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Hair Straightener Brush In India are of this, the night Shen Xing suddenly vibrant. He was afraid of the horror of the judge only pen, once unable to continue to use the judge pen, to kill the guard is easy. In fact, that guarding the command is also aware of this, subconsciously give up the pursuit, but returned to the temple of life and death. Wu led a look of surprise and asked The two criminals are obviously not support, as long as the adults bang, must be able to kill them ah Have to say. Wu Chi Zhesi acting very good Guardian command did not realize that the servant in the bumbling, but worried about the explanation No, the power of the pen is too strong, not I can control, I have some exhaustion, simply can not continue to kill. What can I do Wu Chi looked worried and said Otherwise, let s go Nonsense Chen Sheng snapped the sentence, the guard command shook his head and said Grand judge given hair straightener brush in india the judge pen, that is, best electric hair straightening brush let us town to kill them, and now hold the judge pen, but also let them back, we have any face to see life and death How to do that Wu Chi bitter again asked. Give you Will judge the pen into the hands of Wu Chi, guarding the command of Chen Sheng told You also feel the road of life and death, the same can temporarily control the judge pen, you keep here, extremely blocked them hair straightener brush malaysia in the house I will restore power as soon as possible Replace you. Took the judge pen, Wu Chi heart has long been blooming, but the surface is still still put on a reluctant look, adults that, I can not ah My strength is worse than they are And, I will not use the judge pen at all There is a judge in the hand, with your own strength has a fart relationship, as long as you can urge even a trace of the power of the pen, they will never be your hair straightener brush in india hair straightener brush in india opponent Scolded a sentence, guard again open the road A stick of incense, as long as you hold a stick of incense time, I will be able to recover, that time, they are naturally not opponents. Hear this, Wu Chi this bitter bite the teeth, Well, I listen to adults. Between the words, Wu Chi tightly holding the judge pen, a look like the enemy, standing on the entrance to the hall. Will judge the pen in his hand, Wu Chi immediately felt the power of that powerful, infuriating flow, slowly into the ju.color, middle aged and said But, you think into this prison, but also alive to leave it Even if the whole body was locked in the dark chain, middle aged body is still extremely dangerous atmosphere, even though Wu Chi has now proven, also did not the slightest chance of winning. Although not the king of the prison community, but the strength of each other is still extremely terrible, is undoubtedly the most terrible strong. Eyes fell on the other side of the chain above the body, Wu Chi then sneered No matter how terrible you have the strength, and now locked here, but also play a little bit of strength to If you really have to kill my ability, may wish to simply Make it come out. Even in this case, Wu Chi is still very cool, sneer openly ridiculed. Chapter. 431 of the supernatural war In the phrase If not locked by the dark chain of the body and spirit, who was under the countless terrorist seal, not to mention a Wu Chi, that is, ten, waving between the off, where also need to fictitious intimidation And for the Wu Chi, this is the only life lies. Cloud Peng Sneer a cry, middle aged Chen Sheng told the road. Master respect Bend a prayer, Li Yunpeng suddenly stepped out of the body, the body suddenly skyrocketed, tightly locked the Wu Chi atmosphere. Although not yet played, but Wu Chi is also able to feel, Li Yunpeng s strength is equally terrible, is now their own, did not even win the grasp. To know, now Wu Chi, but has been the perfect way to warrants Road, almost has been standing in the peak of this world. Mind turn, Wu Chi has been reflected over the eyes flashed a trace of Hanmang, You are also step by step into the prison community seven of the straightening hair brush african american genius, right so willing to be enslaved by him Li Yunpeng Although now also look a little grim, but with the kind of breath that middle aged body is different, who has not been locked by the dark chain, coupled with the strength now shown, Wu Chi is not difficult to guess the results. Eyes flashed a trace of complex color, Li Yunpeng did not answer, but slowly removed from the void of their own knife, such as ink knife Lengheng a cry, middle aged indifferent said Yunpeng in the prison community six years old, but also enlightenment of the nine t.

the sleeves of fifty thousand stars handed the past, softly said This is a little bit of meaning, but also please help out. Along the location of Zhang Fengyang, glanced at, Zhou Yiqun immediately noticed Wu Chi, drilling a look, you can feel, indeed some extraordinary Moreover, now Wu Chi seems to have been with what people, obviously not unusual look like a lively look. Chapter 538 Borrowing the Battle Eyes slowly recovered from the Wu Chi body, Zhou Yiqun and glanced at the storage bag, see inside a full five thousand stone, can not help but resist. Nothing more than just swap the order of playing it, simply not a great thing After all, for the fairy palace, the establishment of this challenge, that hair straightener brush in india is, to establish the majesty of the fairy temple, to prohibit others to challenge the success only. If he deliberately lose, he is not dare, but just ahead of some of the other side to challenge the stage, but no big deal. As Zhang Fengyang said, but it is a smooth people only. As for Wu Chi and what is between the three cases of resentment, he hair straightener brush in india is not the only thing he needs to worry about. Think of this, Zhou Yiqun suddenly received a star stone, light replied I know Followed by the wretched little man behind, Wu Chi heart but can not help but burst of doubts. This period of time, the other side is always in the various open gambling Handicap rotation, did not have any action, naturally they hair straightener brush in india can not see the slightest exception to. The results, so that Wu Chi can not help but some accidents, do not, this time they even judged wrong Wu Chi in the hearts of hesitation whe. n the small seven finally wait until the letter of Zhang Fengyang. See the letter content instantly, the small seven finally breathed a sigh of relief, do not want to, directly to the Wu Chi that fifty thousand star stone to pay the immortal disciples to win. There is no false link, that is, in the name of Wu Chi, freshly under the re injection. A fifty star stone, which is not a small number, and responsible for the gambling of the people glanced at the small seven one, although the bet, but in the first time the news will be up. Between the moment, Handicap odds suddenly adjusted down, hair straightener brush in india it will be the normal odds. In the as you did not use the fruit before the same Su Wan immediately understand the meaning of Wu Chi, Chen Sheng asked. Yes Nodded his head, Wu Chi Chen Sheng said good fruit, is a cause and effect hair straightener brush in india Cause and effect must be settled, but it can be controlled down, wait until the appropriate opportunity to repeat the knot. As long as it is temporarily sealed up, I will be able to continue to practice At that time, regardless of the murder of the empty monk cut off the cause and. effect, or find opportunities to express causal road, there is the possibility best hair brush straightener of success. Paused, Wu Chi continued And, if not guess the wrong Prison world of four of the free purgatory, it should contain the road of life and death, if you can enter them, even if the road alone, Can not solve the threat of good fruit. Do you want to break into the prison world Hear this, Su Wan can not help but suddenly pale. Shook his head, Wu Chi slowly said I did not grasp to be successful, this is a last resort under the last resort Yang Xiuchuan will not be so easy to stop Before he left the prison community before the triple, will certainly be a cleaning of others to ensure that Yang in the prison community triple position Paused, Wu Chi continued We And Yang Ji grudges for a long time, if he was, there are sure I can not be too sure against Yang, but if not and how can we rest assured Hear this, Su Wan can not help but frowned tightly. Think of Yang Xiuchuan that horrible strength, but also feel some sense of powerlessness. Smiled, fingers in the body of Su Wan gently strokes, Wu Chi once again said rest assured, he may not be able to cover the next day, there will always be a way However, you have to seize the time to practice if Really to the last resort, only you have the power to deter other people, I can safely leave the prison community triple. Having said that, Su Wan actually already understand. Wu Chi is really born to break the prison community four minds, and, I am afraid that is already determined, only a chance. Chapter 362 The temptation of the empty monk More than a year, but fleeting. As Wu Chi expected, only took less than two months time, he used the power of Dong Fu, the body of the good fruit sealed up, although.ndifferent opening. Almost the death of hair straightening brush sri lanka the sentence of life and death of the moment, those guards immediately shot again, fiercely toward the two attack. Standing next to the heart of Wu Chi can not help but burst of tremor, and constantly calculate how to deal with the judge of life and death. However, Wu Chi surprised that a full half a day, life and death judge seems to have never thought of him, neither to recover the meaning of the pen, but did not punish his meaning. This makes Wuchi more and more puzzled mind. Thought, Wu Chi but carefully walked toward hair straightening brush jml the death of the judge. Under the worship of life and death Eyes fell on the hands of the judge Wu Chi above the sentence, life and death judge slowly said holding the judge pen in hand, is it to let you here to watch the fun Heart flashed countless ideas, Wu Chi tentative opening The adults, that will not use the judge pen ah Between the words, Wu Chi and even backhand will be sentenced to judge, also called the big shot straightening hair brush uk personally shot You come, the official pass you judge the use of pen, be sure to stop him into the door of life and death. His words, Wu Chi s heart suddenly thrown a monstrous waves In the same way, before the hall, the life and death judge said once, but also to his body into a trace of judge, said that you can use the power of three hair straightener brush side effects judges pen. At the same time, life and death judge a pointing out, Wu Chi suddenly felt, but also a ray of breath into their own body. Do not speed shot Completed all this, life and death judge suddenly cold snapped Road. This moment, Wu Chi s heart suddenly flashed a frightening idea. Whether it is looks or the atmosphere, in front of the life and death judge and their former experience of life and death judges are exactly the same, naturally can not be two different people. Unfortunately, life and death in front of the life and death judge seems to simply do not remember what happened before, like the first time to see their own. Moreover, even in this case, life and death judges would rather give yourself a ray of judge, let yourself urge the judge pen to kill two people, and not personally shot. So, does it mean that life and death judge actually, simply can not be hands with people T.

Hair Straightener Brush In India t of people, even if the mouth of the curse of the fierce, those who are willing to take the opportunity to participate in the Fairy Palace assessment with them to lose trouble. But this goods is simply ready to Kengren counterparts, it is completely different. As long as the slightest discontent, I m afraid dare to poke out, make a fish dead net broken. This situation under the Wu Chi trouble, but they can not sleep ah. As for the murder, since already know Wu Chi is pretending, and where will believe that Wu Chi only the strength of the initial stage, as long as they can not kill in a short time, it is bound to provoke big trouble, the consequences of them Simply can not afford. Of course, if Wuchi really one will be half, or even all have to, even if it is adventure, he also tried to kill Wu Chi out. Can be open to the pool is very measured, one third, which happens to be very painful in his, but there are barely able to accept the range, for one third of the star stone, go hard, is not worth it These thoughts suddenly turne. d in the brain, Zhang Fengyang immediately have a decision. Wrist doubled, suddenly took out more than sixty thousand star stone thrown into a space ring, directly to hair straightener brush professional the Wu Chi. This brother, this time we planted, leaving a million children, right Zhang Fengyang staring at Wu Chi Chen Sheng opening Road. Put away the star stone, Wu Chi smiled and looked at each other and said how, but also want to get back to the marketplace Brothers have the benefits, but also should let us know who is planted in the hands of it Yang Yan followed the interface Road. Wu Chi, shameless Pooh, should have thought that this is simply a pseudonym Brow to pick the pick, Wu Chi glanced at a few people, this lazily said want to get back to the field, I am at any time to accompany As for the name, Xiaoye line is not renamed to sit and surname, Mo Yan is also Put down this sentence, Wu Chi immediately do not go back to the head, leaving only a Niubihonghonghouhou. Mo Yan, it is Mo Yan Some people naturally do not know, now Mo Yan, has long been his pit burst of tears. This slut who left the pseudonym, it can not move the brain from a free it And then bad, you also for a person pit ah Watched Wu.ou See Yuno changed his face, Wu Chi slightly hesitated, then had no choice but to smile Pei Pei, is the wrong thing I do not work Yun Ho Shimei, you rest assured, I was hard life, not so Easy to die. Although Wu Chi is a very relaxed look, but in fact, Yun He is very clear, want to make such a decision is not easy. hair straightener brush in india She is not clear Wu Chi and Li Yunpeng what kind of relationship, but only by Wu Chi now this attitude is enough to make her mind on the Wu Chi how much better. Although it seems a bit silly, but this kind of friendship, but how can people be assured of many. Yes, where are I going to visit the door Mangshan demons Looked at Wu Chi, the task of dispatching disciples can not help but some doubts, the Young, you sure you want to go to Mangshan Yeah, what s the matter Wu Chi replied innocently. Do not be joking, the young brother just to light up the star soon hair straightener brush in india Is hair straightener brush in india no longer lack of stone can not be sent to death ah. The disciples shook his head, kindly persuaded If you really miss the hair straightener brush work stone, then I There are a lot of simple internal tasks, you can look at some of the. For this kindly disciple, Wu Chi gave birth to a little bit of goodwill, but this discouragement, he naturally can not listen to the. Thank you reminded, but I still want to go to Mangshan. Mouth overflow a trace of a smile, Wu hair straightener brush in india Chi wrist doubled, has been the real disciples of the token to take out, trouble you help me check, Xiushui Feng Li Yunpeng is divided in which group, when. starting To see the true disciples token, that disciple was obviously shocked, I m sorry, I m sorry I do not know is Wu brothers Put a waved, Wu Chi shook his head No, I should thank you for your reminder But I really hair straightener brush in india want to go to Mangshan look. Really disciples of identity on that, even if the strength of Wu Chi and then poor, no one has reason to block. The disciples immediately in accordance with the instructions of the Wu Chi Wu pool for a good answer to the Mangshan task, Wu brothers, starting tomorrow morning, if you really want to go, please also early to prepare. Thank you. Nodded his head, Wu Chi to recover the true disciples token, then turned away. Tomorrow morning to start You really can not wait to want me to die. Secretly sneer a.

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