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Hair Straightener Brush Electric result, in fact, both sides are also acceptable. A fairy place quota, much more important than Bai Rong s life and death From the hall out, Wu Chi did not return to Jianfeng, but directly with Luo Ying back to the sword peak. Wu Chi body injury has not yet recovered, followed by Luo Ying back to Jianfeng interest rate adjustment, is the most secure. Moreover, now downtown so out of the back of the test, Wu Chi naturally no need to participate, and other do not say, at least with the ancestors of the benefits of hair straightener hot brush retreat has been hand, and not a hair straightening brush no heat loss. Just make Wu Chi depressed, obviously his belly of the problem you want to ask, but Luo Ying dropped him, then did not take care of his meaning, even people can not find it Big ratio is still in an orderly manner, with Xiushui Jianjun sits, and not because of the previous things cause any impact. In a blink of an eye, it was seven days past. Zongmen big ratio has finally completely out of the curtain. Among the top ten, Xiushuifeng accounted for three, Ling Tianfeng three, cold star peak only two, while the other two are the usual true disciples. It is worth mentioning that, because of Bai Rong s death, and Wu Chi s exit, Han Shuai with a bit of luck, barely discharged into the tenth, also received the opportunity to retreat with the sword ancestors. Behind the test although the fight is still wonderful, there have been some amazing fighting, for all disciples, no doubt Wu Chi and Bai Rong that war is the most memorable. Even before the Wu Wan three defeats, but now no one dare to look at Wu Chi. This seven days of cultivation, Wu Chi s injury is completely restored. Luo Ying Wu did not mention what to ask, in addition to not allowed Jianfeng, there is no limit. Cloud to the sword peak to see the Wuchi several times, naturally know that Wu Chi and other people together with the sword ancestors closed down the matter, unfortunately, the cloud is finally failed to be among the top ten. Wu Chi can feel the mind of the cloud load, but after all, did not respond. To see the ancestors of the night before, Luo Ying was busy with other things, once again met Wu Chi. What do you want to ask, ask Touched the nose, Wu Chi honestly standing in fr. ont of Luo Y.e the position. This moment of change, can not help but let the woman suddenly pale. Others do not know, she is very clear that the power of this set of shenfa, self taught, by virtue of a set of shenfa, no matter with what people play, seems to be able to take the initiative. Unless the other use of su. pernatural powers to seal the space, or by virtue of this set of body can be invincible. But now, Wu Chi this unexpected move, but abruptly interrupted her rhythm, and even almost hurt her, suddenly let her heart fiercely Yi Chan. One step wrong, it is step by step wrong This shenfa, subtlety lies in the kind of control for the rhythm, once being caught flaws, upset the rhythm, is step by step wrong, simply can not smooth the display. Only a few breathing between, Fenger will be completely caught in the danger. Son of the good heart of the na Suddenly, the woman whispered Chen Dao, seems to reveal the endless grievances. Suddenly, is to Wu Chi s strength, the heart can not help but Yi Chan, the hands of the sword suddenly slow three points. Charm Soul Calibur slightly Yi Chan, Wu Chi immediately restored the sober. Charm of the surgery itself is nothing, when the lower bound of the time, the joy of the people who will be good at the charm of the surgery, but compared with this woman, but they are too much. Now even if the charm is, and even they may not be able to detect to, if not a sword soul in, Wu Chi I m afraid it may not be so fast to wake up. Heart of a move, Wu Chi did not immediately show it, but let the hands of the sword a little slower, put on a look of charm. See Wu pool was charm, Fenger heart suddenly could not help but breathe a sigh of relief As long as the impact of the charm is easy to handle. Test and Wu Chi fight for a while, Fenger is inadvertently, slowly convergence of Mei surgery. Although by virtue of the presence of the Soul Calibur, Wu Chi is not affected by the charm, but still able to clearly feel the charm of each other, and now suddenly felt the other side even recovered Mei Yi, hair straightener brush big w heart can not help but suddenly jump. In accordance with common sense, this woman should be through the charm of their own time, their shot down to the stage to fishes. Just as before the.

ure that some people will kill Han Shan, vowed to only make every effort to kill it. If Xi Jun should really forced Wu Chi they guarantee to kill Han Shan Shang, I hair straightener brush electric m afraid Wu Chi Ning can turn over with Xi Jun should desperately will not agree. Chapter 455 to kill Things smashed, and Han Shan is no femjolie hair straightener brush canada courage to return to the upper bound. Pondered, Ma Shijie said Do not say that the dark star of the hair straightener brush electric accountability, even if we will not let him three. Before the Han Shan want to attack the three together, itself is some adventure, if the success of the natural may, can fail, it must bear the consequences of the three core disciples, who is not qualified to move. It is no exaggeration to say that before the Hanshan Master can be said that in the desperate gamble Of course, this also means that the Han Shan s self esteem, in fact, if not Yang Xiuchuan and the night Shenxing accidental intrusion, Hanshan Master has been successful. Unfortunately, if only if Golden world Yang Xiuchuan Chen Sheng said Now the night Shen and Wu Chi have been crossing the robbery, can not return to the small world, as long as he can escape hair straightener brush electric the golden world, temporarily safe. To determine the whereabouts of the Han Shan, things become more simple. Back to the golden world of the channel is only one, as long as rushed to the channel before blocking Hanshan on the line. Xi Jun should not be able to tell him, but to Xi Jun should now control the dark prison community, delay the speed of his escape is easy, so, it is not difficult to catch up with him The Look some tired, Hanshan people looking at the front not far from the golden light back to the world of the channel, the hearts of the restless. but not the slightest reduction, but there is a unspeakable sense of crisis. Through the entire dark prison community to put pressure on their own, abruptly slow down their own three percent, all this clearly told him, Xi Jun should have broken the seal. Now even though it can not completely break the shackles of the dark prison community, but it is already just a matter of time. At that time the vertical and horizontal world of heaven Jun Jun should be surprised to have come back As he is familiar with Xi Jun should be the same, Daoshan to death more than three hundred times to pass the rookie, go beyond their ranking, and not more than a little bit, but a so horrible Ranking. Second, this is also too evildoer it Hey, I was actually the second strange ah, the original I have become so powerful it Seems to have just seen their ranking, Wu Chi said with a surprise. Just this, but almost did not put the two people vomiting blood Loaded, naked loaded force How long have you spent yourself, is not it clear Need to use this equipment Slut, outright slut Deeply looked at Wu Chi one, silent for a moment, the night Shenxing finally adjust the mentality, said lightly Before the ranking I am afraid no meaning, compared to these, you may wish to look at this last test. Hear the night hair straightener brush electric Shen Xing, Wu Chi this will be the eyes fell under the high platform. Just one, Wu Chi s pupil can not help but suddenly a shrink, then silence down. Yang Xiuchuan and night stars can guess things, he naturally can think of, for a time, but a. lso attend to the reload, brow tightly locked together. Do not look at Wu Chi s ranking even overtake the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan, but in fact, his mind is very clear, to the real strength, he is weaker than the two, but in the prison community of this special Of the environment, it caused a go ahead. Can this last test, but let Wu Chi really smell the breath of death. As long as this step out, it is likely to die in which the fatal sense of crisis, so that Wu Chi and even instincts gave birth to a hint of fear. Even if there are two souls in the arms of the soul, but also can not let Wu Chi gave birth to a sense of security. Yes, you first Shrink the shrink head, Wu Chi is no time to speak again open mouth Road Rao is the night Shen Xing and Yang Xiuchuan has seen the goods of the shameless, but also by the words of the wait for the stranger to kill this slut. Wu Chi, your ranking seems to be on top of us, right Glanced at the hair straightener brushes reviews Wu Chi one, Yang Xiuchuan faint asked. Oh, ah, show the young master, look at what you say Ranking what ah, there is no meaning Well, I was lucky enough, not count, not count Just loaded also loaded with the happy, so a blink of an eye kung fu, Wu Chi immediately do not admit.oblem of Chiang, and if admitted to the wedding was coerced, stirred up this wedding, is bound to the Song to death, to the time, the Soviet Union to bear the two can be the Song Jiang Anger. In this case, how can he admit that he is threatened I heard the ancestors of the Soviet Union, Jiang Zhengyang this satisfaction nodded, told The child is afraid of this child is happy and confused, we do not care, continue to salute it. Voice down the moment, Jiang Zhengyang is silent glance Song Tianque a glance. Now Su Wan infuriating is sealed, there is no resistance to the ability, as long as the Song Que near some, will be able to easily control Su Wan, as long as the worship of heaven and earth, everything is a foregone conclusion. Song Tian Que naturally understand the meaning of Jiang Zhengyang, suddenly reach out to help Su Wan, Waner, do not trouble. However, in the Song of the palm of the hand encountered Su Wan arm of the moment, but it can not help but feel the pain of a burst of heart, could not help but chant out loud. You you re poisonous Looked at the hair straightener brush electric Song Tianque, Su Wan indifferent opening What is your thing, but also dare to touch me Su Wen is almost open at the same time, the poison poison suddenly broke out, Su Wan a few meters within the body, all the maids and even the master of ceremonies all poisoned fell to the ground, just the time of the data, all killed. This sudden change, suddenly let the audience hair straightener brush electric a mess. poisonous The This moment, finally Jiang Zhengyang was stunned, and now he still feel that, Su Wan who did not the slightest infuriating fluctuations In other words, Su Wan Ming infuriating also been sealed, but abruptly or poisoning success, poisoned so many people around. Mouth threw a trace of sneer color, Su Wan faint said Jiang Zhengyang, you think I seal the repair, you can let me Su You any mercy I Suhun name for the snake fairy, since the age of seven, Of the surgery, even if the infuriating was sealed, the same can use poison No infuriating help, and even the next year the toxins have been taken away, perhaps the strong Jiang Zaoyang hair straightening brush on black hair is difficult to poison, for those who lack strength, Su Wan is still able to easily poisoned. From the beginning, Su Wan never thou.

Hair Straightener Brush Electric meaning of Yao Long, a little thought for a moment, then openly agreed Well, I know. It is not Wu Chi on their own strength no confidence, but the other side of a good intentions, if refused, would not give people face to see Moreover, the so called ridicule, Wu Chi where will care. This time the door is bigger, he has long been made up his mind to fight for a ranking, there is a battle with Bai Rong in that, by contrast, the core disciples of the challenge itself is just a small matter The Heard Wu Chi promised down, Yao Long can not help but suddenly relieved In fact, even if he had just said this, the heart is really not the end. After all, Wu Chi s identity in that, a lot of time, face is more important than anything, if Wu Chi insisted, he has no way. Fortunately, Wu Chi is better than the imagination of the exchange, the body is not the kind of true disciples of the haughty, although it seems a little less spirit, but for him or Jianfeng all disciples, this is the best result. The words have been said, Yao Long naturally did not mean to stay, polite to leave. Until Yao Long they left Dong Fu, Wu Chi this some funny shook his head. It seems that everyone is still not optimistic about you. Chuckle a little, cloud from the back came out, a look of jokingly said. Before the sword of the disciples to see Wu Chi, she naturally bad socket, and now people go, the face of Wu Chi, but very casual. Moreover, she for the strength of Wu Chi, or a little bit of understanding, naturally do not have to talk so much scruples. Wu Chi and Li Dongsheng alone that war, Wu Chi how not to avoid the war. Chapter 506 Others optimistic about not optimistic, what is the relationship Shrugged, Wu Chi muddy do not care to answer. Only their own lack of confidence, only the urgent need to recognize others to add confidence, can Wu Chi simply do not exist such a problem, naturally do not care about these. This is very simple, but let Yunhe slightly Yi Zheng, hair straightener brush electric some lost. God. In the hair straightener brush electric door so many years, in the disciples, she is also known, but even to the extent of today, she is also very concerned about the eyes of others. This seems to have been the most natural response. But now looked at Wu Chi, she found that Wu Chi.ask what is not Next to someone suddenly asked. Last night he said it was true, he did call Mo Yan, is a liar However, he is indeed to participate in the fairy palace assessment, but the quota is cheated, and must take straightening hair brush cosmoprof the name of Wu Chi Caixing. The woman paused, continued He also has a master, with him together, but do not know what things, temporarily left the fairy palace However, for his dignity of identity, scruples deep, I Afraid to wake hair straightener brush electric him, did straightening hair brush groupon not dare to ask. Who is his master who, since not in the fairy house, it does not matter Have the ability, let him find us a good account. Next to a person disdain said. Lying on the table, Wu Chi, although not see these people look, but it is out of the voice of each other. These people, was surprised that yesterday was just his extortion of hundreds of thousands of stars of the stone. Just Wu Chi is still some doubts, that the so called small study who Yesterday did not seem to have seen this woman hair straightener brush electric ah. Wu Chi here secretly guess at the same time, the conversation there is still continuing. Zhang brother, now how do we do Small study before he signed a three day contract, how have to endure these hair straightener brush electric three days to go. Shook his head, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhang brother, want me to say, directly kill him forget, one hundred, as long as he died, the contract naturally useless. No Ranging from Zhang Fengyang answer, small study will be the first to say Our rules, only set up Bureau of fraud, but the hands hair straightener brush electric will never account for life. Nodded hi. brush straightener ireland s head, Zhang Fengyang then echoed Yes, cheat cheat, even deceive him to die, brush straightener simply straight but we can not touch the blood, this is the rules, can not break. What about that Do not know, small study is not to say that his spirit is very weak Since the small research can be used to control him, you do not have to worry, let the small research to continue with him, just can understand some of the situation He is hair straightener brush electric not that he also There is a division of what, maybe leave some baby to him More inquire about this time, we put him clean Put a waved, Zhang Fengyang Chen Sheng said. Zhang brother, so small research will not have any danger, right Rest assured, since I have control to control him No more is to perfunctory f.

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