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Hair Straightener Brush Boots mpossible to let go of their own, want to live, it can only desperately. As for what the last words, would not it be a joke Repair to this and so on, how can we not even have this courage Even if unknown, he did not want to so easily give up. Wrist doubled, a green bamboo sword suddenly start, stature suddenly flash, the first to Yang Xiuchuan attack in the past. A sword stabbed out, it is like in the moment between the growth of a bamboo, Yang Xiuchuan enveloped in the bamboo forest, surrounded by every bamboo are turned into the most terrible sword toward Yang Xiuchuan kill. call Moment, Yang Xiuchuan body coat suddenly turned into a dark cloud, abruptly toward the bamboo pressure. At the same time, Yang Xiukuan single handedly grasp, rifle suddenly start, like a dragon out of the clouds, in that a dark cloud, crashing toward the bamboo forest to kill the past. Cuikulaxiu Shot in the hand, Yang Xiuchuan will be able to completely ignore all obstacles, just between the number of data, then abruptly pierced the bamboo, blatantly killed in front of bamboo Yaoyang. horrible Although it has long been known that Yang Xiuchuan terrible, but also did not think of bamboo Yiuyang, even their own will be so fast, bamboo sword field, and even the number of time did not survive, they were broken That gun hit the moment, then hard so that he felt a trace of death suffocation. Click Gun sword attack, just between the twinkling of an eye, bamboo Zhaoyang hands green bamboo sword will be broken broken, into the sky debris However, this shot castration diminished, still from the point to the heart of bamboo This moment, bamboo Y. aoyang almost completely desperate The gap is too big, even with the peak of the road, but he even even Yang Xiuchuan shot are not close. Avoid the inevitable, this shot is a fatal blow. lock In the bamboo Yaoyang that he has been dead when the void suddenly flew out of a black chain, almost between the fat between the lock in the hands of Yang Xiuchuan gun Suddenly, the night Shenxing eyes reveal a touch of terror murderous machine, the hands of death sickle suddenly toward the black chain that cut However, almost the same time at night at the same time, the void is a few chains at t.id immediately have to be under the H arm. Wu Chi hide the embarrassed, but the following is a cry of applause, really let Wu Chi hate hair straightening brush esplee some root itch. Just Han cream but did not care about the meaning hair straightener brush boots of Wu Chi thought, shot no hesitation, Janus a turn, immediately another sword cut to. This time, Wu Chi can no longer have the slightest effect. Between breathing, immediately use the supernatural powers. God s prejudgment The face of the attack on the Han cream, Wu Chi simply did not parry the possibility of only continue to avoid. But also the loss of the God of the pre determination of a very strong, Rao is Han cream constantly change strokes, Wu Chi can always be a step to avoid open to go, otherwise, a step on the boom was down, that face may be lost. Wu ditch for a continuous escape the attack, Han Shuang eyes can not help but flashed a trace of the color of surprise. So strange prejudice, she is the first time encountered. Wu Chi, but the strength of the stars, even in her attack, support for so long, do not expose the potential, it touches also let her look a little look. However, it is so. To Han Shuang s temper, can not be patient to continue with Wu Chi entangled, since the usual means can not win, the natural will use the supernatura. l powers. For a moment, the entire sword sword suddenly snow and ice enveloped, sword hidden and snow and ice, suddenly fall, all pervasive Rage of winter The sword of the moment, the sword stage of the audience could not help but exclaimed out loud. This type of supernatural powers, among the million sword cases, too famous. It is not because it is what the top supernatural powers, but because it is the essence of the Korean frog itself. Sword is shrouded, is the cold winter In which, to face, as if the whole winter anger, like to bear the world of Granville. Suddenly, Wu Chi heart can not help but give birth to a trace of a very dangerous premonition. Breathing, Wu Chi s figure immediately disappeared in place. Shrink inch inch The entire sword sword are covered by the sword, naturally no place to stay, Wu Chi can only fall under the fighting sword. Han Shishou good means, I throw in the towel. Fall out of the sword sword Taiwan, Wu Chi simply Baoquan.

good before the fight, and now the knowledge is not too much trouble. Moreover, this slut has never been holding the back of the hair straightener brush boots goods do not go back Only the real forced hair straightening brush harrods to have the effort, the potential will be completely forced out. But only with Li Dongsheng confrontation for a few hours of time, it has generally learned a bit of fur. However, at this time, the cloud is also the end of the message to catch up. Dongsheng brothers. See the anger by the Dongfu of the land of Li Dongsheng, cloud slightly worried about the bit, looked at the way now, it seems that no hair straightener brush boots conflict. Gentleman, how did you come See the cloud load, Li Dongsheng slightly a lag, slightly nervous opening said. Dong Fu, Wu Chi has been paid attention to the movement of the door outside, Yunhe an opening, immediately came to the reaction. Honestly, before Wu Chi did not listen to the name of the cloud, naturally do not know what the other is like, just look at each other angry to find their own trouble, guess must be extremely good. Now hear the other side, can not help but subconsciously to the Dong Fu look to go. Eyes fell on the body of the moment, Rao is Wu Chi has been seen too many beautiful women, the hearts still can not help but a slight move. White dress like a clean cloud, long hair and waist, between the brow revealed a little quiet color, the whole person revealed a different kind of temperament, just like the water just like the lotus. Yun this name, take in her body, it seems from the appearance to temperament, are so appropriate. Such a woman, it will make people involuntarily heart, do not need any extra reason. Chapter 470 Gambling with Murder Thank you, Dongsheng brothers care, just cloud of things, or let the cloud to their own to solve it Slightly owe to see the ceremony, the cloud said softly. Li Dongsheng to this purpose she naturally clear, just one, she does not like Li Dongsheng this solution, and second, do not want to owe this human. I do not know, this name is too shameless, and you will suffer, or let me straightening hair brush asda deal with it, I promise him to regret dare to hit your idea. Li Dongsheng Hate voice open Road. Puchi Did not give Lee Dongsheng the meaning of hair straightener brush boots the face, Wu Chi suddenly laughed and born, leisu.is really do not care about these. Although it seems just a little thing, but she still still brought some shock. Now she became a true disciple, but still still live in Wu Chi here, after the news came out, is bound to cause great criticism, which she guessed, but not put the next, the heart has been a hair straightener brush boots lot of pressure, Can not ignore the views of others. Time goes slowly. Zongmen big ratio has finally officially started. In the million swords have a special on the Jianfeng, the mountain is relatively slow, but the place is much larger, you can easily accommodate tens of thousands of disciples watch the war. For the disciples of disciples, each door is better than the best chance of fame, if the performance is good, they have the opportunity to fame and fortune, this way, naturally pay special attention. Of course, for Wu Chi them, the first of these days simply nothing, as long as sitting on the view of the sword on the peak is it. Wu Chi itself is not interested in these, naturally look a little lazy, as if simply do not care about it all. But this scene fell into the eyes of others, it is more dazzling. A few days later, the core disciples of the brush straightener australia test is nearing the end. To this point, the core of the disciples in the real genius, it gradually appeared in the sight of all of them. Which is the largest dark horse, is undoubtedly Li Yunpeng Who did not think that this is only the middle of hair straightener brush boots the disciples of the stars, even by virtue of the extreme fierce sword of the sword, abruptly broke into the core of the top ten disciples Before the membership also unknown Li Yunpeng, became the eyes of all the evildoer. In addition to Li Yunpeng, there are three or four people to Wu Chi more attention a bit. Which impressively there Yao Long. To this point, the background of the peaks will be revealed. The top ten, there are seven people from the four Jianjun under the door, the real membership by nameless fight out of the ordinary disciples, only three people only. Among them, Jianfeng only only one person Yao Long. Just from the current situation, Yao Long is really the most promising to win the first genius. The top ten of the core disciples, each have a chance to challenge the truth to the disci. ples.mental outcome is divided. This is nothing in itself, nothing more than deliberately hair straightener brush boots weak, want to continue to challenge Bale. Can really let Wu Chi surprised that he was able to feel from the woman s body a vague sense of familiarity, as if seen where the same, but Wu Chi no matter how memories, but also can not remember, where in what met This woman. If for other people, is bound to think that they are wrong. Can Wu Chi is very trust in their own judgments, simply do not appear wrong people wrong This is not a subjective judgment, but the perception of the soul, you know, Wu Chi s spirit itself is very strong, far from the realm of people can best hair brush straightener be compared. For a time, the hearts can not help but give birth to a trace of vigilant meaning. So hair straightening brush asda a moment of time, that middle aged Han constantly under the fast break, finally exposed the flaws, a careless by the other side to seize the opportunity to make a foot Qiaoqie, gently Qiaoqiao was stumbled the ring. Commitment Slightly bowed to salute, the woman said softly, it seems very embarrassed look. Oh shit Fell down the middle aged Han could not help but curse the sentence, raised hair straightener brush best brand his hand to a slap in the face, his hair straightener brush boots face is extremely ugly. Just a negligence, even lost ten thousand star stone, which also lost too easy. The most critical is that he lost is not convinced Now come down to Taiwan, he suddenly realized that he just want to see that woman, could not help but want to stay, there is no real strength to play out. This woman, it is some scary ah Chapter 531 will be counted Is that big brother willing to bet with the little girl Eyes slowly swept from the crowd, the woman said softly, the sound reveals a sub Mei Mei, listen to people heart itch. But this bet is also too much of a point, just one hundred thousand star stone, and now another doubled, impressively will be two hundred thousand star stone, and a woman only, even if how beautiful heart, to take two hundred thousand star stone Out gambling, too exaggerated. For a long time no one to fight, that wom. an turned slightly turn, immediately fell to the hair straightening brush without heat body of Wu Chi, the son, you are willing to try straightening hair brush superdrug it So that even when there are a lot of people will fall to the eyes of Wu Chi s body. Do n.

Hair Straightener Brush Boots recognition Road. If life and death, Wu Chi shrink into the inch of the placement will inevitably be in the Han Shuang side, in the case of close, pushing three feet Jian domain, under the full outbreak, there may be a great opportunity to be able to Instantly hit Han cream. In front of three feet, sword invincible This is not an empty words, the case of stroke, desperate counterattack, Wu Chi wins is not small. But now it is only a test only, Wu Chi can feel, although the strong offensive North Korea, but it did not kill Italy, when they can not resist, Han cream since the hand. This way, Wu Chi naturally can not really go with Han Shuu hard, it can only throw in the towel. If you step into the broken star, I may not be your opponent. Deeply looked at Wu Chi, Han Shuang hair straightener brush boots said softly. Even if the words, Han Shuang s voice is brush straightener verimark still very cold, it seems not with the slightest emotion, but calmly describe a fact only. Whether it is God s pre sentence means, or shrink into the inch are the top means of supernatural powers. This war, Wu Chi is lost in the strength of the gap above, simply can not touch with the Han Shuang Otherwise, even if she used the cold winter fury of the supernatural powers, but also may not be able to account for cheap, which Han Shuang also see very clearly. Moreover, even now, with the size of the supernatural powers, Wu Chi in the case of the loss, but also the same body, and did not eat any loss. This war, can be hair straightener brush boots described as defeated Han Shuang s elements have been ve. ry cold, to say such a sentence, it is already a high evaluation. Just, not so Wu Chi answer, Han Shuang will immediately fly down the fighting sword, take the fresh and neat. It touches on the Wuchi polite words, just hold back in the mouth, can not say that exports. Rubbed his nose, Wu Chi smile a bit, had to settle down the freak. As for the other people s argument, it can only be heard. This war, Wu Chi s harvest for the same great, one is to let him recognize the gap between their own and broken the world, more importantly, so that the hearts of Wu Chi gradually formed a deal with the strong stars Thinking. The gap is, but it is still far from the point where it can not make up. As long as well prepared.lem, but if he does not actually cause any danger to their own, then this pay is not consistent with the risk of being born. Perhaps it sounds like a good thing, but for Wu Chi this person who does not believe in luck, this anomaly but in his heart will sound the alarm. Of course, to think of these, in fact, it means that one thing Now Wu Chi is busy Although the strength of the black mirror once again soaring, the pressure is also growing stronger and stronger, it seems how to play with the top, but in fact, now Wu Chi really really busy. Because, after repeated breakthroughs, Wu Chi has been very clear that once again reached the limit. In this case, even if the black mirror to hair straightener brush boots bring him the pressure and then big, he simply can not complete the break. Can not break, it is no longer sentiment, this way, Wu Chi hair straightener brush boots will be able to free up their minds to think of these messy things. Is it just that strength Eyes reveal a touch of mockery of the color, black mirror said indifferent. Why do not you me Why, your strength can suddenly skyrocketing, does it actually I will be able to instantly enhance the strength of the power law is not Spit a turbid, Wu Chi is very rogue asked. There is nothing to make the strength of the power of law, but from the beginning, I have not fully out of it. Black mirror like a faint opening said, it seems that this is a matter of course. There is no full strength has been so metamorphosis, and if you out of the full, I have any room for struggling Rolled his eyes, Wu Chi said helplessly. You finally feel it Sneer a cry, black mirror like Chen Sheng said Yes, face me, you simply do not have any chance of winning Not because of my strength more than you too much, but because You are wrong, you. r way is wrong. This sentence from the mouth of the black mirror to speak, but it is simply like a thunder suddenly sounded. Is wrong This simple sentence, the blow is simply enough to fatal. What is it Is the direction of practice ah, if the road is wrong, then what breakthrough hope Eyes reveal a touch of shocking color, Wu Chi tightly staring at each other, the heart is already already hair straightener brush boots thrown a monstrous waves. Do you not believe it Sneer, black mirror continued Do not you feel it.

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