yunpeng now can be described as rhetoric, sharp and pressing ah. Do not know lift Moment, that hook hook nose middle aged suddenly shame into anger, a hand to pull out the sword. But it can only play. He did not have the courage to say that in the big ratio will be able to win others, but to win the brush straightener simply straight confidence of Li Yunpeng is still some. How to say, he also has the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, although perhaps this life may not be able to step into the broken star, but at least on the middle of today there are stars Li Yunpeng or emboldened full. Yunpeng Young, say no benefits, we see the chapter under the hands of it, if you can win me, do the brothers will not fight the quota, and give you an apology. Puchi Here between the daggers, Wu Chi is unable to help Puchi laughed out. For a moment, suddenly all the attention will be attracted over. who Had some annoying, and now even see Wu Chi dare to laugh, that hooked nose middle aged immediately annoyed, ferocious cursed Road. These disciples naturally did not recognize Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng is to see the moment, the moment, the pupil can not help but suddenly shrink a shrink. Different from other p.its of the peak of the road In other words, everyone was forced into the desperate Hanshan really want to femjolie hair straightener brush price desperately. No one dare to look down on the cold mountain people such a strong, if not limited to the rules of the lower bound, was suppressed repair, these people are not added together Han Shan Shang a hand to kill. Such a strong, who did not sure, what exactly did he have cards Moment, all the momentum can not help but a slight lag, seems to have some hesitation up. Really want to let the Hanshan mortal death is Xi Jun should, other people do not seem brush straightener simply straight to really desperately necessary with Han Shan. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Wu Chi softly said Why do you have deliberately pretentious If there is no wrong guess, now the man has to the end of the crossbow I said, I promise that today you can not escape. Seems to have not seen at the moment Han Shan Shang who skyrocketing breath, Wu Chi calmly open Road. Hear the words of Wu Chi, Han Shan on the whole body was trembling, Wu Chi, do you think you can really leave the old lady not OK and not, always try to know. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi softly open Road. At this moment, Hanshan Master was completely enraged by Wu Chi, and now the situation, he has also seen clearly, Wu Chi actual The old man today, even if the loss of origin, but also bound to be beheaded you Is the real threat to him the most people. As long as the Thunder can be used to kill the Wu Chi, other people naturally no longer desperate heart, that time he can get out of brush straightener simply straight trouble. On the contrary, if Wu Chi is not dead, in the case of Wu Chi lead, these people even if some hesitation, fear will using hair straightening brush follow the whole force to kill him. The most critical is that at the moment he did some bluff The card is not no, but this card also want him to pay a huge price, and endless trouble, if not a last resort, he simply do not want to use. But now, he has no choice. The eyes of Hanmans fleeting, H. anshan who suddenly burst a burst of white light, it seems that the moment the room is solidified up. For this touch of white light, all of them are no stranger, because in the near future, they have witnessed Xi Jun should be cast once Willing to Any who did not think, Han Shan Shang who even ha.

Brush Straightener Simply Straight hink of this, Wu Chi can not help but sigh a cry, then the eyes fell toward the front. Although the crack demons, but now it seems that the magic bridge is still not finished, and, it seems that one can not see the end of the Chapter 396 magic by the heart of Health Watching the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi s heart can not help but rise a touch of complex meaning. Just save the people is completely the first reaction, and now once calm down, Wu pool unconsciously think of more things. Night Shen Xing for the time being, he and Yang Xiuchuan can not talk about what friends, and even Wu Chi no doubt, once to seize the opportunity to Yang Xiuchuan, the other will kill themselves. So to speak, taking advantage of Yang Xiuchuan is still suffering from the demons of the heart, one of his completely pushed down the bridge, would not it be a hundred Under this scenario, there is no one who knows exactly what happened. Moreover, before Jiang Rui has also mentioned, if you have the opportunity to hope that they can kill Yang Xiuchuan, in love, seems to take the opportunity to get rid of Yang Xiuchuan is an excellent choice. Although this seems to be some shameless, but Wu C. hi itself is a shameless slut, which for him, there is no psychological burden. A year to this, Wu Chi s face suddenly revealed a touch of ferocious color, slowly toward the position of Yang Xiuchuan walked. Now Yang Xiuchuan has once again walked back to the edge of the heart of the bridge, as long as the hand gently push, you can simply push him hair straightener brush blue down, beyond redemption Wu Chi s hands have been stretched out, away from Yang Xiuchuan vest, or even less than three inches away. However, in the moment is about to reach out, Wu Chi s heart can not help but suddenly gave birth to a trace of warning. For a moment, sword gallbladder slightly Yi Chan, brush straightener simply straight abruptly Wu Chi s mind pulled back wrong Head out of a layer of cold sweat, the moment, Wu Chi on the reaction over Demons Unconsciously, he even once again breed out of the demons, and almost was affected by the demons. Yang Xiuchuan now kill easily, but once the shot, it is bound to make the demons once again broke out, pushed himself into the same danger. The dead magic Could not he.through the prison for five strong, many people do not have a too clear concept, just because Yang Xiuchuan strong, only played Wu Chi powerful Can Han Shan people to different Han Shan can be said to always overtook all the family and the forces above, detached things outside, Han Shan Shang is the hearts of all invincible presence, Wu Chi dare to boast to find Han Shan Shang to discuss a fair, it is incredible. Of course, in fact, they do not know, Wu Chi this goods actually do not know what people Hanshan Shangren Wu Chi From the kind of shock in the breath of breath, Jiang hair straightening brush as seen on tv Zhengyang staring at Wu Chi said I admit that brush straightener simply straight this is my fault, but has nothing to do with the Chiang family See in the past feelings, I beg you only kill me One person, let Jiang home Things have been so far, Jiang Zhengyang naturally understand what the return of Wu Chi, holding the last trace of fantasy opening Road. If you remember the slightest past feelings, will let others compete for Su Wan their Dongfu it If you remember the slightest past the past Sentiment, will know my relationship with Su Wan, but also forced him to marry with others Have you just said anything, do not you have forgotten Yang Xiuchuan arrived at that time, once blocked once, in the face of Yang Xiuchuan s answer, what is Chiang Zhengyang said Yes, the old lady and Wu Chi did have a bit of friendship, but it is only the prison community among the three special circumstances, mutual use only And I have nothing to do hair straightening brush on weave with Chiang, Keqing word, but also talk about on. Every word, seems to have vividly, how can people forget For cocoon At this moment, Jiang Zhengyang really understand what is called cocoon. puff Bleeding, Jiang Zhengyang un. der the anger, the deadline is approaching, and now the body s life is completely collapsed, and instantly fell to the ground. Looked coldly looked at Chiang Zhengyang, Su Wan Shen Sheng said Jiang Zhengyang, you remember what I told you When I was in the Soviet Union, I had told you that you had a lifetime of regret for what you had done. I said Today, if I die, is bound to let you out of Chiang Wu pool may not be hard to heart, but I was just a little woman, and women, are vengeful This word will be the same.

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