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Hair Straightener Brush Best sport is enough, and even loaded force, you can be more cheap Listening to all the ridicule, Wu Chi face disgusted rebuttal, but in fact, the heart is finally a sigh of relief after all. He is no longer understand the desire, but also understand that this is not their own now should control the power Judge of life and death matter, he himself did not get to understand, naturally do not want others to know, really the secret once exposed, what would be the consequences, really difficult to predict. Deliberately put a very fool look, is to let other people themselves to guess the results. After all, if he really to explain, perhaps Liu Changtong they may not have any doubts. To be able to solve this problem, naturally the best results. Rumbling Between the words, the sky suddenly came a burst of loud noise, across the sky in the dark chain completely broken broken, that kind of pressure in the dark prison on the bounds as if completely solved the general. Moment, Wu Chi and night Shen Xing both felt a while at the same time attractive As if there is a force in the somewhere, urging them to leave the world. Has been through the tragedy. and now the two have actually can no longer continue to stay in this world for a long time, the dark prison circle of the seal was completely broken, it means that the two are about to rise on the bounds. Wu brothers Let s see Laughed and walked around Wu Chi, Wu Chi pulled up from the ground up, Liu Changtong to Wu Chi gave a hug. They are from the upper bound, and now although not able to attack Xi Jun should be, but it must be to go back. not see Wu Chi s head shaking like a rattle, to the upper bound, I can beat you now, if you take the opportunity to bully me how to do Whatever the outcome have to wait until I can play you say. Wu Chi said the words of a serious, even if it is Liu Changtong can not help but turned his eyes, this slut can be more hypocritical it Seems to think of what, Liu Changtong can not help but frowned. Before Wu Chi into the fog, with the Han Shan Master desperately, to some extent, it is saved Chen fog are life, but to this time, Chen fog even did not come to thank. Subconsciously back, but found that Chen fog are standing in the distanc.t is to let the ghost completely do not know what is good. Watching Wu pool that do not care about the look, simply let him doubt that these penalties are not lost effect. Hesitated a moment, that ghosts put a waved, indicating that the devil put him down. Little brother, how to call it Wu Chi Hold the Baoquan, Wu Chi Xinkou said Ghost big brother called me small Wu like. Wu Chi shameless, you are really shameless That ghost difference rolled his eyes and said I look out, you really is a man However, the rules of free purgatory, the body of the crime of light does not eliminate , Can not leave So, I have an idea, with another way to let you eliminate the crime, do you want to try Thought, that ghost look at Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. That good mood Ghosts big brother, you have any way, may wish to say that the little brother must listen to you Patted the chest, Wu Chi promised hair straightener brush asavea to promise Road. On the surface of a muddy do not care about the way, but straightening brush sally's in fact, ghosts do not know, Wu Chi its center has long been anxious to die. No he, in a second death at the same time, Wu Chi dismay found that death here, but also to the loss of the power of God, so half a day, he hair straightening brush kingdom cares has died nearly a hundred times Almost soon will be a set of soul stone strength completely exhausted, this barely support over. If this ghost is not any reaction, to continue to torture his words, in this set of soul stone force exhausted, Wu Chi probably could not help but shot against the. Chapter 381 before and after the death of the temple What is it Wu Chi stunned to look at the ghosts, puzzled and asked. I can refer you to the guarding the temple of life and death, if you can pass the test, become the guard of the temple of life and death, he said. , The body of the crime will naturally slowly resolve. Test Hear the two words, Wu pool finally had a trace of speculation, perhaps this life and death is the key through the test. It is natural Nodded, ghosts said want to become the guard of life and death hall, it is necessary to pass the test before the house, otherwise, why do you think people can guard the temple of life and death How a test method Wu Chi asked again again curious. Shook his head, that gh. osts said Then I do not kn.

acter of Wu Chi What are willing to eat, is not willing to suffer the Lord ah Flat so that people are so calculated, so how can he be submissive Suddenly put himself around the jail disciples of the disciples, and the eyes revealed a touch of cold murderous, Wu Chi Chen Chang old man laughed and said gave me to stop. This moment of change is too fast, and who can not think Wu Chi even dare to resist. Jail prison itself is to punish the disciples, although looking like a prison, but in fact, after all, different, honestly stay in the jail will always have to go out, but once the resistance, and can not say can not escape the sword Do you want to be rebellious Wu Chi, do you know what you are doing Eyes revealed a wipe the machine, Chen eld snapped snapped. Chen Changlao, you know what you are doing Sneer a cry, Wu Chi did not retreat asked The matter reveals a strange, you do not find out the truth, but indiscriminate to punish me Do you have this qualification Hard edged Whether it is the old man or other jail jail in the other people, how did not expect, before it looks brush straightener tesco very good Wu Chi, once enraged, will be so rebellious. Wu Chi, here is the jail prison, the old man is responsible for guarding jail prison, you say there is no qualified to punish you Staring at Wu Chi, Chen elders immediately furious, put down your sword, the old lady can also read hair straightener brush best in you Getting started soon, do not care about you, otherwise you want to rebel it This saying that the murderous awe inspiring, this moment, Chen Chang is really going to be mad. I bother Brow suddenly a pick, Wu Chi is immediately sneered hair straightener brush best how, want to kill me Do you have this courage The hands of the sword is still buckle in the side of the disciples above the throat, Wu Chi unscrupulous ridicule Road. Listen to other people can not help but burst of cold sweat dripping How dare not kill. In the jailbreak among the attacking prison jail prison disciples, and Chen Changlao so disrespectful, is shot to kill, and nothing to say goes, do you think that hijacking a jail prison disciples, If for others to dare to do so, has long been cited by Chen Changshou Jianqi killed, but happens to kill Wu Chi, he really did not have this courage. He can put Wu Ch.ip to the Soviet Union, happened to Su Wan back, let him see, I do not know what the child with the magic, in the Soviet Union on the trouble up, Said to Su Wan to marry him, he was suddenly out of the Soviet Union, this is not the time to come back to marry Su Wan, forced the old lady to the Soviet Union to mention the pro, how to persuade no use. Frowned, listen to these clear, Jiang Zhengyang s heart is can not help but slightly dengkou soon as. Su Wan and Wu Chi s relationship he is too clear, not to mention Song Tianque actually mediocre talent, but also not the Hanshan Master s disciples, even if it is Han Shan Master value, how could it be Su Wan see on Song Tian Que hair straightener brush best trouble to marry Su Wan, it is not a joke This thing, the original is nothing to do with him, but now, he asked for Song, and even the urgent hope that Song Lufei can come forward to recommend Han Shan Shang In this case, Song Tianque is almost the only person who can contact Han Shan. Think of this, Jiang Zhengyang mind has given birth to a touch of ominous premonition. Tianque, you are grandpa grandfather came, but also not come out to meet. Song Yu Chen Lengheng a cry, snapped snapped Road. No, you do not hair straightener brush best promise me to go to the Soviet Union hair straightening brush rotating one to mention the pro, I have no see. Not the slightest point to Jiang Zhengyang face meaning, Song Tianqi hands continue to hit something, a word directly back to the top. Nonsense Looking hair straightener brush best sank, Song Yu Chen suddenly furious, big step into the other hospital, snapped When you want to nonsense Su Wan has been a clear refusal, you want to how A pedal fly hair straightener brush best around the chair, Song Tian Que stubborn opening I do not care so much Let s four families of marriage, when not all parents arranged As long as you put pressure on the Soviet Union, fear Su did not promise to marry me presumptuous Song Yuchen can not help but furious, What do you say that bastard Into the other hospital, Jiang Zhengyang slowly opening hair straightener brush best The day Que ah, as far as I know, Su Wan has a man, and this woman is not for you. Pooh, is not the rumors with what that Wu Chi have a relationship Disdainly grunted, Song hair straightener brush best Tian Que turned his eyes and said left and right have a dead, and she also want to give a dead widowed Can not get mar.ry of three hair straightener brush best thousand years into the broken star, can become a true disciple, if over this period, even if the break, and still only the core disciples. Therefore, the core disciples in the broken world of disciples also have a lot, but these core disciples, but did not become a true disciple of the qualifications, naturally they will not challenge other true disciples of qualifications. Simply put, although these people can be regarded as the backbone of the door, but not to focus on the scope of training. Because, basically their potential, have been dug clean, and this life I am afraid it is difficult to have the opportunity to step into a higher level. This is very cruel, but also very realistic. Nodded slightly, Wu Chi is not too concerned about this. Excluding these people, the other core disciples are only just the strength of the stars only, with the realm of the battle, Wu Chi really did not put them in the eyes. Do not underestimate these people, ever. y time the door than the time, brush straightener does this thing really work there will be some Jingyan brilliant talent disciples appeared, these people even no shortage of stars to the pinnacle of the strength of victory over the broken territory of the evildoer Once in the door Big show when the performance is very good, it is likely to be directly under the door of Jianjun income, directly into the true disciples. Hand to take a look at Wu Chi, Yun He carefully explained far not say, Xiushui Jianjun disciples, Court Court is a thousand years ago in the door when the challenge than the true success of the disciples, was Xiushui Jianjun income under the door. Li Court, the name even if the Wu Chi also heard. Xiushui Feng thousands of hair straightening brush thick hair years since the most outstanding genius disciples, this time when the door is bigger than the time, it is high hopes, thunder strong Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but dignified a hair straightener brush best bit. This world never lacks genius, especially in the upper bound, too arrogant is absolutely not a good thing. See Wu Chi listen to the cloud, and then continue to say In addition, it is true to pass the disciples of the test, which in turn under hair straightening brush gloves the four Jianjun door disciples between the most important test results , And even can affect the door of the resources of the ti.

Hair Straightener Brush Best pproaching, the kind of hanging a line, life and death in the other control of the feeling, let her from the bottom of my heart Gave birth to a trace of fear Of course, also on the Wu Chi gave birth to a great hatred. Chapter 451 The law of banning, bloody chains Wu Chi and Ma Shijie their conflict, Li Yunpeng is also looking at the eyes, and now see Wu Chi and the other reached a settlement, but the heart can not help but burst of smile. Just the other three, it is already tough enough, and now Wu Chi has been involved in, compared to his strength, simply not enough to see. Now the only thing that can be expected is that Xi Jun should be after the move. Just to see still close your eyes, it seems that all the minds are on the break on the seal of the Xi Jun should be, Li Yunpeng heart is really emboldened. Xi Jun should be very strong, but now this situation for him, but it is too unfavorable. As Wu Chi said, Xi Jun should now face the dark star, and may even be the whole upper bound. Regardless of how to think of the hearts of Li Yunpeng, the other side of the footsteps will never stop. Moment between Wu Chi and Ma Shijie, who have also entered the palace into the same time. That is the palace, but in fact, we all know, this is just a appearance only, in fact, it is really imprisoned Xi Jun should be the prison. Step into one of them, a few people immediately saw the sitting at the table Xi Jun should be. Even to this time, Xi Jun should be the face of the slightest confusion of the color, so calm sitting at the table, and even the eyes did not open, as if there is no feeling a few people into the general. Li Yunpeng standing on the side should be next to Jun, holding the knife, the same did not speak. Younger generation meet with heaven Looked at Jun Jun, Ma Shijie took the lead in opening. Even in a hostile position, in the face of Xi Jun should, the same three will not lose the number of rites, which is the origin of the disciples of the disciples from childhood on the habit of deep bone marrow. To Xi Jun should be the identity, but also stand the ceremony. Slightly opened his eyes, Xi Jun should be the eyes of a circle, after all, or hair straightener brush best in hair straightener brush best the Wu Chi s body stopped. Do you want. to be clear.osen to retreat, there are so many people willing to stand up, the kind of moving naturally beyond words. Purple girl Happy Lord Zhou girl Looked at a few people out, the magic of all the chaos of the bowed salute, apparently hair straightener brush best the kind of respect is not false, but really born out of heart. Pupil suddenly a shrink, this using hair straightening brush moment, even if the hearts of Lin Qiuyu can not help but Yi Chan, resulting in the idea of retreat. To this point, he naturally see that these people are not pretended to take a pasture, but really desperate heart, as long as he dare to hands, or even no exaggeration to say that before these people are dead, He did not want to step into the government half step. This scene for the moment the presence of everyone, is a huge shock. Wu Chi was in the time, in the prison community to kill everyone terrified, and even playing the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan a, with four souls of the soul into the prison community four Now Wu Chi is dead, but still still have such a strong appeal, so that these people at the birth and death to protect. What is this strong charisma Cold eyes swept all the people, Su Wan uttered openly said You all thought Wu Chi died However, as long as one day did not see his body, no on. e would be sure he really died. Lin Qiuyu, you want to find me revenge, I am waiting for you However, this account I will give you remember, if Wu Chi is not dead, that time, the dead man is bound to you Su Wan s voice is very light, but the power of the discourse is really chilling At this moment, everyone can not help but suddenly gave birth ebay hair straightening brush to a creek idea. Yes ah, now they come to the door, because rumors Wu Chi died Can, rumors, after all, only rumors ah The news is from the Yang came a good, but also who is no one heard Yang Xiuchuan said Wu Chi is dead, right If Wu Chi really did not die At that time, the date of return, is it the time of liquidation Of course, perhaps Wu Chi can not return to the prison community to three, but, as long as Wu pool return, a word, willing to shot for his people, will be less Think of this, these people suddenly gave birth to a trace of fear of meaning, and instantly do birds and animals scattered. Even Lin Qiuyu, my heart can not help but e.

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