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Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Uk Wu Chi s face, Luo Ying has almost determined, is bound to this genius, income under their own door. Chapter 462 Sky image Star power together, whether it is spirit or body, have been unknowingly, completed a wash, this transformation is no doubt that the leap. The body of the infuriating into the star power, Wu Chi mouth could not help but uttered a clear hair straightening brush uk reviews Xiao. boom Accompanied by this swearing, horror of the star force suddenly broke out. Ten percent For a moment, the crowd around once again issued a burst of exclaimed voice, simply can not believe his eyes. Star power perfect refining, there is no trace of the existence of defects, it is simply legendary things. To know, just soared from the lower bound, the body is full of impurities, and Xing Li s refining, is to eliminate these impurities in the process. Road to the peak of this state, itself is the lower bound of the argument, in fact, after the collapse of the void, the first step is to do the refining star, only the real infuriating completely into the star force, be considered to complete the refining star. For most people, this process is even long for decades. At the moment, Wu Chi did, but it is perfect refining, in other words, just through the star door this short period of time, he completed the others need to complete the refining of several decades. This itself has been enough shock, however, soon everyone will be horrified to find, more evildoer is still behind Accompanied by that swearing, completely complete the star force of wa. shing at the same time, Wu Chi s body suddenly revealed a strong sword Italy, between the moment, a Qinglian suddenly bloom Perfect Kendo Many people have not even react, what happened, the void suddenly appeared in a bright star, as if this moment through the world, India and Wu Chi s body, or more accurately that is printed And that a lotus on the lotus. dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk Trance, Wu Chi head suddenly dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk appeared a star together out of the star sword Sky This moment, even if it is Luo Ying can not help but suddenly discoloration If you say, before the ten stars of the perfect refinery, but also in his expected words, then the stars at the moment of the cohesion, but it is really so that he was incredible. Rumors, only.ommunity of four that little fantasy In fact, even the prison community he would never want to go to the second time, it is simply non human torture, as long as experienced once, it is enough to completely lose all the courage. Cold sweat straight hair, even if the moment has fallen off the prison community, the body is still difficult to control the slight trembling. Only a moment of sticky incense to give up. knowing that they dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk are this waste, why do you want to grab the character Ears, a cold voice slowly sounded, but also suddenly awakened him. Young Xiu Chuan young master I really can not hold on, and Hideyoshi master mercy ah. To see the side of the Yang Xiuchuan, only just recovered, the man was once again scared out of the cold sweat, splashing directly kneel down, lifeless mercy. puff The hands of the rifle slightly flash, gunpoint suddenly point out, easy to pierce the man s heart. As if nothing had been done, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent turned to look at the night Shen Xing said The strength of this waste, fear is stronger than the Wu Chi, I was very curious, Wu Chi can hold for how long Strength and potential are two different things, as if you remember the name of Wu Chi, but you remember his name it Glanced at the body of the ground, the night stars said the answer. He naturally clear the strength of Wu Chi is still very poor, this situation on the prison community, the hope of success is also very small, but he still ordered the name of Wu Chi, is optimistic about the potential of Wu Chi. Shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan even no longer bow to look at the body of the man, dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk as the night Shen Xing said, he even the name of this hapless can not remember, life and death and how could he be on the heart The two people no one casually talking, do not care about this person s life and death, for others, but no doubt enough to set off a shock. The death of the man in the prison community among the three, in fact, is still very well known genius, and even many people think that is the most qualified in Yang Xiuchuan they leave after the existence of a Dong Fu. Can be such a master, above dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk the prison community, and even only to adhere to the time of a stick of incense. More importantly, his death a.

natural powers, who naturally emit the atmosphere of the road, it is enough to make Zhou Xu and Li Fernan palpitations. However, all this, before this stone, seems to have become somewhat insignificant. Eight thousand stone, looks like ten thousand is not too far away, but in fact, the gap is undoubtedly a world of difference. Once beyond the eight thousand, even if it is necessary to see more than a stone, the difficulty is great, that is, Wu Chi s talent, but also feel a burst of fatigue. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you give Wuchi two hundred years, I am afraid he may not be able to see through a hundred or two stone. Like Yang Xiuchuan and the potential of the night star is the limit of four thousand, Wu Chi can feel that their own limit, that is, eight thousand or so, if it took hundreds of years, and even thousands of years of time, perhaps Increase the number of hundreds, but, but in any case can not be more. This is almost the limit of their own. Do not know Yan Beichen things before, Wu Chi heart or some proud, but now look at the stone in front of the share of joy has long been a blow to the clean. What is the fight against you Shook his head, Zhou Xu smile Yan North Chen has long been soaring on the upper bound, and you are not an era of people. Moreover, no matter who with Yan Beichen dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk nothing Comparable, as early as the original, it is almost all the Tianjiao reached a consensus. Absolute crushing Can make those days even arrogant and can not be born with Yan Beichen comparison of the idea, that is how terrible amazing Do not say that even more than the people are not close. It is precisely because of this, will create the legend of Yan North Chen, and even affect the years after this dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk And did not take Zhou Xu s words, Wu Chi slowly went to the stone before the soul fell on top of the stone, subconsciously began to see this one Yanbei Chen left a monument to the monument. And other stone, Yan Beichen left the stone, the same contains Yan Beichen for the perception of the road, and that type hair straightener brush argos of supernatural magic changes and the rhyme. Even dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk through the stone, Wu Chi can also feel the Yanbei Chen cast this type of supernatural magic when the monstrous For Yanbei Chen, the.Hand to hold Wu Chi s hand, Zhou said a word Wu Chi, you promised me, died together, together Do you forget it If you have said, if you can be beheaded Jun Jun should be imprisoned in the natural collapse of the prison, we will not dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk have any dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk impact.If the failure, we die together, by the prison gap, What is the difference Yuan purple also said Do not tell me reason, you know, I am a little demon, do not tell you reason Zhang Zhang mouth, Wu Chi suddenly felt that he was really speechless speechless, these two women, is simply their own nemesis. Looked at the two serious look, Wu Chi can only be a wry smile. Holding Wu Chi hand, Zhou Bo words softly said I know, this time regardless of success or failure, you are bound to fly on the upper bound, right Wu Chi can not deny this, if not die, whether he chose Han Shan Shang or Jun Jun should be soaring the upper bound, if lost, natural death and death. My talent, I own clear, if the opportunity to give up the seven prison community, I am afraid may not be able to soar, so, anyway, I have to bet once Wu Chi, I do not want to separate you Do you have the heart Are you forever This sentence is undoubtedly the key to the Wu Chi all the words are blocked. A full silence of a tea time, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly revealed a touch of self confidence of the color, Chen Sheng replied Well I take you to continue Prison community after four, although there are dangerous, but the strength of Wu Chi now, but there is no fatal threat, and his protection, enough to protect Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple safe break. And whether it is the heart of the bridge, or enlightenment monument, for the strength and the realm of the upgrade, are great, if the risk of throwing the prison mark is not mentioned, is indeed the best practice of dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk the land Before, Wu. Chi and Li Yunpeng that war has been killed in the prison community of these people, which can be followed by this scene is enough to make these people unforgettable Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Ziyi step into the prison community at the same time, a touch of gorgeous Jianguang suddenly tear the world, abruptly shrouded in the body of the two circles of the atmosphere cut off A Qinglian under the care, brazen for the two opened the road.nly fate. However, this possibility is too low. Slightly startled startled, middle aged eyes flashed a trace of trouble, almost wanted to directly kill the Wu Chi, just calm a bit, but after all, or the pressure down the pressure. He was here for too long, and now finally encountered such a chance, if missed, who knows how long Able to comprehend million enlightenment monument, the achievements of the perfect way of the people, it is too rare. Think of this, middle school pondered a moment, this replied Do not worry, although there will be some danger, but for you, these dangers are not fatal. Shrugged, Wu Chi did not answer, but wait for the other to explain. Thought, middle school indifferent, said The cause of the cause of deep, you want to clear, really want to know This can not help but let Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng. Practice to this point, Wu Chi naturally understand the trouble involved in the cause and effect, but are to this point, but also how to pick the clean Even if you want to die, I would also like to be a ghost Predecessors or that clearly good. Heard the words of Wu Chi, middle school nodded slightly, the so called dark prison community, has never been a lot of experience, in fact, as literal meaning, here is simply a huge prison. This seat is said to be the master of the prison community, but also not lie to you, because this dark prison community, itself is built for the occupation of the seat. Pointing to their own, middle school indifferent said. Originally, this dark prison community is in the upper bound, the seat by virtue of supreme supernatural powers, forced to move to the lower bound, and opened up a few small world straightening hair brush does it really work channel, attracted. To this end, this seat set up seven prison in prison, set a heavy test, for, is to let these genius from the dark prison community break through the soaring. Hear dad i hair straightener ceramic brush this, Wu Chi heart can not help but jump. If the other side is true, then there is no doubt that the real pass is really strong, ah, their rush to come in, is absolutely unfounded. Do not care what Wu Chi think, middle aged self care of the said. Everyone, as long as the dark prison from the sky soaring, will take the power of robbery, weakening the power of a prison division.

Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Uk is, Fenger is almost no gas to hair straightening brush on natural hair the teeth crushed. But she really signed a servant from the contract, and now simply can not violate the meaning hair straightening brush travel of Wu Chi, is reluctant to have to do so. One hand Lanzhu Feng children s waist, the other hand quietly fell on the spike thighs, it is not enough, to, good, feed son to drink. Palm into the body of the moment, Wu Chi on the keen sense of the other side of the body a stiff, and even some trembling, the hearts of a burst of sneer. No matter how camouflage, bones of some habits and instincts of the reaction is not deceive people. Although still did not think of dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk each other how this sense of familiarity, but philips hair brush straightener Wu Chi is absolutely sure, the other is bound to ill intent. If so, why is it polite What do you say There is not cheap to eat the bastard. Watched Wu Chi this slut, insatiable, the hands of more and more irregular, Fenger finally restrain, and silent, once again launched the charm of the hair straightening brush made in usa surgery. Son, you hurt people Moment, Wu Chi will suddenly notice the exception, the sword soul. slightly Yi Chan, immediately restored sober. However, the surface is still quietly, mischievous hands, but really honest many. Aware of the changes in the Wu Chi, Funger suddenly relaxed a lot, homeopathy poured a glass of wine, put Wu Chi s lips, son, Fenger tired, drink this glass of wine, Fenger sitting back to the good For a time, that kind of delicate and charming look, really can not refuse. God Xiaoke of the hand of this Fenger drink the wine, Wu Chi immediately nodded his eyes, let Feng child down from him, do back next to the chair. Son, you see Funger beauty nice Forced nodded his head, Wu pool swallowed a saliva replied. Do you like phoenix like This time Wu Chi answer faster. Fenger also like you, but Phoenix children do not know what you call it Funger said with a look of grievances. My name is Wu Chi Wu Chi, of course, replied. Wu Chi son, you can not deceive children, ah, you really called Wu Chi Staring at Wu Chi s eyes, Fenger asked again. Moment, Wu Chi s eyes suddenly exposed a trace of the color of struggle. See Wu Chi out of the charm of the trend, Fenger heart of a horizontal, and once again posted to the Wu Chi s body, the hands of gently sliding in.n someone on the food and wine, to Wuchi filled with a glass of wine, night owl this homeopathy will be the situation within a few years with Wu Chi explained it again. In hair straightener brush game addition to Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Li Yi, Yan Ji also entered the prison community a heavy The other people, Mo Yan, the same irresistible broke into the prison community a heavy, and follow the Wu Chi from the magic of those who have a few people have broken into the prison community. Alone they are these people, in fact, is already a very strong force, not to mention, prison before the triple, in fact, is still relatively safe, and no danger. Su Wan later came back once, but did not say anything, and soon left again. Hear these Wu Chi this assured a lot, respectively, to Zhou Bo Yan, Yuan Ziyi and happy Lord, Su Wan made a letter to peace, this time temporarily put down the mind Bastard Tightly holding the hands of the letter, a moment Su Wan is unable to bear to tears. In the past few years in the prison community among the triple, although she has always been practicing, but always tense heart, fear of hearing Wu Chi s bad. news, until the moment received Wu Chi s letter, this finally completely calm down The Su girl Moment of time, Dong Fu Jiang Zhengyang outside the sound also will ring up. Zhengyang ancestors please Sleeves slightly whisk, Dong Fu entrance of the poison pests suddenly let way out, diffuse in the air atmosphere hair straightening brush esplee is also slowly dispersed, revealing a way dafni hair straightening ceramic brush uk to. Over the past few years, this place has been almost Dong Fu has been arranged into a Jedi Before a few people trying to compete for Dong Fu, and even did not wait for Jiang s people shot, they were all poisoned in the Dong Fu door With bloody lessons to warn those who are ready to make trouble. Even Jiang Zhengyang, now dare not trespassing. Su girl into the Dong Fu, and even did not speak, Jiang Zhengyang from Su Wan s face to see that a happy meaning, the hearts of suddenly dropped a boulder, Congratulations Wu Xiaoyou break through the prison community four Before Chiang Ching yang also made a letter with Wu Chi, but now Wu Chi need to contact too many people, apparently did not care to take care of him, this let his heart came up from the eight mont.

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