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Hair Straightener Brush Flipkart irst Really is the first, ha ha, you will be behind me Eyes reveal a touch of excitement of the color, Yang Xiuchuan looked back, still sitting on the heart of the bridge on the face of ferocious Wu Chi and the night Shen Xing, the heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of pleasure. Before the four in the prison community, it can be said that all people are eclipsed in front of Wu Chi, and even he was forced to agree to the Wu Chi many conditions, this account he always remember in mind, now the first Wu pool step breakthrough demons, and Get the first, really let him spirit hair straightener brush flipkart lifted. At this moment, Yang Xiuchuan even gave birth to a trace of killing heart. As long as continue to keep here, and so the night Shen Xing and Wu Chi wake up when the fierce killer, there is a great grasp of the two killed and this. Slightly think about it, Yang Xiuchuan finally put aside the tempting idea. And let you live for a while this time after throwing off, I will let hair straightener brush flipkart you never catch up Until you leave the prison when t. he five heavy, and then kill too late. Softly to himself, Yang Xiuchuan suddenly step on the second bridge Second Look at the stone on the rankings, night Shenxing face some hair straightener brush flipkart complicated. In the stone rankings, Yan Beichen still high first, and Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan still sit on the heart of the bridge, look at the state, I am afraid that also will not be able to overcome the demons out of time. Night Shenxing slightly hesitant, but after all, still shook his head. Between the steps, the night star also set foot on the next bridge. However, whether it is the night Shenxing or Yang Xiuchuan, or Wu pool, in fact, are not clear, they see each other even are completely different scenarios, and have seen each other still stay above the heart of the bridge. This strange scene, if they know each other, is bound to think of something Unfortunately, everything here is isolated, the information is not equal, naturally it is impossible to find clues Almost, almost is always almost Heart burst of irritability, Wu Chi s body is also nearly more than a dozen wounds, although not fatal, but it has also been forced to his extremely embarrassed. And the previous mirror is different from this time the black mirr.d sweat, directly kneel down, disciples did not dare. Do not dare Sneer a cry, Xi Jun should be forced to ask If you really dare not, how things will fall into the hands of Wu Chi Although not personally see, but Xi Jun Li Yunpeng should be the strength, but it is very clear He has been aware of the other side into the dark prison community time and location, directly to kill Li Yunpeng to kill, if not Li Yunpeng water, how can wait until Wu Chi rush over Of course, perhaps kill those two people, it may not be able to play any role, but Li Yunpeng this attitude, but no doubt hair straightener brush flipkart that Xi Jun should be born to kill Italy. Moment of cold sweat dripping, Li Yunpeng for a time or even did not dare to speak a word. I do not want anybody to break into my face, no matter what way you are, Li Yunpeng looked at a deep, Xi Jun should be indifferent to tell Road. Chapter 444 Golden Sword The whole entrance has been completely enveloped by matrix method. Behind those people behind, but Wu Chi did not step into the matrix method of the meaning of the law is not strong Li hair straightener brush flipkart Li problem, and vice may have been willing to jump out when the cannon fodder, and why personally hands Compared with the Wu Chi s hair brush straightener seen tv easy, young head has been exuded sweat. Only a short sticky incense time, died in this matrix method among the companions, it has been nearly half, despite the strength, he is stronger than others, but at the moment still still feel a burst of inexplicable pressure. Matrix method itself is not terrible, terrible hiding and matrix method of that person Said it was ridiculous, has been damaged nearly half of the staff, but even he has not been able to see each other s appearance, every time I feel a shadow flashed, there is one killed Youth and even some doubts, i. f the other side of the target is their own attack, they can not block the next blow. Meng bit his teeth, the young man from the body out of a golden swordsman, suddenly reminded out. Zheng A touch of gold shines heaven and earth, that horror golden Jianmang almost in a moment between the abruptly torn the matrix method, and keen to capture the hidden side of the Li Yunpeng. Golden Jianguang as a streamer only take Li Yunpeng throat key. Almost to the extrem.

top 100 war Qualifications, even if the ratio of a time, do not win, but also get thousands of Lingshi, you say what good Mention Lingshi, Wu Chi heart but can not help but a slight move. Before he subconsciously put the door of the test as a trifling matter, and now listen to each other so that only to react, there is a test, naturally there will be reward. For the big gongsong this big door, once able to get a good ranking, not only can fame, but also get a lot of incentives, this way, the disciples will naturally rush. Only Wu Chi was Luo Ying income subglottic, an entry to enjoy the true disciples of the treatment, really not how the lack of resources, this did not react too much. In contrast, Li Yunpeng may not be so good treatment, and want to enhance the strength of competition for resources will be reasonable in the. Think of this, Wu Chi can not help but patted his head, this hundred years of prisoners of penance, really is their own silly it Want to clear these, Wu Chi naturally more curious, and put a waved, I understand, the Young, trouble you take me to see Lee Young, I am his friend, always see if you can help When it comes to this place, the disciples naturally do not continue to stop Wu Chi, shook his head, led Wu Chi Li Yunpeng to live where the walk. Xiushui Feng itself is Xiushui Jianjun s dojo, in addition to some really disciples, the other people can not have any good home, Li Yunpeng is also with Xiushui Jianjun disciples identity, only to get an independent small courtyard. Now this small courtyard is already filled with people. Yunpeng Young, you are Xiushui Jianjun s disciples do not leave, but you are now only after the stars in the middle of the strength to this strength on behalf of our show water peak to participate in large ratio, is simply lost we show water peak people ah Led by a hooked nose middle aged, mouth sound for Xiushui Feng reputation for the gesture, but revealed between the brow, but full of contempt. According to me, you still let this qualification to the brothers I, you worry, the brothers do not want your quota Three hundred top grade Lingshi, as best hair straightener straightening brush long as you nod, immediately give you With your qualifications, and then Over a hair straightening brush ebay thousand years. , to.lectric transfer, Chen Chang old look to quarter a peak, slowly said Johnson, you almost can be out recently, right Activities about the body, Wu Chi looked to the old three asked. Calculate the day, almost this is the two months of it. That this, the old three faces can hair straightener brush flipkart not help but reveal a hint of joy. In the jail prison was closed for hundreds of years, bitter enough hair straightener brush flipkart to eat, and now as long as the departure, immediately break through the broken star, Jiyuan true disciples proud, let him how can not happy. Congratulations to the brothers Chuckle a bit, Wu Chi Road, happy Road. But it is just a few years out early, I remember you said, you are only fined in the jailbreak a hundred years, right Chou San said with a smile. Yes, ah, just in time when the door out of the big times Some people still owe me a fair, always want to recover is. Shrugged, Wu Chi said at random. But the. words that a chill, but it is anyone who can listen to clear. Zongmen bigger than Mentioned hair straightening brush round this, the old three can not help but sweep a Wu Chi, said it really is looking forward, really do not know, when you will be strong, if there is a chance, I have to tell you Test the test. Turned his eyes, Wu Chi snappily said hatred brother, you will be in the twinkling of an eye to enter the broken stars, and I test what Without such a bully people. I m afraid you are hair straightener brush flipkart bullying me at the time. Pielepiezui, hair straightening brush chi the old three went on to say I am really curious, who is your master, so many years, you will not say. What is good to say Turned his eyes, Wu Chi casually said Anyway, I looked at is not how to rely on Kaopu, there are pit apprentice hobby. Think of Luo Ying, Wu Chi on some of the root itch. Said good hundred years of freedom, can come to their magic hair straightening ceramic brush own or was imprisoned among the prisoners of war, had known so, not as honest in the Jianfeng closed a hundred years it Nonsense. Laughing a sentence, the old chug but did not ask the question. Chou old three Was talking, suddenly had a guarding jail prison disciples shouted loudly. Slightly Yi Zheng, Qiu old three suddenly got up and said I am here, dare to ask the Young, what happened Someone told me to bring something to hair straightener brush flipkart you, you see it. Impatient put a waved, that disciples readily., blocked in front of Ma Shijie. puff This punch Liu Changtong hit very heavy, so that when he saw Chen fog are in front of the time, want to power are too late. A frantic life will be painted Chen Mo are hematemesis, the whole body are bowed up. However, even so, Chen fog are all dead teeth, step forward. Big Brother Liu, I know that I am not good, but it has nothing to do with her I do, are my voluntary, no matter what guilt, I have a commitment. Mouth constantly bleeding out, but Chen fog eyes are very serious. This moment, even if Liu Changtong full of anger, but also abruptly blocked back, simply can not vent. Hello how are you Angrily turned, Liu Changtong did not even talk to anyone, one step, suddenly flew into the sky, severely punched out, blatantly broke the space barrier, disappeared in the crowd of sight. How are you Looked at Chen fog, Ma Shijie mind some difficult to understand the complex, softly said. Shimei, it does not matter, I am fine Hand to wipe the blood of the mouth, Chen fog said softly I ll send you back. Standing not far away, looking at all this, Wu Chi and Yang Xiuchuan they can only be slightly sigh. Ma Shijie do not like Chen fog, which we have already seen clearly, but Chen fog this insistence, how can we not touch So that Chen fog, but also let people say what Forced to repair the repair, Wu Chi suddenly flew away, before the soaring, he would also like to see Zhou Boyan their side, even now always bear the pressure and exclusion of the whole world, he is still hard to withstand the pressure , Refused to immediately soared. Slightly shaking his head, night Shen Xing natu. rally understand the mind of Wu Chi, but now he did not Wu pool that strength Once the dark prison area of the seal to lift, he simply can not resist the exclusion of the whole world, stature slightly flash, grabbed the hands of the sick sickle, brave flew toward the sky. Yang Xiuchuan sighed, walked into the back of the golden world of the channel As Yang s people, he also has some things to deal with, as the soaring, for him is not a problem. But no matter who, and did not notice, Xi Jun should break the hair straightener brush flipkart seal, but did not immediately leave, but will once again fell to the eyes of Wu Chi s bo.

Hair Straightener Brush Flipkart ally to the peak of the peak when the stars, in order to understand the difficulties of broken stars. To know, within the door, the entry of three thousand years to enter the broken star, can be a true disciple. The most difficult key, i. n fact, is stepping into the last step in the broken star. Wu Chi, although conceited, but also understand that the hardships of which is not made a ruthless can solve. Ten years of time, really too short some. Slightly shaking his head, Luo Ying explained That is because you do not understand, follow the sword ancestors closed down what it means. Ok Wu Chi slightly Yi Zheng, asked curiously. Sword ancestors closed the door, stood the heart of the stars Looked at Wu Chi, Luo Ying said softly For you, this time with the sword of the retreat of the decade, or even that is enough to determine the key to your future, and even may be your life, the biggest chance. Looked at his three disciples, Ling Tian Jianjun slowly said. Master is the opportunity to say into the fairy house Ji Yifeng hair straightener brush flipkart some puzzled and asked. He has heard from the Ling day Jianjun Sin Temple thing, naturally know that this time there are only two places of the total number of swords. More than that. Ling Tian Jianjun eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Chen Sheng said more importantly, the heart of the stars Jianzu refining the process of stars, for you is a big chance Even from the heart of the stars even get a little bit of the benefits, but also enough for you to use infinity. Looked at these disciples, Ling Tian Jian Jun in fact the hearts of some doubts. Just these doubts he is not good to say it. The meaning of the heart of the stars, he is very clear that it is related to the sword ancestors can become the key to the Lord. But he did not quite understand why, why the ancestors will agree to let these disciples to follow him with the closed door, to feel the hearts of stars, it is simply unreasonable. The relationship between this thing is too big, I hair straightener brush flipkart am electric hair straightening brush reviews afraid not only to cultivate the potential of the disciples so simple. Or that sword ancestors would also like to bet on the Sin Temple above Then that is to say, is the sword of the stars for the refining of the heart, in fact, simply did to take the initiative more. A person s time, always more fearless, but once turned into two people, will be more scruples. Two people s lives, this is more than a person heavier, this reason is so simple. Yunhuo Shimei, with me but just just did not know how long it was, White hair straightener brush ebay Brother would not think I really love her at first best hair brush straightener india sight, even at the expense of their own life, right Eyes did not blink, Wu Chi disdain said. Is not love at first sight I do not know, but if you really do not care about her life and death, fear is already already crushed when these demon heart Bai Rong s eyes are also very calm, light opening Road. This sentence, and finally let Wu Chi whom color hair straightener brush flipkart change. As Bai Rong before the small look at him, and now, hair straightening brush sela he is not a small look at the white dragon According to Wu Chi s temper, this situation, he simply will not stay for their own hidden dangers, even if the bet, it is bound to be with a white dragon gambling. After all, there are contraction to the size of the supernatural powers, coupled with those demon goal are now Bairong, really desperate to pinch the devil desperately hard, he and Bai Rong live the opportunity, almost the same. In this case, Wu Chi will never fear with Bai Rong gambling. Just once really to this point, the cloud is absolutely absolutely. dead. For a time, suddenly quiet down around, and even be able to hear the sound of the rapid breathing of the sound of clouds. Before coming, Yunhe how would not have thought, she would rather become a drag of Wu Chi. Took a deep breath, the eyes of the cloud suddenly revealed a touch of color. Zheng Soon as Jianming, Yun He decided to pull out the hands of the sword, pointing to Bai Rong away. You two said so much, but did not even ask me the meaning of slowly opening, Yun He whispered so many brothers are so dead you can compromise, but they do Will they die I do not have so much of your mind, but there are also my insistence. Janus slightly on the pick, Yun Fu must openly said Unless I die, otherwise, we must for these brothers brothers, to discuss a fair These words finished, whether it is Wu Chi or Bai Rong, can not help but at the same time discoloration. Now the situation is very subtle, whether it is W.

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