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Hair Straightener Brush Dafni , there are some preparations failed to complete, but to cope with today s situation should have been enough The curtain has been opened, is life is dead, they see today Sword broken method Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Wu Chi the whole person was wrapped in a Qinglian, brazenly went st. raight to the robbery cloud away. Tragedy of the landing, was originally a long process, we should spend all hair straightener brush dafni kinds of tests, be considered through hair straightener brush dafni the tragedy, but now for the Wu Chi, where there is interest slowly consumption What he tragedy, sword down, chopped a smash, it will be broken clean. Enlightenment of the million enlightenment monument to the perfect way of warrants Road, for Wu Chi, for their own hands in the sword of trust, better than everything. Click Aware of Wu Chi s provocation, tragedy also followed up crazy. With Wu Chi constantly close to countless catastrophe while bombardment down, then the power of terror, enough to be daunting. Li Qunnan and Zhou Xu, who are in the jail area, are now looking at the figure in the sky and have long been stunned and can not say anything. They never even thought about, tragedy can even pass this way Of course, their hearts are also very clear, can do so, and only Wu Chi, if for them, fear is already already robbed to kill the slag. Collapse Between the sword, the sky robbed the clouds, crashing collapse broken. Tragedy and even have not had time to complete the shape, even by the Wu Chi to the hands of the sword hard life and chopped. That the power of terror, has long been detached from the extreme can limit the world. Click The next moment, the sky suddenly appeared in a terrorist crack Broken void The space barrier is broken, Wu Chi can clearly feel a vast breath along the kind of space cracks in the influx, only one step, into the space cracks, they will really leave the dark prison community on the upper bound The However, in the void broken moment, change the soothing students Open day A majestic voice suddenly sounded, the horror of the atmosphere so that the entire dark prison community are shocked up. Between breathing, countless dark chains suddenly fly out, abruptly locked Wu Chi just cut the space crack Heaven and earth shock By Wu Chi force.of course, is a blow, but also an i. nsight. This inheritance itself is for those disciples, not to him, with his strength, no matter how hard, it is impossible in the jail prison feel the pressure, naturally it is impossible to realize this supernatural powers. Tens of thousands of years useless, it is still a few million years is still useless. Everyone has its own edge, if not, is forced to eventually only in vain. Million swords one This is the most powerful supernatural mysterious heritage, but also the life of the sword of his ancestors, but it brush straightener for wet hair is destined not to belong to his cold star supernatural powers. A persistent, today suddenly let go, perhaps not necessarily a bad thing. Chapter 499 Sword Back to hair straightener brush dafni Dong Fu before, Wu Chi still keep looking at the door of the Li Dongsheng, slightly startled startled Zheng. A hundred years time is nothing but fleeting, had the game and Li Dongsheng gambling situation also vividly, count up, almost agreed to the deadline has also arrived. Wu Chi looked at Li Dongsheng, Li Dongsheng also looked at Wu Chi. A hundred years, the cloud has been stepped into the broken star, became a true disciple, Wu Chi has also been out from the day jail prison, repair to reach the peak of the stars, and he is still a bad line after all, failed breakthrough. Compared to a hundred years ago to this when the high spirited, but now it seems a little desperate. Brother Wu Silence for a moment, after all, or Li Dongsheng first open. Sound some low, but it has no longer the original arrogance. Do you want to win with me Looked at Li Dongsheng, Wu Chi asked softly. At that time he had said, so that Li Dongsheng in this guarding a hundred years, to be a hundred years after the success or failure. Li Dongsheng had arrogantly said, Wu Chi did not have the qualifications to let him wait for a hundred years, and now a hundred years to, but he has not even faster to Wu Chi sword courage. On such a moment of time, Yun He also aware of the situation outside the Dong Fu, from the Dongfu came out. Raised his head, Wu Chi suddenly saw the cloud load, but also aware of the changes in the atmosphere of the cloud load. Mouth slightly raised, Wu Chi shrugged, Yun He Shimei, you should not wa.

reat, even if Chiang Kai shek heart can not help but slightly Yi Chan, and even gave birth to a hint of faint murderous. But even so, but it can not make him change his mind. A heaven and earth Eyes reveal a touch of cold color, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng open channel. Almost at the s. hair straightener brush dafni ame time, the two maid arm force, but it is to force Su Wan kneel down. Om Suowen to kneel down in the moment, a clear voice of the sword suddenly sounded, the sword of terror, like the Shanha tsunami like rolling out Suddenly, Qinglian suddenly burst in the side of Su Wan puff Between the twinkling of an eye, Su Wan side of the two maids suddenly Qinglian Jianqi strangled, blood scattered, but not a drop into the body of Su Wan. Jiang Zhengyang pupil suddenly shrink, from the bottom of my heart emitting a trace of fear of meaning, and even dodge did not have time, the body was a cheerful gas rub over the arm suddenly was broken open a wound, abruptly forced back three steps The Do not even have to look back, see the Qinglian blooming moment, Su Wan s eyes will fall tears. These days, she has been in the brave, no matter how strong the surface, the hearts of the kind of terrible pressure that she hair straightener brush dafni was filled with fatigue and pain Before snapped curse, vowed to threaten Chiang Zhengyang, would also also from the side to prove the weakness of her heart And when that a green lotus blooming moment, all this becomes worth it, these days since the pressure on his body that kind of terrorist pressure, but also with the complete dissipation. At this moment, Su Wan physically and mentally exhausted, and hair straightener brush vs hair straightener even some stations are standing instability. Breathing, Su Wan will feel that they were hugged in the arms, the shoulder may not be generous, but unusually warm, philips new hair straightener brush it seems that in this moment, all hair straightener brush dafni the wind and rain and pressure, will be the shoulders in the outside. Bastard I m sorry, let you suffer. Hand wiping the tears on the cheeks of Su Wan, Wu Chi softly open, gentle voice is enchanted. However, this gentle voice, fell to the ears of Chiang Zhengyang, but no doubt with nine days thunder, so that his face no trace of color. Wu Chi Difficult to spit out from the mouth of these two words, Jiang Zhengyang s mind is full not help but pumping pumping. Chen Yang is dead, but the matter has not been resolved, if there is such a thing happened, how to explain to the cold Star Young Master Luo Xiushui Jianjun slowly asked. From today, I personally sits in prison a hundred years. Seems to have long thought of this problem, cold star Jianjun calmly said Remark, no matter who, but also can not say anything to the. To the identity of the cold star Jianjun, personally jail prison, naturally there is no room for anyone to intervene Would rather be so, but also resolutely enforce the penalty, and apalus hair straightening brush ceramic hair straightener straight hair styling let people say anything Paused, the cold star Jianjun continued Chouqiang three things out of the matter, but the wrong is wrong, the king punished you again into the jail prison hundred years, you can be convinced Eyes flushed, the old three kneel again said The disciples are willing to lead the penalty, but please Jianjun forgiveness, so that the disciples first buried the little girl. can Nodded slightly, cold star Jianjun pale replied. Eyes turned to Wu Chi s body, cold hair straightener brush dafni star Jianjun once again said The king to give you ten days of time recuperate, ten days later, their own to the prison to lead the penalty. Wu Chi Gang just because Luo Ying left the sword to escape a small life, but in fact, but now the same injury is very heavy, this time, it is impossible to go back to prison. Three words between the processing of all things, the cold star Jianjun no longer stay, disappeared in the sky among the sky. Slightly shaking his head, Xiushui Jianjun also turned away, despite the Wu Chi back to brush straightener groupon the jail prison, some wrong, can be cold s. tar in charge of punishment, indeed occupied, he is not good forcibly hair straightener brush review hindered. But rather Ling day Jianjun, from beginning to end did not make a statement, as if nothing to deal with him nothing to do with the general. Things settled, his disciples will Wu pool back to the Dongfu. Yun He also has been the news, be careful to Wu Chi to the bed, careful care. hair straightener brush dafni These gossip for the time being, but let everyone did not think that, in the Wu Chi who is really the power of the disciples to be driven at the same time, Luo Ying has been on the way back to the door. Seven days later, soon as Jian Xiao Thank you prisoners good intentions, but the matter is important, please let me think about how some time You can Indifferent nodded, the Lord of the prison community calmly said You first stay here. That do not hide the guards, I have been in the prison community six yea. rs of stay for too long, and now we must first go out to see my friends, want to be clear, then come back to see the prisoner how Wu Chi slightly owe, softly open Road. Into the prison community seven heavy, they can not leave at will. Slightly shaking his head, prison the main god said. For others, want to leave nature is difficult, but you are the leader of this prison, ah, hair straightener brush dafni for you, it is not a little effort Wu Chi stalled, puzzled and asked. Everything, have their own rules, the dark prison community, naturally there are rules of the dark prison community is the seat, also can not easily change. Middle aged calm explanation. Rules Hearing this, Wu Chi s mouth finally float a hint of sarcasm, heaven and earth rules still can break, not to mention the rules of the dark prison community Who are you Between the words, wrist slightly turned, Cheng Jian sword suddenly start, Wu Chi s eyes have been revealed a touch of faint murderous. At first, he did think that the other is the prison community, with this conversation, Wu Chi has suddenly overturned this idea. If the other side is really the one hand to create a dark prison community of the main body of the prison, the strength of the strong, I am afraid that is really Tongtian thoroughly, do not say what the rules of the dark prison community, even if the law of the upper bound, I m afraid also Not bound to live. But to let a disciple into the upper bound only, why should others to intervene In accordance with this idea push back, things suddenly become more simple. Even if it seems that the prison community seven, the only palace, even if the other looks unpredictable, even claiming to be the master of the prison, but it can not be true after all. A thought between the murderous awe inspiring. You are questioning my identity Middle aged eyes reveal a touch of cold, step by step, when there is a very tight pressure of rolling out, it seems that even the surrounding space, a.

Hair Straightener Brush Dafni Glanced at Zhou Xu one, Li Fuban indifferent opening. Heart of a move, eyes fell to the night Shen Xing s body, Zhou Xu also will be reflected over, you are not the same But how can you suddenly think of me Although the two together in this prison community six years of nearly ten thousand years, in fact, all right time, hundreds of years will not contact once. It was meant to ask you, but now it seems not necessary. Glanced at the night Shen Xing one, Li Fernan slowly said You see, they are all right. I will try to Slightly Baoquan, night Shenxing calm opening. Did not thank, because this is a transaction, night Shenxing very clear what the other wants, in addition, do not need any extra words. See Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan security, his mind is also considered completely calm down. Before the five in the prison area, Wu Chi saved him, this portrait night Shen Xing always remember, so will Li Rounan put forward such conditions. Although not used, but after all, can make him more peace of mind. Step by step, and not the slightest excess of words, the night star also began to see the stone for the reference. How many stones did they see Eyes again fell to Zhou Xu s body, straightening hair brush seen on tv reviews Li Fannan Chen Sheng asked. Fifty three. Pointing hair straightener brush dafni to Wu Chi, Zhou Xu slowly explained only a year s time, and even the speed of knowledge is still up if no accident, maybe he hair straightener brush dafni really We can open the space barrier and let us get out of here. Fifty three, this figure even Li Fournain can not help but move, and even breathing a hurry a bit. Before he was optimistic about the night stars, but it is only a guess it, how hard it is hard to say, but within a year, see the fifty three enlightenment monu. ment, this speed is too horrible. To know that when he had just reached the prison community six heavy, but the first year, but only the understanding of the twenty seven only, Wu Chi s speed has almost doubled him. He eventually enlightenment of nearly two thousand enlightenment monument, according to this estimate, Wu Chi probably how are enough to break through the three thousand mark. And three thousand, almost the difference can not leave here watershed Continuous reference to more than fifty straightening hair brush in south africa blocks of stone, Wu Chi heart has gradual.Chi heart has long been understood. But it has not been able to set this determination, after all, the sword soul is the spirit, and now collapse broken sword soul, a poor pool, perhaps it is the spirit of all off Chapter 427 Deadline and Breakthrough Soul of the soul of the collapse of broken, and instantly make the whole breath of Wu Chi are completely chaotic up. That moment of change, suddenly alerted Zhou Xu and Li Fernan them, although it is not clear Wu Chi what is doing, but the sword soul broken broken, the kind of violent fluctuations in the soul is very clear. Moment between a few people on the reaction over, Wu Chi this is hard straightening hair brush tesco ah For a time, whether it is Li Fernan, Zhou Xu or Yang Xiuchuan and night stars can not help but pour a cold air. Now Wu Chi has been sentiment more than nine thousand enlightenment monument ah, this result came out, enough to shaking, and even look at the history of six circles of prison, to achieve this level of people, it is absolutely rare If they have such a good fortune, has long been satisfied, but who can think of, in order to break the limit to break the record of ten thousand stone, Wu pool even at life to fight Just this courage and decision has been enough to shock. Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shen Xing some better, Zhou Xu and Li Fernan at the moment it has long been looking to stay. Before they envy jealous Wu Chi s talent, but when the moment, to see Wu Chi in order to continue to enlightenment, even at the time of the collapse of the spirit of the fight, the hearts of the share of jealousy already disappeared with the. already clean. Such a character, far from what they can match, the gap between each other, is not a talent and perception can be hair straightening brush from wish measured. Took a deep breath, Li Fernan whispered Now, I began to believe that he really can break Yan Beichen legend hair straightener brush dafni Wu Chi naturally can not know their thoughts at the moment, in fact, Wu Chi also simply can not attend to the other. Broken broken Soul Soul, is the real life and death set aside. The soul of Kendo dismantling, that hair straightener brush dafni is, in the collapse of the sword soul at the same time. For a moment, the original bottleneck of the bottleneck broke through, nine thousand two hundred, nine thousand thr.

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