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Chi Hair Straightening Brush the heart of the disciples to guide the heart of the disciples, both at the same time will be the heart of the stars back bite, souls are off. Even if it is really lucky success, chi hair straightening brush and that is responsible for guiding the stars of the chi hair straightening brush disciples, it is absolutely dead. The power of the stars of the heart, where the disciples can control, violent power, I m afraid enough to support the Xinghai in an instant, destroy the innate star. According to my speculation, I am afraid that most likely to be selected by the division, that is, Wu Chi Watching Luo Ying, Xiushui Jianjun softly said by Wu pool break broken stars to open Xinghai colleagues, to guide the power of the stars of the heart, the impact of Xinghai If Wu Chi can support half an hour of time, it is possible to let the division Respect for refining the stars of the heart. Just so, Wu Chi Sheng also hope, I m afraid not enough In this case, Wu Chi only life, is to open up the Xinghai large enough to be able to force the sword to support the sword of the heart of the stars. In this way, nature is happy. Jianzu refining the stars of the heart, a breakthrough for the Lord, and Wu Chi will also take this opportunity to open up more than ordinary ordinary people, ten times is a hundred times the large Xinghai, unlimited potential. Can such a chance can be ignored In the heart of the stars that terror under the impact of stars, support half an chi hair straightening brush hour, or even longer time, this is simply fantasy. The greatest possible, that is, Wu Chi and sword at the same time by the stars of the heart of bite and die. Wu Chi s talent, if it can really support some of the longer, that is, Jianzu successful breakthrough, and he has become a stepping stone Jianzu breakthrough stone. If the teacher is really successful also fills, sacrifice a disciple, is worth it But, afraid or failed ah, that time, not only those disciples I am afraid that all have to be buried is my big sword of the robbery ah Moment, Luo Ying face big change, the horror of the sword suddenly spread out from the body, almost the whole Jianfeng are trembling position. Luo Shidi, for the present, on. ly we together to break the palace to prevent the respect of the Master Now Master has been blinded by t.h the Wu Chi back here, Xi Jun should have been guessed. Although Wu Chi can not be directly received by the ancestors of the disciples, but to become Luo Ying s disciples, which is slightly different from his calculations, but ultimately did not affect the overall situation. For the potential of Wu Chi, Xi Jun should be more hair straightening brush bed bath beyond than anyone else have confidence. This is why he did not immediately cut off the Wu Chi and the chi hair straightening brush hearts of stars linked to the reasons. As the sword before the Wu Chi said the same, although now dangerous, but for Wu Chi, but it is undoubtedly a big fortune Xi Jun should be done at the moment, that is, as far as possible so that Wu Chi hair straightener brush cape town will be the use of this fortune to the extreme, creating a unique foundation of the world. Originally, according to his plan, suddenly after Wu Chi, Wu is to be in the side, or even for the disciples. But now, Luo Ying t. his variable, but let him have another, may hair straightening brush hair damage be better choice. Chapter 523 Limit Star Sea And do not mention Xi Jun and Luo Ying how they are now Wu Chi s almost have to be crazy. Star of the stars to open up Xinghai, which in itself is not a very complicated process, the stars in the star of the star completely released, Xinghai also opened up the shape, and later may also be able to absorb some of the expansion of the star, but the role of limited The For others, are afraid of breaking when the star power is not enough, open up the Xinghai not wide enough. Wu Chi can be, but it is too much star power, and even to Xinghai have to be the surging stars of this storm. Normally, the broken stars of the stars to open up the Xinghai are within Baizhang, as long as more than Baizhang, it is already a genius of the. Such as Bai Rong, Ji Yifeng their door of these great talent, opened the Xinghai also just a hundred feet only. Wu Chi s heritage and talent than they are much stronger, can be normal, can open up the limits of Xinghai, but also up to three hundred Zhang, which is already terrible. But now in the hearts of the stars under the impact of Xinghai was opened up the moment, it has been directly broke the limit of three hundred feet. This is certainly a good thing, but everything has to have a limit, once beyond too much, a go.

e to you, so forget it. This time even did not ask other people, Yang Yan apalus brush hair straightener australia directly made a decision. Do you call a beggar Eyes stare, Zhang Fengyang sneered and said Know everything, I do not want to do things absolutely, and then take one million out, otherwise, we went to see the elders Such a star stone, I is not rare. Zhang Fengyang this did not carry the meaning of people, and even can be said to be deliberately said to other people to listen to, Yang Yan how could there be so many stars stone, the millions of stars in the final analysis or to go out in the Wu Chi them People on the body. It s impossible Surnamed Zhang, you are forcing us to die chi hair straightening brush Hear a million of this figure, a few people suddenly fried, this is simply the lion big opening ah, you know, before the crowd to buy those things, the black out of the stone is probably almost one million. This is no problem, and now have to spit out one chi hair straightening brush million, who can not bear ah. Fish dead net broken Zhang Fengyang palm suddenly fell to the handle above, sneered I would like to see, you want to how a fish dead net broken method Moment, Zhang Fengyang body murder masterpiece, broken star peak strength completely burst open, but it is the pressure of some people breathe. So many people together, if only Zhang Fengyang, even if he is broken star peak is not enough to see, but now there are a lot of security in the next ah, the most important thing is that once the hands of the move, that action is bound to disturb the other People, at that time, the news is bound to pack, no one can run away. chi hair straightening brush Really to that point, Zhang Fengyang a mouth can be the responsibility to push, chi hair straightening brush and great is not the stars of these are not, but where they can afford to accept the eligibility of the assessment was canceled. The fish is dead, but this network may not be broken. For a time, a kind of unspeakable Biequ feeling, suddenly raised from the heart of everyone, simply can not wait to get all the people get away. Facts have proved that the arm is twisted but the thigh, even if Biequ, Zhang Fengyang in the. force, the crowd still had to put all hair straightening brush verimark the stars are taken out of the body. But even so, only just scrape together more than eight million, far less than the number.n out of the breath of seven or eight steps. If the other person, even if the enemy, but also may have a chance to respond, you can face Li Yunpeng, since the shot, where will give him the opportunity to return to God. Sword fast and sword, sword hard to swords No fancy, every sword is severely cut off, the pressure of the hook hook nose breath. Li Yunpeng looked at the shot, Wu Chi can not help but slightly eyebrows. Li Yunpeng s sword strokes too fierce, it seems a little less swords that change, on the real master, of course, is flawed, can face the hook hook nose of this person, flaw also can not be called a flaw. Moreover, this is actually not the problem of Li Yunpeng strength, but because he went to the sword, but is a pretext, bones, with or still knife move Even so, Wu Chi still can not forget Li Yunpeng that a knife such as ink Over the years in the million swords, Li Yunpeng never moved the knife, but it does not mean that he put down the knife path. Perhaps, it is precisely because of this reason, Li Yunpeng is still only Xiushui Jianjun s disciples only. Breath fast break, just a few times the time, Li chi hair straightening brush Yunpeng will be out of hundreds of swords. Despite the strength of a certain gap, but it has also been Li Yunpen. g abruptly make up for the back. Bang Continuous attack, the hook hook nose finally overwhelmed by Li Yunpeng sword hit fly out. This is because in the show on the water peak, Li Yunpeng is not moving murder, in the last moment, change cut for the beat, otherwise, this sword I am afraid that the hook hook has been cut into two. Quiet Moment, the field of a dead No one can think of hair straightener brush panasonic this war will be like this to the stars in the middle of the strength, hard to shake the stars peak, even can play such a violent, wins so simple. Think of Li Yunpeng just that fierce sword, all hearts can not help but burst of heart palpitations. Lazy stretched a lazy waist, but also the first to break the deadlock Wu Chi. I am so embarrassed, it seems that I won it Your brothers, please pay it. This sentence, suddenly awakened all the people, but also let them instantly come over, this war is also dafni original hair straightening brush closely related with them Eagle hook nose this defeat, not only his own face lost the problem, bu.son of the message, let s time to see hair straightener brush original you. Leaving the letter, Yang Yan did not stay, even when they got up and left. Slightly pondered a moment, Wu Chi can guess, the other side I am afraid not only to find their own one person, this way, it is tantamount to a wide range of net, not afraid of no harvest. So it seems that the Yang Yan can not look down. Howev. er, Yang Yan was so mention, it touches reminded Wu Chi. Now have to think of ways to catch a little bit of stars for the job, otherwise do not convenient. Condensate star Dan also fills, but if the future, really hit what the temptation of things, missed, may be a pity. Yang Yan is just the means of making money, they can not learn In addition, what else Subconsciously put the glass, you can think for a long time, it seems that no way to fly. How did you make money in the past Think chi hair straightening brush of this, Wu Chi himself can not help but write the Piezuizui. This thing is not a snatch to cheat, where there is any decent way wrong Punching abduction, which in itself is the fastest way to money it Just a slut who chi hair straightening brush is wondering how to torture when the time, but do not know, turned around, Yang Yan has sold him clean. Zhang brother, another fat sheep on the hook Is not a fairy disciples, rest assured, I chi hair straightening brush do not worry you do things Has long been confirmed, and only their own early strength of the broken star, know condensate star Dan, definitely worth a lot of money. Or the old rules, I go to contact the end, let s half A few letters issued by a few words, Yang Yan can not help but hang a trace of ridiculous color. These young people, ah, each eye is too top, since that is what great Tianjiao, where can hit a good thing, do not let them long memory, after the real loss of ah. Their own as a good thing, and then spend some effort, more educate some young people Well. Body twist, Yang Yan suddenly drilled into another restaurant. The son, I do not know how to call it If not wrong, then the son should be running the core of the palace into the palace, right Villain Yang Yan, here has been spent thousands of years, people send nickname know nothing is not a villain boast, in chi hair straightening brush this, no matter the size of things, few villains do not know, even if the assessment of.

Chi Hair Straightening Brush of the horror of the murder of the machine Do not come down from the prison community Is it going to go directly to the prison community can not break This is simply a naked threat, not get the soul of the soul stone, will face the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, it is no difference in the prison community. Do not need to remind, Wu Chi is also very clear and immortal soul ancestors of the treatment, absolutely no difference with Lu Shaochuan. Even amazon hair straightening brush if the arrogant, such as immortal soul ancestors, welcome the night when Shen Xing eyes, can not help but slightly dare not speak out against. At that time, that war, almost died in the hands of the night Shen Xing, immortal soul is very clear that the night Shenxing really have to kill his strength, before he did not break, this tone can only be tolerated. At the same time, Yang Xiuchuan also from the crowd came out, I like the night with stars, also point three people. Yang Ye, Li Xi, and empty master Yang Ye is Yang s people, if you can get the soul of the soul is naturally the best, even if it can not have great benefits, this is Yang Xiuchuan to Yang talent opportunities, but also there is no danger of p. eople. As for Li Xi and empty monks, it is Wu Chi and Lu Shaochuan their treatment. Amitabha The Buddha said, I am not into hell who into hell, poor monks are willing to go, but, Yang Shoushi and night lay, so acts, it is also too overbearing Poor monk that we all prison will be determined to fight, if it can not get the soul of the stone, but also not to death, right The empty monk of this opening, have suddenly won a lot of people agree This is also the intention of the empty monk, with his own is not possible with Yang Xiuchuan and night stars for the enemy, but if they can draw together with others, then, even if the Yang Xiuchuan and night stars have to be afraid of three points. What do you think of you So Wu Chi did not think that the empty monk will even open to him, to meet the empty monk s eyes, Wu Chi suddenly read out the meaning of the empty monk. The empty monk turned out to be to exchange for this, the lifting of Wu Chi who good fruit of the hidden dangers. Moment, even though Wu Chi can not help but resist. Jie Ji.actually has guessed the response of Su Wan. However, for him, this is not a problem. You should be clear that the old lady is approaching, life and death has long been not on the heart. This marriage, if you agree It is the old lady, be regarded as Jiang home owes you Su a human If not allowed, even if the life of this life do not, the old lad. y is bound to the Soviet Union on the next to kill a clean Who revealed a touch of meaning, Jiang Zhengyang openly Road. Compared with Su Wan, he was even more suicide at the moment. This is already not a matter of one or two things, but the relationship between the whole Chiang family survival of the event, for the family interests, nothing can not sacrifice Whether it is his life, or prestige, all of these can be abandoned. As he has repeatedly said to Jiang Rui, private feelings, never above the family interests. For a moment, whether it is Su or Su ancestors can not help but moved. Jiang Zhengyang is not talking about it, but really has the ability to destroy the Soviet Union. This is the real forced marriage, from his moment into the Soviet Union, and then let you say half a word. Chapter 407 repression and killer Repression To Su Wan s strength, Chiang Zheng yang want to win easily, if you want to suppress it is definitely not an easy thing, but now Chiang Ching yang in the Soviet Union, but also with a lot of Jiang s master. Almost the whole life of the Soviet Union for the coercion, that is, Su Wan heart like a stone, how can hard to look at these relatives to die And did not charge too much effort, Jiang Zhengyang on the smooth closure of the Su Wan s repair. Until all this done, Chiang Zhengyang sighed again, slowly said Sorry, but, Su brother, this situation, I Jiang family recorded If you can through this crisis, the future must be reported. Cold look at Chiang Zhengyang, Su Wan is not rebellious, but coldly said Jiang Zhengyang, remember what you do today, if I die, will make you regret life Slightly shaking his head, Jiang Zhengyang said softly Su girl, I know you hate me But I have come to the limit, do not care if the crime industry, let all these crimes attributed to me. To the safety of the Soviet Union threatened hair straightener brush insta magic to suppress the repa.

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