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Hair Straightener Brush India hair straightener brush where to buy the first to the crime. But this is no way things, Wu Chi identity, after all, in the ratio of performance, related to the distribution of resources Jianfeng. Of course, to Luo Ying Wu Chi s attitude, even if the Wu Chi in the big fool, will not be deprived of the identity of the disciples, but if Wu Chi really lost in the core disciples of the challenge, is bound to affect the sword peak Acquired resource allocation. For Jianfeng s disciples, this is the most vital interests. Wu Chi is no annoying, after all, only from the words to see, I am afraid it is difficult to have any people will be optimistic about his strength. Just heard Yao Long words, Wu Chi is some hair straightening brush amazon puzzled Is not it true that the disciples can not refuse the challenge of each other This is the words of the cloud said, Wu Chi naturally remember. Challenge naturally can not be rejected, but it can be postponed. Nodded his head, Yao Long immediately explained If someone to challenge Wu brothers, Wu brothers can ask him to me first, if win, naturally can Continue to challenge, if lost, they will naturally lose the qualification of the challenge. Hear this, Wu Chi finally understand this come over. If the other side is defeated, is it that you challenge me Wu Chi is not stupid, a little thought to understand the reason, that is to let himself push to him, but also is polite look, in fact, no matter how their own decision, Yao Long can take things over. The reason is that he is also the same to challenge themselves. This way, it is equivalent to Yao Long will be all the trouble to pick up the past. From this sentence, Wu Chi is also able to feel the arrogance of Yao Long who is almost equal to that in the core disciples, he is better tha. n everyone else ah. Wu brothers assured, to do hair straightener brush reviews philippines so, just to block those misconduct outsiders only, after I win, naturally not with the hands of Wu brothers. Yao Long once again explained. Help Wu pool to block all the challenges, and then in the face of Wu Chi, and then throw in the towel, which is naturally the best way. However, this way, will naturally fall the population is real, ridicule Wu Chi even the core disciples are afraid to accept the challenge. A turn to read, Wu Chi will understand the.und, Han Shan Shang s strength was suppressed, Xi Jun should be banned the results. If into the upper bound, and then involved in the case with the dark star of the matter, it really is looking for death. Do you think that you can hide it Xi Jun should be smiling and asked. Wu Chi does not hair straightener brush singapore answer, but that expression has already explained his mind. Now femjolie hair straightener brush uk he is about to go through the vanity soaring, as long as Xi Jun should no longer participate, so a little man, want to come and how will not let the dark star master attention to it. Eyes reveal a trace of joking meaning, Xi Jun should hair straightener brush india be faint asked judge red robe, but also fun it This sentence is like a thunder like, severely hit the hearts of Wu Chi, Wu Chi shock the whole people are some ignorant. Life and death judge this identity, even Wu Chi himself did not figure out what is going on, but now Xi Jun should be a broken, so that Wu Chi has a fear of being completely seen through their own, as if in front of each other, the fundamental There is no secret at all. You are in the dark prison community was the identity of the judge, do you think this seat really do not know what Xi Jun should be faint, said Han Shan steal the seat of a wish, if not your judge red robe body, He is really willing to anti bite death is not a Dark prison world, although now is the control of this seat, but in fact, it is created by hair straightener brush india the dark star Including your life and death judge s identity, in the final analysis, are also stolen to, once into the upper bound, you Will the Dark Lord see it Xi Jun should take it lightly and then step back and say that the Han Shan even if there is no, but also by the dark star of the Lord s life to kill the base You kill him, but also idiot that, as long as the upper bound to nothing Do you still think that you are like the three little guys, behind a strong teacher can support you Some words that punish the heart, but it is no straightening hair brush ceramic doubt playing in the Wu Chi above the key. Willing to bite this rhetoric, coaxed Liu Changtong them, but can not hide from the dark star Han Shan Shangsheng death, Xi Jun should be trapped, this responsibility is always someone to bear. Their own at this time into the upper bound, I m afraid really have been.

head, one of them whispered Wu Ye if not dead, but those who refuse, dare to let us want to presumptuous Mention this, a few people can not help heart sigh Yes ah, the original years, that is, those prison double, triple in the big man to this are not presumptuous, hair straightener brush india but now, actually followed by others A lot of battles, dead a lot of brothers Xiao Ye seems to have been injured. Do not say that hair straightener brush india nobody, I heard that the prison community among the three, some people dare to Su girl shot Just like, a lot of magic people together, this forced back each other Yes ah, Su girl has returned to the golden world, and I heard that is to find Yang Xiuchuan confirmed Wu Ye s message. Hard Shook his head, the man sighed Xiao Ye seems to have been initiation of the retreat, maybe some days will leave the dark prison community. Oh, so good Wu Ye and other people, even died in the prison community among the five, too terrible ah These people talked and walked in the past, but did not find in the side of the stature of the Wu Chi. Suddenly, Wu Chi s eyes is suddenly revealed a touch of terror murderous. Although only a few words, but he is still able to guess what happened in these years. Their own five years in the prison community spent more than ten years, it seems that these people are really dead when they are, even some people dare to deceive the head of Su Wan. Originally Wu Chi hair straightener brush india is going to see the night owl, at the moment but suddenly changed his mind. Since these people think they die, then let them jump enough, this account, sooner or later is to be considered a clear. And their own death hair straightener brush india of the news, who is out of what Yang Xiuchuan or night stars Whether it is Yang, or Chiang family or any other people, Wu Chi want to see, at the moment they are what attitude So they jump enough, this account, always have to clean up about. Mind transfer, Wu Chi suddenly left the night owl s station, flew toward the distance. Thinking for a moment, W. u Chi is still not assured Zhou Bo their security, from the arms out of the letter, quietly sent a message to Zhou Boyan. Just listen to those who said that Su Wan seems to have returned to the golden world, but their words may not be completely credible, always find intentional, even if clearly know, how can it Is it possible to blame Xiushui Jianjun too generous Carefully received, with this water mirror talisman, you are tantamount to a more life. Satisfied nodded his head, Luo Ying Wu Chi said to tell Road. Jail prison thing, is my responsibility, should give Wu hair straightener brush india Shi nephew some compensation. Even Xiushui Jianjun have sent something, cold star how to be able to stay out, However, since it is a penalty for a hundred years, So, I hope Luo brothers still let Wu Shi nephew finished this hundred years sentence. Luo Ying bluntly let the day into the jail prison, you can cold star of the temper, but how willing to give up easily, and now take advantage of this opportunity to mention again. Brow slightly a pick, Luo Ying looked at the cold star Jianjun, this slowly said This kid I do not know the sky is thick, was the penalty should be, in my opinion, it is hair straightening brush without heat better to let him into the day jail prison to eat some bitterness also it is good. His words, everyone can not help but slightly Yizheng, is cold star also did not expect Luo. Ying will say so. In fact, according to his meaning, so that Wu Chi again into the jail, but also to the people to do a look at the jail, the other disciples have an account of it. After all, Wu Chi is now only the strength of the initial star is an indisputable fact. Luo Ying is extremely concerned about the disciples of Wu Chi, how to agree to let him into a jianjian prison However, to his strength now, into the jianjian really dangerous.Therefore, if the cold teacher is willing to come up with some condensate hair straightener brush india stars Dan, then let him like a jail jail penalty to the door when the big better than when Luo Ying continued. Condensate stars Dan, hear this, cold star Jianjun can not help but slightly Yi Zheng. Condensate star Dan for the practice of great benefits, and the hair straightener brush india most critical is that you can protect the life of stars, if there is condensate stars Dan, even in the days of jail and prison support does not go, but also eat some bitterness only, and no life risk. Just condensate star Dan is extremely valuable, there are no people within the sword there is no refining, cold star is also a chance coincidence, the hands of some. Luo.ay be a war possible. But now, the power of the stars of the heart was driven, the sword of the moment to bear the pressure of the stars, and where there is spare capacity with hair straightener brush tns Xi Jun should be hands. burst Mind a horizontal, Jian Zu s body suddenly burst open, into a horrible sword of gas, tear directly through the void. Blew If later, and so Wu Chi led the hearts of enough stars to die, the sword ancestors will no longer struggle, can only bet on life to refining the hair straightening brush less than 25 stars of the heart But now, Wu Chi also support, in fact, there is no real start completely refining the stars of the heart. In this case, the sword ancestors to the warrior s determination, suddenly blew, but is tantamount to completely pick out their own. Although the body burst open, but in fact, repair to his realm of this, where it is so easy to die But by this opportunity, open the void toward the stars fled away. Just now, the power of the stars of the heart is completely exploded in an instant. If Xi Jun should be unable to control the whole Wanjian fear is will be razed to the ground, as what Wu Chi, or other disciples within the door of life and death, has long been the sword ancestors on the heart. In this case, if the dare to reach out to the heart of the stars, even if Xi Jun should not be affordable. This time when the sword said, he can not refining, Xi Jun should also be difficult to refining He is intended to cover the whole Wanjian as a funeral, destroyed Xi Jun should be the opportunity to refining the stars of the heart. Chapter 522 Lu Ying died For a moment, all the faces changed. Even Luo Ying and cold star Jianjun, this moment is also a cold heart. Jianzu this look, it is too vicious, and once the hearts of the stars out of control, the whole swords, I am afraid that only a few of them Jianjun can live down, and, they have to run fast, otherwise the same dangerous. See you This is your sword ancestors so mind, what qualifications become the star Eyes full of contempt for the color, Xi Jun should be a faint opening ridicule Road. The next moment, Xi Jun should be the body of the wind and move. retreat back, the palm is still firmly toward the heart of the stars to catch. Fool, see clearly, you can not do thi.

Hair Straightener Brush India nt me to call you Sister, right As always, frivolous, but at the moment to hear the words of Wu Chi, cloud Dutch heart but instead of a trace of unspeakable joy, white Wu Chi a glance, said If you want to call, I do not stop you. If the change is called Sister, would not it look you old. I looked at it, it is more beautiful than the original a bit, do not see the old thing. Mouth smile, Wu Chi serious nonsense. Heard Wu Chi said he is more beautiful, cloud Dutch heart can not help but some joy, it touches no more scolded him nonsense. Mind a move, eyes fell to the body of Li Dongsheng, Yunge then softly said Dongsheng brothers, so many years later, the original things let him go. Li Dongsheng was originally because he was only to Wu Chi this provocation, although acting some of the extreme, but also suffered a hundred years of suffering, but also expose the. At least Yun He do not want to see Li Dongsheng and Wu Chi from the conflict. Face complex look at the cloud load one, Li Dongsheng heart naturally understand that today s cloud Dutch has not been able to hey the. Silence for a moment, Li Dongsheng toward the Wu Chi bend a prayer. Wu brothers, I know now I have not your opponent, but still want a war at least let me know, and how much difference between you Took a deep breath, Li Dongsheng continued If you miss today, I m afraid I can not really raise the courage to sword out of you. Zongmen than in that, Wu Chi once in the big ratio over those who beat the disciples, for his pressure will only be greater. This hundred years, hair straightener brush india and Wu Chi really a war, which has almost become his obsession. And now, by Wu Chi has just come back the opportunity, no doubt it is the best time. Looked at Li Dongsheng one, Wu Chi slightly sighed, Well, I promise you. Wu Chi was originally had to kill the murder of Li Dongsheng, but so many years in the past, with the strength of the upgrade, the original point of the conflict, has long been Wu Chi was pregnant. A hundred years ago, we had a sword of the Covenant, today, I only out of a sword. Looked at Li Dongsheng, Wu Chi said quietly. This is already very arrogant, but at the moment from the mouth of Wu Chi said, but it seems so should be. Li Dongsheng s eyes re.give up the struggle, the will once the collapse, is the spirit of all off, even Xi Jun Should react again and then have no time to stop. When Qian Zhang Xinghai over time, Wu will pool their real has reached the limit. This is still in the dark prison prison in the field of continuous refining the results of the honing, but should obviously do not know that such a chance, it is too rare, and his expectations of Wu Chi, but also far more than anyone Imagine both taller. So, even know that Wu Chi may have been to the limit, and Xi Jun should still not shot the plan. The limit itself is used to break If not break their limits, how can become a real strong. At this point, happens to be Luo Ying once again sword, to be with Jun Jun should be the time to fight. The brow slightly a pick, Xi Jun should suddenly said Do not you want to know, your disciples can hold for how long Luo Ying, as we play a bet Luo Ying had already determined the death of the determination, but suddenly heard Xi Jun should be the words, but let his stature hair straightener brush india slightly stagnant. He is not afraid of death, but wherever there is such a chance, and how can we bear to see Wu Chi died A stick of incense is limited, if he can hold a stick of incense time die, the king will be shot hair straightener brush groupon to save him, or even you can leave. A stick of incense Hear this figure, Luo Ying heart can not help but severely Yi C. han This seems to be just a very short hair straightener brush india time, but in fact, Luo Ying is very clear, this state, a stick of incense for Wu Chi, what is the long, it seems like life, in fact, seems to be a Hateful mockery. This is impossible Mouth slightly up, Xi Jun should leisurely opening The Jun also feel impossible, but this is his only life You should be very clear, now you, and did not save his ability You called the death of war, It s just dying. It s better to just put your life and death, all the gambling to the hair straightener brush india little guy s body Xi Jun should make these words suddenly let Luo Ying lost his voice. As Xi Jun should be said, this is indeed the only life, even if it seems impossible, at least still always a hope. At least than he desperate a war, seemed more hope. With this hope, he can not refuse. Finger little, vanity suddenly appeared in a stick of in.

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