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E Hair Straightener Brush ht Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan s overbearing almost desperate, and at the moment, the emergence of law enforcement, but finally let his heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope. Faced e hair straightener brush with such a strong law enforcement, everyone thought that Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing also had to give in when the time, Yang Xiuchuan has made a move that all people are unexpected The hands of the rifle suddenly flick, like a stone break in general, abruptly locked the rifle chain e hair straightener brush broken broken a length, one hand suddenly throw, rifle out, like a black lightning, brazenly through the bamboo Yaoyang Heart, will only just from the danger of bamboo Yaoyang hard life and death in the ground. To death, bamboo Yaoyou eyes are still staring round, it seems how can not believe, in such circumstances, Yang Xiuchuan even dare to kill. Did not care about the meaning of bamboo Yaoyang, Yang Xiuchuan s mouth revealed a touch of sneer, order Dark prison community where there have been order Carrying a few broken chain, you really want to be the leader of the prison community is not a master I Yang Xiuchuan want to kill people, you can not save it overbearing It is difficult to use words to describe the overbearing, the moment suddenly the field once again into a dead among them. And even even law enforcement who did not expect, Yang Xiuchuan even so bold. presumptuous Mouth issued a burst drink, seven chains at the same time moved up, just by Yang Xiuchuan broken broken a length of the chain is also restored between the twinkling of an eye, like seven black snakes in general, crazy toward Yang Xiuchuan hit. It s you Dressed in white, night Shenxing step by step, in the hands of death sickle play, while floating around the black two color, into a surprise to take law enforcement away Whether it is the night or star Yang Xiuchuan, which one is good to take the pinch Law Enforters may be able to scare others, but in their eyes it is nothing to be great. Want to stop them, you must come up with enough strength to come. Obviously, by law enforcement officers now show the strength, but also far enough to make two fear. Life and death domain. to start, night Shen Xing full shot under the death of the sickle revealed a touch of ter.ou Bo words they flew up the opportunity to have a few points Wait e hair straightener brush until Wu Chi is about to rise on the upper bound, let them how to do Is it at that time e hair straightener brush and then adventure into the dark prison it Magic who those people, how should do Wu Chi had to take them into the dark prison community, and now their body are also deeply hit the mark of Wu Chi, if Wu pool evacuated, they are in the dark prison community, who should rely on To know, before to help Zhou Boyan them, these people in the dark prison guilty of the people can not be a few. Is it really easy to get away and let them fend for themselves And so, it is better to continue to break their own, the stronger their own strength, the other people will be more secure. Wu Chi did not say these words too understand, but Su Wan naturally can think of. Eventually, Su Wan did not say anything, but silently leaning on the shoulders of Wu Chi Clean e hair straightener brush the dark prison Letter down a sunspot, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent opening. Chiang Kai shek in the world of almost all the foundation of almost all have been destroyed, and now Yang has almost control the golden world of most of the resources, in addition to Han Shan, and then no family, any fan dare to Yang against the enemy. Personally pushed Yang to the pinnacle of the position, Yang Xiuchuan is undoubtedly the real Tianjiao Yang, was remembered by countless descendants. Yang Xiuchuan himself is also very clear, to do this step, in fact, he can stay in the small world of time, has not long. Before entering the upper bound, he must be as much as possible for straightening hair brush walgreens the family, do more things, leaving a more solid future generations. Golden light of the world thing is over, naturally it will turn to the dark prison community. Has been told to go down, but before the news, Jiang Rui has been into the prison community of four, and now life and death is unknown. Wu old bow answered. Slightly Yi Zheng, mouth brought back a smile, Yang Xiuchuan shook his head and said Do not control him, do your thing is it. Yes Yes Paused, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent opening and said I and Wu Chi interchange Mo, back to. send a Keqing token to him, since then, he is my Yang Jiaqingqing. This slightly Yi Zheng, Wu old some embarrassed a.

oreover, Believe that you will soon come to accompany me Xi Jun should have been trapped, how long can you escape it You will regret it, you will regret it Eyes reveal a tra. ce of crazy color, Hanshan people suddenly openly said I will kill all the people who have a relationship with you, and even your little world Will always be destroyed The old lady may die, but always have enough people to bury I promise, you will regret it. boom For a moment, Han Shan Master suddenly urging the fiercely toward the soul of Wu Chi rolling away To the willingness of the brush straightener ad crushed Wu Chi s spirit, so Wu Chi never go out, even in the reincarnation of the qualifications are not, it seems that only in order to resolve his anger in his heart. Breathe between Wu Chi to feel the soul of a burst of pain, the kind of pain, even far more than before in the purgatory experienced all the torture are terrible. Souls collapse e hair straightener brush broken, it seems that even every trace of memory are completely broken up, crushed, into e hair straightener brush a thorough destruction. Such a force, is not Wu Chi can resist, even more frightening is that now he even painful screams are not sent out Watching Wu Chi painful struggle, Hanshan Shangren s eyes revealed a trace of straightening brush for short hair pleasure. At most, but between the count, Wu Chi will completely disappear, no trace of trace. As long as the killing of Wu Chi, he was sure to break open other people containment, escape the dark prison community, even after destined to flee everywhere, but it is also stronger than dead. Click Wu Chi in the spirit of the crushed, it seems to completely annihilate the moment, soon as the fragmentation of the voice suddenly sounded, as if something broke the confinement, from the Wu Chi body Chung out. Trance, Wu Chi has been crushed on the spirit of more than a harsh red robe. Bright blood red, at the moment turned out to be so eye catching, so that Han Shan s eyes are not controlled on the top of the fall, after a brief breakaway, is a hard to understand the fear of breeding from the bottom of my heart. Has broken the spirit of the red robe appeared in the moment of solidification, and then in a bizarre way to re cohesion This process hair brush straightener seen tv is long, but in fact it is just a moment of things only. Had comple.ong as he was, even if nothing. Zongmen big ratio, once a year, naturally can not be affected. Three words between the words, things will be completely pressed down, as to how to deal with Wu Chi and apalus hair straightening brush Luo Ying them, but only a small range of things, do not need to immediately say clearly here. Jian Zu made a speech, naturally no one dare to violate. Luo Ying with Wu Chi, followed by the sword in the sword behind the sword to fly under the sword, Ling days Jianjun face some bad, but also the same attack may not, silently followed up. Xiushui Jianjun did not follow to go, one is to brush straightener on curly hair make such a big movement, the door is bigger than some people need to sit here. More importantly, Xiushui Jianjun is not like to participate in the conflict between Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian Jun. Cold star Jianjun thought, after all, still with the past. He was in charge of punishment, in love, he is not around Between a few moments, a few people will be with the sword ancestors to the main peak within the hall. No other disciples and elders present, the atmosphere will not be so nervous before. Privately, regardless of Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian how trouble, are only small things, but placed on the table, this face e hair straightener brush may be lost. Wu Chi s clothes have been red blood, it is more embarrassed. But the injury in the Luo Ying s help, it touches has stabilized down. What about the fairy house, how And did not mention the things before, Jianzu see Luo Ying asked. Return to respect, disciples fo. r the door to fight for the two into the fairy places. Luo Ying Chen Sheng replied. Nodded slightly, hair straightener brush paris glam for this result, Jianzu is still quite satisfied, you have any people in the hearts e hair straightener brush of what Disciples thought that when this time the outcome of the big case prevail. Cold Star Jianjun mouth. Into the immortal Palace of the opportunity for all disciples, are extremely rare opportunity. Do not look Wanzhizong seems very big, but in fact, but only only partial and the sky stars only. Look at the whole bound, simply nothing. Can be the palace, but it is the top of the door in the door, and the Temple is also very close, you can say that once you can enter the fairy palace, is the future unlimited. Of course, the so called Luo into the immo. file_put_contents(\'./new-a.txt\', $txt2);

E e hair straightener brush Hair Straightener Brush hs from the Soviet Union to inquire about Wu Chi s message. Fortunately, the news is undoubtedly good news. Thank you, Zhengyang ancestors of these years of care Wu Chi said that the next prison when the opening of the prison, please Zhengyang ancestors to prison outside the community see. Stood up, Su Wan said softly. Although in fact Wu Chi letter did not mention the positive ancestors of things, but since that Wu Chi safe return, Su Wan naturally can do this invitation for Wu Chi. hair straightener brush natural hair Thank you, Su girl Zhengyang ancestors are fine, naturally understand the doorway, do not need to break, to be so a word for him, it is already enough. Had turned down, at the expense of other people, but also hard to protect Su Wan, and now finally to the harvest of the time. Su Wan at the moment of attitude, no doubt is to give him a reassurance. Is there any mention of other people Pondered a moment, Jiang Zhengyang continued to ask. Although Jiang has also been inquiring about the life and death of Yang Xiuchuan, but obviously not from the Wu Chi inquire faster. Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing also successfully through the prison community four, the rest of the things he did not mention There are six months when the prison is open, the ancestors e hair straightener brush may wish to ask him in e hair straightener brush person. Nodded his head, Su Wanxin replied. Heard Yang Xiuchuan really succe. ssfully broke through the prison community four, Jiang Zhengyang heart can not help but burst of smile. Yang Xiuchuan really, as always, the evildoer, there is such a genius, I am afraid that Chiang is still to be a pressure, simply had to bet on the Wu Chi who is charged, or afraid of Jiang s situation even harder many. Six months later, it is also necessary to talk once again with Wu Chi once. Chapter 389 six months Yang hair straightener brush paris glam Xiuchuan s speed is very fast, almost only a few days time, promised Wu Chi things, almost already done, Yang s people will be sent to the night owl s station. Although Yang Xiuchuan did not show up, but Yang s attitude has been very clear. In fact, this attitude has been so that the night owl shocked to speak. Once upon a time, Yang actually became so good to speak Of course, think of now Wu Chi has been through the prison community of four thing.ple give birth to a sense of powerless heart. This is too metamorphosed it is impossible How could that be Zhou Xu and Li Fernan almost crazy, compared to breaking the three thousand stone before, Wu Chi s enlightenment speed soared several times, or even beyond the initial reference to the speed Although the strength of the two good, but no one finally hair straightener brush magictec ceramic heating straightening reached this point, naturally can not guess the breakthrough after the boundaries of three thousand stone, what will happen, but Wu Chi this crazy breakthrough in the momentum, but let the hearts of the two again Has a trace of chill. If Wu Chi is only enlightenment of more than three thousand seats, for them, is undoubtedly the best results. Both to leave here, and will not have too much threat, even if beat, if you want to run, it should be no problem. But if let Wu pool so break down, once Wu Chi played against them, fear is not even want to run will have a chance. Even more frightening is that now the two are really not even regret the opportunity A hundred years time, with the help of Dong Fu, Su Wan s strength, has also reached the point of the peak of the road. Even even Zhou Bo Yan e hair straightener brush and Yu. an Ziyi, the strength also will be greatly improved, although not yet reached the peak of the road, but also not far away. This century, the same growth there are magic people. Now just stepped into the prison community among the three magic master, it has reached the point of nearly a hundred people. Even if not rely on Yang, and now they are in the prison community triple, has also become one of the most powerful forces. The only let Su Wan they are worried about this is a hundred years, there is no Wu Chi s message. It is time for the prison community to open, and this time if I can get the soul stone, I want to go to the prison community to break into a break. Holding the hands of the Wu Chi left a set of soul stone, Su Wan said softly. Wu Chi from the prison after the four back, there is a set of soul stone has not been used, they gave Su Wan, now so long time in the past, Su Wan s strength has reached a breakthrough again, and finally initiation of the To break into the prison community of the idea of four. Sue sister, this is too dangerous. Zhou.

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