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Brush Straightener Wet Hair ly time, Bai Rong is the most worship of the clouds of the brothers, in the door of those disciples of the mouth, Bai Rong is always the most perfect brothers, no matter what trouble, only to the white dragon head, He seems to have never refused. Even now, obviously Wu Chi Hang into the danger, had to ask for help, not the same regardless of the safety of looking for Wu Chi In contrast, it seems that people should be the most admirable it Seems to have not perceived the eyes of the cloud load, but also did not put the words of Chen He heart, Bai Rong helplessly shook his head, Well, do not say that these useless, and we continue to find, the strength of Wu Yidi Too weak, even deliberately avoided, sooner or later will always be we catch up As Bai Rong said, the strength of the gap placed in that, even if the Wu Chi has exhausted all the way, after more than a day in the hide, after all, they are still catch up with Bai Rong. What time do you want to hide Far to see Wu Chi, Bai Rong will be some angry, could not help but snapped snapped Road. Footsteps slightly delayed, Wu Chi had to stop the footsteps, to this point, he naturally clear, avoid is not open. Heart flashed countless thoughts, a moment, Wu Chi heart has been a decision, until the time to come back, his face has brought a trace of stubborn color. What is where I go to my own thing and what do you have to do with you Nonsense Eyes are even more angry, Bai Rong cold snapped You are the disciples, is Luo Shishu only disciple, is my white wing of the Young, how can we have nothing to do with us Obviously Wu Ch. i was asked this sentence, but still still stubborn do not face to face, and did not speak. Bai Rong s face to ease a bit, went on to say Whether it is me, or with the cloud of the Shimei, are very worried about you, do not nonsense, even to be angry, at least have to return to the door, safe down to say. The eyes of the light sweep a cloud load, Wu Chi still did not speak. Brother Wu, before I brush straightener wet hair was too impulsive, sorry See Wu Chi Wang to their own, Yun He said softly. Yes ah, Wu brothers, that up, our lives, before you are still you save it You and the cloud of the Sister also just a little misunderstanding only, why so pique Big.if you can win me, let alone tell you brother, call your grandfather will do. Li Dongsheng teeth teeth cursed. Grandpa is not necessary, I can not you so much grandchildren Oh yeah, these words can not be heard out, Lazy voice again from within the Dongfu came out, straight from the head of Li Dongsheng head blue veins storm. Are you still a man I am not a man, what is the relationship with you To be concerned about, and that is what you think of what Yunao Shimei care, you do not have to deal with this leisurely heart. Dong Fu outside the ban is strong, there is no ban token, simply do not have to worry about the other can break into, there is a guarantee, Wu Chi naturally no fear of fear, is completely a deadly man s posture. Bastard, you know you are not happy What is your thing, but also with coveted Yunhe Shimei What is your kind of gentleman is the division of the division to serve me, which also need me coveted I looked at, is your coveted people s hair straightener brush bed bath and beyond beauty, right Shaking his head against the walls of the Dong Fu, Wu Chi said frivolous But, you say so, I really is more curious What about your brother, can not be ugly. Wu Chi, I want to kill you was Wu Qi gas mad, Li Dongsheng fiercely sword cut to the ban on the Dong Fu above, but tightly dang a trace of ripples, do not even want to break the ban. You are in the threat of me Eyelid on the pick, Wu Chi sneered Even between the same door, can not help but fight, can not help but die You a core disciples of the district, but dare to speak to kill my true disciples Thought that my teacher is not in, the door of the door, then no reason why it Speaking of the last, Wu Chi s words have been revealed a wipe machine. Moment, Li Dongsheng s heart can not brush straightener wet hair help but suddenly a cold. As Wu Chi said, with the door fight does not matter, but it is not allowed to kill the killer, especially Wu Chi this is killing the only disciples. Jianjun, if he came out to kill Wu Chi things, will undoubtedly make him into a passive. But he had just been Wu Qi anxious, and this brush straightener wet hair is not words. What do you think of the villain Do you mean that I am not a true disciple, you have to decide Gee, is it that I am wrong, you are not the core disciples, but Jianjun it Fighting m.

I am afraid the demons will first broke out. In fact, Wu Chi this abnormal state, has long been Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing aware But this kind of thing, simply can not help the outsiders can help. Now see Wu Chi stopped, the two hearts have been vaguely understand. Wu Chi, do you really want to clear it Silence for a moment, night Shen Xing slowly asked. I do not know if this is not right, or that what will happen to the consequences However, the demons have begun to breed, I can not suppress this idea so, in any case can not continue with you Go on. Looked up and looked at the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan, Wu Chi slowly said. Paused, Wu Chi immediately pointed to his wound, said Moreover, I am very clear that I have to stick to it My cultivation is the worst of their own, in the face of these attacks, each attack Once is dangerous, if not your help, fear also died in the hands of those who attacked. This may have a little bit of exaggerated elements, but in fact, before many times encountered in the attacker, Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing is indeed apalus brush hair straightener for sale a lot of pressure for the Wu pool. Although this is the three before that good to watch help, but in fact, as the number of attackers coming more frequently, Wu Chi who brush straightener wet hair is also more and more pressure. If you can not think of a way, maybe it is possible to die with an accident. This is also so that Wu Chi can not suppress the center of the cr. azy idea of one of the important incentives. This move is too crazy, crazy, not to mention Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, even if the Wu Chi himself is very difficult to really determined. And now he stopped, it is not really intended to immediately try to jump out of the heart bridge, but want a person to calm down, at least before making a decision, no longer so aimlessly to move forward. The words of the export at the same time, it means that the three agreed before the agreement, in this moment completely collapsed. Parted ways In such a test, in fact, really can only rely on only their own. I owe you two lives. Looked at Wu Chi, the night Shenxing said earnestly If I can break into the prison world five times must do all the best to take care of your friends, until I leave the dark prison co.ter 432 Impressions of the prison Snapped Holding the brush straightener wet hair hand of the sword suddenly a hemp, as was burned in general by the flames, even if it is Wuchi Ding Li, and even failed to grip the hands of the sword, abruptly by this blood arrows fly out. The original battle with Li Yunpeng fairly evenly divided, and even faintly occupy some of the advantages, but all this with the blood arrows were back to the prototype. Li Yunpeng s hair straightening brush infomercial strength itself is not under the Wu Chi, now get such an opportunity, how will let go Such as the ink of the knife, almost in the twinkling of an eye will fall between the front of the Wu Chi, the horror of the breath of the hardships of Wu Chi can no longer move the opponent. hair straightener brush electric The blade hanging in the Wu Chi throat, less than three points of the position, and even have been able to feel that cold blade. Li Yunpeng did not kill the next, not because of Wu Chi what a special impression, but because he or middle aged also need Wu Chi. If so kill the Wu pool, it is not all before in vain You have brush straightener wet hair no chance of rebellion, and if you dare say no word, I promise to cut off your head. Looked at Wu Chi, Li Yunpeng Shen Sheng threatened Road. Spread out the hand, Wu Chi bachelor straightening hair brush india replied You win, I throw in the towel Wu Chi has never been a dead man, playing also beat, then had to recognize counseling. Scattered infuriating, as if to restore the kind of harmless look, Wu Chi s mouth and even hung a trace of a faint smile. Make a fatal statement. Faint glance Wu Chi a middle school slowly said. Trying to lure Wu Chi no fruit, and now he and Wu Chi between, and not the slightest trust at all, only to make a statement of his life, as a constraint. Wait Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi casually said I promise you can, but before that kind of lies do not have to say Tell me in the end how the matter, or that I do what is dangerous Otherwise, if left and right Is it a death, why should I promise you Ignoring the knife still hanging in his throat, Wu Chi asked again To this point, Wu Chi naturally do not believe the other party will easily kill themselves, by this opportunity to ask things clearly, but it is a good thing. Of course, if the other party really want to kill, that Wu Chi naturally o.ur, the spirit of the strength of this than the ordinary people a lot of times the results. In fact, Wu Chi also do not know, the peak of the limits of the strength. of the road, but also only can only support the death of ninety nine only. And with his strength, I am afraid that even fifty times may not support the past. Even more frightening is that the prison community test of the attack, can be far more than the brush straightener wet hair sword ax attack only, in the hold of a stick of incense time, endless flames suddenly swept from. Wu Chi is not clear what the damn flames is what can be, even if the control of the origin of brush straightener wet hair the fire, but also can not affect this terrible flames In addition to infuriating with Jian Qi brains, there is no way to resist. In which, Wu Chi feel like ordinary people fall into the flames in general, abruptly burned mad, the kind of life was born burning feeling, simply can not accept the normal people To know that the vitality of the monks is very strong, almost to the pain was completely burned ash will die. Even more frightening is that brush straightener wet hair death is not the end, after resurrection, the same torture you have to re bear again. Painful, but also do not see the slightest hope, it is only hate yourself die Chapter 366 Concepts and Willpower Wu Chi struggling to support the time, the prison community on the stage purple flash, issued a bitterly, one of them suddenly was sent to the prison station. Not everyone can bear this terrible pain, especially when there is a sign in the hand, the kind of repeated tortured pain is easy to break the limits of human tolerance, people make a move to give up The At the moment the first person who dropped from the prison community, then he was lucky enough to win a character, on the strength, in fact, he is far better than those who occupy Dong Fu years for the strong. Perhaps also barely able to out some more than Wu Chiqiang only. But how can he Wu Chi that strong will, under the burning of the flames, only three times dead, it has completely destroyed his will, directly chose to give up. From the kind of pain in the recovery of God, which makes it difficult for him to suppress the birth of a trace of fear, and even can be said to defeat him into the prison c.

Brush Straightener Wet Hair ed eyes shine on the gambling platform, shouted loudly. Hum Moment, the audience burst of uproar. Ten thousand stone, can definitely not a small number, and is not the ordinary people from the pressure. The woman heard the words finally lifted his head, sweet smile, as if to turn the living beings, white wrist slightly from the sleeve stuck out, gently Kai lips, Gentlemen, today in this gambling platform, I only played three games brush straightener wet hair Bets are small women themselves, but if the little woman lucky to win, every bet has to double. This is a word, the crowd suddenly burst of uproar. Although this woman really beautiful, but also thousands of stars of stone has been enough, and now listen to her meaning, even more than one fight, but also to double the bet will accept, it is too hard to point. To know, if the brothel, throw a thousand star stone can be arbitrarily selected any beautiful woman. But this woman who has revealed a sub subtle beauty, people see the heart itch, simply could not contain the impulse of the heart. There is no chance of doubling, chick, you are mine That middle aged haha laughed, muddy careless loudly shouted. please Stretched out the black wrist, made a gesture, the brush straightener woman Lianqing light shift, a very weak look, people from the bottom of my heart gave birth to a sympathy and affection. boom On the gambling platform, and even down the ten thousand stone bet, according to reason, that middle aged should make every effort to, but this punch to play, seemingly fierce, but in fact, but unknowingly Between secretly left a three point force, it seems could not bear to start in general. Between the moment, that middle aged Han will attack more than ten strokes to go, that woman seems to be difficult to parry, but why can brush straightener at target be avoided every time to avoid the. insurance. Looking at the stage of the two grips, Wu Chi is not help but slightly eyebrows. From the surface, the woman seems to only the early strength of the broken star, whether it is star power or moves, are very general, it is easy to be defeated. But can be chosen Wu Chi was able to feel from the woman who felt a terrible sense of crisis. Do not look at the middle aged Han attack the sound and color, but in fact, this is a funda.danger, this time, perhaps choose to soar, is the brush straightener wet hair most secure way. Why not Smiled, Yang Xiuchu. an whispered The upper bound is not a paradise Like the strong respect, I Yang Xiuchuan wherever he goes, will never go under the people. Moreover, before I have lost to Wu Chi once can not always lose is ah. Chapter 390 The five messages of the prison community Dressed in a black coat, strolling into the night owl s station, obviously a lot of people guarding the door, but when you see each other s moment, but not to block, and even more to see the courage is not. As if the man just standing there, it will make people have an irresistible sense of oppression, even the breathing has become a lot of hard. This friend, I do not know how to call it From the station out of the night owl to see each other s time, the heart can not help but a slight sinking, his hands Baoquan, Chen Sheng asked. Owl, I ve heard your name. Raised his head, watching the night owl, young people finally slowly opening. Eyebrow pick pick, the night owl heart slightly unhappy, the past two years, with the strength of Wu Chi to enhance his status also will rise, even some of the prison in the triple master, to see best hair straightening brush ceramic him, but also polite Gas to say hello. You know, these years by Wu Chi in the door outside the prison master of the three master is not one or two of the. But the other side of the opening, but only a sentence I heard your name, but really seemed to be too big. Once again Baoquan, night owl once again said night, but only a little man, thanks to Wu Ye to take care of, this is a bit thin name, naturally lack of teeth However, Wu Ye commanded, these days but no one, friends if Come to see Wu Ye, please come back. Do not see any person, may not see me. brush straightener wet hair Calm opening, the young face without the slightest expression, as if the night owl said, there is no meaning at all. Sneer a cry, the night owl lightly refused hair straightener brush tns Since you are to see Wu Ye, it should understand the sense of proportion, otherwise, really disturbed Wu hair straightening brush walmart Ye, fear is not good. Often heard people say, Hades easy to see, the devil tough brush straightener wet hair Do not want to, today is really let me see. Smile, young people do not care night owl, step by step, there is a dark clouds shrouded d.

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