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Electric Hair Straightening Brush to have been involved in the deep, and if not all understand, but perhaps for their own hidden danger. In this case, it would be better to just give up resistance, step into the prison community to see what happens Moreover, Wu Chi hand, after all, there is an open day, even if there is any accident, it can also get out Leaving the prison community six heavy, Li Fannan and Zhou Xu could have been left, but whether it is Li Fannan or Zhou Xu are invariably broke into the prison community seven heavy. It is not their confidence suddenly skyrocketing, consciously able to break through the prison community seven, but the hearts of the fear of Wu Chi has reached the extreme. One or even enough to compare Yan Beichen legendary genius ah At first they have done what Wu Chi, his hair straightening brush holder heart is crystal clear, once left the prison community six heavy, the original natal oath even broken, so, Wu Chi if you want to clean up them, would not die with two Only ants like In this case, how can they leave with Wu Chi So this is a smart two people, they invariably broke into the prison community among the seven, after all, regardless of the prison seven in any danger, but also better than immediately killed by Wu pool ah. If they had to know Wu Chi can come to this step, then, by their ten courage is also not afraid to provoke Wu Chi ah. Just, stepped into the prison community seven heavy moment, the two suddenly dumbfounded. In front of the two not far away, Wu Chi that familiar figure appeared in the eyes of the two. How can you be here H. ear the voice of the two, Wu Chi can not help but some surprise. In fact, before he still some doubts, directly pulled into the prison community seven is because they broke through the million enlightenment monument, the achievements of the perfect situation of the perfect Kendo But these two people also into the same, is it really guess wrong You two do not want to leave the prison community six heavy How dare to continue to break down See the two people like to see the ghost of the general expression, Wu Chi heart of a move, indifferent to ask. Did not you intend to kill us Subconsciously blurted out, Zhou Xu this is just an export, they could not help but pumping their own a mo.a hundred years, he can not step into the broken star Brow a pick, Luo Ying Cold sound asked. You also said, but it may be Ling days Jianjun not hesitate to retort I never believe it possible Moreover, even if he can really into the immortal palace before entering the broken star, just broken stars Strength, how can we compete with other Tianjiao Did not try, how do you know can not Disdainly grunted, Luo Ying indifferent asked. All right Slightly frown, Jian Zu once again broke the dispute between the two. Slightly pondered a moment, Jianzu this opening said quota is Luo Ying fight, in love, but also to Wu Chi a chance Well, this time after the end of the big, Wu pool with its large ratio 10 years is limited, if within ten years, Wu Chi can enter the broken star, then give him a place into the fairy places, if not the matter will not have to mention the. ten years This is actually a fairly short time, from the pinnacle to the broken star, is a gap, hair straightening brush india online do not know how many people are stuck in this door outside Only to Wu Chi ten years time, it sounds very unfair. But Luo Ying has chosen to silence down. Because this decade is not unusual for ten years, electric hair straightening brush but to follow the Jianzu side closed for ten years. Jianzu closed the door, what, they all know very well. In this way, although the opportunity is still small, but it is not entirely no chance. As for that hard, some that should be. Think of an exception to get such an opportunity to naturally prove that they have this potential and qualifications. This is a sword set up a homeland, can not step in the past, we have to see Wu Chi s own. It s fair More importantly, since the sword ancestors have opened the mouth, then there is no room for rejection. Slightly owe, Luo Ying opened this way listen to the teacher command Well, all go, Zongmen than after, come to see me. Put a waved, Jianzu faint told hair straightening brush on good morning america Road. As for how to deal with Wu Chi things, Jianzu no mention, that naturally will be nothing. Bai Rong. although it is true disciples, for the sword of ancestors, is still just a name even remember the little people only, dead also died, nothing worthy of care. It is electric hair straightening brush the most important thing to calm the dispute between Luo Ying and Ling Tianjian. And this.

man, and not so stingy Right Chen He electric hair straightening brush smiled and said. Steps have been given, Wu Chi finally no longer stalemate, I m sorry, white brothers, I did not want to harm you, but then the kind of situation Heard Wu Chi explained, Bai Rong face showing a trace of a smile, waved his hand and said Well, I understand Just a little trivial only, as long as you are safe. Paused, Bai Rong continued You may not know, and now Mangshan these demons go to war, has been annoying Xiushui Shishu, the door of the elders have been on the road, and calculate the time, almost wait hair straightener brush Half a day, it is up. Look a slight move, Wu Chi surprised to ask has been disturbed Xiushui Jianjun it Yes Nodded his head, Bai Rong lightly laughed electric hair straightening brush These demons, Luo Shishu hate the bones, but did not dare to find Luo Shishu trouble, and now know that you Luo Shishu s true disciples to the Mangshan, naturally is to Take care of you at all costs. Speaking of this white glory revealed a trace of disdain electric hair straightening brush of the color, but some fools only, even if Luo Shishu not, do they think that I have nothing to swords Hear this, Wu Chi seems to be finally calm down. Seems to suddenly remembered what, his face can not help but a slight change, Yunpeng Young Heard Wu Chi these words, a few people can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, then his face showing a trace of embarrassment of the color, Lee Young after you left, but also left, we only look for you, there is no news of Lee Young. Blame me His face showing a trace of chagrin the color, Wu Chi Meng stamped the stomp, Yun Peng he did not even literate, how to survive here, how to do We hurry to find him. I am afraid too late. Shook his head, Bai Rong sighed Li Shidi is too weak, and now has more than one day in the past, fear is already too fierce and less Ji Ji electric hair straightening brush now dangerous situation, we rushed again, I am afraid Wi. ll fall into danger. Paused, Bai Rong continued For the time being, wait until the door of the elders to one, to repel these demon. We will find again Seems to understand the danger now, Wu Chi hesitated, after all, or nodded his head. We converge the atmosphere, let s try not to go away, as long as the halfway through the time, it s all right. Looked around, Bai Rong pointed not far from a t.uble, Wu Chi also clear, even if he is now becoming the star electric hair straightening brush and how Really follow the road should be a road to go electric hair straightening brush to the black, the same may not be any good thing. Mind to understand these, attitude will naturally clear. As for how to say it, that is nothing more than loading, this is the slut of the good show Installed a rather rather indomitable look, as if the same great You let Xi electric hair straightening brush Jun should really a stare, say one, are not allowed to try, look at this slut dare not so righteousness to say what, though die no regrets This attitude, shocked a lot of people, but also to Luo Ying almost fell to tears, but Xi Jun shoul. d be very familiar with the servant of the temper, the hearts of a burst of funny, but also understand that Wu Chi has understood his meaning. His face is indifferent a bit, Xi Jun should be cold voice said Benjun words must practice, let them go Get Xi Jun should be this sentence, Luo Ying heart immediately a loose. Before he can not hesitate to fight, but now Wu Chi has been saved, and he is not stupid, naturally will not continue with Xi Jun should be Sike, stature slightly flash, immediately with Wu Chi into a streamer, flying toward the stars go with. Xi Jun should soon be the sky star, the sky is naturally a little bit of the stars. Fortunately, with his strength, and now the world is also much to go, although the destruction of the Sword, but since he is still alive, had been in the fairy house for the number of places also naturally count. Even if not a million sword cases, it will not really gone. As for the other, then why care The ninth volume Tianjiao unparalleled Chapter 525 hair straightener brush demo the beginning of the temple The stars are vast. Only into the sky, in order to deeply feel their own small. Even now has entered the broken stars, but when electric hair straightening brush the depth of the sky, but still unable to find that they still can not rely on their own strength in the sky to survive. As the original Luo Ying had said, if you want to rely on their own strength to leave the sky stars, into the sky, Wu Chi still have a long way to go. The vastness of the sky, or even simply difficult to use distance to calculate, even Luo Ying, among the stars, can only follow the direction of a fixed star map of the flig.e is far from what we can imagine, but his enemies are dark stars, and even the whole upper bound Follow this person, a road to the black, do not say, whether you have the possibility of success, even if the success, since then, into the entire upper bound of the wanted, you think after the difficulties of Xi Jun Can you really think of your disciple Wu Chi this remark did ceramic straightening hair brush not directly say the export, but direct transmission to Li Yunpeng. Eyelids slightly jumped, Li Yunpeng did electric hair straightening brush not answer, but the eyes of the killing but in the silent dissipation of many. Over the years, his heart is the biggest worry is this, but subconsciously escape, will. be expected to sue and Xi Jun should be able to sleep after the upper bound to compete with the master only. Wu was now so simply opened, the hearts of inexplicable irritability up. You are also very clear that I must have the upper bound of the master in the As long as you defection, is bound to be appeased, as to say that you are due to what reason, must be his threat Do not forget that all this The roots are in his body, as long as they can kill him, all the trouble will be resolved. Wu Chi said very seriously, not the slightest point in the joke mean. incite defection This is in the Wu Chi back to the dark prison before the idea of thinking, is undoubtedly one of the best way. At the same time, Wu Chi once again loudly said Li Yunpeng, I admit, maybe I can not stop you kill them, but I can guarantee that as long as you dare hands, heaven and earth, whether you fled to the ends of the earth, I will take You are on the head. If that is before the promise of those benefits, then now is a naked threat. Million enlightenment monument of the background, is undoubtedly beyond his many. Had a fight with the Wu Chi, in fact, he still lost a chip. Once the stubborn hatred with Wu Chi, Wu Chi may now neatly he can not, regardless of Wu Chi finally choose who, as long as the upper bound, it is bound to become the most terrible enemy. This threat is also very effective for him. No one who is really not afraid of death, Li Yunpeng naturally no exception. Silence for a moment, Li Yunpeng slowly sounded I have made my own vow to help him out of trouble So, no matter.

Electric Hair Straightening Brush he other Dongfu occupy the strong, although do not know, or even seen the other shot, but Wu Chi still can feel that among these people, the weakest Is still still their own. In the Wu Chi Dong Zhang Wangwang at the same time, dressed in white night Star Star walk from the void came, suddenly appeared in front of everyone. I believe we all know, this time the prison community to open my purpose is only set the soul of stone, so, unlike in the past Only have the opportunity to get the soul of the stone, in order to get the character on the prison Eyes swept from the crowd, the night Shenxing slowly stretched out three fingers, electric hair straightening brush I will specify three, directly get the character. Lu Shaochuan, immortal ancestors and Wu Chi Followed by the name of the three, the night Shenxing indifferent said. Hear the name of their own and immortal ancestors, Wu Chi Daoshi no accident, this is more than a year ago that war has been set down, but this is w. hat Lu Shaochuan, actually night stars Determined to have the opportunity to win the soul of the stone Night boy, I am not interested in the soul of the soul, this time the prison community, I do not want to. Brow picked pick, Lu Shaochuan suddenly said. He opened his mouth, Wu Chi is considered to be who is Lu Shaochuan, a hair straightening brush groupon bit with a bookish middle aged, holding a book in hand, at first glance, it seems that there are some Carpenter. Eyes fell on the hands of Lu Shaochuan book, Wu Chi s pupil can not help but a slight shrink to his eyes now look natural, it is definitely not furnishings, but Lu Shaochuan s own life treasure. This guy, I am afraid not like the surface looked so electric hair straightening brush simple. The eyes reveal a trace of chill, night Shenxing indifferent opening I said, this is my decision Any person did not hair straightening brush cordless question the power, if you insist on refusing, I will let your body imprisonment. Night Shen Xing s voice is very light, but one of the meaning of overbearing, but can not help but let people get cold. I did not grasp the soul of stone. Lu Shaochuan once again said hair straightener brush without heat Even if it is no use. You have to be sure, said Shen Shen, quietly, if you do not get the soul stone, you do not have to come down hair straightening brush walmart canada from the prison community This time, even Lu Shaochuan also feel the night. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/^\\s+/m\', \'\', $txt2);

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