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Brush Straightener Tutorial day to leave, Xi Jun should be sure to have guessed your existence, and now he will not let go. Wu Chi reason to promise Han Shan Shang conditions, largely because of Zhou Boyan their security considerations, in this issue will naturally not compromise. As long as you are alive, they will not be life threatening, on the contrary, if you are dead, they are really not the slightest vitality. Han Shan Ren Shen Sheng said This reason. you should also be very clear, Reminder Maybe there will be no life, but it is bound to be tortured by Xi Jun should be. Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said I can not sit back and watch them into danger. So that Han Shan can not help but a slight lag, it is reasonable how can he not understand However, compared with the removal of Xi Jun should be such a major event, a few women in the area of life and death, in fact, he was not kept in mind only. Watching Wu Chi now this serious attitude, for a time, did not even know what should be said. Wu Chi is the hands of his pawn, but this hair straightening brush verimark piece seems to have nothing to do the pieces of consciousness, which makes Han Shan Shang some annoyance, but it happens to take Wu Chi no way. In the plan, Wu Chi this piece, now undoubtedly has an irreplaceable role. For a time, the scene can not help but stalemate down. Master respect, Yang Xiuchuan see I do not know how long, several Han Shan disciples hastily entered the mountain, openly reported. what Moment, Wu Chi face suddenly changed, suddenly stood up. Yang Xiucheng suddenly appeared, for Wu Chi and Hanshan Master, is undoubtedly an accident, but just broke the deadlock. Ask him up. Eyelids slightly jump, Han Shan Shangren turned a few thoughts, Chen Sheng told Road. Between the moment, Yang Xiuchuan and also night stars will also set foot on the mountain at the same time. And even did not wait for Wu Chi open, Yang Xiuchuan first asked out loud. What happened The dark prison community was closed, and now brush straightener tutorial the dark prison community is almost a mess, although it is not clear what happened, but Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing almost can be sure, this matter will not be with the Wu Chi can not get away, especially When he saw in this Han Shan Wu Chi figure, almost have been ab.Chi away, Yang Yan this chagrin stamped the stamp, Zhang brother, I m sorry, I took the eye. Slowly shaking his head, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said do not blame you, is the Mo Yan installed too much like, I also did not see it Hey, Sin Temple when it came so a great peer, the future work, be sure to Be careful not to take his way again. Zhang brother you rest assured, as long as he dare to stay in the fairy palace, the scene where we come back soon. Between the words, Yang Yan hand a trace, suddenly pulled off from the face of a delicate mask, the moment, that mediocre man, suddenly became a beautiful woman. Yang Yan, Yang Yan, which is like a woman s name, root is a woman s name OK, pack things, and quickly leave Has been delayed too much time, late Zengsheng change. Chen Sheng told a sentence, Zhang Fengyang, who also pulled off the mask from the face, quickly changed the clothes, whether it is appearance or temperament are greatly changed. It is no exaggeration to say that, now, brush for straightening hair even with Wu Chi they walked across, but also absolutely no one recognized it. Wu Chi this half baked, but it is installed a forced it, where really like people in general professional. Chapter 530 Scarlet Woman Comfortable sleepy sleep, Wu Chi looked at the body of more than 600,000 star stone. grin. This feeling of the night riches, so that Wu Chi is a kind of villain was happy pleasure. But also more and more so that brush straightener tutorial he did not continue to honestly stay in the other minds of the. Sin Palace can be so many people rush, must be justified, before no money to plug Joseph, now have such a large star stone, where there is not to play a happy. From the bones, Wu Chi has never been an honest man. From the alchemy to sell magic weapons shop, and then to the possession of hair straightening brush on tv the Court, Wu Chi is almost one by one turned over and over again. Only, the possession of the magical powers in the magical powers no interest, the other places are almost burst of rage, just now this dress to spend a full amount of tens of thousands of stars of stone, just like a son of your school to do. More than sixty thousand star stone, almost half a day to go on nearly half. Luxury is a luxury point, but anyway, this money is easy, spend it is the.

e chance of success is very low. Danger is naturally, but in fact, more than you are dangerous, I have Jianzu once again said But we have no choice If you can not refining the stars of the heart, the temple will make other experts to refining Time, the whole Sword will be destroyed, so, even if it is a stroke, it must be a stroke. Hear this, Wu Chi suddenly think hair straightening brush black hair of curse You want to bet is your thing ah, why pull me together I am only brush straightener tutorial a hundred years, but why should there be with the door of the noble survival of the awkward ah Of course, these words Wu Chi is unable to say it. Disciples do their best As long as they can break, must go all brush straightener tutorial out. Mind a move, Wu Chi immediately thought of the way to shirk. Can break through the words, naturally go all out, if not break, it would not be the thing Well. Break the broken stars Who knows when Even when it can break through the time, I was insisting still in the bottleneck, can not break, how can you like Not that good for ten years Then slowly consume chanting. When the time can not break, it may not I do not want to help, it is powerless ah. This way, it really seems a bit rogue. However, this slut itself is rogue, the slightest do not feel ashamed. You have this heart. Seems to have not heard Wuchi words in the mystery, Jianzu Wen Yan Road. Just did not wait for Wu Chi proud of it, they suddenly felt a strong star suddenly fell from the air down, majestic star force is simply in the Wu Chi s body irrigation. For others, you want to break through the broken star is difficult, can Wu Chi own talent is strong, the road is also enough insight The so called bottleneck, in fact, is not difficult to break Moreover, there is now the heart of the stars, as long as the heart of the sword, no doubt can easily help Wu pool breakthrough. Such a breakthrough, would have been seeking other people do not have a good opportunity, but now for Wu Chi, but it is simply tears. Do not take such a pit man ah The The Sword peak Luo Ying was originally practicing, but suddenly felt someone embarked on the sword peak. The hearts of a slight move, Luo Ying even when the perception of each other s breath, can not help but some accidents. Stature slightly flash, Luo Ying imme.he same time flying out, one of the same lock the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, while the other is sealed a few stars Way to the same time again toward Yang Xiuchuan roll This sudden change, stunned everyone, or even a time no one can hair straightener brush de novo react, what happened. Seven chains out of the air, revealing a mysterious road rules of the atmosphere, abruptly night will be stars and Yang Xiuchuan two people around the space locked Yang Xiuchuan and the strength brush straightener tutorial of brush straightener tutorial the night Shen Xing people have to see clearly, is already already overriding the power of the road above the peak But now, just rely on the seven chains do not know why, even abruptly brush straightener tutorial will Yang brush straightener tutorial Xiuchuan and the night star moved down, what is the terrible strength Now prison world triple, and what else can have such a terrorist not the strength Law enforcement who night In this prison community nearly three thousand years, or the first time to see the law enforcement shot Eyes reveal a chill chill, night Shenxing hands dead sickle slightly under pressure, will be wrapped around the chain to the ground pressure, issued a burst of harsh metal impact of the sound, while the eyes locked in front of the void. The next moment, a whole body shrouded in the darkness of the people will slowly appear from the void out, can not see the face, and even men and women are not distinguishable, but the body of the strong darkness of the gush Out of a solemn pressure. The prison community is the prisoner set up, not allow anyone to disturb the order You two people called, has been seriously disturbed to the prison order, and now stop, the seat can also be nothing happened, otherwise, the order chain can not lock Bingbing, can also kill Hoarse and low voice slowly sounded, revealing an unquestionable power. enforcer Aware of the identity of the moment, all the spirit can brush straightener tutorial not help but startled Especially bamboo Yaoy. ang, the eyes are revealed a trace of excitement of the color Originally he had almost died, but did not expect the most critical time, the law enforcement officers to take out, and a shot to stop the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two, abruptly pulled him from the ghost gate. This feeling of escape in the dead, so he almost cried. Nig.ial stuff, waiting to see, Xiao Ye will put your iceberg beauty to fight kneeling for mercy. Zheng Almost in someone s mind. kinky. How to fight the Han Shuai knelt for mercy when the Han cream is already a sword. Test is a test, do not need any extra nonsense to Han Shuang s temper, but also no interest with Wu Chi said what kind of courtesy, and even may even see Wu Chi a little interest. Sword cold, people colder Sword out, suddenly brought a layer of frost, blue sword feathers pressing, raising his hand, as if even the surrounding air were frozen up. This is not familiar with the ice sword Wu Chi is not strange. The original Han Shan is used in the ice Kendo, that extreme cold and cold terror, so far Wu pool is still fresh in my memory. If not the original Han Shan Shang s strength was suppressed too much, I m afraid to lift a lift fingers, are enough to die Wu Chi. Now face this similar Frost Sword, Wu Chi s reaction is extremely fast. Qinglian Jianqi instantly released out to the ever changing Had to fight with the white when the time, just a escape, simply not really play against, and now is the first time Wu Chou and the master of the first fight with the stars, Wu Chi is actually not quickly out of the outcome the meaning of. For him, more contact, test the gap between each other how much is the focus. Wu Chi in accordance with the conjecture, had been in his days jail prison among the Qinglian Jianqi still able to support the face of the master of the stars, it should not have much problem fishes. Unfortunately, only a contact, Wu Chi suddenly found that his guess is simply wrong outrageous. Just a moment of contact, Qinglian Jian Qi even had a sign of collapse. If really hard touch, fear is even the number of data are unable to support. Frost contained in the star force, full of explosive power, brush straightener tutorial as if in a moment, will be able to hit the general Wu Chi. Suddenly, brush straightener tutorial Wu Chi stature back, the speed will be promoted to the extreme. But Rao is so, it was still frost swept a little, his face on the hair instantly changed the cage on a layer of white frost, and even the body of the stars of the luck are a bit slower. This is still Wu Chi to hide fast, or really be swept by the sword, I m afra.

Brush Straightener Tutorial nd Bai Rong between, but only small things, but Luo Ying and Ling Tian Jianjun trouble up, the movement may be too big. So the relative confrontation, and finally alerted the sword ancestors. When do you have a big deal Stature slowly appeared in front of everyone, Jianzu faint asked. This question, but it is suddenly brush straightener tutorial let the four Jianjun are some embarrassing up, the face of the sword of ridicule, no one dare to take the first step. Talk about it, what s going on Glanced at the Luo Ying, Jianzu immediately turned to Xiushui Jianjun. This time, asked Luo Ying or Ling Tianjian Jun no meaning, but is Xiushui Jianjun can be truly fair to explain. Jianzu was Luo Ying they alerted, before the things, in fact, it is not known. Slightly tacit, Xiushui Jianjun three words between the two, they will probably explain the matter again. Xiushui Jianjun s words are very fair, not the slightest biased, which is his door, the best reason for popularity. Slightly nodded, Jianzu Daoshi slightly Yaran, eyes slowly fell to the Wu Chi s body, it seems that this little guy trouble things out ah. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi did not say any explanation. Things Xiushui Jianjun has explained very clearly, and does not need him to defend himself To ga. ther the stars cut off the broken stars, killing quite heavy ah, but also a bit of your style Well. Glanced at Luo Ying, Jianzu casually said, from this, it is difficult to hear his Tendency. Luo Ying did not wait to answer, Jianzu indifferent said But the things between the disciples, when you turn in this fight you die I live straightening hair brush youtube Bai Rong and Wu Chi s battle, who is wrong, in fact, not important. For the sword of ancestors, this is only a straightening hair brush for short hair small matter after all, but Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian torn face, the nature may not the same. That is, just caused by the Wu Chi, but in fact, in the final analysis, or palm to teach this position downtown. This point, Jian Zu also aware of the same. Disciples know Hear this, Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian at the same time bend the wrong. Come on, you re coming with me. Glanced at the crowd, Jianzu lightly told Road. And did not immediately deal with this matter, because in the eyes of the sword, this is not a big deal, no matter how trouble, as l.ght, will be married with others O. nce the forced to the time, then make this wedding into Shura field. boom A palm shot, Jiang Zhengyang eyes reveal a touch of anger, suddenly openly said nonsense Moment, a terrorist pressure suddenly pushed brush straightener tutorial against the past in the past, Jiang Zhengyang personally shot, and now infuriating was closed, Su Wan did not have the slightest fight back, was instantly suppressed. Wrist doubled, a touch of purple thunder suddenly fell into the Song of the body of the body, the Song of the body of the drug to disperse If Su Wan infuriating is still, the next poison is not other people can be solved, can not infuriating support, after all, hair straightening rotating brush india is too bad to poison, Song Tian Que itself has the strength of the road, resistance and other people are strong More, get the help of Chiang Zhengyang, immediately over the over. Su Wan, you do not have enough This wedding has long been set, let you how nonsense, brush straightener sutra must also be carried out in the end The old lady will be here and look at you and heaven Que worship heaven and earth. With a strong repair for the hard to suppress, Jiang Zhengyang is determined, in any case must be completed by the wedding, even if the master of ceremonies and maids were poisoned, but also can not change anything. There is him here, that is, Su Wan want to poison, it can not succeed. Chapter 409 Scarlet Wedding Medium The wedding continues Cold eyes swept away, Chiang Kai shek Chen Sheng opening, even if straightening hair brush dafni there are maids bite the bullet and rushed over, carefully hold the Su Wan, and even can be said to pretend Suwan forced her to kneel down. Eyes full of decisive meaning, this worship is Jiang Zhengyang s will, in any case he must make this wedding to complete Whether it is for the Han Shan token, or Chiang family and his own reputation, he must let Su Wan to complete this worship. Jiang Zhengyang, today I Suwan if not die, is bound to let you Chiang door off Eyes reveal a touch of hatred, Su Wan snapped to curse. Infuriating was sealed, and now Chiang Kai shek oppression, she did not have any room for resistance, and this was forced with the worship of heaven and earth humiliation, let Su Wan heart full of hatred. Listening to Su Wan this full of hatred th.

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