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Hair Straightener Brush Chi relics. And now, for the empty monk, from Wu Chi who made good curiosity, so good and evil Avenue really big, no doubt he is the only hope to live. As for that, whether it can be the first consumption of Wu Chi, seems to have been completely in his category of consideration. Empty monk want to consume dead Wu Chi, no doubt it is the middle of the next, this slut is simply afraid of the empty monk refused to desperately, but also to explore the empty monk at apalus hair straightening brush price the end, to see if he is not really no soul stone The boom Zhou Yizhen out of the black two gas, forming a new hair straightener brush tai chi pattern, will continue to twist around the stone completely broken broken, each step can jump out of more than ten meters away, but between the twinkling of an eye Of the high platform. Eyes reveal a touch of joy of the color, the night Shenxing eyes fell to the stone in front of the above. Night Shen Xing, which lasted seven hours, died once, ranked tenth tenth This is undoubtedly a very terrible list of the times, silence for three years, the night star finally broke up in one fell swoop, abru. ptly broke into the top ten It is no exaggeration to say that, compared with the previous night, the strength of the stars is no different once again a huge leap. Three years, Wu Chi you can not let me down ah Click Qinglian again appeared signs of broken broken, issued a crisp sound, Wu hair straightener brush chi Chi s body also fell into the pan again, the pain Ziyaliezui. A full three days, Wu Chi has always been abruptly with the empty monk consumption here, has died seven times as much. Now the soul of Wu Chi has also become empty. Watching Wu Chi pale face, empty monk eyes reveal a touch of excitement, seven times, did not think you actually can really support seven times, but this time you can not escape. What is the excitement Lengheng a cry, Wu Chi disdain said Master you are not the same as the limit, and I die, you will die, we are just before and after the foot. Death Eyes reveal a touch of crazy color, the empty monk hair straightener brush chi excitedly said how can I die Death is you, as long as you die, I can immediately prove that this area a prison community four How can I live in poverty If I did not guess the wrong words, you can also support a maximum of it again Eyes r.ed, the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan has brush straightener sephora been from the other side of the body felt a fatal threat. Even if they occupy the number of advantages, in this handsome teenager in front, it seems that it is simply a joke. The hearts of a slight sinking, the two very clear, no doubt encountered the worst situation. There is no doubt that this is a strength is not under the Wu pool of the strong, had witnessed the strength of Wu Chi, they naturally understand that the face of this level of opponents, will be a terrible thing. Worse still, they do not even have hair straightener brush chi the chance to escape. Om Breathing between the death of the sickle suddenly appeared in the hands of the night Shen Xing, issued a slight trembling voice, brazenly pointed to each other. Chapter 441 robbery and prelude Can not escap. e, then only war No matter what kind of opponents face, are absolutely not lost with the courage of a war, which is the stars of the stars Shen Xing, and nothing else has nothing to do. Death scythe cut out, night Shenxing very clear each other s terrible, shot is the strongest blow, there is no slight test. Faced with such a strong opponent, not qualified to go all out. Supernatural, death trial Hands dead sickle revealed a touch of dark light, the breath of death came crashing into a terrible hair straightener brush chi knife Mang bitterly cut off. This knife is to cut the knife of life and death Daoguang enveloped within the scope of life and death are the scope of the domain, the atmosphere of breath, cut off all the vitality. Even when Li Yunpeng, this moment can not help but slightly frowned. Originally from Zhou Xu and Li Fernan s ear, he also heard the name of the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, but it has not been on the heart Even eight thousand enlightenment monument did not go beyond, they are not qualified to let him care. But now the knife cut off, but let his mind slightly surprised. It is no exaggeration to say that if the knife was cut, that is, with his strength, I am afraid it is bound to be cut off the vitality of the dead clean. Death trial, this type of supernatural powers worthy of the name. Unfortunately, it is just just that. Shadow Over the past year, the vivid meteor touching out, Li Yunpeng suddenly the whole.

int of color, Xi Jun should Chen Sheng said I have closed the seven prison community, and now no one can leave you go to the prison community six look, they said Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing also In no. Yes Bend bend promise, Li Yunpeng according to leave. Seven prison community itself is the core of the dark prison community, the role is imprisoned, before other people can by virtue of the prison in and out of the mark itself is Xi Jun should be handwriting, and now he ban the power of the prison world seal, seven prison community really changed Huge prison, where other people can leave. As for Li Yunpeng, he does not interfere with the case, naturally has seven in the prison between the right to come and go freely. Now Xi Jun should also see very clearly, Wu Chi, of course, by virtue of open days to leave, but these seven prison circles among the same, there are Wu Chi people, as long as Wu Chi no less than these people, it is bound to return hair straightener brush chi again Dark prison community. Now really worry about him, with the opening days of Wu Chi, must be associated with the master of the community, if Wu Chi was the other side of the control, I am afraid for his scrapping has been hair straightener brush dryer laid off. This is not the battle between him and Wu Chi, but he and his calculations on the strong side of the game between the strong. Think of this, Xi Jun should be in the eyes of a sudden blow to the machine, indifferent to himself I want to kill my killer the seat as Tianjun, Qi death you can calculate these ants we go Look Leaving Han Shan, Wu Chi quickly found that the situation is even worse than he imagined. Now closed, even more than just seven prison circles, the entire dark prison community and were closed. The whole golden world with the black prison community are interrupted. As Han Shan said, today s dark prison community, is simply not allowed to go out. In their own use after the day, Xi Jun should obviously have really torn the camouflage, hair straightener brush chi revealing the terror of the murderous. The whole result, for Wu Chi, is undoubtedly the worst. So that he did not even mind and then a little more in the golden world for a moment, but Wuchi mind is also very clear, and now their own lack of preparation, rushed into the dar.uch a means, simply shameless heinous If Su Wan is still here, is bound to be able to understand, from the beginning Wu Chi did not intend to surrender to set the soul stone. Before stepping on the prison before the prison, in fact, Wu Chi has been doing a hard break into the prison community of four plans. Prison on top of the community, Wu Chi really feel the horrible hell, but also took the opportunity to understand, understand the key to the four into the prison community. Wu Chi s strength is still weak after all, so he more and more understand the importance of the soul stone. If only one set of soul stone, rushed into the prison community is bound to be a dead end So the prison from the prison platform, made the soul of the soul of the moment, Wu Chi has been fighting for the rest of the soul of the soul of the mind. If there is no law enforcement presence, Wu Chi is bound to find no chance, but also hesitant to take a risk of holding a soul stone break into the prison community four, or simply give up the soul of stone to find ways to get out first. Law enforcement who entangled Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, but let Wu pool to see an excellent opportunity. After that, whether with the empty monks they siege Yang Xiuchuan and night stars, or suddenly defection, in fact, are trying to thoroughly mix the water, and then look for opportunities to win the soul of the stone. This slut of the guidelines has always been, playing on the fight, but to cheat This routine, these years, do not know how many times to play. If Zhou Bo made them, even if it is Mo Yan familiar with his people, can see some clues. to, but why not only Yang Xiuchuan and night Shen Xing but how can not talk about understanding Wu Chi. Wu Chi this slut, while pretend to be reluctant to set their own soul stone, at the adventure and night together stars together, while the empty monks threatened each other, after a hundred years is bound to dominate the prison community triple. In fact, these are deliberately say that lie. Wu Chi did not even think about the triple hair straightener brush chi in the prison community to stay for hundreds of years, and do not say Yang Xiuchuan will not really trustworthy, offended so many people, he will never put lose one, buy the lose, but the pressure of a compensable three. Just from the odds point of view, you know, now the momentum of each other rainbow, ten consecutive victories a great chance. Slightly eyebrows, Wu Chi is still no reaction, it seems that this is not very interested. Secretly glanced at the side, that wretched little man, this down the voice said son, if you believe me, he pressure to lose I have been in this service for many years, eyes poisoned it, challenge the tenth of the Taiwan, Is a han, hair straightener brush dubai do not look how hair straightener brush where to buy the momentum before the rainbow, have to stop at the tenth person, which is the default rules of Sin Temple, only those who do not understand what people will be idiot means he really can win. This can not help but let Wu Chi looked at each other glances, which is the reason, no one can understand, after all, from today s situation, the o. ther side in the challenge stage, is almost one side hair straightener brush chi of the rolling. I do not want to bet, but the hands of no star stone only If the son of the trust of me, may wish to bet on his bet, I can protect his son does not lose money. Good one does not lose money. Sneer a cry, Wu Chi disdain, said If you really lost in, and what do you lose your life Put a waved, that wretched little man down the voice continued I have a tricky way, if really lost, you can quietly under the son of your note canceled, naturally will not let you lose. Won Paused, that wretched brush straightener cost little man continued villain is not greedy, the son of the stars to win only one third of the line on the line. Oh Brow suddenly a pick, Wu Chi faint asked Why do I believe you The villain is willing to sign a contract with the son, if not able to complete the promise to kill to cut the son of the disposal. Paused, that wretched little man continued The son does not have to doubt, villain has been, pay attention to a long time And now these people, but are all look lively, and only the son of you can dig from the capital Do not tell you that this note, at least you have to be under fifty thousand stone, otherwise, even if you are willing, villain does not take This risk. This remark is very reasonable, even Wu Chi can not help but hair straightener brush chi believe a bit. Sin Palace in the contract or have a very b.

Hair Straightener Brush Chi r other master, Wu Chi can be assured to leave. Now, even compared with Wu Chi, her strength is still worse after all. All along, she felt Zhou Bo Yan and Yuan Zi with Wu Chi s feelings though deep, but after all, because the strength difference is too large, so gather too much more And she consciously compared with Zhou Boyan, the biggest advantage is the strength and Wu Chi similar, to help Wu Chi busy, to accompany him. But now she seems to have some keep up with the pace of Wu Chi, which makes her some uneasy. Since now she simply can not help Wu Chi what is busy, it can only practice as soon as possible to enhance the strength of the. Occupy a Dong Fu, this advantage must not be wasted. At first she and alcoholism doctor to learn medicine, but also really let her in the realm has taken a big step, has been gradually get rid of the limitations hair straightener brush chi of insects, see their own poisonous poison domain. Now, she first has to do is to first this one Dong Fu, really into a highly toxic Jedi If someone really dare to fight the idea, then with blood and death, that this part of the attribution of Dong Fu Within six months, Wu pool full of death in this flames thousands of times From the initial Ziyaliezui bitter pain, and now, and even have some accustomed to. This six months, Wu Chi s physical strength increased several times, and the strength of the spirit, but also enough to support him to die seven times will be exhausted, as Kendo, it is once again a breakthrough. If you fully urge Qinglian Jian Qi, Wu Chi and even have been able to breath in the sea of nearly 20 miles to. break To know that this flames, in fact, but only only about 100 miles away from it. Originally won the inheritance of the East China emperor, Wu Chi sentiment of the origin of the five elements, and then into the five elements Kendo, can be among hair straightener brush chi the flames, Wu Chi was vaguely felt that their own feelings of the five elements of origin, is still just fur. Wu Chi has tried to use this flames, once again feel the origin of fire, hair straightener brush by chi but tried for some time but found that he is not suitable for the origin of the fire continue to study down. Donghua emperor to the origin of the five elements into the road, and even the way, it belongs still very easy. Chen He rubbed his sweat on his forehead, said softly. Not to say, Mangshan has been killed by the division again, how will there be so abnormal demons Wu Chi some puzzled and asked. Jianjun really beheaded only those demon king and the devil, this demon will be powerful for us, but in front of Jianjun is simply insignificant. Smile a bit, Chen He explained Moreover, from the Jianjun Dangshan Mangshan, has also been the past millennium, and these demons have been rest, the strength best hair brush straightener for black hair of natural and upgrade. Paused, Chen He continued Moreover, as just that demon will be the strength of this, the demons are now in the Mangshan, also has very little, as long as not really into the Mangshan deep, according to how is it Can not say that our luck is really bad some of brush straightener amazon this luck. Hear this, Wu Chi can not help but slightly narrowed his eyes. Wailing woo Just a few people at the same time, the forest is suddenly sounded a burst of howling sound. Moment, only a few people relaxed, the nerves are taut up again. In other places, for the heavy task, the howl is not what is the big wolves, but also just a joke only But here is the Mangshan, and now the location, h. as also been considered the depths of Mangshan. Where there is howling, means that the wolves, but the wolf demon Darkness, there has been a pair of green oil eyes, between silence, a terrorist Yaoqi has been filled with. Cross sword in hand, everyone can not help but taut nerves, tightly staring at the source of Yaoqi. Is the disciples of the Sword, you really are not afraid of death But also a wolf howl came, then a cold voice slowly rang up. Between the twinkling of an eye, that wolf demon has appeared in the crowd of sight. His face still with some fluff, violent breath blowing, palms slightly stuck out, and even can see the claws Moment, including the cloud, including, everyone can not help but sink. Demonized shape hair straightener brush chi of the degree, itself to a certain extent able to represent each other s strength. Chen Bing they were previously beheaded, hair straightener brush chi but some are just barely shaped demon only, there is nothing like that. But now the wolf demon, although the shape is not perfect, but it has been able to mouth spit words, I am afraid it i.

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