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Dafni Hair Straightening Brush Uk consolidate the spirit, and even may be to restore the spirit of the treasures. If it is also the same as the prison on the platform, the need to hold down in this torture, then you can have a few pieces of soul stone, it means that there is a more powerful spirit of the spirit of the natural will be more grasp The However, this hair straightening brush teal idea is really right If it is other people, think of the soul of the soul stone, is bound to think that this is a hint, but Wu Chi suddenly felt, perhaps the soul of the stone may be a misleading Yes, the spirit of the strong or not, for this torture in the persistence is a great influence, but this may not be the most critical. As with the same character, in the prison community is a kind of protection, but in fact, when the real break into the prison community, so that the character is simply meaningless So, whether the soul of stone is also something brush straightener 4c hair similar to. it Think of this, Wu Chi s ideas were completely opened. If you put aside the spirit does not mention, this terrible torture, what is the real test There is no doubt that willpower Only to have a really strong willpower, can not be this endless pain torture collapse, it is possible to really survive all the test. A thought to this, Wu Chi brain suddenly gave birth to a crazy idea If the real test here is the willpower, then why must spend effort to resist it In this waste a lot of spirit and strength, to resist these threats, it dafni hair straightening brush uk would be better to simply let go of mind, death to survive, really with willpower to face death This moment, Wu pool naturally once again think of the night Shenxing life and death domain. dafni hair straightening brush uk Death, this contains vitality If in this test, the death of this is inevitable, so why can not life is hidden in the death of it Originally in the night of Shen Xing s life and death domain, Wu pool itself has touched the edge of a trace of life and death, and now again insight, immediately let go of the mind, all the forces converge, calm bear the hair straightening brush australia burning of the flames The As Wu Chi expected, when he completely relaxed mind no longer try to resist the burning of the flames, the death rate is actually not much faster than before, but because of this, more out of a trace of life and death for the sen.ers. This makes the hearts of Wu Chi murder more Sheng a bit. In countless disciples mercy or sarcastic eyes, Wu Chi slowly got up. Eyes first in the process of sweeping a bit, then dafni hair straightening brush uk fell to the body of Yao Long, mouth floating a touch of mockery of the color. Yao Young, good skill A glimpse of Yao Long one, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said But, you consider the consequences of what Wu brothers are threatening me Yao Long calmly asked, from his face do not see the slightest ashamed of the expression, as if all this nothing to do with him, dafni hair straightening brush uk is Wu Chi himself from the same. Eyes reveal a touch of faint murderous, Wu Chi replied I never like to threaten others, compared to that, I prefer to do Chapter 507 you go together Shadow sword silent start, thi. s moment, Wu Chi is really annoying. Yao Yige since the question of my strength, why should hair straightener brush chi others shot You personally to verify that is. Remark, the crowd suddenly is an uproar. Yao Long three words between the Wu Chi forced into a dead end, however, in this case, the same nobody wants, Wu pool even a moment to launch a counterattack. The challenge is made by Cheng Li, but at the moment Cheng sheng but instead become an outsider in general. As Wu Chi said, compared with that he likes to do more At this point the environment, no matter what he said nothing useful, the only way to fight back is the war This calculation is certainly vicious, almost Wu Chi into the desperate, but it also exists with one of the biggest loopholes. This is the basis of all calculations, are Wu pool will be defeated As long as Wu Chi can beat each other, all the calculation will naturally no meaning. In accordance with common sense to infer, Wu Chi, but a hundred years, but even get the favor of Luo Ying, there are some opportunities to repair the peak of the stars, but it is inevitable base instability, against the core of the disciples also fills, Deep, Yao Long this really the core of the disciples in the strongest, there is no chance to win. This is undoubtedly the exclusion of most people, so they look to Wu Chi eyes will reveal mercy and mockery. Unfortunately, some people are destined not to be inferred with common sense. Moment of the invitation, no doubt is against the army.

to the monk when the ratio, I am afraid that will be like a comet like rise. Nobody wants to see such an opponent rise Moreover, other people do not know, but Ji Yifeng is vaguely know some of the inside story. Jianzu is refining the heart of the stars, once successful, is bound to leave the sky stars, to the time, the next million sword of the palm of the hand, no doubt will be born from the four Jianjun. In addition to the strength of Jianjun itself, the strength of disciples, is also one of the criteria. The original kill Jianjun Luo Ying no disciples, naturally will not be involved in them, but Luo Ying at this time, a strong Wu Chi income subglottic, may not be holding the battle for the position of the mind. In love, he can not sit as Wu dafni hair straightening brush uk pool rise And Ji Yifeng believe that not only their own, the other really disciples, I am afraid that the same mind. Chapter 469 Clouds Fairy Serving Wu Chi s diet This is not possible Received this message, the cloud of the face of the change is extremely ugly, a silver tooth almost have to be crushed. Want to have no thought, Yunhe one refused, and what joke to her now identity and strength, only a line will be able to enter the true disciples, and how willing to do this kind of thing. Smile a bit, middle aged woman sighed and said Master also had to feel wrong, but this thing, but it is killing Jianjun personally told you, after all, now is n. ot really disciples, can not refuse. Even Jianjun, can not be so bully people ah Moment, the cloud of grievances of tears quickly down. In all fairness, to hear the news, her master also feel wronged, but her own status within the door is not high, these years or by virtue of the cloud had some improvement. If other people, she can also top about, but Jianjun personally told, especially the kill Jianjun commanded, let alone her, the whole door, there are several people dare to violate Gently patted the hands of clouds, Liang Changshou comfort dafni hair straightening brush uk In fact, perhaps not so bad, you have been perfunctory in the past is it, is it really can not be casually call If not happy, give him a cold Face, a dafni hair straightening brush uk long time, he will naturally quit. Biting his lips, although the full load of grievances, but also know that to this point, h.mpletely tried out the strength of each other, but also up to it is similar with Yang Xiuchuan only, but also on the combat experience is far less than Yang Xiuchuan, such a person, is simply a dude only, simply do not constitute any threat. However, Li Yunpeng is about to kill each other s moment, the stature is can not help but suddenly a stagnant, abruptly changed in the air the direction of the knife received back. Swordsman Youth fingertips sandwiched a golden swordsman revealed a trace of horrible atmosphere, abruptly Li Yunpeng back Before the matrix method in the shrouded, he did not see clearly, but at the moment to see each other in the hands of the swordsman, Li Yunpeng is completely sure, just broke the fingertips of the sword, that is, this golden The swordsman. Seeing Li Yunpeng back to open, young people finally got a deep breath Just in the face of the horrible knife, he even thought he was going to die, that terrible sense of suffocation, so that his mind a blank, is entirely by virtue dafni hair straightening brush uk of instinct to this sword hand buckle dafni hair straightening brush uk to the hands. However, this is a sword Fu saved his life. This makes some young people proud, and some panic. Proud of this, because the power of this swordsman strong, there are swords and footers will be insta magic hair straightening brush enough to live in each other, panic is dafni hair straightening brush uk because such a small hair straightener brush japan sword, he came out only with only three Removed just already used, and now the hands of only two left only. This was originally intended to be used to attack Xi dafni hair straightening brush uk Jun should be, but did not expect, so long been forced out. who are you Eyes reveal a sense of vigilance, youth Shen sound asked I wait for the dark star of the life, come to kill the monarch, you dare to block Brow picked pick, Li Yunpeng did not answer the meaning of the answer. In this case with the other to discuss what identity is obviously very boring things, there is no meaning at all. From beginning to end, Li Yunpeng s eyes are always stuck in the other hand that a gold sword on the above. Li Yunpeng s disregard, apparently let the youth some annoying, holding the swordsman in the hands, once again step forward, Chen Sheng said Get out With this point itself, even dare to kill heaven Jun, really naive ah Between the words, a sarcas.r even five hundred years is not a problem, the brothers will not embarrass you, but you have to understand the importance of credibility ah The rest of the star stone will not let them still hundreds of years to pay off, but the important thing is Wu Chi s attitude ah, this slut even to this point, has not considered the meaning, it is too bully people Right Eyes in the crowd swept a circle, Wu Chi gently sighed, turned to Li Yunpeng said Li Shidi, this time the test is you win down, which should have you half I am very fair, promise, Let s half of us. Mouth said one half, but in fact, Wu pool a hand, but it is the other star stone all received up, leaving only the beginning of the three thousand stars to Li Yunpeng. You see, I usually do not come to Xiushui peak, these young even if the first back to me is not convenient ah As you look hard, so that they time to the rest of the star stone are back to you Pointing to the remaining three thousand stars in front of the stone, Wu Chi, of course, said This three thousand stone to give you, we just one half, fair and reasonable, right Just Li Yunpeng also a promising play posture, Wu Chi this one, but it is almost let him an old blood sprayed out Fair your sister ah Any thing has a degree, Wu Chi before cheating these disciples with his gambling, it can be said that these disciples have been plundered almost all the home, so far, is the most appropriate, really want to continue debt collection, then some too Too much. Obviously this slut also understand hair straightening brush on fine hair reviews this truth, saying that apalus hair straightening brush price the first owe, so that the disciples are still just an excuse only. And now all the losers all threw him, only three thousand stars to the stone, but also to say the righteousness, as if really equal with him the same, this slut can be more shameless it Sure enough, the moment, all the disciples of the eyes suddenly all fell to the body of Li Yunpeng. Zhang Zhang mouth, Li Yunpeng suddenly feel that they have been Wu Chi this slut into the dead This time, what can he say Complain about Wu Chi allocation of injustice Is not that he is also forced to these disciples also account Wu Chi itself is not Xiushuifeng people, behind the Luo Ying backing, with how he trouble. nothing t.

Dafni Hair Straightening Brush Uk years ago, if not for the Wu Chi s message, I m afraid already To break the prison community four. Now Su Wan put forward, naturally will take the opportunity to make a decision. So count, it touches Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple two of the strength of the poor, can not go with. However, it is good that the two talent is very good, but it is a breakthrough time The rules of the road, in fact, still limited and heaven and earth rules among the original so Constantly see the stone, Wu Chi has finally gradually realized the meaning of the law. The perception of the avenue, the source and the rules of heaven and earth, enlightenment is the process of conforming to the law of heaven and earth, you can want to prove, but need to break this bondage and restrictions. Three thousand stone monument, the reason is a watershed, because, from the breakthrough after the three thousand stone, they really can to a certain extent, to break the shackles of heaven and earth rules And only have the power to break the constraints of heaven and earth rules in order to really break the space barrier, leaving the prison community six heavy. Breaking the boundaries of the three thousand stone, after the sentiment is to break the rules of heaven and earth, the formation of their own rules of the rules of the road, and the way, is to face the test of heaven and earth when the law. Point broken this layer of window paper, be considered a real right way, rather than conform to the rules of heaven and earth. A cis, an inverse of the change, is the gap between genius dafni hair straightening brush uk and ordinary. Whether it is Zhou Xu or Li Fernan, they actually did not break this. one word, so, will be trapped in this prison six heavy. To this and so on, Wu Chi was vaguely understand that the whole prison community six heavy, all the stone, in fact, really want to convey the key to people, in this one above the word. Clearly realized this, in order to truly break through, hair straightening brush oak leaf continue to enlightenment go. But it has passed a few decades time, Wu Chi, the number of reference to the stone, it has reached the point of nearly five thousand. This figure, once again Zhou Xu and Li Fernan staggering. Tianjiao Such a person, is the real heavenly arrogance, but also To Luo Ying made a gesture, that disciples immediately lead Luo Ying and Wu Chi into a different hospital. Until that immortal disciples left, Wu Chi this surprised and asked Master respect, you still the palace of the elders Nodded his head, dafni hair straightening brush uk Luo Ying explained to Wu Chi Sin Temple rules with the other door is different, designed to collect all the genius, whether it is disciples or elders of identity, are out of struggle. To qualify for the identity, will be able to enjoy the appropriate treatment, simple and direct. Luo Ying sat down in the room, slowly the situation and the rules of the fairy palace with Wu Chi explained it again. Sin Palace real core, is that seven stars, is also the so called immortal seven palace Fairy seven palace, respectively, corresponding to the seven road heritage, only to become the core disciples, have entered the seven kinds of practice consciousness. And around these asteroids, is the fairy palace disciples and elders living place. The existence of the fairy palace, above all the other door, as the temple of the disciples, it does not affect your identity in other c. ases, even the other apprentice do not need. Sin Temple all the inheritance, are among the seven cents into the immortal seven palace of the qualifications, is the key to access. Of course, in addition to the immortal seven palace, there are some other inheritance method, it is easy to get more, as long as the entry through the assessment, as the fairy palace ordinary disciples, will have the opportunity to get. For most hair straightening brush myer people, even if only an ordinary immortal disciple s identity, are difficult to obtain. As for the elders, it is really playing really need to play out, there is no fear of the strength, do not even think about it. Luo Ying before it is to rely on the identity of the elders, only abruptly for the million swords to fight to the two into the immortal palace qualifications. Of course, this qualification, referring to not as ordinary disciples, but directly involved in the test of the core disciples, the purpose is to enter the immortal Palace. The upper bound is too big, and every time the assessment, there will be numerous Tianjiao appear, but even these days Tianjiao, who is no.

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