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Electric Hair Straightening Brush Review fe and death judge asked slowly opening. Yes Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan can not help half of the meaning of Wu Chi cover Eyes reveal a trace of the color of surprise, life and death judge looked at Yang Xiuchuan one, you have hatred It seems to think of what, Yang Xiuchuan continued His purpose is like us, are for the door to life and death Come on, you can not get away. Silence, life and death judge suddenly said. Almost at the same time talking, his body bright red roses completely faded, that kind of intangible coercion also will be dissipated, and even the body also followed by nothing. what Moment, Yang Xiuchuan and night stars at the same time change. This sudden change also let the two some off guard, rush between, but also simply can electric hair straightening brush review not understand what happened, but with the instinct to know perhaps with the Wu Chi Rumbling The next moment, a horror of the sky into the sky, enveloped the entire life and death hall, and even quickly toward the whole endless purgatory away. Moment, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan two big change, too late to think, then suddenly toward the door of life and death. seal In the two men are about to enter the door of life and death, a bright red word suddenly appeared in front of life and death, abruptly stopped the two people down. Breathing, a familiar figure will appear in front of the two. Red robe plus body, life and de. ath big sentence Moment of life and death in front of all the guards suddenly bowed to worship. Wu Chi figure to see the moment, the two pupils can not help but suddenly shrink, incredibly tightly staring at the Wu Chi. Life and death Who can think of, for such a moment of effort, Wu Chi has become a big sentence of life and death, it is too strange. Night Boy, Hideaki Masters, we meet again. Mouth brought back a touch of light smile, Wu Chi softly open Road. What do you want Staring at Wu Chi, night Shen Xing coldly asked. We are old friends Well, I can think about how Shook his head, Wu Chi said with a smile However, cooked cooked, the total fee to pay some of the way Although the mouth is joking, but in fact, Wu Chi s electric hair straightening brush review heart has really gave birth to a hint of murderous. Once left electric hair straightening brush review here, whether it is Yang Xiuchuan or night sta.not the same. Of course, these words also have another meaning, that is, told Wu Chi, outsiders how to say is not important, he only believe Wu Chi s words. The hearts of a little warm, Wu Chi this honest and honest things to say it again. Of course, Xiushui Jianjun, Wu Chi said that because there is no evidence, so nothing to say. But in front of Luo. Ying, but do not need evidence, as long as the matter is enough to speak out. Speaking of the time, the cloud has also been the end of the tea up, listening to Wu Chi speak, but always no jack. Bai Rong fingers gently tapping the hands of the cup, Luo Ying said lightly I d remember the name, in the disciples in the wind evaluation is excellent, you and his words, I m afraid not account for what cheap Nodded slightly, the reason Wu Chi naturally understand, otherwise the original will not be in the face of hair straightener brush white Xiushui Jianjun, nothing to say. Do not say other people, even if the cloud load, if not personally see, personal experience, I am afraid will choose to believe that white, rather than their own. I heard that you are going to have a chance to win with him when you are going to be in a big way No reason, Luo Ying asked again. Yes Seriously nodded his head, Wu Chi slowly said eat a loss, always want to recover is. Bai Rong s strength, in the true disciples is also very front, less than a hundred years, you have to grasp it Looked at Wu Chi, Luo Ying asked lightly. Then try to look at the job. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi followed and said, Besides, even when the time lost, there is a respect in the material, he did not dare to me how. Wu Chi said this statement full of confidence, it is so that Luo Ying can not help but laugh. Your wishful thinking is loud. Listening to Wu Chi and Luo Ying to speak, cloud Ying heart feel some envy. She really see Luo Ying Wu Chi s attitude today, even if Wu Chi so nonsense, Luo Ying are not angry, apparently Wu Chi this disciple, electric hair straightening brush review is unusually pet. You have been in jailbreak for ten years, may have a harvest Turn the subject, Luo Ying asked again. Speaking of this, Wu Chi did not immediately answer, but curious to ask Master respect, sword in the sword in the end is how is it Jail prison among the sword of the an.

rushed over. No, these guards are simply dead Between the hit, the night Shen Xing suddenly realized what, cold voice Road. In the end what is the place Yang Xiuchuan gun also did not hurt these guards, could not help but curse the sentence. The two can not figure out what is going on, but these guards will not stop, aware of the two broke into, they immediately shot, fiercely toward the two hit, is not a life of the posture. More than ten guards together, and are such a strong body, almost simply can not hurt the existence of even the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan strong, can not help but be playing some awkward up. It is straightening hair brush ebay almost at the same time, Wu Chi also entered this hall into the electric hair straightening brush review hall. Who wear a dead spirit, the hands still holding a pen, these guards naturally ignore the existence of Wu Chi, still toward the two men onslaught away. Brow picked pick, Wu electric hair straightening brush review Chi is also aware of the guards of these strange, but after all, did not care too much, but the line of sight fell to the door of a life and death. Chapter 385 Shocking of Fortune Far from looking at this life and death door, Wu Chi even have a direct break into the impulse. Now these guards will not stop him, the night Shen Xing and electric hair straightening brush review Yang Xiuchuan are also entangled, want to enter the life and death door is really simple, but as long as an idea, a moment between themselves can break into the door of life and death, The But do not know why, Wu Chi always feel a little uneasy, or that can not be reconciled. Until now, even he also do not understand, life and death door is how the matter, rushed into it, it seems how to see is not a best choice. Mind turn, Wu Chi s eyes are suddenly once again fell into the Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing s body. Since they do not want to break into the first door of life and death, it must be someone to do this for their own mice. There is no doubt that at the moment Yang Xiuchuan and night Shenxing is the best cand. idate. Think of this, Wu Chi physique suddenly slightly flash, holding the judge pen, toward the siege of the two guards to go. Iron hat Wrist flipping, between the twinkling of an eye, Wu Chi will use a pen in the air to write a punish the word The last one down the moment, a horrible l.but also please accept with you. From the Wu Chi Bai Jianzong to now, just a month, although Wu Chi has been in the Luo Ying Jianfeng did not appear, but the things that are the slightest bit. Really pass disciples of the month is 10 per month top grade Star Stone, twenty solid yuan Dan, also invited the brothers acceptance. Free to open the storage bag, something into their own space ring, Wu Chi said with a smile Thank you, Blue Young. Wu Shixian polite, and in the future every month there will be disciples of the month to your Dongfu However, if there is any accident, or the brothers have any special requirements, we must come again. Brow can not be picked to pick the pick, Wu Chi is keenly aware of the other side of the mouth of the unexpected situation, I am afraid it is not simply talk about it. However, these words, but now can not ask. Slightly nodded his head, Wu Chi then followed the blue wave left the clouds peak, toward their own Dong Fu flew. Dong Fu location is very good, in a separate mountain peaks, clouds around, whether it is the surrounding environment, or around the star force are very rich, is electric hair straightening brush review clearly the best Dong Fu no doubt. The only problem is that today s Dong Fu before, someone has been waiting. Even far from a glance, Wu Chi can also feel the other side of the hostility, of course, there are hidden in the smile of the mockery of the color. Brother Wu, this is a ban token, as long as you urge the star p. ower, you can open the ban. Seems to have not seen each other, blue wave self care of the opening explanation. Mind turn, Wu Chi s heart is can not help but burst of sneer. He had just arrived Yunfeng received a ban token, and immediately someone was here, and this speed is also too fast, if that with the blue wave does not matter, I m afraid he does not believe. Easily took the prohibition token, Wu Chi s eyes can not help but slightly squinted together, do not answer. Wu brothers, long heard the name, today to see, it really is a table of talent ah. Led by the young chuckle a bit, casually opening Young was just passing, just look at this Dongfu, do not want to be divided to Wu brothers you Originally Young is not good to open the mouth, but really love So that the.eart, not only related to me alone, but related to the electric hair straightening brush review rise and fall of the whole swords of death I must succeed, can only succeed. Jianzu s voice sounded again, very light, but revealed An unquestionable force. Among the disciples, you are the only one who perceives the mystery, so it is the only one who can help me. Between the words, a little stars fall, fell from the front of the Wu Chi. From the surface, this point of the stars completely nothing special, with the surrounding constantly shed the starlight no difference, but Wu Chi was able to feel that this is the star, is the sword of his hair straightening brush dual voltage heart to give him the signal. Slightly pondered a little, gently out of the palm of your hand, that electric hair straightening brush review point brush straightener wilko the stars inhalation of the palm of the hand, between the breathing will be refining out. Almost in the refining of the moment, Wu Chi will be more of some special perception, suddenly react over, directly in my heart asked Why is it If I can help, the four Jianjun is not more confident They are strong, not straightening hair brush shaver shop electric hair straightening brush review strong enough Rush into the heart of the stars of the refining, will only let the situation out of control, and even directly to be bite back. Jianzu explained I need is a guide, Will be the power of the stars of the limited guidance, take advantage of refining. Sword ancestors, not the disciples do not want to hair straightening brush gloves help, it is simply can not help ah I am now the strength, even if only a little bit of the he. art of the stars, but also enough to support my life. Do not want to, directly refused Road. Now naturally not. Jianzu then shook his head But when you break through the broken stars of the moment, but it can be opened by the opportunity to guide Xinghai This way, not only can help me refining the stars of the heart, but also let You get an unprecedented opportunity to open up one of the most perfect star sea. Able to open, the sword ancestors naturally has long been considered good. Slightly a lag, Wu Chi then smile Jianzu, disciples timid, or forget it. Do not look Jianzu easy, but in fact, whenever a little brain, but also understand the danger. A bad control, but not the development of Xinghai, but the direct support Xinghai, collapse of the fate of the stars. This thing is purely life, but th.

Electric Hair Straightening Brush Review , how could he be forced to such a point Although it now seems that this may not be a bad thing, but it really makes Zhou Xu think of a burst of embarrassment. However, these words Zhou Xu naturally will not talk with Li Fernan. happy Satisfied nodded his head, Li Fernan Chen Sheng said I want you to make a statement of my life, the future to leave if the ability to leave the prison community six, take us to leave With such a commitment, as long as you promised, since then , Is my friend Li Fernan. Dare to ask the bones of the devil, how can we leave Brow picked pick, Wu Chi asked. Thousands of enlightenment monument Without the slightest hesitation, Li Fernan Chen Sheng replied As long as you can enlighten three thousand Enlightenment monument above, we can by virtue of the supernatural powers open space barrier Three thousand, accurate to the above figures, hair straightener brush oak leaf detangling hair brush but also to Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng. Zhou Xu had not mentioned this before. In fact, although before the Wu Chi also speculation, but the heart is not the end, and now hear the figure of three thousand stone, but the hearts of a lot easier. Now he has realized that more than six hundred seats, as long as continue, three thousand should not be too difficult, and even can be hair straightener brush for black hair said, far better than Wu Chi expected. And there is no hesitation, Wu hair straightener brush watsons Chi readily made his own vows. This kind of thing is bound to Li Fannan and Zhou Xu mind the biggest obsession, there is no room for any discussion. Wu Chi can be sure, as long as their dare to refuse, Li Fumin is bound to immediately turn, it really is a dead end. And so on, it would be better to simply thank the promise down. Wu Chi of this happy, not to mention Li Furan did not think, even Zhou Xu and Yang Xiuchuan they also electric hair straightening brush review electric hair straightening brush review did not think of the same. At this moment, Zhou Xu simply have to doubt the front of the Wu Chi, and before they encountered that despicable villain, is not the same person. Even, Zhou Xu have some doubts, Wu Chi is not any way to resolve the fate of the vow of the constraints. Wu Chi this attitude, hair straightening brush gloves no doubt quite satisfied, in fact, he can see, among the three undoubtedly the best understanding of Wu Chi, grasp is the largest one, Wu Chi promised down, then this matter It is a. {

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