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Femjolie Hair Straightener Brush India than a year ago that war, in fact, already able to see Of the clear. As long as Wu Chi stood on the empty monk side, it is likely to make Chiang Zhengyang come forward to Jiang Zhengyang strength and identity, once the position, is bound to let more people stand on the side of the empty monk. In this way, even if strong as Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, it may not be able to do so threatened him. In this prison three, there is no eternal enemy, only the eternal interests Before the interests of the empty monk can please the night to kill the lake to kill Wu Chi, now also for the benefit, he can also draw the same Wu pool to deal with the night stars. It seems from what point of view, Wu Chi also did not refuse the reason. And even Jiang Zhengyang will also fell to the eyes of Wu Chi s body, seems to ask Wu Chi s decision. And Su Wan is gently holding the hands of Wu Chi, although did not speak, but it is obviously very moving, after all, as long as Wu Chi can solve the problem of good fruit, you can not rush adventure The prison community is four. For security sake, it seems that the empty monk is brush straightener malta also the best choice. Chapter 363 broke the knife Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi s face suddenly showing a touch of bright smile, the empty master, before we have no resentment, and now with the common hatred, that is a matter of course I have been admiring the master of the people, to join hands with the master, it is Do not. Smiling openings, but then said half, Wu Chi is the subject suddenly a turn, just, the empty master ah I was a little comfortable, ah, you look at, is not good fruit out of any problem You give me the trouble to lift the good fruit I promise. as long as the solution to this hidden danger, and the master must be concentric The empty monk mind slightly angry, patience explained Wu Ju Shi, to femjolie hair straightener brush india resolve the good fruit is not an easy thing, and now the current foreign enemies, it is inconvenient Pinseng can make a vow, After the pain must be settled to solve the good fruit. Oh His face showing a trace of exaggerated look, Wu Chi Yaotouhuangnao sighed Master of the words, I naturally believe that, do not have any instincts But I suddenly some uncomfortable, it seems that good fruit att.other s attacks, the whole process did not move a step. In this way, the situation is finally stabilized down. By this opportunity, Wu Chi really began to understand the surrounding death atmosphere. These years in the prison community among the four, experienced a variety of torture, Wu Chi has long been used to life and death, the same understanding of life and death Avenue, has also been a poke that break the point. For other people, such a terrible death breath, enough to fatal For Wu Chi, but it is a hair straightener brush gumtree chance, one let him once again feel the chance of life and death. Dangerous, and always have the opportunity to coexist Wu Chi in the test of life, the enlightenment life and death at the same t. ime, Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing also entered the temple of hair straightening brush on natural hair life and death. Night sun stars Moment, Yang Xiuchuan had already seen the night Shenxing, heart can not help but suddenly a move. The same here to see Yang Xiuchuan, night Shen Xing brain also flashed a lot of ideas. Originally the two thought that here is like a fantasy, each one is not the same In the life and death before the temple, but also did not see the other two, it seems that also confirmed their point of view. May come to the moment before the death of life and death, but let the two suddenly understand that things may be much more complex than imagined. No matter what the previous encounter, but the temple is clearly only one. Which in itself contains a lot of information. Looked around the surrounding did not see the figure of Wu Chi, night stars and Yang Xiuchuan as a glance, slowly said with the break it is good Without the slightest hesitation, the two immediately reached a joint intention. Here to them also brought brush straightener for hair femjolie hair straightener brush india great pressure, if the joint, will naturally be a little more grasp. It is almost at the same time, a low voice in the void coldly sounded, life and death hall before the death of life and death, Almost the next moment, a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared, while the two rolled in. At the same time, a few Road figure suddenly appeared, a black arm, the hands of a knife femjolie hair straightener brush india suddenly curled toward the two killed in the past. This treatment is much worse than someone. There is no time limit, and the shot is no longe.

mes, how can we prove Eyes reveal a touch of compassion of colo. r, empty monk voice once again rang up. Pinseng is willing to body for the lotus, where the guarding years, to eliminate the world hostility to forgive Body, but the skin, the Buddha does not go out, life is more than If you can eliminate the crime industry, the future may be with the layman also reunited. Voice down the moment, the empty monk s body slowly into a femjolie hair straightener brush india golden lotus, floating and the oil pan, through the bursts of Buddha light, Mingxin Cheng Cheng smuggling hostility and grievances. Even in the side, Wu Chi can feel that lotus on the release of the Buddha s breath If someone sat in the lotus, they can resolve the pain and the hearts of the hostility, add a little chance to survive here. The empty empty, the empty Wu Chi at the moment some vaguely understand the meaning of the empty monk before the words. From the moment of the enlightenment, the empty monk has actually done a ride of the plan. Do not take the soul stone because he has been reluctant to leave Through the good fruit into the power of their own body, Wu Chi vaguely understand some of the causal way, naturally can understand the empty monk so called causal ridden, the deep meaning of the crime. Think of this, Wu Chi can not help but lament a green cry. Prior to this, Wu Chi probably how can not think of themselves and the empty monk cause and effect, even in such a way as the end. A read into a magic, a thought into a Buddha This end, for the empty monk, I do not know whether it is good or bad. Buddha will Nirvana reborn, empty monk today s epiphany, a thought Buddha, perhaps also another Nirvana I do not know, after the elimination of the crime, he really can Nirvana rebirth, the future will really have reunited the day Put away the soul of the stone, Wu Chi can not help but bend the front of the lotus bend a prayer The next moment, Wu Chi s feet will be born again blossoming Qinglian, leisurely toward the next high Taiwan away. Chapter 379 Ranking, 2nd Oil pan, stone, Wu Chi, although still take the opportunity to practice, but already have a feeling in a bottleneck. Over the past few years, he has died too many times, the will is hardened by the extremel., blocked in front of Ma Shijie. puff This femjolie hair straightener brush india punch Liu Changtong hit very heavy, so that when he saw Chen fog are in front of the time, want to power are too late. A frantic life will be painted Chen Mo are hematemesis, the whole body are bowed up. However, even so, Chen fog are all dead teeth, step forward. Big Brother Liu, I know that I am not good, but it has nothing to do with her I do, are my voluntary, no brush straightener for thick hair matter what guilt, I have a commitment. Mouth constantly bleeding out, but Chen fog eyes are very serious. This moment, even if femjolie hair straightener brush india Liu Changtong full of anger, but also abruptly blocked back, simply can not vent. Hello how are you Angrily turned, Liu Changtong did not even talk to anyone, one step, suddenly flew into the sky, severely punched out, blatantly broke the space barrier, disappeared in the crowd of sight. How are you Looked at Chen fog, Ma Shijie mind some difficult to understand the complex, softly said. Shimei, it does not matter, I am fine Hand to wipe the blood of the mouth, Chen fog said softly I ll send you back. Standing not far away, looking at all this, Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan they can only be slightly sigh. Ma Shijie do not like Chen fog, which we have already seen clearly, but Chen fog this insistence, how can we not touch So that Chen fog, but also let people say what Forced to repair the repair, Wu Chi suddenly flew away, before the soaring, he would also like to see Zhou Boyan their side, even now always bear the pressure and exclusion of the whole world, he is still hard to withstand the pressure , Refused to immediately soared. Slightly shaking his head, night Shen Xing natu. rally understand the mind of Wu Chi, but now he did not Wu pool that strength Once the dark prison area of the seal to lift, he simply can not resist the exclusion of the whole world, stature slightly flash, grabbed the hands of the sick sickle, brave flew toward the sky. Yang Xiuchuan sighed, walked into the back of the golden world of the channel As femjolie hair straightener brush india Yang s people, he also has some things to deal with, as the femjolie hair straightener brush india soaring, for him is not a problem. But no matter who, and did not notice, Xi Jun should break the seal, but did not immediately leave, but will once again fell to the eyes of Wu Chi s bo.u, it is clear to tell the other disciples, you can grab it You know, Wan Jianzong to Jianli, for disciples, is simply can not help but fight Wu Chi really disciples of the identity of honor, as long as no less than the killer, but it is free to bully. Do not femjolie hair straightener brush india say that the allocation of Dong Fu, and even true disciples assigned to each month of Star Stone, immortality, these things are also snatched. If Luo Ying in the case, these people may not dare too much, but once Luo Ying from the case, the other act, is simply unscrupulous, Wu Chi even if the loss, it can only endure. hair straightening brush from walmart After all, Luo Ying had not received a disciple before, naturally there can be no brothers to help Wu Chi succeed. It is precisely because of this, Luo Ying will ask Wu Chi within a month lit star Because only lit the life of the star, will have the qualifications to fight with other people, otherwise, it is not as good as the penalty Wu Chi in the Jianfeng retreat, at least so, no one dare to go to the sword peak. Jianjun, or else, I go to help Master Wu for an unusual Dong Fu See Luo Ying in the eyes of the chill, the disciples once again open the road. brush straightener groupon No Indifferent opening, Luo Ying sneered The prince for the killing of Jianjun, the king s disciples, naturally do not fear any challenge Even eat a loss, it may not be a bad thing. Luo Ying itself is to kill the decisive generation, can be Luo Ying fancy, Luo Ying naturally take that Wu Chi is bound to be able to cope with these troubles. Want to be a real strong, femjolie hair straightener brush india natural and ultimately battle Luo Ying do not know in the lower bound of the time, Wu Chi has not experienced a brutal battle, but as he killed Jianjun disciples, naturally can not be timid people. Those who tried to follow the fame of. Wu Chi, in the eyes of Luo Ying, not necessarily their own disciples of the grinding stone. Moreover, if the other party really want to bully Wu Chi, even if the smallest of the Dong Fu, also hair straightening brush best seller will femjolie hair straightener brush india bully the head. This matter, the most critical is not what kind of treatment Wu Chi, but Wu Chi has enough strength to maintain the identity of the true disciples. For their own just received this disciple, Luo Ying never lack of confidence. Of course, today s Wu Chi naturally do not kno.

Femjolie Hair Straightener Brush India Star Star Empty straightening hair brush south africa monk suddenly play such a hand, obviously some of the unexpected Wu Chi, but also to the scene will be more chaotic up. Honestly, Wu Chi is not without heart, after all, can let the empty monk made his own oath, but also do not have to fear him to go back. However, Wu Chi has long been written to the night Shen Xing that indifferent expression. Although only with the night Shenxing only met one side, but Wu Chi for the night Shenxing is extremely afraid of the kind of dangerous for the intuitive response to tell him, rashly off the night Shen Xing is definitely not a wise thing. Anyway, the empty monk they have jumped out, Wu Chi did not mind more than wait to see. Of course, if it is really night stars and Yang Xiuchuan defeated, Wu Chi this swaying guy, and certainly no good fruit to eat However, Wu Chi is to say nothing to believe that the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan will be so easy to fail. Wind Between the moment, nine purple mountain from the prison station lasing out, but also means that the fight for the official began. Night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan still still did not move, and even more to see those who do not have a good interest. The hearts of countless thoughts flashed, Wu Chi at the foot of a little bit, but it is the first to keep a character to catch. Now the character, although flying out, but in fact, a time but no one hands to grab, Wu Chi this shot has become the first to win the character of the people. Did not apalus brush hair straightener boots you hear what I said Looked up and glanced at the Wu Chi one night night star immediately let the eyes fell to the immortal soul and Lu Shaochuan body, calmly open Road. Just a word, let everyone heart sank. Night Shen Xing, do not pretend to get the devil, we who win the character is our thing, you can not get into the group Lu Shaochuan heart of a cross, Chen Sheng open Road. Slightly shaking his head, night Shenxing indifferent said I think you made me wrong I am not discussing with you, so you do not refuse to qualify Step by step, death sickle suddenly start, night Shenxing eyes reveal a touch of faint murderous, Since you do not want this opportunity, then I wi. ll personally send you on the road Voice down the moment, the death of th.have prison mark, this thing for them, it is also a great risk. Can be how their own angry, but also can not erase the prison mark, but also not clear the relationship between them. Do not be afraid of anyone At that time, as long as the seat is not dead, no one would dare to your shot. Middle age again open Road, speech is full of Proudly. Just this, can be somewhat credible, it may be very difficult to say. At least, Wu Chi is not how to believe. The said, this seat have been told you So, now. you should have expressed it Eyes once again revealed a touch of cool, middle aged light opening Road. Between the words, femjolie hair straightener brush india who once again revealed a hint of faint murderous. Things have been explained clearly, in this case, if Wu Chi also refused, then he will not hesitate to be cut off the Wu Chi and this. From the moment he saw him, Wu Chi no longer have any chance of rejection. Chapter 433 Tian Jun Xi Jun should be Do not promise Wry smile a bit, Wu Chi also ignored what Li Yunpeng, from the hand to open the frame in his neck knife, snappily replied. Li Yunpeng jumped and jumped, but after all, no action. Since Wu Chi promised, he naturally did not shot the reason. In addition to the two of us, no one else can help Pick up the sword from the ground, Wu Chi asked again. The face of the upper bound of those people, people are fine, and not more. Slightly shaking his head, middle aged indifferent, said The real master of the upper bound, do not risk into the dark prison community, as femjolie hair straightener brush india usual opponents to you The strength, enough to cope with. Seems to think of what, Wu Chi once again asked Now prison community seven heavy, how many people In addition to just come with you who two people, no one else. This time without middle aged answer, Li Yunpeng will be explained by path. They are two of my friends, but the strength is really some This kind of thing, simply can not help any busy, or let them first left. Wu pool shook his head. Prison community seven, is already the darkest prison community the most central position, and now the seat has been sealed, naturally can not control However, as long as you can help open the seal, they naturally can leave. Middle aged casually said. Swear it Do not care about t.

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