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Hair Straightener Brush Heatons {ide is clearly not intended to Wu Chi more time to think, almost in the moment, the sword cut off over. The same is only the strength of incense, the same is the most familiar Wu Chi sword sword. Can be hit by the moment, let Wu pool has a great pressure. That kind of oppression, that is, th. ose who have felt the opponents of the past, but at the moment let Wu Chi really feel from their own mirror. And Wu Chi, derived from his mirror for the demeanor of each force are the most vividly used, there is no place not suited to any place, but only between the few strokes, the pressure of the Wu Chi some breathless Come. There is no doubt that he is the world s most terrible most difficult enemy. Whether it is for the Kendo sentiment, or for the sword of the sword of understanding, the other with their own general, and even deal with the more perfect than their own. A simple hands, the other party will be able to clearly insight into their own intentions, to make the most accurate judgments and reactions. That feeling really some people crazy. Only a short period of time, let Wu Chi has a vomiting blood impulses. What are the same with their own, such a metamorphosis of the mirror, how to win The worst thing is mirror is not afraid of death The face of the enemy, you can not hesitate to lose all sorts of life, even if the same is not necessarily not dare, but you can with their own mirror with the same can not hair straightener brush heatons do Wait What is the same Between the electro optical flint, Wu Chi is suddenly realized something, the eyes suddenly revealed a touch of Jingmang same How could it be exactly the same Perhaps the mirror can copy the same strength, the same sword, the same for the Kendo sentiment, but no doubt the lack of a most critical thing, that is the idea The simplest example. If the ex situ, Wu Chi is in the mirror position, the servant will be shameless forever only use the same as the play, relied on each other dare not die with each other into the road into the road. It is clear that this looks exactly the same with the Wu Chi mirror, but did not inherit someone this shameless. It is also aware of this, so that Wu Chi suddenly react over. Fighting itself is not mechanical you come to me, fight the powe.

ng but did not seated, but the eyes fell on the body of Su Wan. For a long time not seen, and now hair straightener brush heatons once again see Su Wan, Jiang Zhengyang heart can not help but some guilt. Su girl Brow slightly pick, Su Wan calmly looked at Chiang Zhengyang said not when, Zhengyang ancestors is what identity, Su Wan, but a little woman, can not afford. Listen to Su Wan s mouth to hear the share of indifferent meaning, Chiang Zhengyang heart can not help but burst of smile. Originally, he and Su Wan s friendship is also pretty good, but who can hair straightening brush verimark think of, so just a few months time, it happened so overturned changes. Thought to say something, can think about their own come here, Jiang Zhengyang suddenly feel that nothing has any meaning. Sighed a cry, Jiang hair straightener brush heatons Zhengyang turned to Su ancestors said Su brother, I do not hide from you, I just came from the Song. Hear the song of the word, the Soviet Union ancestors can not help but slightly frown, vaguely already have an ominous feeling. And do not wait for the ancestors of the Soviet Union to ask, Jiang Zhengyang has been self care of the said, days Que this child, the children hair straightener brush heatons at first sight, the old lady to see out, he is really like Ms. Is to do a media, You can not let the two children make a relationship Remark made, Su Wan face suddenly changed, looking to Jiang Zhengyang s eyes, already from the indifferent to the monstrous murderous. Jiang Zhengyang Feel Su Wan s wroth, Jiang Zhengyang heart slightly sigh, he naturally understand that doing so too much, but now for the Chiang family, he has not attend to the other. For Su Wan s call, from that sentence Su girl, into a child, had already done his mentality at the moment. Su girl, is in the prison community triple of hair straightener brush heatons friendship And this sentence Ms, but it is back to the identity of the ancestors of Jiang, the identity of the elders to pressure Su Wan. Su brother, do you think how And did not care about Su Wan, Jiang Zhengyang again asked. This Su ancestors softly said Ms is already big, marriage or by her own matter. Since the ancient times, the children of our marriage is that. we do the elders of the set, the so called parents of life, matchmaker of the words. Related to her life happy things. Sue brother of t.u Chi put it easy, but how she hair straightener brush heatons would not understand the hardships, Wu Chi said so, but just want to her heart only. To this time, and even scruples to her ideas, let her how not to move. I am sorry This is not the first time I am sorry to say that the cloud, although this is also no use, but in addition, she did not know what should be said. His hands clasped, pillow in the back of the head, Wu Chi lazily said You mean to jail it In the cloud Dutch view, if not hair straightener brush heatons their own point broken, asked Xiushui Jianjun to a fair, perhaps Wu Chi simply will not be punished, so count up. Naturally she was harmed Wu Chi. Unequal Yunhe replied, Wu Chi said softly For me, this may really be a good thing Penalty. for a hundred years Slowly repeated again, Ji Yifeng s face is suddenly exposed a trace of anger, damn, what is the punishment Xiushui Jianjun this is clear to protect him ah Outsiders may not see clearly, but the real understanding of the reasons for those who, it is easy to see through the essence of which. Had cited Wu Chi to Mangshan, itself is deliberately calculated. In Mangshan, regardless of Wu Chi and Bai Rong who said the truth, but this must have been forged a hatred. Luo Ying is not, Wu Chi in the door of the door, in fact, nothing to rely on. Wu Chi can be calculated once, naturally can calculate the second time With this lesson, the next shot, only more vicious, more Henla, at that time, Wu Chi may not be able to hide in the past. Can be punished into the jail prison, it may be fixed, and within a hundred straightening hair brush for african american hair years, Wu Chi can only be punished in the jail prison. Although the jail prison bitter, but absolutely no one can easily reach out to the jail prison. This way, the jail prison for Wu Chi, but it became the safest place. As for a hundred years later with Bai Rong that war, even more of a problem. Even after a hundred years, Wu Chi is still far less than Bai Rong, but do not forget, a hundred years later, killing Jianjun can come back. There are Luo Ying in, that is, by Bai Rong ten courage, he dare to kill Wu Chi it Such punishment, is simply disguised asylum. But the season is a peak but how do not want to understand, so end, Xiushui Jianjun how to so asylum Wu Chi, is on their own discip.ave, so naturally do not have to go, just a sword chopped robbery means of robbery, so that the two born from the bottom of my heart hair straightening brush south africa a sense of shock. Although Wu Chi is not to their shot, but it also makes them feel that the sword of terror. Eyes again fell to the stone left on the pool of Wu Chi, looking at the harsh name, two for a hair straightening brush near me time, do not even know what to say Sword broken method night Shen Xing, you have to take then sword that Watching the night Shen Xing, Yang Xiuchuan could not help but asked. Silence for a moment, the night Shenxing this slowly shook his head and said Wu Chi himself into the life and death Kendo, my road is undoubtedly his restraint, once involved in his sword domain, I am afraid that life and death will be banned Brow jumped, Yang Xiuchuan brow pick pick said may not be so terrible, that is to prohibit all the rules, but in fact, the root cause is still his own sentiment Practice to you this way, in fact, also The same has been out of the shackles of the rules of heaven and earth, as long as you in the life and dea. th on the road than his deep understanding of his sword domain, it can not be completely banned No supernatural powers are really invincible. Any means will have its flaws where Yang Xiuchuan see more clearly. You do not need to be really banned, as long as we can weaken has been terrible enough Sighed a cry, night Shenxing said softly You have not seen He really Road, not those into the road into the road , But Kendo itself ah Sword broken method, the essence of this supernatural power, is in a broken word above Once into his sword field, even if I feel more powerful than he was in life and death, he can still be broken, At that time, to seize my flaws, naturally hair straightener brush heatons easy Even more terrible is that this type of supernatural powers, not already qualitative, but can follow his ascension, hair straightening brush conair the power of continuous improvement ah Night Shenxing see very understand, and now Wu Chi really can be banned, in fact, only he The rules of the road that they felt. Wu Chi can choose the Kendo, but all the way to embrace all the way to Wu Chi that terrible understanding of the future will have the opportunity to enlighten other rules of the road, by the time, this type o.

Hair Straightener Brush Heatons r is already already collapsed. No, so go on, I am afraid we will never finish this heart bridge. Finally, Wu Chi could not hair straightening brush holster help but speak. All this seems too unusual, but also to the heart of Wu Chi finally gave birth to a trace of doubts. By reason, no matter what kind of test, at least let people see some hope fishes. Like in the prison community among the four, every test, but in fact it is only about 100 miles away from the distance, so even dangerous, even terrible, but still always give people a thought, a hope The But now in this heart on the bridge, but simply do not see any hope. Ten days of time, Wu Chi even could not remember how far away from their own This is definitely not far from the normal distance. Stopped, night Shenxing turned to Wu Chi said What hair straightening brush cvs do you think of Not sure shook his head, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said I just guess it, can not prove that the true and false speculation. Come and listen. Yang Xiuchuan can n. hair straightener brush heatons ot help but ask for some Italy, curious to ask. Finishing a bit of ideas, Wu Chi this slowly said You say, the magic from hair straightener brush heatons the heart If the heart of water, it will not have the magic of the hair straightener brush heatons breeding So, what is the existence of the heart of the bridge In fact, these days Wu Chi are thinking about such a problem. Before the impact of the demons, produced a walk through the heart of magic bridge, and even embark on the bridge bridge illusion In the face of the mirror at the same time, Wu Chi this realized that they are still caught in the demons Kenshin clear, broken demons of the shackles, this is in the heart of the bridge to wake up. It all looks so real. But what do you think is true Three people meet here, and after so many days to get along, naturally very clear that the other is real, not illusion. Can the foot of hair straightener brush heatons this heart magic bridge and must be true In accordance with the normal way of thinking, naturally only continue to walk in the heart of the bridge, with all the strength of struggling to survive, and slowly through the demons robbery is the right way. Wu Chi can be for this slut, his thinking this is an alternative. For him, nothing can not be questioned, dare not question. So here for so many days, but still still did not find the end of the heart of.son of the message, let s time to see you. Leaving the letter, Yang Yan did not stay, even hair straightener brush heatons when they got up and left. Slightly pondered a moment, Wu Chi can guess, the other side I am afraid not only to find their own one person, this way, it is tantamount to a wide range of net, not afraid of no harvest. So it seems that the Yang Yan can not look down. brush straightener on natural hair 4c Howev. er, Yang Yan was so mention, it touches reminded Wu Chi. Now have to think of ways to catch a little bit of stars for the job, otherwise do not convenient. Condensate star Dan also fills, but if the future, really hit what the temptation of things, missed, may be a pity. Yang Yan is just the means of making money, they can not learn In addition, what else Subconsciously put the glass, you can think for a long time, it seems that no way hair straightener brush heatons to fly. How did you make money in the past Think of this, Wu Chi himself can not help but write the Piezuizui. This thing is not a snatch to cheat, where there is any decent way wrong Punching abduction, which in itself is the fastest way to money it Just a slut who is wondering how to torture when the time, but do not know, turned around, Yang Yan has sold him clean. Zhang brother, another fat sheep on the hook Is not a fairy disciples, rest assured, I do not worry you do things Has long been confirmed, and only their own early strength of the broken star, know condensate star Dan, definitely worth a lot of money. Or the old rules, I go to contact the end, let s half A few letters issued by a few words, ebay hair straightening brush Yang Yan can not help but hang a trace of ridiculous color. These young people, ah, each eye is too top, since that is what great Tianjiao, where can hit a good thing, do not let them long memory, after the real loss of ah. Their own as a good thing, and then spend some effort, more educate some young people Well. Body twist, Yang Yan suddenly drilled into another restaurant. The son, I do not know how to call it If not wrong, then the son should be running the core of the palace into the palace, right Villain Yang Yan, here has been spent thousands of years, people send nickname know nothing is not a villain boast, in this, no matter the size of things, few villains do not know, even if the assessment of.

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