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Hair Straightener Brush Canada d, leisurely said Oh, yes, not with my brother introduced myself. Younger brother Xu Zi an, from Lingyun Jianfeng, had the honor to get Lingyun Jianjun guidance, and now follow the season a peak season brothers practice Of course, with the doctor Wu is no law than the younger brother I was only the core disciples only. This is the words of the family reported very clearly, Lingyun Jianjun door. Although only the core disciples, but obviously good talent, this was Lingyun Jianjun pointing As for the mouth of the quarter of a peak, it should be hair straightener brush canada Lingyun Jianjun really disciples. Xu Shidi please go back, this Dongfu I like, did not want to change the idea with you. Some flashing eyes, Wu Chi once again open, but the tone has been soft some. Seems to Wu brothers, do not understand what I mean ah. His face once again revealed a trace of sneer, Xu Zian faint said Wu brothers just getting started, would like to know, we Wanjian were hair straightener brush canada disciples, can not help but fight of. Between the words, the other side of the disciples also hair straightener brush canada followed the scrape together up, a pair of eager to look like, help cavity Wu brothers, if you really do not change, it is nothing, but since you do not give us face I am afraid we also Could not give you a face. Threaten Now a few people are not even perfunctory interest, and directly open the threat of Road. This hole is clearly divine division to me, you have to reason ah Looked at the wrong look at each other, Wu Chi red face argued. Wu best hair brush straightener for black hair heard the Wu Chi, then immediately some people ridicule up, a look of mockery of the color, as if Wu Chi said what Naive words in general. I am a small teacher door elders to teach me, a man to reason As long as they can occupy a word, go where are not afraid. Raised his head, Wu Chi looked stubbornly said Today, Jianzong, also believe that the door is bound to be the reason of the place You bully I just started, Master is not in the case, that is unreasonable. He is an id. iot As a glance, a few people laughter, Wu brothers, you have to reason, good Let us tell you reason. We Wan Jianzong to the sword legislation, the disciples naturally can not lose the bloody, is between the disciples can not help but fight If there is a dispute, then the han.t also let them lose thirty thousand star stone The The Before the patronized to see that as the hill in the heap of the general heap, and now really aware of the three thousand stone, which is a terrible figure, enough to pressure them to breathe. I do not know who pick the head, suddenly disciples want to slip away. Anyway, many people, as long as the first step away, and back to the dead can not recognize the account. Before Wu Chi can not think they first Lingshi out, it seems to have become their only chance. However, in the direction of someone ready to slip away, a terrorist sword suddenly shrouded out, the moment covered the entire small courtyard. Those who want to slip away, the body suddenly stiff a bit. At this moment, they are really feeling the threat of death As if they dare to take a step, will usher in the most horrible threat, even enough to fatal Gentlemen, you may not have to pay attention to this ah I was trust you Xiushui the disciples of the credibility, did not let you first come out Lingshi, how, now, you want to repudiate it Pick the eyebrows, Wu Chi casually open Road. Although even the sword did not take out, however, that moment, the pressure, but it is brush straightener ebay uk tantamount to hanging in the head of a sword Originally that smiling, it seems completely harmless guy, in the moment, to tear up the camouflage, revealing the breathtaking edge Until now, everyone realized that this time is to fall into the pit, and wait until now shocked, and then want to cli. mb out, may have been too late too late. Wu Chi at the moment to feel that powerful sword Italy, and finally someone guessed the identity of Wu Chi, could not help but exclaimed out loud. Wu Chi, you are Wu Chi Chapter 503 What is the most important thing in life Suddenly heard the name of Wu Chi, everyone was awakened over. Li Yunpeng is simply at home, even in Xiushui Feng no friends, not to mention its outside, and the only one can be linked with Li Yunpeng, and that only the Wu Chi with him soaring and into the case Door of the friend. If Li Yunpeng reputation is not obvious, they dare to bully the words, then Wu Chi may be different A entry was killed by the sword of the sword for the pro disciples, Mangshan a war and Ba.

is the last test, then the end will naturally leave the prison community four, Wu Chi in their later can see their ranking, but they may not see the Wu Chi s ranking. Can go to this step, in hair straightener brush canada fact, whether it is the night or Yang Xiuchuan have already recognized the strength of Wu Chi. Even if Wu Chi is still far from the peak of the road, but there is no doubt already qualified to become the opponent s two In fact, Wu Chi did not let the two long wait. Just past less than half a month s time, Wu Chi set foot on this high profile, and did not worry to see the next test, Wu Chi Le Zizhi went to the stone before. Night Shen Xing, which lasted seven hours, death zero times, ranked ninth Gee, the night son, great ah, rushed to the ninth of the ah His face showing. an exaggerated look, Wu Chi shouted shouting Road, said. Yang Xiuchuan, lasted nine hours, death zero times, ranking twelve Shaking his head again Yang Xiuchuan s ranking read again, Wu Chi mouth micro Yang, Hideaki Masters, you are also very powerful ah, admire admire Wu Chi Yu Po in the same time talking about the same time, the two eyes also fell to the stone above, clearly see the Wu Chi s ranking. After the Baili Daoshan, Wu Chi died more than three hundred times, ranking even in a thousand open, after the two have not seen Wu Chi s ranking, until now at the end of the last three test together. So that they have through the stone rankings, to understand the opportunity of Wu Chi strength. Just this look, but can not help but let the two at the same time pour a cold air Wu Chi, which lasted three hours, death zero, ranking second Hum sound, the two men s mind as if in a moment exploded in general, incredibly staring at the rankings, almost could not believe his eyes. In the Wu pool above, just only one name, that is, from the beginning is always the first Yan North Chen This is hair straightener brush reviews philippines for two people, is undoubtedly a huge blow. Although before, they had said, Wu Chi s ranking if more than they, before the grudges on a write off, but in fact, it is more like a mockery and threat Whether it is the night or Yang Xiuchuan have not thought, Wu Chi s ranking really can exceed them. Three years, ah, just three years time, Wu Chi from that in the Bai.onk in front of the mouth brought back a touch of smile, Oh, the master, I just picked up a set in the bottom of the soul of stone, you say luck is good See Wu Chi in the hands of the soul of the soul stone, empty monk suddenly spit out a mouth hair straightener brush canada Pick up Are you ghosting All the calculations, in this set of soul stone moment, it has been completely into a bubble Impossible, why do you have a soul Eyes reveal a hair straightener brush japan touch of crazy color, empty monk snapped. Do not look at him before the forced to make the soul of Wu Chi pool to the stone, but in fact, from the bottom of his heart he did not believe Wu pool also set the soul stone. To know that the original in the Baili Dao Shan, Wu Chi has been wasted two sets of soul stone. The next road how difficult to walk, he is personally experienced, even if he is also exhausted the power of the soul of the soul stone, barely came here, Wu Chi s strength is far less than him, how could still leave a set Soul stone It is based on this wrong judgment, he will be dragged deep with Wu Chi, and even at their own time to kill Wu Chi, but also refused to fight back, plain death Can be biased, this slut at the last moment to work out a set of soul stone, but also kept saying that what is just picked up, how can this make him angry to vomit blood The feet gave birth to a Qinglian, Wu Chi calmly looked at the empty monk, Master always told me affinity, but what fate also have to the end of the time As in today, thoroughly understand the causal relationship between us Good idea of good fruit, evil thoughts. flowering results Looked at the empty monk, Wu Chi indifferent, said Master practice good and evil Avenue, do not know, good and hair straightener brush canada evil have reported it Good and evil have reported This simple four words at the moment from the mouth of Wu Chi said, but simply equal to the empty monk gave a fatal blow. Looking at all the calculations into bubbles, and even their own has been at the edge of life and death, the empty monk had been controlled by the evil mind, and finally also recovered over. Suddenly, the evil read away, the empty monk behind the gold Buddha once again appeared in the virtual shadow. Amitabha Restore the consciousness, the empty monk immediately wanted to un.first promise Wu Chi things all the implementation of the job. Re awake, Wu Chi has appeared in the prison outside the community. Long spit a turbid, identified the position, Wu Chi immediately toward the night owl s station to fly A few years no, and now he is also eager to see Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan purple clothing them boom Almost three people left the prison community of four moments, prison in the triple of the nether suddenly collapsed It is no doubt equal to clearly tell everyone, prison world four test is over, but whether someone passed, hair straightener brush big w or who passed the test, but can not know. Moment, Yang s people, and Jiang Zhengyang they are quickly issued a letter to determine their life and death Wu Chi. Even if they are not in the prison community triple, but their life and death is still a huge impact Congratulations to Wu Ye through the prison community. four Wu Chi to see the moment, the night owl almost excited to jump up, before you know Wu Chi in the prison community four news, but has not been a result Now see Wu pool return, there is no doubt that is successful. A smooth break through the prison community of four strong ah, and Wu Chi set a good relationship, it means that in this dark prison community among the most powerful backstage. Wailing woo Feel the breath of Wu Chi, black Jiao is also faster to catch up, excited about the Wu Chi brush straightener review philippines s side. Are they people Eyes fell to the night owl s body, Wu Chi Chen Sheng asked. Back to Wu Ye s words, Zhou girl, there are purple girls brush straightener on short natural hair they have been into the prison community a heavy. See Wu Chi looking misman, night owl hastened to explain. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, but the face is to ease down. Ordered the people to prepare the banquet, night owl led Wu Chi to the room and went on to explain In addition to them, the joy of the Lord, Zihua devil they also broke into the prison community, hair straightener brush canada and now tread The prison is two. These people are Wu Chi had personally asked to take hair straightener brush canada care of, the night owl naturally remember clearly. To be honest, so many people into the prison hair straightener brush canada community, even if it has been heard in advance Wu Chi said, can be really when he saw the heart was also scared not light. In the room to sit down, and soo.

Hair Straightener Brush Canada Chi naturally no interest in other things. Just Wu Chi more and more curious, this woman really want to do, even at the signing of such a contract should be close to their own. However, the time is still long, and now naturally do not have to worry, since the other is directed at their own, they will always take the initiative to show his feet, how can not turn their own anxious. Chapter 532 Charm From the field of martial arts out, Wu Chi proudly with Fenger, first find a best restaurant, to an elegant room to sit down. A lot of starfish sprinkled down, luxury wine intermittent will end up. Is the son of the palace to participate in the assessment of what In the Wu pool hair straightener brush steam next to sit down, Fuji gracious to Wu Chi down on the wine, eye wave flow, softly asked. Well, the son of the immortal core o. f the identity of the disciples, is bound to have. A look of arrogance took the glass, Wu Chi, a core disciple, but I said in the posture of the bag. That Fenger to have to congratulate the son in advance. His face full of smile, Fenger immediately put a glass of wine to worship Road. Will be a hair straightener brush canada glass of wine drained, Wu Chi turned to Fenger said Do not say me, talk about you, how to know how to end to the gambling platform to bet on their own His face showing a trace of sadness of the color, Fenger bitterly said No, how can it Fenger is a weak woman, but no son of this talent and identity, if not so, I m afraid even the fairy Do not stay up. Paused, Fenger continued Now Fenger has been the son of the people, but also hope son son pity. My man Pielepiezui, Wu Chi said That contract is written only three days, what is my man Eyes reveal a trace of sad color, Fenger whispered If the son hair straightener brush canada is willing to pity Fenger, a paper contract what, Fenger willing to serve the son of life. For such flattery, Wu Chi is very proud of the color fans looked at Fenger, then patted his legs, hair straightener brush canada I love to listen to, come, Fenger, do son to the arms do not Son, someone will come in will go back, no matter how the son would like to do, okay Fenger refused to lead the way. Who will come in. Eyes stare, Wu Chi pretending to be dissatisfied, hurry, sit over, just did not say, listen to what I told you His face slightly stiff, hear th.e, the master is right Ancestors I agree with the master of the argument, and the master is willing to advance and retreat Heart of electricity, immortal soul ancestors have clearly glimpse one of the mystery, the first jump out of approval Road. Yes, I do not have any interest in the soul of the soul hair straightener brush japan stone, but also do not have the strength to support the prison station in the test Is willing to advance and retreat with the master. Lu Shaochuan also know the strength of the empty monk, if there is empty monks to pick the head, and then Coupled with the immortal soul and other people together, perhaps indeed have the opportunity to compete with Yang Xiuchuan and night star Star may also be uncertain. Although there is no talk, but Li also to the same side of the empty monk walked a few steps, silently stood to the empty monk that side. This e hair straightener brush way, the empty monk already has four hair straightener brush canada masters there, and that all four people are occupied a Dongfu s top master. Amitabha Wu Ju Shi, do you want to be used by the night star Look again to Wu Chi, empty monk Chen Sheng said Pinseng and you are considered to pay, as long as the lay is willing to join hands with the poor monks, poor monks can Set his own oath, after the war and the grudge between the grievances write off. Grudge, that is, cause and effect The knot of the knot is also the cause and effect, the empty monk said this, in fact, is equivalent to the intention to name di. rectly As long as Wu pool together with him to deal with the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, he would rather give up good fruit, to resolve and Wu Chi s hatred. The mind flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi simply could not help but immediately agreed. Although it is now a seal of good fruit, can really be resolved, it is hard to say, as long as now promised the empty monk, it is already resolved this big trouble, which is undoubtedly great benefits. Can Wuchi actually mind but also understand that the reason why the empty monk so hard to win over their own, not just for their own, but Chiang Zhengyang. The deadline is approaching, Chiang Zhengyang is absolutely not easily involved in this conflict, the empty monk no matter how to say no use, can Jiangzheng Yang Wu Chi s attitude, more.

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