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Ceramic Hair Straightening Styling Brush their strength, and now, that is, in the periphery to kill some justification of the demon, demon heart, but the most blue Once there is a purple demon heart of the demon, hair straightening brush straightfix I m afraid even. fled can not escape the fall out. For the sake of safety, to stay in the Mangshan outside to kill some of the demon, is the most secure. Yun He is very clear that this time someone deliberately cited Wu Chi, naturally not easily in depth adventure. Unfortunately, the cloud is not clear, even when they arrived at Mangshan at the same time, the location has been clearly passed by faith to pass out Mangshan outside the shaking for nearly half a day, seeing the sun will fall, Wu Chi lazy hit a yawn. This half day time, although also encountered some demon, calculated also received a few red demon heart, but they have nothing to do with him, let alone a shot, and more look for a lively opportunity are not. Rumbling Just want to talk with the clouds, Wu Chi suddenly felt the ground at the ground while shaking, a horrible atmosphere, fast toward his side approaching. For a moment, everyone can not help changing the color. Even even ceramic hair straightening styling brush the shadow did not see it, can only rely on the movement and momentum, but also to guess, must be a big demon was cited out. Suddenly, a touch of purple Guanghua flashed, demon monstrous Far away, everyone will see a young man was chasing the awkward, it seems almost have to hold on. Seems to have just noticed everyone, that young stature slightly stagnant, his face showing a hint of whisper, shouted go, brisk walking, do not control me At the same time, the youth suddenly changed the direction, toward the other side to escape. Well, it is Bai Rong brothers Moment, the cloud will be recognized out of the clouds, the eyes revealed a hint of anxious color. Bai Rong Hear the name, Wu Chi heart can not help but jump. Before the cloud will be mentioned, the White Wing is a step by step from the disciples of his disciples, and now in the true disciples in the strength of the most examinations. But Wu Chi was how did not expect, even in such a situation under the meeting with Bai Rong. You are careful, I go to help The eyes flashed a trace of the color, the cloud with the Wu Chi played a greeti.oor of life and death In this way, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing how could break into the door of life and death Where do you need to stop yourself This seems to be everywhere weird and contradictory. The body was injected into the judge s breath, Wu Chi was really able to feel the horror of the judge pen It is no exaggeration to say that at the hair straightener brush target moment ceramic hair straightening styling brush he is really confident, with the judge pen hit, or even kill the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan. By their own control of the judge pen, Shangqie so, if the death of life and death by hand, where there are night Shenxing their half way to live Can be biased, life and death will be able to put this trace of breath into their own body, so that their own judge to stop the pen, but also refused to personally shot, why is it Wu Chi at the moment there are too many doubts, but these can not just ask to export. Hesitated for a moment, Wu Chi immediately turned and left the hall again, the same toward the depths of life and death hall Depth of life and death A black and white was shrouded in the light of the light door, standing on the deepest in the hall, revealing a trace of awe inspiring pressure. Black gas means the power of death, while the white but it means life So reciprocating, but it is so that a light door revealed a mysterious atmosphere, it is difficult to grasp. The hall, guarding more than ten guards, each person s strength, it seems not before the guard under the command, but these guards seem to have some dull eyes, as if they have lost their sanity. Into the temple of the moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan to be aware of the exception here, more and more careful a bit. boom Almost between t. he moment, those guards suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a terrorist murderous, toward the two rolling from. Zheng Between the backhand, the night of the stars in the hands of the death of the sickle has been cut out, severely cut in one of the guards of the body. However, even strong as the night stars, this knife did not even beheaded each other, and even can not even hurt even hurt each other Death sickle only in that guards who left a knife white India, hair straightener brush remington will be forced back a few steps, then once again toward the night Shenxing.

to play the same attack did not have any psychologica. l pressure. For a moment, the audience immediately booed, obviously a shameless act of someone is also very puzzled. But rather the woman, not the slightest moving, gently Qiaoqiao a dodge, they avoided the Wu Chi this attack out of the sword. Just this one dodge, let Wu pool suddenly a move. If the surface from the point of view, it is just a very dodge action, and even with a bit of luck ingredients, but Wu Chi was able to easily feel that it is a very subtle shenfa. As before, they feel the same, this self proclaimed Fenger woman is very simple. However, this up, Wu Chi itself is to explore her at the end of the natural do not care, stature slightly flash, and then immediately followed by chasing again away. Free sword, and there is no subtlety, but accounted for a fast word. Wu Chi had seen the real swords, although they can not do so exaggerated, but also take the pinch very accurate, the speed is far above ordinary people. Perfect Kendo foundation, so Wu Chi for any Kendo seems to be able to come in handy. Of course, if the power of the words, such a play, it is clear that it is impossible to play out how much strength, but the benefits are not exposed, who is not touch the end In fact, Wu Chi also feel the same, that Fenger also not the best. This is the case, the scene is naturally you come to me, playing can not be opened, but in fact, it is the root fart with no, if so play down, even if playing three days and three nights may not be able to sub win The Gambling is to Wu Chi to win her to be sure to win, so the woman is not anxious, and apparently waiting for Wu Chi exposed real strength. Unfortunately, she was too small to see Wu Chi. Although the identity of the exquisite, but so back and forth to display, but after all, was still a bit clue to Wu pool. brush straightener online To learn that ceramic hair straightening styling brush this body is naturally impossible, but if only to crack the words, but it is not so difficult. Chengying sword Italy, itself is playing against each other flaws. Om Suddenly, Wu Chi suddenly change strokes, the original pick of the sword, stopped abruptly, but turned into a note backhand sword, with an incredible angle of anti thorn, abruptly hit the woman back abov.lem, but if he does not actually cause any danger to their own, then this pay is not consistent with the risk of being born. Perhaps it sounds like a good thing, but for Wu Chi this person who does not believe in luck, this anomaly but in his heart will sound the alarm. Of course, to think of these, in fact, it means that one thing Now Wu Chi is busy Although the strength of the black mirror once again soaring, the pressure is also growing stronger and stronger, it seems how to play with the top, but in fact, now Wu Chi really really busy. Because, after repeated breakthroughs, Wu Chi has been very clear that once ceramic hair straightening styling brush again reached the limit. In this case, even if the black mirror to bring him the pressure and then big, he simply can not complete the break. Can not break, it is no longer sentiment, this way, Wu Chi will be able to free up their minds to think of these messy things. Is it just that strength Eyes reveal a touch ceramic hair straightening styling brush of mockery of the color, black mirror said indifferent. Why do not you me Why, your strength can suddenly skyrocketing, does it actually I will be able to instantly enhance the strength of ceramic hair straightening styling brush the power law is not Spit a turbid, Wu Chi is very rogue asked. There is nothing to make the strength of the power of law, but from the beginning, I have not fully out of it. Black mirror like a faint opening said, it seems that this is a matter of course. There is no full strength has been so metamorphosis, and if you out of the full, I have any room for ceramic hair straightening styling brush struggling Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly. You finally feel it Sneer a cry, black mirror like Chen Sheng said Yes, face me, you simply do not have any chance of ceramic hair straightening styling brush winning Not because of my strength more than you too much, but because You are wrong, you. r way is wrong. This sentence from the mouth of the black mirror to speak, but it is simply like a thunder suddenly sounded. Is wrong This simple sentence, the blow is simply enough to fatal. What is it Is the direction of practice ah, if the road is wrong, then what breakthrough hope Eyes reveal a touch of shocking color, Wu Chi tightly staring at each other, the heart is already already thrown a monstrous waves. Do you not believe it Sneer, black mirror continued Do not you feel it.an good. Even today Wu Chi did not come back, when he forced Su Wan and Song Tian Chai chai time, hair straightening brush for fine hair the night will be shot to stop the stars At that time, he is a dead end Yang Xiuchuan right, from him to force the Soviet Union promised the marriage of the meeting, he has been dead. This simple sentence, Yang Xiuchuan has almost all the truth are said out. However, even more sad is that Chiang Zhengyang is clear that all this is not explained to him, but explained to Wu Chi to listen. His attitude, not by Yang Xiuchuan look in the eyes of the past. Brow slightly pick pick, Wu pool glanced Yang Xiuchuan one, but after all did not speak. Yang Xiuchuan Although the bad intentions, can be calculated Jiang Zhengyang, calculated Chiang, but also did not hurt the meaning of Su Wan, alone this is enough to let the Wu pool let go of the matter. Eyes once again fall into the song of the body, Wu Chi s eyes still revealed a hint of murderous. For a moment, Song Tianque felt the murder, hastily shook his head and said Wu Gongzi, you hear, these really do not have any relationship with me I just with Yang Xiuchuan only puff ceramic hair straightening styling brush If you have not finished, a ray of Jian Qi suddenly penetrate the Song Tian Que s eyebrows, crisp will be the song of the day Que beheaded on the spot. No matter ceramic hair straightening styling brush what reason, alone you dare to force you to marry this point, that is damn Although Wu Chi is not clear that the hearts of Song Tianqi little mind, but it is not necessary to understand, just. he wanted to meet him than Su Wan is a fact Only by this, it is enough. Wu Chi Song Tianque was beheaded, Song ancestors suddenly change, hair straightening brush instructions could not help slander Road. Brow slightly a pick, Wu Chi coldly to each other, how, I kill him, you have the views Wu Chi, you do not think that broke through the prison community can be arbitrary wanton Tian Que is not only my Song family, or Han Shan disciples, Han Shan Shangren will not let you. Song family ancestors angry trembling, snapped and cursed. Han Shan who Brow picked pick, Wu Chi is muddy do not care, This is ceramic hair straightening styling brush what you dare to force Waner s infighting Well, do not need him to come to the door, this thing, I will be on the Han Shan find him to discuss a statement. Om Words out, outcry. Wu Chi.

Ceramic Hair Straightening Styling Brush per bound. Wu Chi in any case did not expect, Hanshan Master would say such a word, my mind can not help but hum. And then linked to the Han Shan Master nev. er allowed Han Shan disciples into the dark prison community, even when it came to understand, the dark prison community is absolutely not so simple. Silence for a moment, Wu pool finally could not help but asked Dare to ask Master, dark prison community what secret Cause and effect can not speak. Shook his head, Hanshan Nobuo did not continue to explain the meaning. See the Han Shan Shangren do not want to mention the black prison community things, Wu Chi also had to follow the transformation of the topic, Yes, rumors Shangren from the upper bound, kid some curious, what is the upper bound Asked the Han Shan Master can not help but laugh What do you think that the upper bound Our world, known as the small world It is speculated that the upper bound should be much larger than the small world, but how exactly, kid is not guess. What is it that is bigger than the small world Well, what is it that you want to ask, is not it apalus hair straightening brush natural hair right Slightly embarrassing, Wu Chi dry smile, to not speak. The upper bound is great, than you think, but also much larger Although I entered the upper bound, can actually see, but only just the tip of the iceberg And the upper bound of the dispute even smaller The world is more cruel. This point, the actual Wu Chi faint has hair straightener brush trade secrets been guessed. Whether it is a small world Ye hair straightener brush african american hair Hao, Ye Hao environment, or the upper bound, as long as someone s place, it is bound to have disputes. Boy brave asked one, why did the return of the Master Silence for a moment, Wu Chou finally asked out. Sighed a cry, Hanshan singer whispered. Nobody wants to come back, I m nothing but myself. This sentence involuntarily, but it can not help but Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, then suddenly react over, Master means that now you can not return to the upper bound Slowly nodded his head, Hanshan people Chen Sheng said This is what I want to help small friends to help things. Paused, Hanshan continued to say to be friends when the child, hope that small friends can return to the golden world, break the space barrier, take me back to the upper bound. Hear this, Wu C.Glanced at Zhou Xu one, Li Fuban indifferent opening. Heart of a move, eyes fell to the night Shen Xing s body, Zhou Xu also will be reflected over, you are not the same But how can you suddenly think of me Although the two together in this prison community six years of nearly ten thousand years, in fact, all right time, hundreds of years will not contact once. It daphne hair straightening brush was meant to ask you, but now it seems not necessary. Glanced at the night Shen Xing one, Li Fernan slowly said You see, they are all right. I will try to Slightly Baoquan, night Shenxing calm opening. Did not thank, because this is a transaction, night Shenxing very clear what the other wants, in addition, do not need any extra words. See Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan security, his mind is also considered completely calm down. Before the five in the prison area, Wu Chi saved him, this portrait night Shen Xing always remember, so will Li Rounan put forward such conditions. Although not used, but after all, can make him more peace of mind. Step by step, and not the slightest excess of words, the night star also began to see the stone for the reference. How many stones did they see Eyes again fell to Zhou Xu s body, Li Fannan Chen Sheng asked. Fifty three. Pointing to Wu Chi, Zhou Xu slowly explained only a year s time, and even the speed of knowledge is ceramic hair straightening styling brush still up if no accident, maybe he really We can open the space barrier and let us get out of here. Fifty three, this figure even Li Fournain can not help but move, and even breathing a hurry a bit. Before he was optimistic about the night stars, but it is only a guess it, how hard it is hard to say, but within a year, see the fifty three enlightenment monu. ment, this speed is too horrible. To know that when he had just reached the prison community six heavy, but the first year, but only the understanding of ceramic hair straightening styling brush the twenty seven only, Wu Chi s speed has almost doubled him. He eventually enlightenment of nearly two thousand enlightenment monument, according to this estimate, Wu Chi probably how are enough to break through the three thousand mark. And three thousand, almost the difference can not leave here watershed Continuous reference to more than fifty blocks of stone, Wu Chi heart has gradual.

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