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Hair Straightener Brush Ghd l has a strong force. Able to resolve and Yang s grudge, Wu Chi days will be better than a lot of days. If you can survive, perhaps with Yang will become friends. Convergence of the mind, Yang apalus brush hair straightener target Ye Chen Sheng said. Although disdain for Wu Chi this shameless act, but Yang Ye has to admit, Wu Chi is indeed a great talent If you can make good use of words, for Yang, it may not be a bad thing. As for the hatred of Yang robbery for Yang family this big family, as long as there is enough interest, no hatred is absolutely impossible to resolve. Yes, we will be friends. Smile, Wu Chi immediately turned, toward the empty monk flew. Amitabha See Wu pool over, empty monk eyes reveal a trace of complex color, Wu Ju Shi good means, can not think, this time actually let you account for the cheap. Master is absent. Casually hair straightener brush ghd said one, Wu Chi is not shameless again stretched out his hand. Sprinkle a smil. e, empty monk shook his head Wu Ju Shi, do not bother Pinseng and Yang Ju Shi about the first, this set of soul stone, the same do not have to send. Pupil slightly shrink, Wu Chi smiled, the original so However, so to say, I am also a friend with friends, it is better to ask the master to help me to solve the good fruit Eyes reveal a trace of ridicule of the color, the empty monk indifferent said lay with the poor monk destined, why should anxious moment Maybe later, we have goodbye Hands together, almost in the voice of the same time, the empty monk who suddenly revealed a golden light, the whole person suddenly turned into a streamer, suddenly toward the prison community to break into the four When he agreed with Yang Xiuchuan, is made his own oath, and he helped Yang Xiuchuan acting cleaning alien, Yang Xiuchuan promised not to take his soul stone And as a price, but he must be in the prison after the end of the platform with Yang Xiuchuan together into the prison community four. Although only one set of soul stone, but the empty monk deep, it is still somewhat confident to break through the prison community of four Buddha said, I am not into hell who into hell, this free purgatory for the empty monk, the other is more advantageous than others. Saw the empty monk broke into the prison community among the four.own life and death, all in hair straightener brush ghd the Chiang Zhengyang a read between. Play to play a big, left and right are adventure, why should a small stingy Carefully recalled from the prison community after all the happen, Wu Chi all the actions are used to confuse each other, as is by Yang Xiuchuan and the night of the stars of the potential to cheat the soul of stone, and then broke into the prison community in one fell swoop Among them. If it is not empty monk and Yang Xiuchuan has long been agreed, Zhesi is going to put the five set of soul stone together to get the hand to stop. And the results are no doubt proved, Wu Chi s acting is absolutely first class Abruptly deceived everyone in the past. At the moment, when Wu Chi broke into the prison community four, other people back to brush straightener for short hair think, naturally can understand it all, can understand that Gui understand, but also have to admire Wu Chi s boldness and means If you say before, but also feel that Wu Chi is a bold, daring talent, then this idea has been completely rewritten This product is simply the real evildoer Genius in genius And the kind of shameless bones to the bastard. Even think that more understanding of Wu Chi s Chiang Zheng Yang, at the moment can not help but some absence Such a person, where is he can be used, which is Jiang can restrain And then think of the departure of Su Wan, Jiang Zhengyang can not help but sigh again. If Su Wan is the only weakness of Wu Chi, then when Su Wan left the prison community triple that moment, it means that Wu Chi completely let go of the hair straightener brush ghd hands and feet Now even if there is a big anger Wu Chi, but also no catharsis. Eyes reveal a touch of cold, Yang Xiuchuan glanced at the law enforcement one, suddenly followed to the prison community to break into the four. Even at this moment has only a set of soul stone, and can Yang Xiuchuan pride, how can fear To know that this. time the prison community test, to be hair straightener brush ghd able to appear five times the soul of the soul itself is an accident, but also nearly a thousand years, the prison community countless results accumulated. Missed this time, at least a few hundred years, is no hope to come up with so many souls to the stone. Yang Xiuchuan where there are patience and so wait fo.

can be different, Can be soaring from the lower bound, your perception of the road, far from what they can match, this way, naturally do not need to spend so long time. Even if not so long, at least have to give me a few years time slowly pondering, right Wu Chi a look of wronged argument. For other people, it does take a few years. Surprisingly, Luo Ying simply agree with this argument, but not so Wuchi happy, Luo Ying then suddenly a turn, but they are the most But it is only the core disciples only, and you are for the division of the true disciples If lit the stars need a few years time, came out is not a joke Act high profile, always have to pay the price. Before the star in the stunning Quartet, itself has been pulled himself to a very hair straightener brush india high point, after the request, naturally will inevitably rise If you can not share the amazing, it will be considered to have their names. Which itself is Wu Chi now carrying the name of the Tianjiao, the price to bear. If you can not do it every day, you will be able to do it, hair straightener brush with heat insulation for the teacher you a hundred years free Even after you every day in the door to play, it is also by you. century. His hands lost to the back, Luo Ying light opening Road. Wu Chi naturally can not really do not practice a hair straightener brush ghd hundred years, but who do not want to be forced to practice every day is not Especially from the bones, this goods is simply a lazy guy, the so called hundred years of freedom, for him, or very tempting. Of course, more important is the threat of. a hundred years of confinement. Two next one, Wu Chi immediately on the honest practice up Sword king Walking hair straightener brush amazon away from the residence of Wu Chi practice, immediately have disciples approached to meet. Wu Yidi Dong Fu, the other in accordance with the highest specifications of the distribution, but it is not near your sword peak. Eyes reveal a chill chill, Luo Ying mouth is can not help but reveal a touch of ridicule of the color. Wu Chi, although now get the identity of the true disciples, distinguished, but in fact, let alone with other true disciples than, even the strength of the core disciples, but also much more than Wu Chiqiang. In this case, to the distribution of the highest specifications of the Wu Village Dong F.m the background, carefully put things on the booth above. Gentlemen, today we first the first auction, is to the fairy palace refining the magic weapon, yin and yang round, the effect we should be very clear, the hair straightener brush ghd reserve price of five thousand stars Without the slightest excess, the auctioneer came to power directly to start the auction. The so called yin and yang Wu Chi do not know, it is clear that other people are very familiar with the auctioneer s voice just fell, it was directly to the price of eight thousand stars of stone. Wu Chi even if you do not know, from these people s reaction, as well as the booth on the yin and yang round faintly revealed the atmosphere, but also know that this is bound to be a good treasure. Only one will be the time, the price was carried to the two star stone. This is only the first auction only So. it seems, Yang Yan is the so called treasures, I am afraid it is not false. However, Wu Chi itself is holding a look of lively mentality, and naturally will not participate. Half an hour between the time, the whole shot out of more than ten pieces of things, the highest price even photographed the price of 110,000. The presence of, in addition to Wu pool, the other people almost have been photographed things. Next, to auction, is very familiar with the condensate star Dan A total of one hundred, starting thirty thousand stone From the hands of a jade bottle, the auctioneer to open the bottle, pour a hand on the palm of the hand, suddenly there will be a strong star out of the hair straightener brush ghd wind out. For the condensate star Dan, Wu Chi is very familiar with, just by this breath, it is definitely condensate stars Dan no doubt. Other people naturally recognized out, immediately someone called directly to the five thousand star stone, and look at the posture, is clearly a must. Za touched the mouth, Wu Chi can not help but for the other s net worth of the huge and speechless. Did not remember the words, before this person has already photographed several things, a few have also threw out two or three million stone out, and now look at this posture, apparently still no distressed. However, in the crowd followed the bid at the same time, bang bang, the auction room door is suddenly.ise, I have just shot. Eyes reveal a touch of indifferent color, Yang Xiuchuan calmly said The This sentence is the truth, if you know where the Wu Chi, Yang Xiuchuan moment will be directly shot, will not continue to force Jiang Zhengyang Su Wan opportunities. I really have to count you through the Su girl, but I never thought that really let Su girl any harm. Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said Wu Xiong, you I also considered a few years, had on the heart of the bridge I will naturally not forget You should believe that I am. Chapter 410 Scarlet Wedding below You lie Jiang Zhengyang hate cursed If it is Wu Chi appeared, and now Su Wan has been with the song days Que worship, and said nothing will hurt nothing Cold looked at Yang Xiuchuan, even if Su Wan obviously hair straightener brush ghd do not believe this. Slightly shook his head, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent, said Jiang Zhengyang, you think Wu Chi come back today, will lead to your failure In fact, regardless of Wu Chi is not there, today you will die from you to Su to force the Soviet Union promised And Song s marriage that moment, you have been dead. Brow suddenly provoked, Yang Xiuchuan look outside the hall, Chen Sheng opening night Shen Xing, you also intend to hide when Night Shenxing, referring to the nam. e, Jiang Zhengyang brow can not help but jump, the hearts of a sudden rise of a deep sense of pain. Almost at the same time in the opening of Yang Xiuchuan, night Shenxing figure slowly appear from the void out. Wu Chi, you really broke hair straightener brush ghd through, in fact, as early as I left the prison from the five, I know, you will not die. Fell to Wu Chi in front of the night Shenxing apalus brush hair straightener instructions simply ignore the other people, softly open Road. Really see the night Shenxing moment, Chiang Zhengyang mind the last trace of luck will be completely broken. At this time, he really really want to understand everything, the whole person seems to have lost all the strength. From the beginning Yang Xiuchuan is deliberately calculated him, whether it is released Wu Chi died of the news, or to lure him to give up Su Wan and Zhou Bo words them, cut off contact And then later, deliberately collusion Song Tian Que cheat him but the Soviet straightening hair brush ceramic Union forced marriage all this all, are calculated by Yang Xiuchu.

Hair Straightener Brush Ghd eople, Li Yunpeng, but can best hair brush straightener 2016 easily feel from the Wu Chi who share the pressure, a hundred years gone, now Wu Chi, let him take the heart gave birth to a difficult to overcome the pressure. But now no one noticed these details. I am sorry, I just. come to see a lively. Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi said with a chuckle Just hear this, Well, this brother you speak is not fair, it can not help but laugh. What is your man That hooked nose looked at the middle of the Wu Chi for a while, suddenly aware of the Wu Chi is also the pinnacle of the strength of the stars, but it was born, is definitely not Xiushui Feng s disciples, Is to ask again. I am a person is not important. Shook straightening hair brush paris glam his head, Wu Chi leisurely said I am the person is love to look lively The brothers talk, I think it is very reasonable, but since the gambling, then The two sides are the next chip is. Pointing to Li Yunpeng and that hook hook nose middle aged, Wu pool shook his head and said The hair straightener brush hqt 906 Lee Young if lost, the natural places will give you a senior you, if you lose your brother Only one apology, Too sincerity. Paused, Wu Chi continued Well, so be it I heard you just said, as long as Li Shidi promised, immediately sent three hundred star stone, it would be like this three hundred stone for the bet, If you are lost, you lose to hair straightener brush ghd Li Shidi three hundred Lingshi. Brow picked pick, that hook hook nose middle aged also some are not allowed to Wu Chi s meaning, and the words inside the meaning, seems to have provoked him with Li Yunpeng pound meaning. As to let hair straightener brush ghd him under the three star stone bet, that is nothing, after all, compared to the large number of places to participate in the three hundred star stone is nothing, not to mention, Li Yunpeng is only the middle of the stars only, he naturally confident The But also did not wait for him to answer, Wu Chi will continue to shout up, you brothers, we just look more lively and more boring, it is better, I come to sit a village, let s bet on how Do you have any good bet Do you dare to press Li Yunpeng to win Then someone disciples scoffed. Hey, these words say gambling, pay attention to is a small stroke, buy Li Shidi win odds naturally higher, so that we have a compensable three how Wu Chi loo.the Han Shan, but after all, did not see Hanshan Master. Hear this, Jiang Zhengyang s brow finally pick pick. Han Shan people did not see Yang Xiuchuan, the news itself has a great value. Thinking again and again, Jiang Zhengyang slowly said to Song, I want to meet the Song family Song, this is the only chance Chiang Kai shek He will not give up. Mouth showing a trace of ridiculous color, Yang Xiuchuan hands twist a piece of. pawn, calmly fell to the board above, calmly open the road. Hideaki master, what words, you may wish to say it. Youth smile a bit, leaving the hands of the pieces, spread out the hands of helplessly said. If Jiang Zhengyang in this, one can recognize, and now Jiang Zhengyang chess of the people, it is Song generation of Tianjiao Song Tianque, and Song Tianque s father, it is thanks to the Han Shan door under the disciples. I put forward the conditions, Jiang home simply can not accept So, help and Han Shan, Chiang is the only hope. Holding hands of the cup, Yang Xiuchuan mouth showing a trace of a smile, said softly. I still do not understand, what is the relationship with me Song Tianque said helplessly. Song has now become the last life of Chiang Kai shek straw So, no matter what conditions you ask, he will agree. Yang Xiuchuan leisurely said. You hair straightener brush ghd should not want me to cheat Chiang Zhengyang it Song Tian Que asked puzzled. You heard the Soviet Union who snake fairy And did not immediately answer, Yang Xiuchuan instead smiled and asked. You said that Su Wan Song Tian Que can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, is not rumored Su Wan went to the dark prison community, and Wu Chi Song Tianque did not finish, but the meaning has been very obvious. Su Wan own strength is very strong, but also Wu Chi s woman, this kind of person can not provoke. From now on, you start obsessed with the snake fairy. Mouth revealed hair straightener brush ghd a trace of ridiculous color, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said. what Song Tian Que can not help but hesitated, could not help but exclaimed out loud. Do you have any jokes, I have never seen Su Wan. that s not important. Pointing to the front of the board, Yang Xiuchuan indifferent said scrapped the Council has been cloth, and now you just want to lead Jiang Zhengyang into th.

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