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Electric Brush For Straightening Hair or later encountered and no difference. Once again set foot on the Jianfeng, Wu Chi quickly saw his first opponent. See the other side, Wu Chi can not help but smile up, I do not know is that their luck is good, or bad. The other name is Han Shuang, is a woman and still very beautiful woman, whether it is appearance or reputation, are absolutely not lost with the cloud, can play with such beauty, naturally is a feast for the eyes. However, Wu Chi has been learned through the cloud, the woman s strength is strong, although perhaps not as good as Jianjun pro disciples, but in other pro disciples are definitely the top people. Far to see the Han Shuang, Wu Chi from the other side of the body feel a trace of cold, people as its name, frosty Qiao Lian comple. tely do not see any smile, it seems that the whole body are clearly engraved with four characters hair straightener brush rotating Do not near life Han Sister Slightly bowed, Wu Chi led the first ritual. Eyes fell on the body of Wu Chi, Han Shuang even did not answer, but a little faint point, be a return ceremony. Clever is a rejection of thousands of miles away from the posture. Touched the nose, see the other did not Dali own meaning, Wu Chi electric brush for straightening hair is also good to go to touch the mold, the more honest on the fighting sword Taiwan. Eight groups of the test is separate, at the same time, so although this is the first, many disciples still need to choose from a field of view. Lucky or unfortunately, the choice to see this a test of people, turned out to be the most one. Which there is Wu Chi inside yesterday, a war of four amazing, can be more disciples, in fact, or look at the ice cream beauty of the ice cream. Just to Han Shuang s temper, and will not care about them is it. Do not look Wuchi yesterday to win the beautiful, but in fact, or how many people think Wu Chi can win. A big realm of the gap, it is insurmountable, and the strength of the Han cream itself is extremely strong, how to see, it seems that Wu Chi has no chance to win the slightest. The test has not yet begun, it is almost one side to the cry of the cry to Han cream, so that Wu Chi is more and more embarrassed a bit. Secretly turned his eyes, someone disdain straightening brush natural hair in the hearts of despise superficial, you these superfic.ngs, not the king can not do. Pick up the stars Star power boiling, that a palm as if in a moment into the rules of the road, abruptly the heart of the stars trapped under the palm of the palm of a piece of heaven and earth. Rejuvenate hands only This is just a metaphor, but at the moment Xi Jun should be told the world, only hands can be rewards. boom The power of the stars of the heart has not yet had time to burst open, it is abruptly Xi Jun should be exclaimed to the star hand. But even just burst of that power, it has been extremely terrible. Even if it is Xi Jun should be tough, stature can not help but slightly flash, spit out a mouthful of blood. Shocked To force the reversal of the situation, even if the British have to admit that such a Xi Jun should be more terrible than the sword. The most frightening is that Xi Jun should be on the power of control, has reached a bizarre point, even in close proximity Wu Chi and others, also did not be affected. To know, Xi Jun should not have to care about Wu Chi their wives of the life and death of these disciples, and even if they sit and die, they have to bear the pressure even smaller, may not be able to force him to vomit blood. By Xi Jun should control the heart of the stars of the moment, the other really disciples have finally found the opportunity to escape out. The face of the disciples of the escape, Xi Jun should be even the eyes did not blink a bit. The only still Xi Jun should be around, only Wu Chi. It is not Wu Chi do not want to run, but because Wuchi simply do not know what happened outside. From breaking the broken star, open up the stars hair straightener brush in nigeria began to lead the heart of the stars began, Wu Chi has been completely lost for the outside world, all the heart completely on the development of electric brush for straightening hair Xinghai on top. The power of the stars of the heart is how horrible, even if it is only a little bit out, for Wu Chi, are very powerful, as long as there is even a little bit out of control, only just opened the Xinghai will completely explode, The In fact, in the sword ancestors blew, give up the heart of the stars control the moment, Wu Chi s Xinghai has been almost a fatal shock. If Xi Jun should be slow to respond even so little time, Wu Chi at th.

lease To Luo Ying made a gesture, that disciples immediately lead Luo Ying and Wu Chi into a different hospital. Until that immortal disciples left, Wu Chi this surprised and asked Master respect, you still the palace of the elders Nodded his head, Luo Ying explained to Wu Chi Sin Temple rules with the other door is different, designed to collect all the genius, whether it is disciples or elders of identity, are out of struggle. To qualify for the identity, will be able to enjoy the appropriate treatment, simple and direct. Luo Ying sat down in the room, slowly the situation and the rules of the fairy palace with Wu Chi explained it again. Sin Palace real core, is that seven stars, is also the so called immortal seven palace Fairy seven palace, respectively, corresponding to the seven road heritage, only to become the core disciples, have does the hair straightener brush work entered the seven kinds of practice babyliss ceramic straightening brush reviews consciousness. And around these asteroids, electric brush for straightening hair is the fairy palace disciples and elders living place. The existence of the fairy palace, above all the other door, as the temple of the disciples, it does not affect your identity in other c. ases, even the other apprentice do not need. Sin Temple all the inheritance, are among the seven cents into the immortal seven palace of the qualifications, is the key to access. Of course, in addition to the immortal seven palace, there are some other inheritance method, it is easy to get more, as long as the entry through the assessment, as the fairy palace ordinary disciples, will have the opportunity to get. For most people, even if only an ordinary immortal disciple s identity, are difficult to obtain. As for the elders, it is really playing really need to play out, there is no fear of the strength, do not even think about it. Luo Ying before it is to rely on the identity of the elders, only abruptly for the million swords to fight to the two into the immortal palace qualifications. Of course, this qualification, referring to not as ordinary disciples, but directly involved in the test of the core disciples, the purpose is to enter the immortal Palace. The upper bound is too big, and every time the assessment, there will be numerous Tianjiao appear, but even these days Tianjiao, who is no.g Before the disappearance of the word on the stone, Yang Xiuchuan faintly remember, ranked first or Yanbei Chen Break through the free electric brush for straightening hair purgatory, Yan North Chen even just used an hour But even this is the strength of terror, Wu Chi in front of the same overshadowed. Die one hundred and thirty times This is undoubtedly not a good result, even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan in which also did not die a few times, but Wu pool is abrupt and died hundreds of times They do not know what happened before the temple of life and death, but the result is Wu Chi abruptly won the identity of life and death, Yong Ming on the. stone above Looking at the front of the stone, the two faces are some complex, do not know what should be good. Now come back, under normal circumstances, it should be in the hands of life and death from the hands of the guard to win the judge pen, and then by the judge pen into the door of life and death, be considered a test. If there is no Wu Chi s intervention, the two are also facing such a step But all this in Wu Chi took the judge pen, and even put on the moment of torture has been completely rewritten. This is a only belong to the Wu Chi s fortune Although perhaps still do not see what is the meaning, but now the results are no doubt clearly told the two, Wu Chi made everything is not in vain, but really get a shaking good fortune. Almost at the same time, quiet hills slowly enveloped, the three shrouded at the same time. The last test to get rid of, it means that the prison community has been thoroughly broken four Now placed in front of three people in the road, only one, continue to break into the prison community five Just this time, but it is not even the opportunity to prison only, and even can not stay in the prison community. No doubt, the three also electric brush for straightening hair chose to temporarily leave the prison community four. No one clearly out of the prison after the five will face what kind of danger, even if the confidence of the night as the stars did not immediately choose to break the prison community five In the prison community four years, for the three, it is too long, it takes some time to adjust the state. Of course, for Yang Xiuchuan, because of my own oath, he also need exception. Yang Xiuchuan kill, it seems that those who electric brush for straightening hair do not compete for the character of the people, as long as won electric brush for straightening hair the character, Yang Xiuchuan will no longer shot to kill. Aware of this, all the people suddenly react over, Yang Xiuchuan also let the prison community to take the soul stone, this alone, it is bound to be unscrupulous murder. After the reaction, the crowd suddenly toward the remaining three pieces of the snatch away. Mouth floating a trace of sneer, see other people finally come to understand, Yang Xiuchuan this finally stopped. So for some time, died in his hands as much as nearly ten people, you know, these are the top three in the prison master ah. Chaos among the empty monk also do not know when to stop, although his face is still an angry look, but it was no longer chasing Yang Xiuchuan fight. The hearts of secretly sneer, to the present if the Wu Chi also can not guess how the matte. r, but also to dig out his eyes. Eyes slightly narrowed, Wu Chi looked to the empty monk s eyes, more of a bit chilly. From the beginning, the empty monk was afraid to have to discuss with Yang Xiuchuan good play this play, the purpose is to help Yang Xiuchuan clean these threatened opponents, after all, if not cheat these people together, Yang Xiuchuan no excuse to kill. These people if the beginning of the intention to escape, do the birds and animals scattered, Yang Xiuchuan can catch up with a few people Do not forget that the prison community during the opening, these people, but can leave the prison community triple. So count up, the beginning of the empty monk constantly encouraged himself with his shot, simply did not have a good heart, want to take the opportunity to get rid of their own desperate relics. If you really fooled, and in the empty monk has reached a tacit understanding with Yang Xiucheng, I am afraid Yang Xiuchuan really may take the opportunity to kill themselves. Now think back, the night Shenxing that horrible knife, in fact, it is implied the meaning of warning If those people can react, directly to escape, rather than being empty monk confused words, Yang Xiuchuan may not be able to leave a few people. Want to understand all this, Wu Chi can not help but looked.

Electric Brush For Straightening Hair lp but burst into curse, Wu Chi suddenly a hand, suddenly retreated a few steps, this re stand. I did not expect that you could actually control yourself. Almost at the same time, some of the weary sounds of the evening stars starred electric brush for straightening hair up. Pupil suddenly a shrink, Wu Chi can not help but suddenly turned to the night stars stars. That is, after the Wu Chi, the night stars have finally get rid of the control of the demons, wake up over. Just in the wake of the moment, he saw the Wu Chi want to push Yang Xiuchuan under the bridge, I do not know what mentality, night Shenxing did not speak, but coldly watching straightening hair brush asda Wu Chi to act. Wu did not react until now, after the withdrawal, this opening said. When did you wake up His face slightly sank, Wu Chi slowly asked. It did not take long, just when you were going to hair straightening brush electronic electric brush for straightening hair him. electric brush for straightening hair Silence for a moment, Wu Chi did not answer. electric brush for straightening hair But then you can in the final moment forced to control their own, wake up, has been very great Just not have to crush the demons of it Why would there be a miracle breeding Watching the night stars, Wu Chi could not help but asked. Limited to the origin of the problem, in fact, Wu Chi for the demons know it is limited, even if it has been through the two demons outbreak of the crisis, but now in fact, for the demons also did not have a clear understanding. Speaking at the same time, hair straightener brush clicks Yang Xiuchuan one foot, almost fell into the bridge. Eyelids jumped, Wu Chi stature sl. ightly flash, suddenly reached out again Yang Xiuchuan pulled back. Why save him Looked at Wu Chi, night Shen Xing did not answer asked. If you push him down will breed demons, then look at his death, I apalus brush hair straightener for sale am afraid there is no difference. Take a deep breath, Wu Chi said no gas I do not deny that I did not any good for him, but At least, I do not want him to die before figuring out what the damn demon bridge is going on. Wu Chi from the eyes of the night, the stars can feel the sun, Wu Chi is really nothing to know about the magic Can be made entirely by intuition at the moment to judge, but it is surprisingly accurate. Silence for a moment, it seems to think of what, night stars once again asked I just woke up when the location is not on the bridge, should you pull me back Rolled his ey.ay not be able to break through. But even so, for others, it has been enough shock. Chou old three conscious in the days of jail jail in the strength has been greatly improved, as long as every time to see Wu Chi, will give birth to a deep sense of powerlessness. Less than a hundred years, ah, just from the stars to the peak of today s stars, Wu Chi s promotion is too fast. Moreover, Wu Chi is now really with the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, you can firmly withstand the outbreak of Jian Qi, and that attitude is even easier than he was. There is not enough repair, then it can hair straightener brush jml reviews bear only one reason, that is, for the Kendo s understanding far above him. This kind of Kendo talent, think about people feel scalp numb. There is still a month or a month. Forget electric brush for straightening hair the time, Qiu old three said. This also mean. s that there are up to less than a month s time, the two can leave the day jail prison. Blink of an eye is nearly a hundred years time, practice really is no years ah. Shook his head, Wu Chi softly sighed. At the time of the iron sword door, his greatest dream is mixed with a hundred years and the end of the drink. A hundred years into the peak of the stars, you also feel the time, so that others how to live Rolled his eyes, the old man said helplessly. A hundred years, his spirit Ye Hao a lot, although the hatred is still in the heart, but also how much to restore a bit of character, no longer as cold as ever. Then, do not know the cloud of the wizard broke the men did not, I remember the same had told her played a bet, see who will break through the broken star. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi mouth showing a trace of a smile, softly said. What are you betting Asked the old brother, curiously. Who lost to accompany sleep ah. Wu Chi said with a chuckle Qiang old three times feel that some of their minds are not enough, to electric brush for straightening hair accompany sleep that is not how you are cheap Qiu old three did not know before the Wu Chi, but it is impossible not know Yunhe. Even in the whole of the door, the cloud is also very famous, even if the Wu Chi is killing the sword of the true disciples, it is unreasonable so easy to let the clouds with the body Xu it. Looked at the old three, Wu Chi replied You said very re.

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