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Hair Brush Straightener Walmart into the broken world. The strength is undoubtedly too much than Wu Chiqiang, and this gap, from a certain extent, a sword with a hundred swords and no difference. Not dare not, where to come so much sophistry. Lengheng a cry, Li Dongsheng strong defense. He said Wu Chi did not dare, although somewhat argued that, but it can also be exposed to the matter. Just Li Dongsheng but did not think, Wu Chi words suddenly a turn. If you lose, it is necessary to violate the meaning of the master, refused to Yunshi Shimei, but you lose it No loss of any. Face sank, Li Dongsheng cold channel If I lose, willing to give you kowtow admit. I bother Grinly spit a mouthful, Wu Chi contemptuously said What kind of character you count Kowtow admit what is worth it Yunhuo Shimei beautiful woman, is it better than you These words so that Li Dongsheng simply can not refute, say what Do you say that he. kowtow admit, more precious than the cloud load Took a deep breath, Li Dongsheng coldly said how do you want The brow of a pick, Wu Chi cold channel If you lose, I want you to make a statement of my life, give me a good care of the centuries A hundred years later, and then re complete our gambling about, the real sub win, you dare What His words, including Yunhe and Li Dongsheng, including the presence of all people can not help but pour a cold air Wu Chi said the categorically, can be described as leaving a trace of retreat, full of momentum Could it be that he is really sure to take Lee Dongsheng full of sword How can this be Looked at Wu Chi, his face some gloomy. Made a vengeance may not be the slightest retreat, and if missed, would not really want to guard the hole thousands of years Why, dare not Sneer a cry, Wu Chi disdain once again ridiculed If not dare, to get out honest, do not install any hero in this. Li Dongsheng said before the hearts of some drums, then hear the words, but the heart is a bit better This threat, seems to be pressing step by step, but in fact, it is not revealed a trace of guilty conscience Heart secretly sneer a cry, Li Dongsheng has been assured, Wu Chi is to scare him out of this. The eyes revealing a wipe, Li Dongsheng openly said I promise you can only But the sword without eyes, i.t eligible to become the immortal core disciples. It is no exaggeration to say that you can break from the test to become the core of the hair brush straightener walmart palace of disciples, each of which is Tianjiao Tianjiao. Compared to other people, and now your strength, or a little lower, but the test of the fairy palace itself is for the broken star, once the repair for more than broken stars, they no longer have the straightening hair brush tesco qualifications to become the core disciples Luo Ying continued to explain Before the impact of the hearts of stars, although some of the dangerous, but you are also a blessing in disguise, perfect broken star, so, the opportunity will naturally much larger. Why repair more than broken stars, no longer have the qualifications to become the core disciples Wu Chi some puzzled and asked. It is said that with the immortal seven palace in the inheritance, repair once more than broken stars, the road has been formed, and then difficult to get heritage. These things, Luo Ying just heard it, not too clear. However, the rules review turbo hair straightener brush of the palace has always been so, can not be changed. Now the distance from the beginning of the assessment, there are less than a hundred years, you are here to feel safe practice. hair brush straightener walmart Luo Ying said. Master respect, you are not here Wu Chi heard the meaning of Luo words, can not help but wonder asked. I have some other things to deal with. Shook his head. , Luo Ying did not explain the meaning of too clear. However, Wu Chi mind a little thought will understand it over. Xi Jun should appear up the sky stars, and even captured the hearts of stars, this fact is too big, Luo Ying as witnessed all this person, is bound to explain with the heavenly people. Moreover, Jianzu fled into the stars, and now also disappeared, want to come to Luo Ying will find a way to find Jianzu. These things are in urgent need of Luo Ying to do, naturally can not stay in the fairy palace. Gently patted Wu Chi s shoulders, Luo Ying once again said rest assured that before the beginning of the fairy palace assessment, I will come back, you feel at ease is it. Yes, Master Nodded his head, Wu Chi bend should be Road. Settled a good Wu Chi, Luo Ying did not do more to stay, and soon left the Sin Temple again, this naturally no ne.

toward the Dong Fu walked outside. puff Spit a blood, a few magic were instantly hit the fly, mercilessly fell to the ground before the Dong Fu. roll Eyes hair brush straightener walmart reveal a touch of meaning, Li brush straightener at target Yunpeng openly Road. Your strength is far above me, want to come and led electric hair straightening brush acquaintance only Have such a strength, but did not dare to find a few cases, but here to bully women, what is the ability Despite being seriously injured, but this is a few magic people are still not back the meaning of the spit spit, Shen sound asked. You are said Wu Chi Eyes reveal a trace of disdain of color, Lin Yunpeng indifferent said He has been like a funeral dog, escaped the dark prison community, now look back on your life and death. This sentence, really suddenly the hearts of all people suddenly Yi Chan. Wu Chi hair brush straightener walmart is how the strength of all people are very clear, even though it is a strong Wu Chi, and even forced to escape the dark prison community, the other s strength, and how horrible to what level The face of such an enemy, really let people can not afford to come to the courage to fight. Respect for the big mood Brow slightly a pick, take the Dong Fu, Zhou Bo Yan indifferent Road. Wu Chi hair brush straightener walmart if not really so in the eyes, why do you come here to threaten us Paused, Zhou Bo Yan continued to ridicule Could you say that you are here, just want to kill us to vent their anger Right straightening hair brush does it work Chapter 437 Returns Zhou Bo Yan sarcastic tone, suddenly let Li Yunpeng eyes tightly squint together. Even in this danger, the other side is still able to keep so calm, almost in the phrase, so delicate mind, really amazing. Eyes again fell to Zhou Bo Yan s body, Li Yunpeng this seriously looked u. p from this woman. For Li Yunpeng, the beautiful woman is no big deal, Wu Chi s woman this identity can not let him look more, but now Zhou Bo made the cool and wisdom, but it is enough to make him look at the glance. You re right, I m threatening you, but that s where he has the courage to come back. And did not cover the meaning of Li Yunpeng indifferent answer. Faced with such a woman, he also disdain hair brush straightener walmart to lie. Is it so much better than his confidence There is no confidence is my thing, do not need you to worry about. Shrugged, Li Yunpeng calmly said helpless, I can g.ring the prison when the five heavy, it has been doomed to no longer back. For a time, three people can not help but silence down, just to reach the agreement easily with the war was smoked vanished. We have no retreat. Looked up and looked at the night Shenxing and Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Although here is dangerous, but it is more difficult than those who practice torture it This sentence is to make the spirit of the three are lifted. Can come here, three are in the prison community in the four tortured torture, the will of the firm is not ordinary people can imagine. Heart magic bridge, although dangerous, but compared to the endless death in the purgatory countless times, but a. lso considered what Continue to go The eyes reveal a touch of a firm color, the night Shen Xing slowly said No matter how dangerous the five prisoners, the probability of success through how low, but the same people did not go through it Are we really Weaker than others Able to step by step now, who is not confident of their own Even if the probability of adoption is low Even if it is only one ten thousandth chance of success, who dare say that he will not be that one ten thousand Yes, I never believe in luck, only trust the strength. Nodded his head, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said Those people, but only the losers of the year, they live, not as we are, but we can die but we can fear Is not it Is so a few words of time, three mentality was re adjusted over. It sounds like it is too easy, but in fact, in this simple under the hidden is the most terrible will, strong confidence and pride. All the way forward, time seems to have completely lost its meaning Wu Chi even remember how many times they have been fighting with those who attacked, who already accumulated numerous wounds, whether it is the body or the spirit, have become unusually tired. But even so, the three did not take a step back. However, it is heavy, even if the full has been more than ten days to go, just died in the hands of the three attackers have been as many as nearly a hundred people, but still can not see the end of the heart of the bridge The Under that pressure, people can not help but will have a huge pressure. If for other people, fea.Cheng Li or he, will make Wu Chi become a joke of others, really disciples of the identity of the natural unsustainable, but if they lost to the two of the joint, that is a matter of course, of course, will also provoke ridicule The amount of force. Can really tell the disciples of the identity is always able to keep. The summer insects can not language ice Eyes reveal a trace of contempt for the color, a walk away Wu Chi suddenly will be the disciples of the token to the stage of the elders, indifferent, said Please let the elders to be a witness, if I even his second People can not win, this really disciples do not worth mentioning. Be shocked This is the words to say, is simply completely blocked all the escape route, publicly say such a thing, then no room for no regrets, even if Luo Ying back, want to hard care Wu Chi is impossible. This decisive enough to let anyone move Even if Cheng and Yao Long, this moment can not help but some reaction, however, so do not leave the way to fight back, but also really too decided. hair straightener brush price in india If Wu Chi is not a fool, it means that now Wu Chi for their own has a very strong self confidence. Even if they no longer despise Wu Chi, it is impossible to really think that Wu Chi is a fool. For a moment. both can not help but silence down. Things developed to this point, the two have also no retreat, and this case, if also refused, that ridiculed, may have to become their. The hearts of a horizontal, Yao Long, after all, do not believe hair straightener brush where to buy Wu Chi can be strong, Chen Sheng said Since Wu brothers insisted so, I was blessed in the end Stature slightly flash, Wu Chi has Meng Meng jumped into the sword on the stage. The hands of hair brush straightener walmart the sword slightly pendulum, a moment, a terrible sword suddenly broke out from the body out, fiercely toward the two rolling away There is no superfluous nonsense, flying under the moment, Wu Chi has launched an offensive. And even have not shot, alone, the sword will let the two feel hair brush straightener walmart a strong pressure. For a moment, the surrounding suddenly for one of the static Even if the reaction and then slow people, at the moment can feel Wu Chi s extraordinary, do not say can be compared with other true disciples, at least strength is not really under any of the c.

Hair Brush Straightener Walmart e front hair straightener brush of you blocking, will not hesitate to sword off Well, I would also hair brush straightener walmart like to ask if you really, obviously know that will become an obstacle, it will not let open it Chapter 392 Mirror Faced with such a demon, no one can completely unaffected, even Wu Chi naturally not work. Can face the way, but not the same. Some people will always silently bear this pain hair brush straightener walmart and torture, while the slut will kick back the ball. Love is not a person s thing, the same is not natural. If the choice of the whole power has always been in their own hands, even knowing that is false is the demons, this has been to kill, fear also will be the problem. Can this one asked, but as if the moment, so Wu pool jumped out from the quagmire. If it is really Zhou Bo Yan, really is the one with their own love, agreed to die together, how can they block themselves How can we force yourself to make such a choice Zhou Bo Yan can not answer, because she is just just magic out of it, the roots still come from Wu Chi itself. Or even do not need a sword, when this one asked the export of the moment, Zhou Bo Yan s shadow suddenly dissipated, and even with the whole heart of hair brush straightener walmart the bridge began to collapse. Magic from the heart, can be mind can no longer raise the demons of the time, the heart of the bridge is also naturally unable to follow suit The strength of the demons, this comes from their own. The next moment, Wu Chi will suddenly woke up over. Opened the eyes of the moment, it was found that he was really on the bridge, and in unknowingly, has gone through this bridge. Looking back, Wu Chi suddenly found that Yang Xiuchuan and night stars are now also on the bridge, looking pain, seems to be struggling with. Heart magic bridge Moment, Wu Chi this suddenly shocked, stepped into the prison five times the moment, it has fallen on the heart of the bridge above the kind, it seems that everyone alone in a sense of space, it is simply a false impression The Only really through the demons, tread this heart magic bridge, in order to wake up. And this is the prison world five first test only. Back again looked at the two one, Wu Chi step down the heart of the bridge. Under the bridge is still standing hair brush straightener walmart with a double in the prison community e.reason. These dark chains, in fact, is simply the dark star left seal seal hair straightening brush gold Jun Jun should be derived from the dark road. Do not sleep here so long time, Xi Jun should not know what means, temporarily forbidden the power of dark law, short control of these dark chains for his use. This rule is prohibited, it is bound to be able to maintain a long time, once the failure, the dark chain will once again counterattack, given Xi Jun should hit. In other words, Xi Jun shoul. d be in the dark chain before the break open the seal to leave. Wu Chi do not know how long this rule can be maintained, but it is clear that hair brush straightener walmart now they are really caught in a desperate situation. These were originally used to lock Xi Jun should be the dark chain, but now it has become the final defense means Xi Jun Even if the control of these dark chains is limited, but that terrible power, but also far from their strength can compete. Sure enough, or your eyes look better ah. Chuckle a cry, Xi Jun should be proudly opened These dark chains, has long been the base of the fine blood contaminated, surrounded by the ban on the rally, these are not Imprison the dark chain of the seat, but kill your bloody chain In order to escape this moment, Xi Jun should do countless preparations, all may have been included. Originally in his plan, if it can let Wu Chi stood on his side, and Li Yunpeng together to resist these upper bound Tianjiao, is the most perfect Unfortunately, Wu Chi was not fooled, but to follow each other to kill him. Fortunately, this ban on the circle and the bloody chain, is his real killer, although this must pay a certain price, but as long as the storm hair straightening brush in india can be, all this is bound to be worth it. Yunpeng, what are you waiting for Not fast to kill them Lengheng a cry, Xi Jun should be told again. These bloody chains, though horrific, can be used as trapped, rather than murdered, as they were before they were imprisoned. Wu Chi they are awkward, but they are still alive. In this case, the existence of Li Yunpeng, that is, the decisive force. As well as by the bloody chain pumping find any, almost the whole people are locked a few people, where there is room to resist Li Yunpeng attack. Between life and death, Wu Chi suddenl.

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