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Daphne Hair Straightening Brush will be the door of the elders to find, do not need his hand shot. I went back with Shishu, and now this state, stay in this, can be no use. Wu Chi wryly pointed to his body said Yes, Yunpeng Young told us to go away, please also please Shishu together back to the door it. Slightly nodded, Xiushui Jianjun said Yunpeng is my famous disciples, naturally go back with me. Although not mentioned, but in fact, Xiushui Jianjun has long been aware of the location of Li Yunpeng, looking for the past is just a moment between. You Xiushui Jianjun eyes once again fell to Bai Rong s body asked. Disciples are willing to return with the sword king. Heard Xiushui Jianjun words, Bai Rong quickly said. Slow Before the cloud has not yet Guai Gui rong, now see Bai Rong to follow along with the case, suddenly could not help but open Jianjun Ming Kam, Bai Rong brothers deliberately repeatedly set to kill the Council, the intention to Wu brothers and death The rest of a division brothers, are also killed by him, also asked Jianjun also a fair. Smile on the face slowly convergence, Xiushui Jianjun looked faintly a cloud load, then turned to Wu Chi asked Wu Chi, what do you want to say Obviously is the words of the song, but at the moment Xiushui Jianjun did not ask her meaning, but asked Wu Chi, which means that it may be very interesting. For a time, Bai Rong and cloud of the eyes also fell on the Wu Chi s body. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi calmly replied disciples no evidence, so nothing to say. This is a very interesting answer Because there is no evidence, so nothing to say. Bai Rong to survive, and along with Xiushui Jianjun appeared together, Wu Chi can naturally guess, Bai Rong daphne hair straightening brush must have another set of rhetoric. Xiushui Jianjun did not mention, but it does not mean that nothing happened. In fact, from the Xiushui Jianjun with daphne hair straightening brush Bai Rong arrived at the time, Wu Chi has guessed the meaning of Xiushui Jianjun. He brush straightener did not mention the previous thing, that is, do not want to get to know So, obviously almost died in the hands of Bairong, Wu Chi did not mention, but deliberately with Xiushui Jianjun speak sets of almost, that is, told Bai Rong, himself and Xiushui Jianjun also very close, do not care what he said The Clouds af.the defense, even if the other side has been desperate resistance, but in front of this knife is still no room for the slightest resistance. Zheng In this knife will be beheaded each other s moment, a chain suddenly rolled in the past, abruptly curled the night of the stars of the death of the sickle, will be a bit with a partial. Is this shift of a point, abruptly the other side from the ghost door pulled back. A huge wound from the chest oblique line, the daphne hair straightening brush blood moment on the Qin through the clothes, which is affected by the order chain, or the knife will be hard enough to cut the other two for the two. fear For a moment, the man is the whole head is hum sound, almost no fainted. horrible Had been holding the test of the prison community, but also let him some self confidence slowly, since that night with the difference between the stars may not have imagined so huge, but the knife suddenly let him wake up. Before the night of Shen Xing s sickle, he was still fragile with a layer of white paper. Night Shenxing this knife almost beheaded one person, power and influence monstrous, but in fact, but instead let other people lifted No matter how dangerous it seems, but the emergence of a chain of order, but after all, or to curb the night of the stars of the attack, the people will be down, which means that there are law enforcement in the night Shenxing may not be true Of the invincible Do not you, you are not shot, waiting for what If the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan die, do not he let you At the same time, the empty monk shouted again again. This call, suddenly let those around to watch the people who are some eager. Did not hold the prison before the bench test that the two men do not hesitate to take the lead in the next shot daphne hair straightening brush with the stars and Yang Xiuchuan kill. Although a time Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing not care about them, but their hearts are also clear, once the law enforcement is defeated, I m afraid the night stars and Yang Xiuchuan will not let them. Anyway, is already in the ghost door off, why not let go Now there are law enforcement officers in, and so many people with the shot, how to see also have a great chance of winning. Some people take the lead, the situation.

n not think of it, it is only the tenth test only, Zhou straightening hair brush on 4c hair Yiqun even personally come forward You know, although Zhou Yiqun is not the core disciples, but it has also been this time to participate in the fairy palace assessment opportunities, is definitely an absolute genius. Even just that disciple, all the way winning streak, irresistible, but when he met Zhou Yiqun, the outcome is already destined Eyes fell to the body of Zhou Yiqun, Liu Changtong s pupil can not help but a slight shrink So opponents, even if he shot, I am afraid to have the full, in order to win, for these young ladies, there is no chance to win the slightest. In accordance with established practice, Zhou Yiqun such a person, at least to someone to win thirty games, will appear So early appeared, obviously already can prove that now is someone in the three, want to fight the reputation of three. Think of this, Liu Changtong s eyes can not help but reveal a touch of chill Things to now, and then stop the teacher too late to test, and hair straightening brush esplee now can only wait and see, change the other side to jump out. This is the time for such a time, Zhou Yiqun has been shot. Although Zhou Yiqun did not even make every effort to test the same but hair straightener brush lazada also no suspense at all Who Young, only to support less than ten strokes, they were from the challenge stage to fly down. Almost in the fall of the stage of the moment, the audience suddenly came a burst of laughter, what shit three, good big name, but so Do not say that the fairy house, and I looked at, even if Is the third rate faction is much stronger than his three. Hidden in the crowd, deliberately hide their opening ridicule, for a time, no one can tell who is ridiculed again Yes, the district three, in front of my son, daphne hair straightening brush count fart ah My son, as long as a finger, you can roll three genius After a series of ridicule constantly sounded, but it is completely let Liu Changtong these three of his disciples face hanging frost. Stature slightly flash, Liu Changtong s body suddenly revealed a terrorist murderous, Mori said Which is a friend, look down on my three people. , please also see yourself Liu Changtong this burst of hot drink, immediately around to one of the static Just listen to some people laugh just barely hold him only. Once Xi Jun should be solved the seal, with his strength of heaven, this war is simply no suspense And the three of them this time ordered to come, is to take the Han Shan people to contain the opportunity to live Jun Jun, to find the body should be Jun, the shot will be killed and killed. As long as you can kill Xi Jun should, crisis from the solution Of course, for the three, this is also extremely dangerous. One, Xi Jun should be afraid of this early preparation, is bound to have left behind, prepare for them. Moreover, it is time Alpine star nuclear has broken down, Han Shan daphne hair straightening brush Shang is not limited Xi Jun should break the seal, and perhaps not long, Xi Jun should be able to completely break the seal So, left to their time, in fact, is running out. This time, no one dare to delay, otherwise, even if there is a means of life insurance, it may not be able to block the days of the king to kill. Tianjun Xi Jun should, the name, has always been a legend. If not angered the dark star, even if these upper bounds Tianjiao, in front of the king may not have to speak in front of the qualifications, In fact, if not for the killing of Jun Jun Jun Jun should be this reputation, the benefits of the dark star under the promise, but also may not be able to lead them to risk the next bound. Pull the hair and move the whole body When the extreme cold nuclear collapse of the moment, Wu Chi s eyes will reveal a trace of chill, in the Bureau, he is also very clear, the real danger, from this moment on, really began Whether daphne hair straightening brush it is Xi Jun should be Han Shan Master s cards, are about to open. It is unimaginable for yourself, as a pawn in their eyes, to survive under this danger, and even to seize greater interests, to bear the dangers and tests. The most important thing is, from their own start in the prison community among the robbery break, there is no way back. So the war Chapter 447 Tianjiao of the Granville Arrows such as streamer This arrow is not to hurt, but to ask the hair straightener brush kuwait way. Li Yunpeng painful arrangement of the trap and the circle, in such as streamer lasers from the arrow before the arrow, there is no escape. This makes Li Yunpeng some Biequ, however, more but still nervous. All m.oblem of Chiang, and if admitted to the wedding was coerced, stirred up this wedding, is bound to the Song to death, to the time, the Soviet Union to bear the two can be the Song Jiang Anger. In this case, how can he admit that he is threatened I heard the ancestors of the Soviet Union, Jiang Zhengyang this satisfaction nodded, told The child is afraid of this child is happy and confused, we do not care, continue to salute it. Voice down the moment, Jiang Zhengyang is silent glance Song Tianque a glance. Now Su Wan infuriating is sealed, there is no resistance to the ability, as long as the Song Que near some, will be able to easily control Su Wan, as long as the worship of heaven and earth, everything is a foregone conclusion. Song Tian Que naturally understand daphne hair straightening brush the meaning of Jiang Zhengyang, suddenly reach out to help Su Wan, Waner, do not trouble. However, in the Song of the palm of the hand encountered Su Wan arm of the moment, but it can not help but feel the pain of a burst of heart, could brush straightener sutra not help but chant out loud. You you re poisonous Looked at the Song Tianque, hair straightener brush as seen on tv Su Wan indifferent opening What is your thing, but also dare to touch me Su Wen is almost open at the same time, the poison poison suddenly broke out, Su Wan a few meters within the body, all the maids and even the master of ceremonies all poisoned fell to the ground, just the time of the data, all killed. This sudden change, suddenly let the audience a mess. poisonous The This moment, finally Jiang Zhengyang was stunned, and now he still feel that, Su Wan who did not the slightest infuriating fluctuations In other words, Su Wan Ming infuriating also been sealed, but abruptly or poisoning success, poisoned so many people around. Mouth threw a trace of sneer color, Su Wan faint said Jiang Zhengyang, you think I seal the repair, you can let me Su You any mercy I Suhun name for the snake fairy, since the age of seven, Of the surgery, even if the infuriating was sealed, the same can use poison No infuriating help, and even the next year the toxins have been taken away, perhaps the strong Jiang Zaoyang is difficult to poison, for those who lack strength, Su Wan is still able to easily poisoned. From the beginning, Su Wan never thou.

Daphne Hair Straightening Brush it It seems that in the moment, it becomes a shy humble juvenile general. This strong contrast, it is so that the two burst of speechless Can come here, and even ranked second, how can you be considered a master, right Demeanor Festival This Nima, just like the streets of the boring rogue ah. Even with this shameless slut of the people, really make the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan frantically jump to see Wu Chi s eyes are extremely poor. Chapter 380 in three ways go together Aware of the wind direction is daphne hair straightening brush not right, Wu Chi said with a sense of justice The three of us into the prison community among the four, naturally, the break together with the last test, to be together to break this free purgatory, will pass for a moment Beauty talk Facts have proved that this goods is no shameless lower limit. Let s see the three people as usual, condescending, I can not see how the same sex to the opposite sex brothers Since then, do not ask the same year the same day the same day, but the same year the same month the same day See you like this Translate What do you think is that The most important thing is, who wants to die with you the same month the same month Open joke, here is the prison community four, the next test is extrem. ely dangerous, the same year the same month died You are afraid of death here, but also want to pull people back to you Face a black, night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan suddenly no longer daphne hair straightening brush talk with him the interest. With this slut bombers, destined to be no good results. After a brief break, three or at the same time jumped out of the high platform. Have been to this point, even if it is dangerous, how could give up Of led electric hair straightening brush course, this case, no one is willing to rush to do the mouse, to others for reference. So, together with it will become the best solution. Almost down the high platform of the moment, Wu Chi felt, as if falling into another world, before the high platform to see those vague ghosts have become extremely clear up. Click And even have not so Wu pool reaction, a black chain suddenly from the side of the ghosts in the hands of flying out, directly through the Wu Chi s clavicle, locked him up Suddenly the blood out of the sudden, that ghosts and demise a drag in consciousness. Suddenly, Wu Chi s body revealed a terrorist atmosphere, star power surging, shaking heaven and earth. Starlight mapping, in the Wu pool head to form a bright star of the sea of the shadow The sky Three thousand stars Xinghai perfect broken star, and instantly once again moved the sky. For a time, everyone can not help but suck a cold air Perfect Breaking Star Rumors, only beyond the thousands of stars of the sea of heavenly arrogance, when entering the broken star, will move the sky. If you just guess before the words, then when the day as the formation of the moment, no doubt has been confirmed, Wu Chi opened up the Xinghai has exceeded a thousand feet Moreover, from the extent of today s day of view, I am afraid that more than a thousand feet Suddenly opened his eyes, almost in an instant, Wu Chi to see the Xi Jun should be In fact, in that one into the body of the moment, Wu Chi to feel the breath of Xi Jun should be, and now wake up, in front of this scene, it is to Wuchi pupil suddenly shrink As before as expected, Xi Jun should be simply to the heart of the stars. Although Wu Chi is not clear, before what happened in the end, but now Xi Jun should stand in the void, and the heart of the stars have also fallen into the hands of Xi Jun should be enough. Wu Chi, the king Jun Jun should, daphne hair straightening brush now Wanjianzong already destroyed, the king and ask you, you may daphne hair straightening brush wish to worship the king as a teacher Star heart to start the moment, Xi Jun should have begun on the stars of the refining of the heart. Now barely separated from the subconscious opening to attract Wu Chi, has been enough to hair straightener brush reviews philippines explain his attention to the Wu Chi. For a time, the whole mountain is still quiet Wu Chi s talent and potential, has been revealed before the fear of the perfect broken star caused astronomical, such a Tianjiao, indeed worthy of the king should be tempted. I think before the words of Mr. Wang Ying Ying said, everyone can not help but burst of a smile. Xi Jun should be in the last minute, daphne hair straightening brush shot to save Wu Chi, Luo Ying is not concerned about the attitude, but gave birth to love the heart, want to Wu Chi for his disciples. Now hair straightener brush with steam Xi Jun should be refining the heart of the stars almost a foregone conclusion.

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