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Hair Straightener Brush Jolie Chi. Jailbreak this is the responsibility of disciples, if Chen Yang is true, then even if Wu Chi is Luo s disciples, the matter must also give an account. Fingertips, a soft force of water suddenly poured into hair straightener brush london drugs the body of Wu Chi, Xiushui Jianjun faintly said Wu Chi was sentenced to a hundred years in brush straightener hair prison, I told you Even if he really made a heinous crime, but also First reported to me know, who gave you the courage, unauthorized under the killer If hair straightener brush jolie the unusual disciples, made a mistake, Chen Chang old guard jail prison natural right to handle, but Wu pool is different As Wu Chi said before, regardless of Wu Chi what is wrong, in fact, Chen elders are not qualified to punish, let alone the next killer. Really disciples, but also Luo Ying pro disciples, on identity, not under the elders. He is only responsible for guarding jail prison, really want to punish, it is also cold. star Jianjun things. Disciples moment angry, shot too heavy, willing to be punished. Chen Changren heart of a cold, Chen Sheng replied. cough Cough a bite of blood out, get Xiushui Jianjun help, Wu pool finally breathed a sigh of relief, immediately sneered Chen elders, we Ming people do not say secret words, and do not mention the old three attacks on my things There is a strange thing, you do not ask indiscriminate, it is necessary to put me into the day jail prison is what reason Remark made, Xiushui Jianjun suddenly cold water. When, just the disciples of the stars into the jail prison, need to be sentenced to days sword prison Chen Yang s body has long been sweat thoroughly, as the original Wu Chi was locked in the same, even if he took the benefits of quarter of a peak, but also dare to Wu Chi into the word prison. No matter what reason, so that Wu Chi into the days of jail prison are too much, jail prison is to punish disciples good, but it is not to set someone to death. Pull out the letter and scarves, Wu Chi swept a glance, then cursed Chou old three, to this time, do not you have the words clear Such a big move, has long been alarmed the entire jailbreak, hatred of the old three face pale, but after all, or with the out, kneeling on the ground, disciples of revenge, meet three Jianjun. Said, what is going on Co.will be the door of the elders to find, do not need his hand shot. I went back with Shishu, and now this state, stay in this, can be no use. Wu Chi wryly pointed to his body said Yes, Yunpeng Young told us to go away, please also please Shishu together hair straightener brush jolie back to the door it. Slightly nodded, Xiushui Jianjun said Yunpeng is my famous disciples, naturally go back with me. Although not mentioned, but in fact, Xiushui Jianjun has long been aware of the location of Li Yunpeng, looking for the past is just a moment between. You Xiushui Jianjun eyes once again fell to Bai Rong s body asked. Disciples are willing to return with the sword king. Heard Xiushui Jianjun words, Bai Rong quickly said. Slow Before the cloud has not yet Guai Gui rong, now see Bai Rong to follow along with the case, suddenly could not help but open Jianjun Ming Kam, Bai Rong brothers deliberately repeatedly set to kill the Council, the intention to Wu brothers and death hair straightener brush jolie The rest of a division brothers, are also killed by him, also asked Jianjun also a fair. Smile on the face slowly convergence, Xiushui Jianjun looked faintly a cloud load, then turned to Wu Chi asked Wu Chi, what do you want to say Obviously is the words of the song, but at the moment Xiushui Jianjun did not ask her meaning, but asked Wu Chi, which means that it may be very interesting. For a time, Bai Rong and cloud of the eyes also fell hair straightener brush jolie on the Wu Chi s body. Bowed a prayer, Wu Chi calmly replied disciples no evidence, so nothing to say. This is a very interesting answer Because there is no evidence, so nothing to say. Bai Rong to survive, and along with Xiushui hair straightener brush jolie Jianjun appeared together, Wu Chi can naturally guess, Bai Rong must have another set of rhetoric. Xiushui Jianjun did not mention, but it does not mean that nothing happened. In fact, from the Xiushui Jianjun with Bai Rong arrived at the time, Wu Chi has guessed the meaning of Xiushui Jianjun. He did not mention the previous thing, that is, do not want brush straightener in target to get to know So, obviously almost died in the hands of Bairong, Wu Chi did not mention, but deliberately with Xiushui Jianjun speak sets of almost, that is, told Bai Rong, himself and Xiushui Jianjun also very close, do not care what he said The Clouds af.

n more. What is it comparable Smile a bit, Yang Xiuchuan whispered Perhaps Yan Bei Chen is really a legend, but he may also be another legend ah. Impossible, no one can be compared with Yan Beichen Do not say beyond, it is almost impossible to connect Zhou Xu incredible again said. The last test of the four circles of the prison community he has surpassed all the people. leaving a stone carved with his name, was hair straightener brush boots erased in the name, also include Yan Beichen Sigh a cry, night Shen Xing said softly Chapter 426 Limit with dismantling Wu Chi is not magic, naturally can not feel Yan Beichen s magic, as demons become supernatural powers, but also do not want to think. In theory, it seems that Wu Chi how can not be in the Yanbei Chen stone on the mind to know anything, but Wu pool has chosen or in this stone before the set, there is no false, that is, in fact, Under the stone. Zhou Xu and Li Fannan they can not believe, because their eyes are too shallow in the end, to see it can be magic and supernatural powers, and Wu Chi in hair straightener brush jolie this stone before the reference is the meaning of Italy. Magic Yan Beichen demon, magic is his way, this kind of road can not imitate others, but this kind of meaning, but as if for the Wuchi once again opened a door. See the mysterious stone breakthrough three thousand when the Wu Chi has been realized that the truth of the contrary, understand the way, is a reverse word And now, in the Yanbei Chen left before the stone, Wu pool through Yan Beichen s magic, only to understand what is the real inverse What is it Is the rules of heaven and earth Whether it is the five elements Avenue, Thunderbolt Road, or the dark road, so that life and death Avenue, in fact, are still within the constraints of heaven and earth rules. Practice this way, even if the repair to the extreme, is still still in the hair straightener brush jolie rules of heaven and earth, in the final analysis, is still a word. Perhaps to a certain extent, to reflect a certain degree of inverse, as evidence of this, get the rules of heaven and earth recognized, broken virtual soaring, but in fact, such a breakthrough is still within the rules of the inverse. And Yan Beichen s magic, but really break through the rules of heaven and earth, before his a.are about Chen Wu are life and death. Maybe there are some, who knows Ma Shijie did not want to think about the problem, so she just answered the light, This is nothing to do with you. Yes, all this has nothing to do with Li Yunpeng. Even if he did not even shot, it does not matter, because these people only he did not play their vows, even if hair straightener brush jolie he was just hiding next to a result does not matter. But he did not really have to do this with him, the mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, and did not say a word with Ma Shijie, Li Yunpeng holding hands such as ink knife, also into the fog. Li Yunpeng feel the color of the mockery, Ma Shijie heart can not help but slightly pulling a pull. Tightly bite the lips, silence for a long time, Ma Shi Jie, but still did not step into them puff Mouth spit out a mouthful of blood, Liu Changtong suddenly quit more than ten steps, this barely steady stature. Followed by several tim. es with the Houshan Shanghao stunned the collision, so he was also affected by the light injury, of course, he can be sure, Han hair straightening brush sela Shan Shang also not too good. If for the other time, hit this hair straightener brush price point, he can have to stop But now he can not stop, not because of his own oath, but because the Hanshan Master has been locked Chen fog of the air machine, as long as he stopped, Han Shan Shangren can be free to kill Chen fog. Fog, Liu Changtong and even see the expression of Han Shan Master, only by virtue of that vague figure, tightly locked each other. Wind Chen fog of the arrow is still fierce hit, even to this step, Chen fog also did not retreat of the plan. Zheng Swords and arrows arrows, Hanshan coldly looked at Liu Changtong said Then fight down, you can not kill the old lady is hard to say, but you will die. Han Shan adults rest assured that I will try to make their own will not be white dead. Mouth revealed a trace of ridiculous color, Liu Changtong sound replied. If really dead here, maybe really some stupid Self deprecating a bit, Liu Changtong secretly cursed in the heart Chen fog, you fool, this time I can live to leave, must break your mouth Lengheng a cry, Hanshan master again shot, horror ice cold sword domain once again enveloped Liu Changtong, severely cut down. Om In this. $txt1=preg_replace(\"/\\s{2,}/i\",\" \",$txt1);

Hair Straightener Brush Jolie , the same can be weak wins strong, surprisingly win. Brain thinking of these at the same time, Wu Chi did not know, Ji Yifeng and Bai Rong is also very serious analysis of this war Wu Chi exposed strength. A fight against him, already in the silent arrangement began. Chapter 510 Three defeats Other people do not need to test their own time, will see other people s test, is to familiar with other people s moves and strength, as early as possible to deal with. For Wu Chi, this is simply no meaning. Because no matter who, he is difficult to cope with, he and other people of the gap, simply not what moves on top of the supernatural powers, but rather the hair straightening brush wilkinsons most fundamental strength of the gap. Han Shuang strength is stronger than others, and for him, there is no essential difference, because other people the best hair straightener brush s attacks, he also could not bear. A big realm of the gap, it is some insurmountable. Perhaps other people do not have the cold fury of the supernatural powers, so that he can support the longer, but for Wu Chi, this is simply no meaning. He wanted, not more than a while, but to win. And this is undoubtedly difficult to ascend to heaven. Wu Chi constantly deduced, but it is always difficult to find a solution. However, the test will not stop because of Wu Chi This day, Wu Chi again with two true disciples played against. Without exception, Wu pool once again lost Count Han cream that one, Wu Chi three defeats. However, this result is not attracted to the number of ridicule, after all, the strength of Wu Chi placed in that, lose the original is reasonable things. Of course, anyway, Wu Chi body aura seems to fade a lot of other disciples to see the kind of worship Wu Chi s eyes, but also with the dissipation This hair straightener brush jolie Wu Chi, although stil. l outstanding, but not to mention the amazing. At least he still need hundreds of years of precipitation, it may become a real master Three defeats, Wu Chi s strength is nothing more than that. Shook his head, Bai Rong indifferent said. Although Mangshan things because of his Wu Chi or some attention, but where the hair straightener brush jolie strength of the gap, where at least now Wu Chi also made no threat to him. Today, the three wars, so that hair straightening brush pakistan he is confident, and now the only problem is how to.he beginning of the killer. Just, with the Han Shan Shang s shot, Wu Chi is idle down, this situation, he simply can not get started, do not want to intervene Space barrier has been broken, he could have been soaring, but now the entrance has been extremely arctic nuclear, dark chain, and Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands sealed, Wu Chi is ten lives, what. Holding the other two jade box, the original Wu Chi would like to open to see, but now see the arctic nuclear after, but it is to let Wuchi suddenly dispelled this year. God knows that the two jade box filled with what terrible stuff, rush to hair straightener brush jolie open, hair straightener brush jolie I m afraid to say hair straightening brush apalus that the first pit into their own. This thing can be far more than imagined in the terrible, so hair straightener brush jolie that Wu Chi instinctively felt a trace of a sense of crisis. It is no exaggeration to say that Wu Chi at the moment, simply can not hate this break things to throw away to go Alpine star nucleus what Hey, Han Shan, you really fear that the seat is not dead ah Among the prison, Xi Jun should be full o. f ridicule his face. If Wu Chi here, you will find, Xi Jun should not be the slightest anxious and panic of the emotions, but also did not just show him so angry. Han Shan Master in preparation for this day, Xi Jun should not it He may not really think of Han Shan s identity, but to say, did not respond to the preparation, it is a joke. Blood once again along the fingertips out, penetrate the body of a few dark chains seem to have been infected with a layer of bloody, revealing a Yao Yi different atmosphere boom About a time of a stick of incense, a dark light impressively along the cracks in the space came in, just a few breathing between, there are more than ten figure from which appeared out. Whether it is arctic nuclear chill, or Xi Jun should be a pair of big hands, are simply unable to penetrate that layer of dark light protection, hurt these people. Come In such a short period of time, the upper bound of the master, forced into the dark prison community, apparently this is the dark star of the handwriting. At the expense of an arctic star nucleus, the time it takes for Han Shan to win, it determines how many experts can enter the dark prison through this space channel. And more t.

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