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Hair Straightener Brush Japan of others, the rest are all that the three Dongfu occupied by the main house. This is because Jiang Zhengyang is not competition, Lu Shaochuan was killed by the night star, the last two also died in the hands of Yang Xiuchuan results. Stature suddenly flash, Yang Ye first flew to the prison station, and now so many people, the only one without any pressure, I am afraid that is Ye Ye. With Yang Ye take the lead, the remaining few people are also all to the prison community hair straightener brush japan to fly. hair straightener brush japan To this point, the delay has been meaningless, then it is only desperate to hold the test of the prison community, to obtain the soul of the soul to survive the hope. Wu Chi did not immediately leave, but will once again fell to hair straightener brush japan the eyes of Su Wan s body. Tightly pulled Wu Chi s hand, the eyes flashed a trace of complex color, Su Wan, after all, suddenly a bite, pushed the prison mark. Wu Chi, alive back, otherwise I will not live alone Voice down the moment, Su Wan s figure then slowly disappeared. This sudden change, can not help but Chiang Kai shek and empty monks and others at the same time pale. Wu Chi, Su girl this is Looked at Wu Chi, Jiang Zhengyang Chen Sheng asked. This is a man thing, with her a woman have anything to do Shrugged his shoulders, Wu Chi a very impatient look, Zhengyang ancestors, careful Yang Xiuchuan, my things, you do not worry about the trouble Listening to Wu Chi this seemingly kindly reminded, Jiang Zhengyang is almost no blood spit it out. Be careful brush straightener verimark Yang Xiuchuan Do you still say that According to his plan, the original is to let Jiang Wenfeng control Su Wan, and then dragging Su Wan with Chiang Jia people stay to. gether, this way, if Yang Xiuchuan to Jiang Wenfeng start, it is bound to even kill together Su Wan Wu Chi s temper, if you do not want Su Wan died, it is bound to fight to block Yang Xiuchuan. In this way, Jiang Zhengyang will be able to get out, whether it is to return to Dong Fu detangling hair straightener brush reviews protection Jiang Rui, or find the opportunity to Yang people in turn threaten Yang Xiuchuan talk about the conditions, can control the situation in hand. Who can think of, Wu Chi even in the prison community to open the moment, directly to the Su Wan left the prison community triple, or even stay, and not so stingy Right Chen He smiled and said. Steps have been given, Wu Chi hair straightener brush japan finally no longer stalemate, I m sorry, white brothers, I did not want to harm you, but then the kind of situation Heard Wu Chi explained, Bai Rong face showing a trace of a smile, waved his hand and said Well, I understand Just a little trivial only, as long as you are safe. Paused, Bai Rong continued You may not know, and now Mangshan these demons go to war, has been annoying Xiushui Shishu, the door of the elders have been on the road, and calculate the time, almost hair straightener brush japan wait Half a day, it is up. Look a slight move, Wu Chi surprised to ask has been disturbed Xiushui Jianjun it Yes Nodded his head, Bai Rong lightly laughed These demons, Luo Shishu hate the bones, but did not dare to find Luo Shishu trouble, and now know that you Luo Shishu s true disciples to the Mangshan, naturally is to Take care of you at all costs. Speaking of this white glory revealed a trace of disdain of the color, but some fools only, even if Luo Shishu not, do they think that I have nothing to swords Hear this, apalus hair straightening brush ceramic hair straightener straight hair styling Wu Chi seems to be finally calm down. Seems to suddenly remembered what, his face can not help but a slight change, Yunpeng Young Heard Wu Chi these words, a few people can not help but slightly Yi Zheng, then his face showing a trace of embarrassment of the color, Lee Young after you left, but also left, we only look for you, there is no news of Lee Young. Blame me His face showing a trace of chagrin the color, Wu Chi Meng stamped the stomp, Yun Peng he did not even literate, how to survive here, how to do We hurry to find him. I am afraid too late. Shook his head, Bai Rong sighed Li Shidi is too weak, and now has more than one day in the past, fear is already hair straightening brush ghd too fierce and less hair straightener brush japan Ji Ji now dangerous situation, we rushed again, I am afraid Wi. ll fall into danger. Paused, Bai Rong continued For the time being, wait until the door of the elders to one, to repel these demon. We will find again Seems to understand the danger now, Wu Chi hesitated, after all, or nodded his head. We converge the atmosphere, let s try not to go away, as long as the halfway through the time, it s all right. Looked around, Bai Rong pointed not far from a t.

danger is really too fast, there is no chance of the slightest reaction. The moment or a simple test, between the twinkling of an eye, it becomes a hair straightener brush japan cruel life and death fight, hair straightener brush japan and is already premeditated to kill the Council. Do not say that outsiders, even in the Bureau, Wu Chi also did not have time to react. Not Wu Chi careless, but he could not think of in the case of the door than on, Bai Rong Gan under the killer, or that Bai Rong have the opportunity to kill the next. Liu long old suddenly obsessed, Bai Rong suddenly dafni hair straightening brush review launched an attack, even to shrink into the size of the supernatural powers to escape may be sealed. This is the real kill of the bureau. Wu Chi even if there is any means, but also simply too late to display it, it is the other side did not give him the slightest reaction time. Until he realized that all this time, that terror Jianmang has cut down, or even about to fall on his body. Shot is white, but in fact, this sword is Ji Jingfeng fine layout, completely sealed all possible. Wu Chi even stronger, the strength of the gap placed in that, under the hasty, it is impossible to have the slightest possible escape. In fact, Wu Chi is also too late to move, as long as that star Hua Jianmang fell to the body, it. is bound to be dead end of death, even the star will be broken together. However, in this moment of life and death crisis, Wu hair straightening brush good guys Chi who suddenly revealed a touch of blue Guanghua. Breathing, Wu Chi s body suddenly turned out to be exactly the same with his virtual shadow. Click Xinghua chopped, only to form a virtual shadow incarnation moment collapse broken into a pure water into the spirit of Wu Chi s body. Water mirror talisman Xiushui Feng s disciples can not help but exclaimed instantly. Who did not expect, Wu Chi s body will have water mirror talisman, but that only Xiushui Jianjun to refining the body treasures Even Xiushui Jianjun really disciples, only two people have only. It is no exaggeration to say that there are water mirror talisman on the body, it is tantamount to a life. This water mirror talisman, itself is before the Wu Chi pitch jail when the Luo Ying back to discuss the time to seek compensation, Xiushui Jianjun to Wu Chi. Received the time, Luo Ying.rely ridicule Let you deal with How do you want to deal with, in this to give me care to Dongfu to the old days of it Said before the time also fills, and now in. front of the cloud so that the surface of the mouth, is simply in his face slap in the face, the moment, Li Dongsheng shame angry face bloodstained, almost impossible to control their own. Wu Chi You will regret it, I swear, you will regret it How, but also threatened to kill me Careful opening, Wu Chi is still a pair of dead and deadly posture. Waved to prevent the Li Dongsheng, Yun He turned to the direction of Dong Fu, said softly Yun He saw Wu brothers. Yunhuo Shimei no extravagant. Smile answered the sentence, Wu Chi is clearly very satisfied with this one of the brothers called, but the words are still revealing a trace of mockery of the meaning of the gas Li Dongsheng shaking. Yun He would like hair straightener brush ksa to ask Wu brothers, so that cloud to the sword, is the meaning of Jianjun, or Wu Brothers own meaning Do not care about Wu Chi s attitude, Yun He asked again. What is the difference Wu Chiwei some surprised, curious to ask. However, if the meaning hair straightener brush japan of Wu Xiong brother, Yun Ying would like to ask for a relationship to the brothers, and now the practice of Yunhe is a critical moment, inconvenience distracted, it is not mind to take care of Brothers. Cloud of the sound is very light, but these words are revealing a rejection of thousands of miles away in the meaning. Let her come to kill Jianjun meaning, or Wu Chi s meaning is not important, because now Luo Ying is not in the case, how to say are Wu Chi a word thing. Importantly, she has shown her attitude, as long as Wu Chi homeopathic say a few words, you can put this matter in the past. This is also before, Yunhe already had a good idea. Unfortunately, she did not understand Wu Chi s temper. hair straightener brush japan If not Li Dongsheng naughty, maybe Wu Chi also homeopathic expose, after all, for him, now some low key is always a good thing. But Li Dongsheng so a downtown, but it is so clear to understand the Wu Chi, no matter how their own concessions, the trouble will not be reduced. Even if there is no cloud of things, there will always be other excuses, their own not as peaceful. Moreover, today has been offe.

Hair Straightener Brush Japan had said to Wu pool received good water mirror talisman, perhaps more than a life. Wu Chi, although every time too concerned, but it has always been with, until now, in this slaughter of the Council, the water mirror talisman suddenly open, abruptly Wu Chi from the edge of death pulled back. Wu Chi s reaction is extremely fast, if not something happened too suddenly, he will not fall into such risks. Through the water mirror talisman to stimulate the gap, Wu Chi has long been a thorough reaction over. A moment, kill monstrous Mouth revealed a trace of sneer color, Ji Yifeng standing outside the sword sword, eyes again squint up. Do you think there is water mirror talisman Which in itself is his own arrangements to kill the Council, Bai Rong used to set out the stars, but also his inspiration Bai Rong may not know the water mirror talisman thing, but he is early from hair straightener brush best buy Ling days Jianjun that learned. Since you want to kill Wu Chi, how will forget the existence of water mirror talisman Xinghua nine cut From the name should know that the sword contains nine changes, said to be a sword, but in fact, but it contains the power of nine Of course, to the strength of Bai Rong, it is impossible to really show these nine hit out. Can at least three cut the power or some. And water mirror talisman, but only can only stimulate once boom A blow to cut off the water mirror talisman hair straightener brush 4c hair of the virtual shadow of the incarnation, Bai Rong eyes murder more Sheng, between the twinkling of an eye, Xi. nghua once again bloom, the second cut blatantly fall. Do so much preparation, Bai Rong naturally understand that since the hands of is endless, no more than the back of the force. No matter what kind of price to pay, he must kill Wu Chi. In accordance with common hair straightener brush steam sense, the first cut Wu Chi can not escape, the second cut naturally can not hide the open. Unfortunately, common sense is only common sense, and Wu Chi has never been a person can be inferred in common sense. Before the killing is too fast, Wu Chi was too late to respond. But from the water mirror talisman was excited to start, Wu Chi has been back to God, although this time is very short, hair straightener brush japan but for Wu Chi, but it is enough. Faced with such an attack, Wu Chi reall.sword is about to fall on the body of Liu Changtong moment, a Qinglian suddenly bloom, abruptly helped him block the sword. Eyes reveal a touch of Jingmang, Liu Changtong eyes suddenly fell on the Wu Chi s body He died propped, because with the Chen fog have met for a long hair straightener brush japan time, even if the day is not and, in fact, the other is regarded as a real friend. But Wu Chi is not necessary to hold on. As long as he and Chen fog are dead, Hanshan escaped, nor is it a violation of my life oath. Seems to guess the mind of Liu Changtong, Wu Chi mouth overflow a trace of a smile, softly said Do not look at me, I just compare with a grudge Moreover, since you are dare to desperately, I do not reason you are two than not This is very casual, just like a casual joke, for Liu Changtong, the heart was born out of a warmth. Wu Chi, no matter what You friends, I recognized. Hand to wipe the mouth of the blood, Liu Changtong said seriously. But before the situation is due to the situation, with Wu Chi temporarily together only, but from this moment on, Liu Changtong really recognized Wu Chi this friend. Then you can not die, otherwise, I would not lose big Chuckle a cry, Wu Chi hand s. word suddenly a turn, once again toward the Hanshan kill people. Wu Chi, you really want to be married with the old man Even under the fierce battle, Han Shan Master has been consumed great, and now once again wrapped around by Wu Chi, Murder Dasheng, suddenly threatened Road. As long as you let go, the old lady and your grievances between the write off Otherwise, as long as the old lady die, will let you regret life Wu Chi naturally understand the threat of Han Shan, he has been through the tragedy, is about to soar on the upper bound, but Zhou Boyan and Su Wan they can not so quickly soared. Han Shan Master is very clear about their relationship with them, once the Han Shan Shang alive to leave, is bound to find opportunities to revenge Zhou Bo words they vent their anger This is undoubtedly really poked to the top of the weakness of Wu Chi, but it is also the same as the dragon s inverse scales in general, completely provoked the hearts of Wu Chi s intention to hair straightener brush japan kill. I am afraid Hanyan Shangren did not think how, was originally tr.

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